~ Lake City VA Hospital ~

~ Lake City VA Hospital ~

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La Follette, TN

#6 May 19, 2014
All anyone is going to get from your post is: Hello, I'm a flaming homophobic sociopath.

Good on ya. ;)
You re John Q Alright

United States

#10 May 24, 2014
You pretend to be concerned about the VA and medical assistance on one hand and on the other try to protect perverts like George Anthony who abused his own daughter. You are a piece of excrement lower than whale crap and that's found on the bottom of the ocean!

John Q. Public
Lake City, FL
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Say what Silly Broad??? Without glancing at any other responses I'm pretty sure this has NOTHING to do with the governor's race you doofus. Get your flabby ass back to the schoolhouse. You're in desperate need of a comprehension class...

United States
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In case you bass turds in your "criminal criminal just us system" haven't noticed lately this thread long ago got off the "dick snott" anointment ofr governor and become a state wide tool for the people to tell the truth. You SOB's need to get use to it the people are sick and tired of you covering up for your fellow perverts and we will use ever tool available to expose you, your crimes and your criminal friends as well.

Key words for interested parties to GOOGLE:

The Franklin Scandal

The Immaculate Deception

Mel Sembler - Straight, Inc. and survivors of Straight (has financed both Charlie Crist and Rick Scott)

Paul Singer (Major GOP finalcial push for homosexual and perversion causes)

Other subjects and persons which finance and fuel this culture of perversion to follow.
The Rebel Avenger

Lake City, FL

#19 Jun 20, 2014
VA: 80 percent of senior executives got bonuses--
June 20, 2014

Acting Veterans Affairs Secretary Sloan Gibson speaks during a news conference at the VA Medical Center in Washington on Wednesday.

WASHINGTON — Nearly 80 percent of senior executives at the Department of Veterans Affairs got performance bonuses last year despite widespread treatment delays and preventable deaths at VA hospitals and clinics, a top official said Friday.

More than 350 VA executives were paid a total of $2.7 million in bonuses last year, said Gina Farrisee, assistant VA secretary for human resources and administration. That amount is down from about $3.4 million in bonuses paid in 2012, Farrisee said.

Farrisee defended the bonus system, telling the House Veterans Affairs Committee that the VA needs to pay bonuses to keep executives who are paid up to $181,000 per year.

"We are competing in tough labor markets for skilled personnel," Farrisee said. "To remain competitive in recruiting and retaining the best personnel to serve our veterans, we must rely on tools such as incentives and awards that recognize superior performance."

Farrisee's testimony drew sharp rebukes by lawmakers from both parties.

Rep. Jeff Miller, R-Fla., chairman of the House Veterans Affairs Committee, said the VA's bonus system "is failing veterans."

Instead of being given for outstanding work, the cash awards are "seen as an entitlement and have become irrelevant to quality work product," Miller said.

Rep. Phil Roe, R-Tenn., said awarding bonuses to 80 percent of executives means that the VA was setting the bar for performance so low that "anybody could step over it. If your metrics are low enough that almost everybody exceeds them, then your metrics are not very high."

Rep. Ann McLane Kuster, D-N.H., said the VA suffered from "grade inflation, or what (humorist) Garrison Keillor would refer to as 'all of the children are above average.' "
The Rebel Avenger

Lake City, FL

#20 Jun 20, 2014
Kuster and other lawmakers said they found it hard to believe that 80 percent of senior employees could be viewed as exceeding expectations, given the growing uproar over patients dying while awaiting VA treatment and mounting evidence that workers falsified or omitted appointment schedules to mask frequent, long delays. The resulting election-year firestorm forced VA Secretary Eric Shinseki to resign three weeks ago.

Miller, the panel's chairman, noted that in the past four years, none of the VA's 470 senior executives have received ratings of minimally satisfactory or unsatisfactory, the two lowest ratings on the VA's five-tier evaluation system. Nearly 80 percent of senior executives were rated as outstanding or exceeding "fully successful," according to the VA.

"Based on this committee's investigations, outside independent reports and what we have learned in the last few months, I wholeheartedly disagree with VA's assessment of its senior staff," Miller said.

An audit released last week showed that more than 57,000 veterans have had to wait at least three months for initial appointments. An additional 64,000 veterans who asked for appointments over the past decade never got them.

The VA has confirmed that dozens of veterans died while awaiting appointments at VA facilities in the Phoenix area, although officials say they can't tell whether not getting VA treatment caused any of the deaths.

