Three Male Dancers Charged with Rapin...

Three Male Dancers Charged with Raping Woman

There are 66 comments on the KTVL News10 story from Jun 9, 2008, titled Three Male Dancers Charged with Raping Woman. In it, KTVL News10 reports that:

Three members of a touring male revue dance group have been arrested on accusations they raped a 24-year-old woman at a Klamath Falls motel.

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Waianae, HI

#1 Jun 10, 2008
Why has this issue suddenly become a question of citizenship? A person's nationality doesn't automatically make them a criminal. Everyone seems to be jumping all over these guys without any evidence. We have COLD BLOODED American murderers walking amongst us every single day, but if it's an immigrant... well then some people automatically assume they're guilty without trial. Everyone seems to forget two small little details that this country was founded on. Don't we all have a right to a fair trial and to remain innocent until proven guilty? Furthermore, didn't immigrants establish this country?

There were plenty of witnesses at the club that night that tell a different story. First of all,the woman was NOT beaten. When you hear about three men sexually assaulting a woman it's shocking. But has anyone stopped and realized that plenty of women throw themselves at guys like this night after night without ANY efforts on the dancer's part? So why would the dancers have to rape her if sex is so easy to get? Because they didn't rape her! She wasn't alone that night either. A second girl was with her in the hotel room and decided to leave when things started to get heated. Wouldn't you leave with your friend if you felt like you were in danger? Doesn't that make you think the act was consensual? She made the decision to stay on her own. There are far more details to this story that the press doesn't release. I hate to be the one to break the news but the woman claiming to be "raped" was performing oral sex on one of the dancers in the club's dressing room before anyone even got close to a hotel room. Yup! So you tell me now.. Does this sound like a poor little innocent girl who was taken advantage of?

I agree that rapists that should punished accordingly but I also don't think it's fair that the lives of 3 innocent men should be ruined by one woman's lie. How about making her take a polygraph?

Meadview, AZ

#2 Jun 10, 2008
a poly graph, are you dreaming ?? if a woman says some thing bad happened to her by a man, then its fact, you didnt see any thing about a dna test huh?? she must have had a shower , how did she git to the motel ??
smells like fish to me

Bend, OR

#3 Jun 10, 2008
Why so quick to think its a racial thing? Expired visa means you are no longer legal in this country. if you are not legal, you are breaking the law.
Los angeles

Irvine, CA

#4 Jun 10, 2008
you must be woman right?thats bullshit what you saying cause let me tell you something iam a woman too and we can be bitches sometimes and i know radek reallllllly well belive me he wouldn hurt woman who smells like fish is mabey you

Klamath Falls, OR

#5 Jun 10, 2008
What kinda performer (dancer) would allow a strange female to perform oral sex on him? Seems the performers made some poor choices. Now look what happen to them. Accused of something they may not of did.. or did they?

Los Olivos, CA

#6 Jun 10, 2008
oh so its the performers fault for letting her perform oral sex? what about the woman!!! she is accusing someone of rape!!! i know one of the performers very very well and he is the best dad anyone can imagine. maybe they made a wrong choice by being with this um.....ya i cant even say on here what i think of her...but getting oral sex does not equal rape..especially when she was coherent. i see an upset boyfriend and now she wants to cover her ass so she dont get in trouble. well hope she knows that her butt will be in deep @*$% once they know the truth. Her life is screwed!!! and she deserves it.

Waianae, HI

#7 Jun 10, 2008
Oral sex in a dressing room at a club. Are you kidding me?.. It was OBVIOUSLY the womans choice to do what she did. If it was sexual abuse then why did she go with them to the hotel room after. Because it wasn't sexual abuse ladies and gentlemen. It's a clear case of a woman who wanted to have herself a good time and then regretted it after because she was caught. Now I understand that there are many real cases of rape that occur. My deepest feelings go out to those women. Now this here, well it just seems like a lie that is going to ruin the lives of three innocent men.
Carl - Czech Republic

Usti Nad Labem, Czech Republic

#8 Jun 11, 2008
I am a brother of one of them, Radek's brother. I am 25 and I know my brother since I was born. He is one of the best people I've ever met. From the beginning I know it is a bullshit. Unfortunately I am a little bit helpless here in Czech republic. So I would like to ask everyone who was in the club, everyone who knows something about that night and what hapened there for help. You can be an important witnesses if the situation get so far!!! Please dont let that stupid girl to ruin their lives. Radek hired a lawman. So please you can contact him and tell him everything you know. It can hlep very much!!!

