Kingston, TN

#1 Jun 15, 2010
Just wondering what people think of him.
what i think

Paducah, KY

#2 Jun 15, 2010
Johnny wrote:
Just wondering what people think of him.
I don't know him, but here's what I think of you: you're out to trash this person on the billboard. You'll be back on here in a few hours as "Tommy" or "Susie" and say all manner of evil about him. So, I think you're sorry (sorry as in no 'count).
virginia smith

United States

#3 Jun 15, 2010
Johnny wrote:
Just wondering what people think of him.
i think he is a wonderfull person that tries to do r
his job and these people get made and dog him for doing it.he tries to help everyone but when you have a job to do you can't always please everyone no matter what job you may have.

United States

#4 Jun 15, 2010
It would be nice if he did his job!!!!!!! He has been trying to shut a business for almost 3 years for being out of zone.
misty rain

United States

#5 Jun 15, 2010
The wheels of justice moves slow.
So he might need 3 more years .
Does he have your vote?
I don't know him or the office he holds ,
just putting in my 2cents.

Kingston, TN

#6 Jun 17, 2010
arnold wrote:
It would be nice if he did his job!!!!!!! He has been trying to shut a business for almost 3 years for being out of zone.
your just jealous go drink you another beer

United States

#7 Jun 17, 2010
Stan Foust is a very good man I know he was on my street about a month ago working with his family campaigning and his wife and son I guess started up my driveway and my big dogs scared her then Stan looked up and seen me and ask me if I would help him in the election by speaking out for him and I said yes. Now folks Stan does 2 or 3 jobs for the city at one time this is one hard woking young man I don't care how much muddslinging you do to that kid if this county had many more like Stan Foust we would be in a heck of better shape. My hat's off to Stan Foust and you voters need to vote for Stan because we need more than one Stan in this County good luck Stan I hope you beat the socks off the the rest!!!!3rd District Resident
No vote here

Maryville, TN

#8 Jun 17, 2010
First off, he's been at his position for how long now & we have yet to see anything productive from him. What we have seen is numerous complaints, lawsuits & drama because of his actions or in some cases, lack of. I was hopeful when he was placed in the animal control position however was shortly regreting my decision. I am for someone who can be humane while still being productive with regard to our animal control & thought that he would be the man considering as many dogs as his family had. That was until I witnessed his cruelty to animals personally and on several occasions. Also, your bias thinking. As I said, I am all for animal control however that means for EVERYONE! You will fight people whom offer you no benefit when their animals run loose or are out of control yet people who benefit you in some way, friends & especially family are overlooked & are allowed to let their animals run wild. Dangerous animals at that(from what I hear, don't take that at 100% but regardless, dangerous or not they should be subject to the same laws. I will not get into this on Topix but Stan, you know who this is. I supported you with all my heart at first but the incidents I witnessed (intentional killing & inhumane treatment) of animals for no reason other than meaness & spite, have turned me against you. I for one WILL NOT be voting for you.
mee1 u loser

Smithville, TN

#9 Jul 16, 2010
ur the biggest low life i know u might think ur not a low life and my dogs r scared to come out of the pin cuz of u low life so i hope u dont get elected
My two cents

Dickson, TN

#10 Jul 17, 2010
I don't live in that district, but I'd vote for him. He has always been helpful.

Dillon, SC

#11 Jul 17, 2010
mee1 u loser wrote:
ur the biggest low life i know u might think ur not a low life and my dogs r scared to come out of the pin cuz of u low life so i hope u dont get elected
did that make you feel better? lol maybe you need to take a look at might be suprised what you find!people can have their opinions of anyone but is there really a need to get on here and call them names and tell them they are low life's when people might look at you the same way but have enough respect not to get on here and call you can have your opinion and that's fine but,maybe you need to think about what i one said you had to vote for him but,you don't have to call him names either!

Smithville, TN

#12 Aug 5, 2010
i know that most of the time you cannot get ahold of him if you call about a dog or cat problem , and if you call the city they say oh we can't do anything about we will have to give you stans #. well you can call and call and no response. we have had some really bad problems in our neighborhood with a really agressive very large dog, going on for three years now, he may have talked to the people that own the dog but we have to call all the time , they never do anything they willl keep it up a day or two then it's right back out. then they have a really nice large dog, that stays lose it is female and stays pregnant has had three litters of like eight pups in less than a year and a half it's really crazy. the nice one doesn't bother us but we have to feed it all the time it starves especially when it is pregnant it need extra and they don't feed it enough to start with. oh well all that to say this, he should have picked that mean dog up it terrorizes everyone in the neighborhood when it is lose, but he will NOT pick that dog up. i don't know if he is afraid of it and just don't want to fool with it cause it is so mean and big , but he took on that job knowing the duties behind it. and there are a lot of other things that i know where i don't feel he is performing his job duties properly but i don't want to write a whole book i have already written a thank you

Smithville, TN

#13 Aug 5, 2010
oh and on my previous comment i didn't say all that to make noone vote for stan i am sure he does the best he can i am just aggrivated over my situation if you like him and the way he does his job u vote for him. and i like stan has nothing to do with how i feel about him as a person i like him just fine, i just feel like he needs to handle this situation better is all. thank you again
cutting to the chase

Pall Mall, TN

#14 Aug 5, 2010
I do not support him in this election. Going into why is a waste of energy, as it apparently doesn't seem to GENUINELY matter to any of them whether you really would want them in there, or not.

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