The VA's inspector general has said that the bonus system — which has been suspended amid a criminal probe of wrongdoing at the agency — contributed to the fake record-keeping, since employees knew that bonuses for senior managers and hospital directors were based in part on on-time performance.

Some 13 percent of VA schedulers surveyed by auditors reported being told by supervisors to falsify appointment records to make patient waits appear shorter.


Source: The Gainesville Sun


To bad not a single one of them will suffer any sanctions whatsoever because, "Don't ya know? They do "excellent work." Fire every single VA civilian. Hire nothing but veterans from this day forward. Total system problems solved. Barring these fine words then DISBAND the entire program in lieu of giving all the vets an ID card good at any medical facility in the nation...

J Busse C
The Rebel Avenger

Lake City, FL

#21 Jun 28, 2014
BOYCOTT the entire VA SYSTEM! Screw what Sloan Gibson has to say. Disband them and give each vet an ID card good anywhere in America.

Myself? I prefer Lake City Medical Center. But said ID cards should be good anywhere. Even the places Congress uses...

I am an ex-employee who was fired by this corrupt outfit based upon lies!

I will never ever set foot upon VA grounds again, PERIOD! Thank God I have Medicare...
The Rebel Avenger

Lake City, FL

#25 Jul 28, 2014
Over 500 Grievous Injuries or Deaths at VA Hospitals in 2013--
FOIA requests show ‘adverse events’ throughout the system
July 17, 2014

Veterans Affairs hospitals across the country reported more than 500 incidents last year where patients were gravely injured or died as a result of the care they received.
Data obtained by the Washington Free Beacon through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) shows 575 “institutional disclosures of adverse events”—the bureaucratic phrase for reporting a serious mistake—at VA hospitals in fiscal year 2013.

According to the Veterans Health Administration, such disclosures are required when “an adverse event has occurred during the patient’s care that resulted in or is reasonably expected to result in death or serious injury.”

Specifically, adverse events are defined by the department as “untoward incidents, diagnostic or therapeutic misadventures, iatrogenic injuries, or other occurrences of harm or potential harm directly associated with care or services provided” by the VA.
How many of the 575 “adverse events” reported last year resulted in patient deaths is unknown. It is also unclear how 2013 compared to previous years. The Free Beacon has filed another FOIA request seeking this information.

“Until VA leaders make a serious attempt to address the department’s widespread and systemic lack of accountability, I fear we’ll only see more of these lapses in care,” Rep. Jeff Miller (R., Fla.), the head of the House Veterans Affairs Committee, said in a statement to the Free Beacon.

“Like other hospital systems, VA isn’t immune from human error—even fatal human error,” Miller said.“But what the department does seem to be immune from is meaningful accountability. Given that these tragic events are part of a pattern of preventable veteran deaths and other patient-safety issues at VA hospitals around the country, it’s well past time for the department to put its employees on notice that anyone who lets patients fall through the cracks will be held fully responsible.”

The VA came under intense scrutiny from Congress and the media this year after whistleblowers revealed thousands of veterans were placed on secret wait lists and dozens died awaiting treatment.
The Rebel Avenger

Lake City, FL

#26 Jul 28, 2014
The Malcom Randall VA Medical Center in Gainesville, Fla., reported 31 “adverse events” during fiscal year 2013, the most of any VA facility.

The VA also confirmed two patients died at North Florida/South Georgia system, where the Gainesville hospital is located, due to delayed cancer screenings.

The system is the busiest in the country, serving roughly 125,000 VA patients per year.
VA hospitals have struggled to handle the flood of new patients in the years following 9/11, especially after the troop drawdowns from Iraq and Afghanistan in recent years.

However, numerous congressional investigations and internal audits by the VA also describe a corrosive work environment, where leadership encouraged staff to cook the books to meet performance standards and where whistleblowers were harshly punished.

Three VA officials in Gainesville were placed on leave this year after an audit by the VA Inspector General found the hospital was using a secret paper list to keep track of appointments.

There were also allegations that surgeons were not allowed to perform certain operating room procedures to avoid increased mortality rates, and that patients with a high mortality risk were sent to a local hospital. However, the VA Inspector General said in a report Monday it could not substantiate those claims.

The Malcom Randall VA Medical Center did not return requests for comment.

Wrongful death payments
Another measure of how patients are killed or gravely injured due to VA mistakes is wrongful death payments.

