Billy Bob

Cleveland, TN

#21 Sep 24, 2012
God patrols the streets of Kingsport!

Kingsport Police Department

Sept. 24

An officer was dispatched the area of Broad and Center Street due to a man threatening someone. The complainant advised he was looking in the window of a store when a man approached and repeatedly told him to leave the area, once saying, "God sent me, and you need to leave the area now." When police explained to the suspect that the other man had a right to be on a public street, he reportedly continued to act "in a threatening manner" and was arrested.


Since: Sep 12


#22 Sep 24, 2012
Left T wrote:
<quoted text>
You forgot to mention the "corrupt good ole-boy system".
I did leave that corrupt god forsaken area! Worse place I ever lived in my entire life due to the corruption. My advise to everyone that lives there would be to leave at your earliest convenience.
"The locals" are the biggest victims of the corruption there which includes a lot of the medical community.
Your right on target with the corruption, along with the "good ole boy" viewpoint(s) of this area.

Personally though, instead of moving or "running" away from the area,stand your ground and make a difference in this area. Provide positive insight and REAL knowledge for the "fools" in this area. They are just as lost, as others in this entire nation, with for sure purely ignorant thinking skills.

We can no longer as HUMANS, disregard people just because you do not want to "incite" or "excite" their opinions. Most people will never realize they are "wrong" until they are informed so. When we assume that they are unreachable or just give up on trying to inform others of more depth of their small worlds, we become the say enemies and forces, that we are trying to explain about.

Hell yes, it is going to be hard to make a difference, with such simple minded people, but enjoy the challenge, and know that, if you reach just ONE person. You have created one more person with an even clearer insight in life, and that they will start doing REAL research and just quit assuming shit in their lives. The world needs REAL heroes and no more role models, to style their life afterwards. If you have any role models in your life, your automatically lost in life and do not know how to take control of your life. So many citizens of this fucked up country, are too insecure of their lives and need something to base their lives on, too feel better or worse about their very own.

Kingsport is one of the most ignorant areas, I have ever been in or even heard of. Ignorance and drama are more contagious than any disease or plague in this world. Hate can branch out and create issues that you will never see and automatically assume, that is just part of life. At no point in ANY person(s) life, should you be upset by ANY other persons actions, other than your own.

The most important part to remember, is too never give up or feel that your OPEN opinion will never be heard, or that just "little ole me" will never make a difference.

What if ten people all have the same thought of, im just a blah blah blah and cannot make any difference,cause my voice means next to nothing. Well those ten people are correct, they will never make a difference if they believe the goal or "reaching out" is impossible. Now if those same ten people realize that, no matter what happens, they are going to make a REAL difference, and never let up. Their voices WILL be heard and the changes will start happening immediately, just ten people speaking the truth together, can spread truth just as quick as the bullshit drama can. ESPECIALLY in this region, cause many people will hear those "opinions" and will give their one sided insight regarding the topic at hand, and once they realize they have no leg to stand on, ONE of those people will also gain the knowledge as truth also, if you only GAIN one more person on the NEUTRAL, minded side. Then boom you got 11 now and then so on and so on. The truth will always prevail if you accept it and actually realize it as truth. Lies and negativity always spread ten times quicker than positive ever will.

Cleveland, TN

#23 Sep 26, 2012

"A University of Tennessee fraternity is facing suspension after an alleged "alcohol enema" incident at the chapter's house."
I Know

Jonesborough, TN

#24 Sep 26, 2012
Les wrote:
I think ya'll are missin the point - our city leaders are already trying to sell our town to outsiders with their move to kpt crappola. 11w is clogged with people that moved here and like to bash on us so give 'em what they're looking for. We ARE white trash, we ARE inbred, we ARE ALL on meth, we're a big crap hole. SO STAY OUT. I for one don't give a flying bat crap what other people think of us. I would rather have fewer people, more trees, and less pollution. People who can't tolerate other cultures are the real backwards types. You don't want them here, I don't want them here, so keep selling us as the mean, violent, drug crazed, inbred, hating, stupid, redneck hillbillies everybody knows we are.
THAT'S what's wrong with this place. Sometimes, I'm just embarrassed to say I was born here. You act like someone who wasn't born here is the devil. We NEED new businesses. The only way we are going to get that is having people move here.
jo bil walton