Klamath Falls, OR

#9 Jun 11, 2008
Do all male dancer's travel town to town endulging in sexual acts with females? I don't think so... well not the professional dancer's. I don't care how stupid the female was/is. Dancer's should of said no. The dancer who is a "dad". You think that status would of helped him make better judgement. Dance then move on. Instead some how he is one of the accused. I hope is children are not old enough to be hurt over this. Face it. The dancer's should of never allowed this to have happen. They had the upper hand.. after all.. aren't you posting that she was "drunk"?

Pasadena, CA

#10 Jun 11, 2008
I know all 3 of the guys..primarily Allen and they would NEVER do anything like that... EVER in a million years! It's ridiculous that this is becoming so public and ruining the lives of the 3 guys and their families. The girl decided to go to the hotel with the 3 hot dancers after their show and once she got caught by the boyfriend she claimed to have been raped. She was willing and even if she was a lil tipsy you know what you're doing. Who gets so drunk that you don't remember anything? I know I've never gotten that drunk that I black out. Come on people... this is so unfair! I agree... Rape is a serious crime but I know for a fact those 3 guys didn't do it and it was consentual... I know it!!

Waianae, HI

#11 Jun 11, 2008
It seems that the people writing from Klamath Falls are being very ignorant and are probably her friend. She wanted to go back to the room and mess around bottom line. Now it's made out to look like the dancer's fault. Please tell me people, What kind of a girl gives a man oral sex in a club dressing room? To me it sounds like the same type of woman who wants to party with three men at once.

The media is trying to make her look as if she was uncontrollably drunk. That's pathetic if you ask me. A club full of people that knew her would have stopped it. Besides, why the heck would she not be "intoxicated"? She was at a club where they obviously sell alcohol! The majority of the people there were so called "intoxicated".

I am confident that the truth will come out. If this woman has any idea what her lie is causing she'll back out now. Remember how the whole nation was accusing the lacrosse players for the crime they didn't commit? She's just letting this get bigger by the second and setting herself up for huge national humiliation once the truth comes out.
the unknown

Baldwin Park, CA

#13 Jun 11, 2008
sorry can't shave and type at same time misspelled here is the correct way

this story is bull
i know 2 of the guys and they would never do anything like that hell in this buisness women do this shit alot you see it every day
and yes there stupid there not kobe
they might fuck these guys over for this and it sucks

Damn hillbillies
the unknown

Baldwin Park, CA

#14 Jun 11, 2008
i have known Radek for like 3 or 4 years the most down to earth guy you would ever meet and calm as hell and i hve known christian for a couple of years loud tons of energy but naw in this buisness we scor more than an average man some porn stars and even athletes and musitians
hell its so easy its not funny they didnt even have to say she probly wanted to go back stage for a private show and did give him or thim a blow job and since i know the invironment she would of did it while evryone is looking
hillbillies yes it happens and alot

Klamath Falls, OR

#15 Jun 11, 2008
I for one have no clue who the female is. I read and watched what the dancer's are accused of on tv and newspaper. Why I posted was to show there are two sides here. My first thought was, "why did the dancer's let her go or let her enter in the motel room"? Other thought is.. "for such outstanding men, why would one of them allow oral sex with a strange woman.. in a coat closet"? I for one hate to see bad advertiseing for the club. The owner is a good guy with a good reputation. If the dancer's are not guilty.. then don't lose sleep over it. They will be home soon. Then MAYBE they will dance.. get paid.. then move on to next show.
mark willson

Newport Beach, CA

#16 Jun 11, 2008
the truth will just come out. and then they will come back home. it's a shame that this makes such a big news, instead of talking about the government cutting the health insurance from teachers and alot of other more important things. the stupid girl is lying i just know it.i have a club and we hired strippers both male and female and for sure a stripper dont need to rape any girl,all the girl always jump on them for fun and is a lot of choices for them every night,their just when on with the wrong girl,i see that every night,hopefully now stripers with be more carefull when missing with girls with boyfriend or marry i always tell them who their are,those girls are trouble ,here come -learn the lesson,dance and leave,keep telling them everytime and their dont liten,hopefully the girl realize how much trouble she can get herself into and tell the truth