The Malcom Randall VA Medical Center in Gainesville has made more than $5 million in wrongful death payments in the years since 9/11, according to data from the Center for Investigative Reporting.

Overall, the Department of Veterans Affairs has paid out more than $200 million in wrongful death payments since then.
The Rebel Avenger

Lake City, FL

#27 Jul 28, 2014

The VA system cannot be repaired, PERIOD!

I advocate closing the whole CORRUPT outfit completely down. It's very hard to imagine my fellow former Lake City employees that still "work there" actually shaking in their boots as their careers are trashed like mine was.

LoL. Payback is a MF or so they say...


Lake City, FL

#29 Nov 6, 2014
Do people still use this outdated facility??? Wow! Some fools never will learn...
Samuel B Robinson

Lake City, FL

#30 Dec 6, 2014
Politicians: Jacksonville VA wait times unacceptable--
Leaders call for change following report that average new patient waits 77 days
December 5, 2014
JACKSONVILLE, Fla.- A Washington report that revealed Jacksonville's VA hospital has the longest wait times for new patients has state and federal leaders calling for change.
The VA hospital in Gainesville took heavy fire when the Veterans Administration scandal for wait times erupted last spring.
Recently, though, it was revealed that Jacksonville’s clinic was initially overlooked in the firestorm because its data was averaged in with Gainesville's.
Now the average wait time of 77 days for new patients has the attention of Florida Gov. Rick Scott. Research from Washington showed the Jacksonville clinic made new patients wait, on average, two and a half months for care.
“Let’s get something done,” Scott said of the wait times.“Why wouldn’t they want our inspectors to come in and help them find out what the problem is?”
Scott said the federal system is broken and needs some outside intervention. So far, Scott said Washington has said “no thanks” to the help Scott is offering, which would be Florida inspectors intervening at the federal facilities.
“Veterans deserve good health care and they shouldn’t be waiting in line forever. They also ought to let the people know what’s going on,” Scott said.“You can’t do it without measuring it. You can’t do it without transparency. That’s what we need out of the VA.”
Scott emphasized that the VA has a lot of good workers. but he feels the system is messed up.
Source: WJXT, Jacksonville
Samuel B Robinson

Lake City, FL

#31 Dec 6, 2014
Randy McGee • 4 hours ago
I'm a veteran and use the VA Health System. It is no different than civilian medical care in most cases, but there are exceptions. Before I was enrolled in the VA to have routine checkups, the appointment was always 60 days out. The VA makes the future appointments immediately after a visit, so you may be notified of a future appointment 6 months from now. Here is the big difference, if you want to be seen immediately, the VA will provide transportation to the emergency room at VA/Shands in Gainesville. If you are in an emergency situation, you are allowed to go to any emergency room at any hospital and the VA will take care of the charges. In 10 years, I have had a few different doctors and observed many. The only time they are anything than pleasant and polite is when somebody has treated them with no respect. Even then they are more polite than I would be. There is always two sides to every story and nobody hears the VA's side of the story. I for one have no problem with the VA or it's scheduling. Politicians who are using the VA as a spring board for their own self interest should really talk to their veteran constituents before climbing on their soapbox.
SwampRat 4 hours ago
Just give us Vets a card to be used at any medical office. We fought for Freedom and Justice and should have the "Freedom" to choose which Dr. we want to see. If not, then all Politicians and Government workers should not be given a choice of doctors either...
MY RESPONSE-- You're full of it McGee. You're either an employee, relative of an employee, or know some employees from there??? Either way your pro-BIAS prejudice is showing bigtime! The VA sucks & always has. I'm a
former employee myself. I was employed with them for 12 years way back during the 90's. Their wait times have always taken forever. I'm a disabled veteran from the U.S. Army & U.S. Navy. SwampRat has the most rightous solution. The VA hires mostly foreign born doctors only. This is why the SwampRat's idea is so outstanding. Imagine getting to go to any place one would want to be treated at??? What a concept that Congress has had for itself FOREVER. The current status quo has to go. No more "talks" are needed. "Talks" are code for kicking the can down the street...
Jethro Tull

Lake City, FL

#32 Jan 12, 2015
Vet who waged year-long fight with VA for cancer check-up dies of the disease--
January 11, 2015

A U.S. Army vet who found out he had terminal cancer after he fought the Veterans Affairs Department in Georgia for more than a year to get a cancer check-up has died.

