34-year-old gets 60 years for killing...

34-year-old gets 60 years for killing former stepfather

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San Antonio, TX

#1 Dec 12, 2007

I love how at the end of that story David says: "He was fighting for my life, I want y'all to know that," he told jurors. "I'm the fighter. I love to fight. I'm mean. Brian's not."

THAT is the man that jurors let WALK!

Then saying that Brian was depressed after dad died. That's when you become man enough to make more of yourself. I went through the same thing. He was my dad as well. If Brian was as good of a man as the defense was trying to paint him, he would have had the friends to guide him in the right direction and show him there are better ways to deal with it.

It's okay though, because he was a loving father of 4, don't pay any attention that he has absolutley no contact with the first two. That's in part because he beat his ex-wife, and she smartly enough has nothing to do with him.

I'm glad that justice was served in this case. Hopefully Mr. Coe can come back to David and Sandy for lying in court and put them away as well.

United States

#2 Dec 12, 2007
First of all, I would like to say thanks for waking up Hardin County Citizens, and TEXANS! This jury lived up to their responsibilities, and came to the right decision.
You all evidently didn't feel that you literally had to have been at the murder scene, while the murder was being committed, to know that without a reasonable doubt Brian Drake MURDERED Mr. French! Thank you for NOT releasing another murderer into our towns and state.

I hope all the jurors from the David Drake trial were able to read the comment from David Drake; "I'm the fighter! I LOVE TO FIGHT!" HMMMM!

If Mr. Coe stated publicly (in the Beaumont Enterprise) that his office is considering on taking further action on David and Sandy;
P E R J U R Y .....then continue to let justice be served!

United States

#3 Dec 12, 2007
I am SOOOO glad the Brian Drake is going where he belongs, and where Daivd really needs to be for his part in the murder. Don't get me wrong but wasn't it Brian that did the killing blows and not David? I'm not saying David is by far innocent but from what I have read, following the news they should have got him for manslaughter or 2nd degree right? Why was that not an option for the other jury? or was it? If they where I bet that he would be where he is supposed to be now!

And I pray for the family's sake that they do go back and get the other 2 for committing perjury on the stand. Maybe that would finally give so peace to them all.

Uvalde, TX

#4 Dec 13, 2007
I agree with you Jennifer. It is obvious that perjury has been committed on both Sandy and David's part, not to mention just pure evil. I bet the jurors from David's trial feel very ignorant right about now for letting him out. Where is Selena?

San Antonio, TX

#5 Dec 13, 2007
Selena has been absent since she can not defend anything with any legitimacy. A number of times I, and others, have asked her a question only to be ignored.

She is the type of person who just wanted to stir up a storm and try to upset a family who has already been through so much.
Toby Peddy

Beaumont, TX

#6 Dec 13, 2007
GOD will take care of the wicked!!!!! I love all my family andso does God.

Denver, CO

#7 Dec 15, 2007
(Any one)Did you know this family? I guess you are unaware of the fear that this man French put in the head's of these boy's that started years ago! I'm not saying that French should have died but if you kick a dog enough times it will bite back one day! You should have the whole story before you put some BS you call a comment on a site. Or maybe you are all just low lifes and needed to post a comment to see your own word's on a web site. Get all the facts about this case and their full lives ie. French, Sandy, Bryan and David. How those boy’s had to live unprotected from their step-father for so many year's. French was the man who stepped into the position of the boy’s father who passed away. He abused Sandy and the boy's. French might have also been abused as a child. All of you really need to get off of your self built soap box's and then maybe you will be able to see this family in a different light. Try walking for a while in their shoes. I'm going to step out on a limb and take a wild guess that none of you are up for the Popes job. If your closet's were to ever be aired out for the world to see some of you but most likly ALL of you would have some fessing up to do and you might be miss judged and called I don’t know maybe as Adam put it in one of his other comment's about Bryan and David "psychotic individuals". Well I hope you read this in it entirety and can reflect DEEP with in your self. I'm looking forward to reading your next comments. I hope the next time you place a comment you will make use of your brain and talk out of your mouth and not your a**. Study what abuse is and try to understand it from the mind of the abused person and also the abuser. Abuse is sad and can go on far past the age of a child and deep into the life of an adult.
Toby Peddy

Beaumont, TX

#8 Dec 15, 2007
BEVERLY I dont know who you are but I do know you have no idea what you are talking about!
Toby Peddy

Beaumont, TX

#9 Dec 15, 2007
Willard French comes from a hole family of the kindest and most loveing family one could every want ! the only abuse was done by the drake boys and comments like yours.

Thornville, OH

#10 Dec 15, 2007
Wow Beverly,
If you knew what you were talking about, the "boys" were 27 and 28 years old when Sandy and Willard were married. They are now 34 and 35. They never did live with Willard and Sandy. I'm not sure were you get the "years ago" business.

At the time of the murder, Willard and Sandy had been divorced for a year, and Willard was trying to get her on her feet so that he could move on with his life. If "the boys" were truly fearful of Willard they could have just stayed away, but every time they came around they caused the problem.