Gate City, VA

#25 Sep 26, 2012
Ever hear of "live and let live" guys? I see what you guys are saying ,but there is all sorts of nuts and freaks in every town in America, not just upper east Tn. If you think not just check it out. Ive found in life that im really only responsible for no ones actions but my own. Ive also found out that no one is perfect, weve all got flaws in one way or another. But the greatest feeling in my life was when I realized that if someone doesnt like me because of what kind of car I drive, what kind of house I live in or how my yard looks, how I wear my hair or cloths, the way I look, or the way I talk, or whatever reason, then f!!k every go!!amm mother lovin f!!kin one of them. THE WORST THINGS EVER IN LIFE IS FAKES ,{excluding tits} Ive lived in places where someone lives like a full blown redneck mufker from hell, but they put on their fake accent, cloths, attitude and get into their fake car {something they cant afford or one thats worth more than the home they live in} and go out and pretend to be something they arent. I MYSELF dont put on the ritz to please anyone, not the community, spouse, boss or ANYONE ELSE. Im only what I am and make no apologys for it. GET REAL, because Real is better!!!


Since: Sep 12


#26 Sep 27, 2012
I Know wrote:
<quoted text>
THAT'S what's wrong with this place. Sometimes, I'm just embarrassed to say I was born here. You act like someone who wasn't born here is the devil. We NEED new businesses. The only way we are going to get that is having people move here.
The last thing ANYWHERE on earth needs is, MORE people. WE cannot fix complications small as man made religions and politics, impacting our very own decisions. We need no more ANYTHING, we need less building and less businesses, how in the hell can any, small time business "thrive" in an industrialized town or city, not to mention whole entire country.

The entire fucking country has turned into a massive and I mean massive, shopping mall from hell. Big businesses need no part, especially in a town of this nature, their needs to be NO more distractions, we have enough "shopping" options for a lifetime, just in Kingsport. I hate seeing nature being taken away slowly for capital gain, the larger businesses take money away from our economy and possible future funds. No one can compete in the first place with monopoly based companies, so what is the point of bringing even more large scale companies in?

Simply based for all the selfish people of this town and many others, quit worrying about having LARGER options to shop from, its pathetic. Its basically saying that you only care about product consumption and not ANY form(s) of personal advancement.

The nations economy is in a shit storm that we will NEVER recover from. This "country" has been using borrowed funds since the 40's,we do NOT even have a US treasury, it is part of the United Nations, just like the land that our houses sit on.

So basically take your eyes off the greedy self want and start researching things to truly improve humanity, not even the earth. The earth has taken QUITE great care of itself, with NO help from us, and does not need our help. Humanity though, needs more help than ANY person(s) could ever begin to imagine.

Bottom line for any person of ANY place in the nation, stop worrying and hating on your location, and starting finding ways to improve it, other than selfish reasoning and lack of personal compassion.

Kingsport, TN

#27 Oct 16, 2012
sir unknown wrote:
<quoted text>
Bottom line for any person of ANY place in the nation, stop worrying and hating on your location, and starting finding ways to improve it, other than selfish reasoning and lack of personal compassion.
"Before you accuse me, Take a look at yourself"

Quit whining with your stupid long ranting post and do something that matters if that's the way you feel.

Kingsport, TN

#28 Oct 16, 2012

Big Stone Gap, VA

#29 Oct 16, 2012
The General wrote:
The Times-News did not have any write-ups on baseball last Saturday. They did have the Major League box scores. As of late this paper is very thin in size and on the quality of materal written.
Complain to Eastman...they control the times-news!
Kim G

Johnson City, TN

#30 Oct 16, 2012
Blank wrote:
<quoted text>Complain to Eastman...they control the times-news!
Better than that SWV school system you work in.

