Are there any attorneys and Judges in Rush County that are not bought and paid for? Are there any in the area that will fight for what is right and not scared to do so. I am looking for a real good attorney that is not in the Judges pocket (bought and paid for). At this point I have retained an attorney out of Hutchinson a little more money but worth it to have one with a back bone and some fight. All the ones in Lacrosse and Hays didn't want to take the case cause they have to live in the county and were afraid of repercussions. My sympathy goes out to the people of Rush County but my advise is to have a couple of your dirty Judges investigated and removed. Oh yeah, I've already done that, filed a formal complaint with the Attorney General's office for a full investigation into the so called judicial system of this fine county asking for removal of certain judges and at least 2 attorneys. My prayer is that they to will someday be on the other side and hoping maybe just maybe they will get a fair shake at there hearings or trial. I know I can prove 1 judge for sure has been paid for rulings in favor of some people and the victim's get the shaft and are treated like trash. Good luck judge when your called to answer to your crimes, I pray I'm there to watch.