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Curious one

Antioch, TN

#1 Apr 26, 2010
Well since forums have been started about her boyfriend, and his ex's and love affairs.. What do yall think about her?

United States

#2 Apr 26, 2010
i like her she more like bobbys type sorry tommie and his mother likes her a lot more and she dont cook meth i no u wanted 2 no tommie it might hurt but he dont love u he loved the meth u no that he gets out tuesday and goes out of town i hope u can get over it its 4 the best u no that
Curious one

Antioch, TN

#3 Apr 26, 2010
Yeahhhh, I think you have the wrong person.
wicked woman

United States

#4 Apr 26, 2010
i dont think i do if i do what do u want 2 no bout her and y?tell me that im 1 of bobbys best friends
Great girl

Antioch, TN

#5 Apr 26, 2010
If it's who I think it is I don't know her personally but I have always been told she is a great girl and loves her boyfriend more then anything she never tries to cause problems and really keeps her mouth to herself and she has a big heart her boyfriend has him a keeper
Curious one

Antioch, TN

#6 Apr 26, 2010
Yeah you do. This girl is 17 or 18 and dating a boy named Wesley. Whoever you are wicked, ya need to get your facts straight

Fort Campbell, TN

#7 Apr 27, 2010
You all needa get a life and leave the both of them alone. And learn how to spell to. I know her really well. You all are idiots.
Valley Boy

Fort Campbell, TN

#8 Apr 27, 2010
You all are a bunch of fu*king inmature b*stards, that dont have a life. All this f*cking website does is talks about f$cking Campbell County drama. Just face it you all are so insecure and jealous about people that you have to set behind a f*cking computer and talk sh$t. Grow the f*ck up!!!!!

Fort Campbell, TN

#10 Apr 27, 2010
She is honestly one of the sweetest girls you will ever met. She really cares about her boyfriend. She talks about him allllllllllll the time. It's quite cute. Wesley you got a good one!
Bye bye

Antioch, TN

#11 Apr 28, 2010
Yeah she is a keeper and he is about to lose her because he can't seem to realize how he treats her is wrong. seems to me he doesnt act like he cares to much. he needs to get his stuff straight if he really cares and show her. the simplest thing can make a person happy.

Harriman, TN

#12 Apr 30, 2010
She is a keeper. And he treats her awful. She deserves so much better than someone who is going to cheat on her. Who would want to be with someone who wants to be with everyone else? But he has her blinded by his lies. Every time he does something he says oh Im sorry and begs and pleads and then turns around and does it again. I hope she realizes it before she really gets hurt.

Fort Campbell, TN

#13 Apr 30, 2010
So what if he did cheat on her with Kristin? We've all kissed someone who was seeing someone. Big Deal! Grow up. Sierra knows, and it's her choice to live with it everyday in their relationship. He's probably cheated on her more then that one time though. It'll come back to him though.

Fort Campbell, TN

#14 Apr 30, 2010
he throws her around like she is a dang rag doll and i know it hurts her she is probably to afraid to tell him how she feels shes always seemed like the type to hide her feelins she is probably the best girl he will ever have and he will regret all of this when she finally gets fed up with it unless he starts doin some major butt kissin

Tarentum, PA

#15 May 1, 2010
Who ever is defending him cheating on Sierra is obviously some skank (boy or girl) that cheats all the time. To me, cheating is never ok. A guy throwing a girl around is never ok. I have known Sierra longer than Ive known Wesley but from what Ive seen and heard he's never gonna change. She is a great girl, she is smart and would do anything for anyone. And she deserves to be with someone who knows what they have when they have her. Wesley has some major self-confidence issues. He is worried about his looks so is constantly asking everyone about them. Any girl that will say he is hott he starts to flirt with, regardless if he has a girlfriend. Even after all that any guy Sierra talks to, something is wrong with them..they are either a "real stud" in a sarcastic way. Or something real smart. Sierra is a great girl. But until she walks away and leaves him hanging and doesnt go back he is not going to change. When she starts to stand up for herself I think he will realize what she has.

Paducah, KY

#16 May 1, 2010
She's changed for the better. She's not always been this "great girl". She's helped people cheat too so everyone is not innocent here.

Antioch, TN

#17 May 2, 2010
Wesley cares about Sierra deep down. He might not show it like he should which is where you guys are gettin that he throws her around. I think if he actually opened up to her then they could end up getting married, or something. They never fight and she does't really bitch, I mean I wish my girlfriend was as laid back as her. He knows what he has, he definately doesn't show Sierra that, and they both know it. He just needs to start proving himself to her a little more. They are a great couple, and his family loves her to death. More then any girl he has brought home. It can't get much better for him. So Wesley if you read this take my advice over anyone elses cause I can promise mine is the truth. Your guys past is the past and as long as it doesnt happen again, forget the shit people talk. Your guys happiness should mean more.

Waterloo, Canada

#18 May 2, 2010
If he cared for her deep down he wouldn't do the things he does to her. He wouldn't be texting/messaging other girls and saying stuff he shouldn't be saying. And he wouldn't have kissed another girl I mean come on. And from the last post about him this isn't the first time. People who care for someone don't feel the need to kiss another girl. And I can PROMISE you this right now, he has done much much worse behind her back since they have been together.

Antioch, TN

#19 May 2, 2010
What has he done?

Antioch, TN

#20 May 2, 2010
Okay, so I'm at the point where is this making me mad. Say what you want about me, cause its obvious saying something real bad is a little hard to do. Anyone that knows me knows how I am. But that's besides the point. Me and Wesley are happy with each other, and this was probably started by one of our exes, give or take I could be wrong. Whatever you are tryin to accomplish isn't working. As far as I am concerned I know everything that's happened with us, since I am the girlfriend in this relationship. You guys might think he's lied to me but I'm pretty sure he hasn't, and if he hasn't told me, his brother has, lol. Just let us be, and let me handle things on my own. You wouldn't like reading things constantly about how horrible of a person your boyfriend or girlfriend is because someone has to be 4 and try to start crap. We've been together 6 months and I can promose I know how he is. And obviously I'm fine with whats happened or I wouldn't be with him still. Just please just stop your crap and go talk about someone else, othere then him. People have defended me on here, and I appreciate that, really, but it has to stop. Wesley knows I'm the best girlfriend he's had and he will tell you that. You just don't understand how he is, unlike I do. So just stop. I'll eventually get this deleted like I have the other fourms that his name has been brought up in. Thanks.

Dickson, TN

#21 May 7, 2010
I wish you would because it would only take about 2.7 seconds to start a new one.

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