Old Hospital Rumored to be Haunted

Old Hospital Rumored to be Haunted

There are 47 comments on the KWCH story from Nov 1, 2007, titled Old Hospital Rumored to be Haunted. In it, KWCH reports that:

“I have too many wonderful memories to believe that.”

The old Auchenbach Hospital in Hardtner, Kansas has been closed since the 70's. Visitors frequent it still today. via KWCH

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Jolene Brannon

Pratt, KS

#1 Apr 2, 2008
I have heard that the old place is haunted. I am someone who is very interested in investigating the old hospital. I do not want to ruin it, just would like to investigate to see and to really tell people that are the least bit curious that this place is or is not haunted.

Medicine Lodge, KS

#2 May 30, 2008
I've been to the hospital several times. People have trashed that place. The guy that lived there last had some pretty creepy drawings on the wall and there is supposed to be an underground tunnel..haven't found it yet. The guy has some very interesting statistics of the people in the states.
lauren robinson

Medford, OK

#3 Jul 6, 2008
i actually just went into the old place.

my uncle and aunt live right down the road and we decided to goand investigate. you're right, people have trashed it. some people have been playing paintball in it also. Couldn't find anything scary( there were six of us though, two being little loud boys) but i would have liked to. most interesting thing so far is on the second floor there are the names of the people who used to live in the rooms above their doors..definitely wont be the last time i go in, im going to find something i hope!

Wichita, KS

#4 Sep 14, 2008
My girlfriend and I went today, and we kept hearing doors shut and breathing, and things moving in other rooms. When i first walked in it gives you that eery feeling, then you see the nice view of paintball splats beer bottles and other trash people have left behind. We were walked down the top floor hallway and we heard a door shut so we turned around and then we heard something in the room right next to were we were and thinking it was an animal (cat, bird, mouse, etc.) we looked and there wasnt anything in there. The beds are all strung out all over the place. I really wanted an old pill bottle to take home, but the ones we saw were smashed. We did not go downstairs or on the middle floor. When we left we couldn't find the door out, when we walked by it many times. Very fun experience and definantly am going back!

Hesston, KS

#5 Nov 27, 2008
I was just at the hospital tonight. I am a Psyc, and witnessed my own account. When I and my other two friends approached the entrance, we heard alot of dogs barking, and strange tapping noises. Upon entering, there is a room on your left, which still has the mattress and strap restraints. Upon being in the hallway, I got a strong sense of unrested spirits, and promptly exited the building. Friends going before me, have witnessed elevators moving up and down (though there is no electricity) and real blood on the walls, they even have pictures of the blood, and one of them took the sleeve of his shirt, and wiped it on the blood for a stain (Which I seen, and its a blood stain). Think what you will of the place, but my opinion is that it is haunted. I encourage others to ask permission before entering, and to find out of their own.
Paranormal Investigator

United States

#6 Jan 28, 2009
I was told....there were some kids (not sure of age) who had went there (trespassing) and one of the kids (girl) was killed on the way home from there. Does anyone know that story?

I'm trying to find "history" but no luck on finding an address to find the legal history of the building.

Any help appreciated!

Fort Worth, TX

#7 Feb 8, 2009
i know we have a lot of restless spirits roaming a lot of places. I enjoy and believe a lot of the stories I hear. My own experience with spirits has been very comforting.
BC Gold

Oklahoma City, OK

#8 Mar 11, 2009
I've been very near the building but never got too far inside. My buddy and I were in Alva for a band practice and decided to head on up and check the place out. As soon as we approached the building, it started pouring rain and we retreated to the car for a little shelter until it passed. We ended up talking to the keeper of the graves at the local cemetery who invited us back to his place and gave us a complete history of the hospital and the Achenbach family that brought the building into existence. The local residents prefer to avoid talking about the supposed haunting, though most just don't have any stock in ghost stories anymore. Really nice people, the building is owned by a man from out of state who bought it at auction, but the town is small and it would be very easy for anyone in the adjoining neighborhood to see you enter. We walked the perimeter and heard numerous crashes and slams, likely from the wind blowing through many of the broken windows. We also were short a flashlight, making entry nearly impossible in the overcast late afternoon. I'm planning on going back at some point, if anyone has any idea about getting permission or contact information for such purposes, please let me know.
BC Gold

Oklahoma City, OK

#9 Mar 11, 2009
I do know the story Paranormal Investigator is talking about. The man I spoke to (please don't bother him, he's a very nice but private guy who undoubtedly wouldn't want people interrupting him all the time on my account) told us the story but with about as much detail. Some kids broke in and messed around, then died a few miles outside of town when their car went off the road. (They were headed north into Kansas on the main road out of town) I don't think there was another vehicle involved, however I'm sure it would be in the local records or in the archived papers at the public library. The story is definitely true.

Hutchinson, KS

#10 May 31, 2009
To: Paranormal investigator... They were kids that i was going to school with. I have been there 3 times now and every time on the way home something weird always happens... i would be safe on the way home no matter how far it is...