Norman Spivey’s delayed-treatment horror story surfaced amid a nationwide scandal of VA mismanagement that included long wait times for veterans seeking medical care and secret wait lists to hide the delays. In May, VA administrator Eric Shinseki was forced to resign amid calls for congressional hearings into the agency’s neglect.

Spivey, 64, became unresponsive just before midnight Friday and was pronounced dead Saturday, WXIA-TV in Atlanta reported. He served in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War.

The station profiled Spivey in July, reporting that Spivey’s repeated attempts to schedule a colonoscopy at the VA hospital in Atlanta fell on deaf ears for more than a year. The colonoscopy revealed Stage 4 colon cancer that had spread to his liver and lymph nodes.

“I have no way of knowing that if he had had a colonoscopy a year ago, that the outcome would be any different,” his wife Gayla Spivey told the station back then.“But there’s always that possibility. A year? A year to work with it. You know? I mean, it may not have spread to the liver. It may not have spread to the lymph nodes. It may be okay. But right now, it’s not.”

The station said that for two weeks in July Spivey begged the VA to start his chemotherapy treatment. It wasn’t until the station contacted the VA that the treatment started. Spivey’s wife said the person from the VA who spoke to her said no one at the VA knew about the chemotherapy requests.

Spivey was receiving chemotherapy twice a month. Gayla Spivey said the treatments were working, but causing her husband’s body to weaken. He had lost 54 pounds and his appetite.

“He was a brave soldier up until the end,” she told the station Saturday.


Source: Fox News
Blue Code of Silence

Lake City, FL

#34 Jun 1, 2016

Donald J Trump is the man! He's gonna clean house @ these corrupt VA "Hospitals." I for one can barely contain myself. I guess the latest is he wants to "fix the sorry system." I would prefer he close them all down and let us use our cards at any facility in the nation, no questions asked. Your VA Card would be treated like SOLID GOLD. You wouldn't pay a penny at any civilian medical facility. No more Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Centers??? Hip, hip, hooray! Close 'em all down Donald...

Ex-employee from EMS

Lake City, FL

#35 Jun 15, 2016
I have severe coronary artery disease! In the past this was known as "hardening of the arteries." 7 stents are holding the vessels in my ticker together right now. I charged the half million dollar tab to the U.S. government. I couldn't wait 5 more months for Donald J Trump to get that fu*ked up Veterans Administration right. I was fading fast on Thursday, June 9th when I drove myself to the ER. They admitted me immediately once they saw all the damage. Seven stents? All in one's heart? Wow! That "MAY" even be a world's record? Sounds like one to me anyway! I cannot lift more than ten pounds of anything for the next two weeks. I cannot do this. I cannot do that. I cannot do most anything one may want to do right now. Oh well. I guess it could be worse? I was discharged from Lake City Medical Center @ 14:00 hours this date...
JimBob Walton

Lake City, FL

#40 Jan 26, 2017
After TheDCNF broke the story, administrators told Congress it wasnÂ’t true and Elizabeth Rivera Rivera had been fired, before backtracking and claiming that it was impossible to fire employees for off-duty crimes.

Outside lawyers ridiculed this explanation, and spokesmen at the time would not say why she wasnÂ’t simply fired for missing work because she was in jail.

She was suddenly fired Tuesday for misconduct, including being absent without leave and failing to disclose other arrests on her job application, which her background check apparently did not catch.

The hospital has numerous other felons on staff in positions where that background is relevant, and the hospital has simply ignored questions about why. The precedent set this week may suggest that their backgrounds may finally be considered by the VA.

Among them, Tito Santiago Martinez, a human resources official in charge of hiring and disciplining at the facility, is a convicted sex offender who said “there’s no children in [the hospital], so they figure I could not harm anyone here.” The employees union uses his status as leverage to keep rank-and-file employees who run into trouble with the law on the job.

Braxton Linton is a high-level manager in charge of buying prosthetics such as hearing aids, often with government-issued credit cards. He was hired just weeks after release from federal prison for stealing $70,000 using credit card info he lifted from his previous employer. He also been arrested on drug charges while working for the VA, and it is unclear whether he disclosed those arrests to his employer.

Past criminal behavior has been shown to be a predictor of future conduct. In 2011 the hospital also hired a man who had a criminal record for illegal firearms in 2007. Last year he was killed in a shootout suspected to be related to drug dealing. He was carrying his own illegal gun again, but didnÂ’t manage to fire first.

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