why mike stanfield
Above The Law


#1 Jul 17, 2010
why is this so called mayor of lafollette allowed to get by with anything just because he is an elected official not an employie,can do what ever he wants.example-taking his on family out in a city vehicle that insurance only covers an city employie not an ellected official for one -2-inc.does not cover anyone that operrates that city veh,or any other veh.for that matter.he takes his grand child to valley view school everyday and picks him up as well in that city veh.it saves his gas in his personal car as well as miliage,wear-n-tear,plus the city voted to give him 1,800 dollars extra a month for fuel,what the hell is wrong here something isnt right here i rekon our tax dollars are nothing to us anymore our leaders in office are being bought,weve lost this addministration.i say its time to take it back voice our complaints and concerns,yes you might say im a little pissed thats true because he could have an accident at anytime,someone could hit him god forbid that happen and kill someone or child he is escorting,it shouldnt be allowed by no means i dont care who you are,i rekon the stanfields,hatmakers run this city now and theres nothing we the tax payers can do but im asking for help on this matter on how we can take and make him abide by the ruels as others should have to he thinks he can get by with murder no one better screw with him he is mayor,he thinks hes jesus no one better than him please help me get this man put back down a notch.actually he really shouldnt have a veh. provided by city at all its for employies only ,hes ellected off. i have proof of this on camera he carries gas jug with him in car fills up when he fills car -i would assume its for his little lawnmowing shop he has at his house if you try to deny this mike your a dam liar and the truth is no where near you thank-you all .!!!!

Antioch, TN

#2 Jul 17, 2010
Johnny Byrge hauls David Young around in the city truck!!! David has the City sued already, can you imagine if Johnny is in a wreck with that scumbag in the truck with him? Thats what you need to be taking pictures of. Get a life, this is your second attempt at this topic. It did not get responses the first time.


#3 Jul 17, 2010
stanfield should be fired so should byrge if they are doing what they are doing
Friend of the family

Antioch, TN

#4 Jul 17, 2010
hotrod and dixie
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Thursday Jul 8 what the hell is wrong with this council this has got to be a joke right for what so he can continue taking his grand child to school at valley view to beat it all everyday let me remind you as well as picking him up. citizens of laf.weve got to put this guy in his place who or what are we afraid of here he is driving a city furnished vehicle plus getting extra money wake the hell up people stand our ground the city of laf.inc.states no one can drive a city vehicle less he or she is employed by the city let me remind you to say mike is just an elected offical not an employie.what is wrong with his personal cars are they not good enough to haul his grandchild to and from school,lets all sign up for the mayor to come take our kids to school to safe our wear and tear and our gas ,i mean heck it is just the city flippin the nill so mike can do all his personal arrons like picking up hjs oldest son and his girlfriend why there doped out of there head i guess hes the all lafollette transit if your pilled up call mayor if your drunk call mayor i mean laf.incurance does not cover anyone other than there employies to ride or drive there veh.if something bad happened while he had grandchild in the veh.god forbid it did if they were hit and someone was killed who is to pay i guess the city because they have jesus as mayor or he thinks he is and no one has the balls to stand up to him ,i say he needs demoted i have proof of all these i am telling whoever and mike you need not to lie because you know what your doing not only putting your family at risk but your city that you should be representing at fault.but you could give a dam your mike standfield no one better say nothing or you might condem there property or tear up a side walk that leads to there door because you are the president ,owner,and founder of lafollette i rekon i say go back to working on mowers like you used to wich you still do i guess when you fill up that jug you carry ,or is that in case a person runs out of gas on nthe road down here in jacksboro or caryville you have all atthority and we the people who voted for you have none.i may be related to you i dont care i dont have to like what you have become im not sorry the truth mike shall set you free or all this lying and stuff youve been doing may do it quicker....

Hotrod and Dixie and Above the Law....At least your persistent and consistant (keep spelling the same words wrong)!!! You try to keep bringing this issue up and no one wants to respond to your ignorance. You are misinformed...it is 1800 per year in gas. Now let's see how many topix readers have ever called something in with the city and nothing has ever gotten done. Then they call the mayor and tell them their issue and he says "I'll check it out for you." He gets 100's of calls like this per week. If you don't believe me-ask him. I did. I questioned your accusation of him filling up his personal gas cans (just like former, non-employeed city employees used to do under the previous mayor).His response to you was "Post your Pictures!" "And if that's not good enough...go to the police station and look to see that there are video camera's on the gas tanks now to monitor theft!"
So Dixie or Above the Law... You say that you're related-just because "your uncle" wouldn't GIVE you a job at the city because you were CLEARLY OVER QUALIFIED for the position-doesn't mean you should be a HATER!!! It's going to cause much tensions between you at the next Christmas gathering! HAHAHAHAHA
Get Over It


#5 Jul 17, 2010
Please you Jennings/Fannon lovers,..just get over it,...you all lost the election and town people are sick of them,...this does help your case it only brings to light the uneducated idots support that bunch has.


#6 Jul 18, 2010
yeah your right we can care less about jenings and fannan wher are tired of mike doung things not supposed to to your concern mr.gop you are missing the whole issue at hand.
u me and david g


#7 Jul 18, 2010
my only responce is that david should of fired his dam ass whene he had a chace
We Know

Lenoir City, TN

#8 Jul 18, 2010
Don't mess with the Rose Hill Mafia! That's all I have to say.
u me and david g


#9 Jul 18, 2010
yea or the villiage east rabbit lovers


#10 Jul 18, 2010
you mean honey bunner knocked in head rabbit stew
fun stuff

Toledo, OH

#11 Dec 9, 2010
wow! driving around grandchildren. OH NO! how horrible! i mean ... really? are there issues with the town that are not being handled properly? seriously. stay focused people. if something is NOT being handled in your city correctly, then complain. murders, taxes, robberies, etc. those are issues. using the city car to drive a couple extra miles is not going break the town financially. GET OVER IT and work on your own problems (i.e., envy, coveting, ignorance).that is all.

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