Johnson City, TN

#31 Oct 17, 2012
Ralph wrote:
So true, on so many different levels. I bet these guys live off of the government & vote Republican as well. I guess that beer is thicker than blood. I am with you & against Sir Unknown in stating that some people & locations just cannot be helped.

Knoxville, TN

#32 Oct 17, 2012
BobT wrote:
I saw this newspaper page and thought it was pretty incredible that we fit the backwoods reputation so well. That this "IS" a typical daily report around here. The TimesNews only publishes what that receive from the county police departments.

I was born here in the 50's and moved back (3) years ago. Initially I thought the "Only in East TN" wrapper I created was actually funny because of the accuracy.

Now that I'm a permanent residence here I find that there are a lot good and decent people who live here and now not only find these police reports embarrassing but would like the rest of the world to see us in a better light. So maybe the TimesNews and other publications should just eliminate these reports. Anyone who lives here knows what's going on. I don't see the need to advertise it!

Reminds me of kids these days... Just because they behave like a$$'es, it doesn't make them seem anymore intelligent to walk around with their pant's half down advertising their IQ.
Hahahahahahahahaha. Clever last paragraph you have there. Desperate to get that corny ass joke out there, huh.
Gary Baker

Humboldt, TN

#33 Oct 19, 2012
Call me at Keller Williams for help with all problems. I wil Pray for you.

Kingsport, TN

#34 Oct 29, 2012
Oct. 27

Dispatch was advised of someone in the parking lot of the Kmart in Wise, wearing a horse mask. They also held a sign: "The end in nay."

Kingsport, TN

#36 Nov 5, 2012
Nov. 2

Police responded to Carters Valley Road due to pigs running at large. The complainant said the pigs' owner had stated he was building a pen for the animals, which had yet to be done, leaving them to "run loose for a few months." Police referred the man to private prosecution.

Kingsport, TN

#37 Nov 8, 2012
"Nov. 2

Police were called to Westside Inn on a report of a woman, "running around outside naked in the parking lot." A responding officer located her nude in the floor of a room and appearing to have a seizure. When EMS responded the woman, 30, "became very belligerent and was threatening to fight them." After refusing multiple commands to put on clothes — and growing more combative — she was arrested for disorderly conduct. A man at the motel room claimed to be her ex-boyfriend, offering that she's been "acting crazy" since their breakup."

There's a lot more than just "acting crazy" in east TN.

Kingsport, TN

#38 Nov 10, 2012
"One of Rogersville’s leading businessmen was arrested"

Only in East Tennessee is a Pawn Shop owner considered a "leading bussinessman"

Kingsport, TN

#39 Nov 14, 2012
How stupid can one hillbilly be?

Kingsport, TN

#40 Nov 15, 2012
And they keep on coming on!

""Nov. 12

A male motorist allegedly put a woman out of his car on Bristol Caverns Highway, with her then lying in the road. Police responded to find no assault had occurred, but she was extremely intoxicated.

A county woman reported checks and "drug paraphernalia" had been stolen.""

jo bil walton

Gate City, VA

#41 Nov 15, 2012
Come on guys, enough is enough already!! If you are so embarrassed of the people of and in this region, then get the f!!k out of here and stay out. Im sure there are some others such as I in this region that will agree, that no matter where you go in America you will see and hear of stupid people doing stupid sh!t. The biggest portion of these people doing all this pathetic crap are doing so only because they are SO wasted on drugs or booze that they either dont care or dont know any better, and this is also the case all over the nation now-a-days. Think not? GO to most any major city in America and check it out, they may not bragg about their drugged up drunkin nut jobs in those big city news papers like the kpt times does, but that doesnt mean they arent there. LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT I ALWAYS SAY!!

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