what is te phone number of the York Hospital Clinic? need o ask a question m granson has had a cold for about 5 wees he saw the Dr on the onet and was diagnosedas viral..since then our family has all caugh it from him..his dad was uite ill and was givea Z pack..his grand father got the cold which developed into bronchitis and was put on a z pack and myself his grandmother developed an acute sinus infection anf was put on augmenton 875...mranwhile Trevor cont with runny nose , post nasal drip and cough////wonering if he has lingeing sinus infection we are on our 3rd botte of dimetapp....should you se hi..he is wih his dad this wekend who lives with us....his mom let his maine care lapse and was not able toget re-instated..she will put hm on her insurance in december..but could he be seen now and what would be he cost? I fee this has gone on too long ..can virus last this long?
lucille laoche 450-188