Medford, OK

#11 Mar 3, 2010
BC Gold wrote:
I do know the story Paranormal Investigator is talking about. The man I spoke to (please don't bother him, he's a very nice but private guy who undoubtedly wouldn't want people interrupting him all the time on my account) told us the story but with about as much detail. Some kids broke in and messed around, then died a few miles outside of town when their car went off the road.(They were headed north into Kansas on the main road out of town) I don't think there was another vehicle involved, however I'm sure it would be in the local records or in the archived papers at the public library. The story is definitely true.
-- I was born there and live nearby, this is the first time I heard anything about it being haunted. The 'main' road out of town goes east or south (US 281), I never heard about any accident where some kids were killed on the county road going north out of Hardtner.

Wilmington, DE

#12 Apr 22, 2010
I used to live in Hardtner & upon returning for a visit some friends & I explored the building. I took a couple of pics inside, nothing too creepy but one wall that is painted red & white to look as if it keeps going on & on & on. There was a creepy looking laundry chute, only creepy cuz it was old. The creepiest part is the building the owner used, it used to be the nurses station & he had creepy pictures drawn, with scriptures hung up everywhere.

Peck, KS

#13 Jun 13, 2010
me and a couple of my friends visited the place lastnight. we did not enter due to many odd things that occured upon arrival. we first went throught the memoral park, we then pulled up to the nurses building, it then started raining. we pulled around to the main building were are car started to over heat, so we decided to pull away and look at the car, as we pull off the grounds the car imediatly cools down. we go back and the car starts doing the same thing, so we turn the car off and start walking up, i then saw a black shadow n the 3rd floor window to the right of the door. I clearly saw the face of the women, as i see that my 2 friends and i heard a horrid scream, like this woman was being murdered. Call it what you want, but i firmly believe this buliding is haunted. i DO plan on going back soon... I have been doin research on this place and i am having not very good luck, so if there is anyone that has ANY helpful information please help me out.. thank you

United States

#15 Sep 26, 2011
i was in hardtner on business recently, we were delivering phone books, me and my partner pulled down the road that this hospital is on, i wasnt looking at it i was busy counting houses and streets so we knew how many streets to hit well all of a sudden my hair on my arms sat straight up and goosebumps flooded me i looked over to my left and saw this massive looming building sticking out of the landscape (keep in mind this is at 11:30 at night my partner said go throw a book up there and i said f you lol this post confirms my previous thoughts about that place

Topeka, KS

#16 Oct 12, 2011
how would one go about getting permission to enter?

Manhattan, KS

#17 Mar 4, 2012
went there yesterday! It was amazing! found the tunnel from the nurse's station to the building did not go through it though! The morgue was my favorite part. It was so much fun!

Cheney, KS

#18 Mar 9, 2012
Some kids from the school new team at my school went there last year after getting permission and said they kept hearing what sounded like glass shattering on the other side of a door and said they sat their camera down on one side of a room and they all went to sit on the opposite side away from it and it picked up breathing that wasn't from them considering they weren't newhere near the camera.

Cheney, KS

#19 Mar 9, 2012
sorry for any miss spellings on my last comment

Lawton, OK

#20 Mar 12, 2012
Hi there! I haven't been here in awhile but have been sent a few posts. Anyway, how can I find this place, from Enid, Oklahoma and how hard is it to get to? Who would I ask to explore it and is it watched all the time by cops? Is there asbestos in there?

Thanks to anyone that has info!! I'd love to check it out and have wanted to for quite awhile now.

Alva, OK

#21 Apr 10, 2012
I went there last night with some friends. The creepiest part about it was the fact that one of the people in our group had mentioned the possibility of finding a homeless man :P Some of the guys in our group were talking to the ghosts and trying to get them to talk back. We had one of those apps from an iPhone that's supposed to help you communicate with them. There were a few instances where the phone said words that kind of made sense with our conversation. We were on the second floor by Bob's room, and were talking about how I was the only girl there. The phone picked up on something and said "alive". We all had a good laugh, and really like Bob :)

In Mary's room on the third floor, we heard some strange noises, and my friend felt an adrenaline rush "similar to that of hiding in hide and seek". We asked who was there and the phone said "Meeeeeiiiiiiiiii". A few other times, the phone seemed to interject our conversations, but there were a lot of nonsensical things too. A majority of the time, it was pulling up random words. We didn't find the tunnel. We were in Mary's room, and we heard an odd noise. One of the guys said he didn't know what it was, but he felt like it wanted us out. We left and the phone said "excellent".

Just a heads up: There are bats, feces on the floor, strange noises outside that sounded like a radio, and the cows nearby scared us the first time we heard them through a broken window. There's also been reports of owls.

I didn't feel like it was haunted. I just felt like it was creepy and run-down. The most creeped out I felt, was when we were outside surveying the area.

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