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Gloucester, VA

#143 Feb 9, 2013
Israel L Beauchamp wrote:
I do believe she had made that comment on the water cooler. She had made that comment after I had been home for @ least a week or 2 and I actually had made a comment right after. The posting made it out like I had been gone for months and had been doing so often. She had also mentioned to look @ the local newspaper for I had made many drug busts before and after the 22 days and my pic was in many of them! As for seeing her every night that was more of a statement that I was still in Latimer County, lord knows that as a sheriff I wasn’t home every night. Those 22 days was the only vacation in 2 ½ years I took and the pot was steered by a guy who doesn’t even live in our county the water cooler guy! On here many ppl have attacked the candidate’s families and I don’t agree with that. They are running for office not they’re family and they will be the ones running the S.O.. There is no way to keep everyone happy and there will always be ppl that dislike you no matter who you are and that was never my intentions anyways when I took the job and it shouldn’t be there’s. There have also been attacks on the deputies that use to work for me and I’ll say that those men gave me everything they had. They spent many nights and days away from they’re families for me and I’ll never forget that. The specific attacks against Adam and Luke are just wrong. I don’t have to take up for Adam his felony arrest and felony convictions speak for themselves. Luke was a reserve and to say he was unprofessional looking is way off base. That guy gave me more hours than any other reserve and always was professional and polite. He obviously didn’t do it for the pay since he had a full time job he done it for me and his county. Even Brooks done me a good job and I can never deny that. He might have been a horrible sheriff but I can never take away from the work he done for me as a deputy. Markus has plenty of experience and im proud to indorse him as sheriff but I’ll say this that both candidates’ names have been put through the grinder and I know how hard it is to run for office! No matter which one wins they have many sleepless and stressful nights ahead of them and I don’t envy them @ all. As for the comments from the women out of respect for my beautiful wife I will never reply…. Lastly I would like to add the ppl that have made bad comments toward our county as a whole I feel you don’t have the right. I have worked with many ppl all over the world Law Enforcement and Military and trust me it isn’t that bad in Latimer County. No it isn’t perfect but with the job I have I can live anywhere in the world and I’ll always call Latimer my home. I’m proud to say I’m from Latimer, I love the ppl there, I’m proud of my name and I’m proud of my time as sheriff to not forget the men and women that worked for me while I was there. Thank you
Israel you just earned even more respect from me with your comment regarding your wife. What a lucky woman!! I wish you many many years of love & happiness!

Since: Mar 13

Ashburn, VA

#144 Mar 23, 2013
I am from South Africa and have just seen that episode. Mr Isreal Beauchamp you are one fine looking man.. Hot hot!!!!

Bradenton, FL

#145 Apr 22, 2013
Wow this guy is the hotly of the decade,
michelle b

Newington, CT

#146 Apr 25, 2013
israel wrote:
Usually don’t care to comment, reply or even read post said about me but there was one post on here I feel must be addressed! On here someone mentioned that I shot my foot so I wouldn’t have to deploy, call me what you will say whatever makes you feel better but to call me a coward after all the time I’ve spent in the sand box upsets me to no end. I have fought for this country from the age of 18, served with the 3rd infantry division and later on with the 1st ranger bat. Yes I did contract for the U.S. government for over 4 years and yes I have went back to contracting to train our soldiers to fight the very same enemy I have fought for a decade now. I have spent over 900 days in a war zone and a large amount of that was as a soldier. In sep of 2010 I took 22 days leave from the S.O. to go train in Virginia for my new job that I took in April of this year. I never once left my post as the sheriff of Latimer county Oklahoma to go work overseas or received any other pay other than compensation for the 22 days I trained. I have resigned my position as sheriff and feel that it was the best decision for me and my family.
sally miller

Lions Head, Canada

#147 Jun 24, 2013
I am watching him also on the ID channel and like him and he seems to be very nice and knows what he is doing .I do not know what tattoos have to do with anything if you are blond does it matter how you do you job? and for someone going to take him hunting I do not like hunting totally vegan here so take care all and spelling should not be an issue either.
sally miller

Lions Head, Canada

#148 Jun 25, 2013
What ever happened to the dog ? I hope someone took it and it had a good life poor little soul and what I know it is weird but why if it was abduction would the person or persons not take the 32.000 dollars ? That part does not make sense ..
sally miller

Lions Head, Canada

#149 Jun 25, 2013
I am new to this story but if anyone knows any updates let me know please? my email is [email protected] I am in Canada on Manitoulin Island but that part of the country looks amazing ... would love to come there this year for a visit ...