Since: Jun 08

Klamath Falls, OR

#17 Jun 11, 2008
I don't know if they did or did not do this. All I know is that if you do drink too much you will do almost anything and sometime NOT REMEMBER. The thing about this club is that they do not have a cut off range, They just keep on making and serving the drinks, No one is waiting tables and checking on the customers to see if they have had too much to drink, Some of the people are going around with a drink in each hand, and maybe even a beer in their back pocket so they don't have to wait to get back up to the bar. As for this female, Maybe she did or didn't do the oral sex thing at the club at first, but then maybe these guys you claim to know so well, did ask her to go back to the motel with them, and her being drunk felt like she was special because these So called, "HOT" dancers wanted "Her". They probably had been drinking themselves,
Maybe things got out of hand and they did what ever they wanted to her, thinking she wouldn't remember. But they thought wrong.
You know it shouldn't matter how the female is dressed or if she had been drinking, It gives no man the right to rape / sexually abuse a woman.
Had she not been drinking / drunk would they have done this? Or would she have went to the motel?
No telling. Maybe yes or maybe no.
Just because this is a small town, does not make it a hillbilly town. I am from L.A. myself, and I know that there are so many rapes down there (day and night)that its makes me glad to be in a small town where these types of men are caught right away. This town /state does not go easy on this type of crime,( and neither do the inmates )
Also, as for the expired visa, He was going to be caught sooner or later for that, it just so happened to be sooner than he thought.
No I was not at the club that night because if its not Chippendale dancers, I don't want to see them. At least they HAVE CLASS, and you sure wouldn't find any of them in jail for something like this. They have rules to NOT fraternize with the women after they have finished dancing. Standing around talking is one thing, but NOT going to the dressing room or motel. That is a BIG NO NO.

Anchorage, AK

#19 Jun 11, 2008
Wow this Klamath Falls town has the most ignorant people I have ever heard of. First of all the U.S. Men of Steel are from the same company as Chippendale's so same regulations go. If the dancers are found guilty then the club should be responsible for the incident too for serving too much alcohol to the girl. If the girl was too drunk then maybe she needs to take a big look at how she leads her life. She probably sleeps around all the time with random men and now she just happened to be caught by her boyfriend. She probably feels like a super slut so what better way to justify her actions than to cry wolf? How many people have had a night where they have a few too many drinks and woke up in the morning naked next to a person they didn't know? And if a hot guy asks you to go to a hotel and hang out what do you expect is going to happen? There's not much else to do in a hotel room. My friend and I,both of which were highly intoxicated, went back to the hotel one night with ALL 4 of the dancers and my friend and I opted not to sleep with any of them and they were all very respectful to us. We went home the next morning unsexed, unraped and unharmed.

Since: Jun 08

Klamath Falls, OR

#20 Jun 11, 2008
Well if these "Men of Steel" are as you say from the same company as the Chippendale dancers, They should not have taken you and your friend back to the hotel with them at all. Since YOU (nonpartisan) say they have the same regulations,(RULES)
So I guess you are mistaken, These guys are not affiliated with the "Chippendale Dancers" for none of them would of done something like that, for fear they would lose their job.
The people of Klamath Falls are not ignorant,
Like I said before, I to am from the Los Angeles area, and I am glad to be in this town where they catch people that do this kind of thing ASAP.

Since: Mar 08

Location hidden

#21 Jun 12, 2008
" Golly gee I went back to the motel with them thinking we were going to have popcorn & watch reruns of Three's Company" I never thought.......

Since: Dec 07

Killeen, TX

#22 Jun 12, 2008
Amber wrote:
I know all 3 of the guys..primarily Allen and they would NEVER do anything like that... EVER in a million years! It's ridiculous that this is becoming so public and ruining the lives of the 3 guys and their families. The girl decided to go to the hotel with the 3 hot dancers after their show and once she got caught by the boyfriend she claimed to have been raped. She was willing and even if she was a lil tipsy you know what you're doing. Who gets so drunk that you don't remember anything? I know I've never gotten that drunk that I black out. Come on people... this is so unfair! I agree... Rape is a serious crime but I know for a fact those 3 guys didn't do it and it was consentual... I know it!!
Amber, In the news report it does not mention you being there, so how do you know? This type of statement will not help your friends. You don't KNOW what happened, you hope you know your friends well enough to believe they would not do something like this. As to the folks here saying she cried rape AFTER the boyfriend caught here, where are you getting that information? Its not in the news story that is referenced here?

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