Is Healthcare not one of the most important items for our Gov't to fix? Not Gov't owned or run, but help maintain an environment that supports the business of Healthcare like any other business. Unfortunately Hawaii has 1 party absolute rule. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, as it has for 2000 yrs. The State Gov't has failed us again. And now the fix is for universal Healthcare! My God! Have any of you tried the system in Canada? It is worthless, and many folks cross the border to the USA to get real Healthcare! Hawaiian legislators need to travel more, see the real world -- the 3 time failed "control" of gas prices theory is now being applied to Healthcare. OMG. Healthcare is a business, get over it. Take away the profit from Healthcare with universal care, and the big winner will be Hawaiian Airlines, because anybody who can afford it will go the mainland to get real Healthcare. Get real, reimburse enough to keep doctors in business in the state (duh), and cut other spending. Prioritize people!