Shreveport, LA

#150 Jun 26, 2013
sally miller wrote:
What ever happened to the dog ? I hope someone took it and it had a good life poor little soul and what I know it is weird but why if it was abduction would the person or persons not take the 32.000 dollars ? That part does not make sense ..
I think a family member ended up with the dog. Too bad the dog cant talk. The person(s) that abducted the Jamisons did not know about the money. My own theory is that they did not know the Jamisons before that encounter.

Shreveport, LA

#152 Jul 7, 2013
Insider wrote:
<quoted text>
As long as Fat Jesse is sheriff nothing will be done about this case. That is, if a mans past really is a look into his future. Fat Jesse has never done anything other than write speeding tickets in the past.
If for some horrible reason it is found that they were murdered and Fat Jesse accidentally solves it lets hope his past doesn't foretell the future again. Since taking office his crew of inexperience and corruption has taken several cases to the judge and DA that have since been dismissed due to officer error or lack of evidence. These cases were simple drug and alcohol cases. If our idiotic sheriffs department doesn't have the intelligence to properly handle a little drug or alcohol case, what makes anyone believe they can handle something as serious as a murder???????
Anybody know if the State Bureau of Investigation is still looking into the case? Any active investigation? If one or more of the Jamisons were killed or shot, the vehicle that they were taken away in would have been a mother load of evidence. Does anyone remember a vehicle burning or one reported stolen that to this day still has not been recovered in the area. I cant help but think that shortly after it was known that the Jamisons disappeared, someone felt the need to lose a vehicle.
If I lived there I would look into the background of every property owner whose property they would have crossed to see if any of them have records of attempting to harass people or road rage.
I would also like to know if anybody knows where those rocks came from that were in back of the truck.
May be "clutching at straws" here, but obviously investigating the characters that they knew has not turned up a serious suspect.
Like I have indicated before, I think that it is possible that they had a run in with a local who did not want them around "his property" or had there sites set on this 40 acres, and this person attempted to intimidate them. During the encounter one of the Jamisons pulled out that .22 and the local shot one of them. Then he had to get rid of all three, because he initiated the conflict.
Have no idea if this if correct, but it is a theory.
Brandy Tincup

Spokane, WA

#153 Jul 19, 2013
Israel has kind, honest eyes and is a very sincere and caring person. What he does with his life is his business, and no one has any right to judge him for it. Also, I think his "sleeves" are sexy.

Shreveport, LA

#154 Jul 20, 2013
A poster purporting to be Beachamp posted to the thread a short while back. If he is still monitoring I would like to have his thoughts and theories on the Jamison disappearance. Having been involve with the search and not finding them, he must still think about it.

Warren, MI

#155 Aug 1, 2013
The man is so freakin' hot!!! Damn!! I want some of him!

Topeka, KS

#156 Aug 2, 2013
LYN wrote:
The man is so freakin' hot!!! Damn!! I want some of him!
me too! he's all that and then some. with a man that fine i don't think i'd be able to get out of bed! wouldn't want to!

Houston, TX

#157 Aug 2, 2013
Tatoos should not tarnish a mans character. I think this sherrif did a fine job representing Latimer County. I loved the tats I think it showed character.

Braggs, OK

#158 Aug 2, 2013
For all the ladies abroad who are posting. It's a shame what has happened to our sheriffs department. They used to be a bunch of young sexy guys. You used to be able to drive by and see sheriffs vehicles parked at the gym with all the officers inside working out. The new sheriff is plump and so are most of his officers. now days we drive by McDonalds and see all the sheriffs cars there. We have a bunch of overweight and out of shape guys on the force now. No more eye candy!!!

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Sevierville, TN

#159 Aug 2, 2013
Dang that sucks Marcy, of course it probably saved the county from a wild woman crime spree

San Francisco, CA

#160 Nov 15, 2013
I NOTICED, people have no interest in the crime involved, except to look at the sheriff. peoples minds are screwed up these days.

Since: Aug 08

Kingsport, TN

#161 Nov 16, 2013
lolz wrote:
I NOTICED, people have no interest in the crime involved, except to look at the sheriff. peoples minds are screwed up these days.
What crime you referring to this thread about the sheriff


#162 Nov 26, 2013
Hi sherrif beachamp. I liked you a lot you are some guy I wish to meet you one day. I am from Thailand Indian by origin. You in my eyes are a mills n boon character. Very eye catching handsome awesome and kind. I want you to ans me directly I will be obliged. I wish I had your no so as could talk to you but that is not possible. Plz ans me


#163 Nov 26, 2013
You will wonder where I saw you I saw the programme of lost Jamison family. I see that again and again just to see you speaking. I am sure you have a lovely family

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