Truth be told, at the time of the murder, Willard was about to be finally done with Sandy. Willard was the only one of the four who had real income, and they could not afford for him to be done with them. If Sandy had not been continually doped up for the last several years, she would probably been aware of the fact that Willard changed the beneficiaries at the time of their divorce. It all came out in the estate hearing, and thank God his daughters rightfully got what was left to them. If Sandy was aware she was not going to get his estate, Willard would probably be alive today.

I think David and Brian's problem is that they are still referred to as "boys." It's probably because it took both of them, a knife, the element of surprise, and their mother to kill a real man.

Uvalde, TX

#11 Dec 15, 2007
Beverly, How long have you know the people you defend? I have been a part of this family for 3 years as Lori's Mother in law. On the occasions that I met the family at reunions and family gatherings, this family has been nothing but gracious and kind, welcoming my son and my husband and I into their family. I found nothing ugly or mean about Willard. Sandy however was so strung out on dope that as I sat and tried to talk to her, I caught her cigarettes from falling and catching Lisa's house on fire. She admitted to me that her boys were "bad news" (that was a quote) and that she and Willard put a restraining order out for protection against them both.She told me how they went to Willards work and threatened to kill him and numerous other things. In the 3 years that I have known this family, I understand the relationships and personalities better than you do. I believe that you are another "Selena" just trying to cause more heartache and trouble for an already grieving family.Your intentions are not honorable.However,"Beverl y" as I have said in the past our family is strong and your stupidity does not affect the family in any sense. We do not pay any mind to your ignorance. I just want you to understand that. There is no productivity in rehashing all of the evidence presented.These "boys" as you call them are in reality not boys, but grown men who have records as long as my arm, they are accountable for their actions and decisions they have made, good or bad. Not taking that responsibility is why society is falling and tradegies like this happen. It is hard to try to teach morals and ethics to young children if, as adults we do not think when we commit evil and crazy acts that we should go unpunished. Sandy also needs to take responsibility for her actions and contribution to Willards death. She has already proven on the witness stand to be a liar and as evil as her 2 sons. She herself sets a horrible example for her grandchildren. Hopefully her ex daughter in law does not allow her to see them. I feel sympathy for the poor children affected by this tragedy. The grandchildren of Willards certainly, but also the children that must endure the pain of knowing their fathers and grandmother are murderers as well. God bless those children and keep them from harm. Also "Beverly", don't you think that Adam knows better than all of us what David, Brain ,and Sandy are capable of, this personalities, and evilness? This blog is for trying to help the family heal from the pain that your friends have caused in their lives. It is not for placing blame on a man that cannot defend himself. Your "soap box" as you refer to it is not solid. Willards soap box was the witness stand and the stupidness that Sandy and David tried to pull within the courtroom. Truly,no one needs to say anything, only sit back and watch the actions of Sandy and David to know the truth. The truth was so bright that Sandy herself could not look at it, through photographs. As I said before, regardless of your comments on this blog, my daughter in law, my son, grandchildren,and Lisa's family will move forward remembering and respecting their father with love.


#12 Dec 15, 2007
Wow... truly amazing insight Beverly. I without a shadow of a doubt can look back on the past 24 years of my life and say that David and Brian are both genuinely bad people. You talk about how Willard "abused" them. Their spiral off the deep end started years before Willard was even in their lives.

As teenagers David and Brian were already in trouble with the law, into drugs, and drinking heavily. Before graduating HS, they both got girls pregnant. Now that in itself is not too bad of a thing, but the fact that they beat their wives is a HORRIBLE thing.

Want to look at it from an abused point of view? Sure, let me give it a shot. How about the times I have been abused in my life growing up with them? At about 10 years old, on one of Brian's treks outside of prison walls, I am watching tv, while he wakes up and wants to watch something else. With 3 other tv's in the house, he instead decides to punch me in the back of the head, and kick me until I give him the remote.

How about one night as David and Brian are fighting each other, only to break the door to my room, and them tell me not to go anywhere, I'm next. What angels they are, right??

David Randall Drake, Sr. was a great man. I went through the same ordeal that the other two went through, so saying that his death affected them so much to drive them to such atrocious acts is juveneile.

Beth said it in her post as well, if David and Brian were so afraid of Willard, then stay away. Sandy too had this option after moving away, but she was unable to take care of herself. Willard is the one who helped her with everything she needed.

I beg for you to discredit ANYTHING I have said in my post. Try to use your brain and not talk out of another orifice of your body.


#13 Dec 19, 2007
So if it takes four days for someone to have a comeback, does it count as a succession??

I heard there was something in the Hardin County News today. It's not online, so I haven't been ableto check it out just yet.
Toby Peddy

Beaumont, TX

#14 Dec 20, 2007
Hardin county news has an articel today saying theyare considering taking Sandy back to court on purgery charges. maybe David too.


#15 Jan 2, 2010
... all I can say, after all this time, is that God knows the steps we take before we make them. He has our whole lives in the palm of His hand. I can not defend OR degrade anyone, for I am far from perfect. I have seen both sides of this situation. I pray that the Lord will keep his hand on all of the chilren that were/are affected. Lead me down the path that is less traveled so that my son will stay pure of heart. What a blessing he has been...

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