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Church Hill, VA

#63 Jan 29, 2013
VladimirUlrik wrote:
<quoted text>
I work at Ft. Henry Wal-Mart. The "over weight csm" that you are referencing is a pleasant person to work with. I think you may be exaggerating a little, huh? Csm's at our store would not berate a cashier in front of a customer. Why you ask? Well it looks bad to a customer when they see an associate being "chewed out" by another associate, especially a CSM. Also too, the cashier can file a grievance against the CSM.(Perhaps you are already aware.)
Those radios have clips on them. They can be clipped to your belt, pocket, ear hole from gauging excessively, scrotum, colostomy bag, it doesn't matter.
I think you work at Ft. Henry Wal-Mart, did at one point work at Ft. Henry Wal-Mart, or have worked at a Wal-Mart. There are a couple of red flags that tell me you are not speaking on behalf of someone but rather for yourself. One major red flag; associates more commonly use the acronym CSM. The second red flag, a customer does not usually care or observe if the placement of our communication devices (HAND HELD TWO-WAY RADIOS) is correct and appropriately positioned. Really? I think you just wanted someone to engage with you and feel sorrow for "the cashier boy's" haphazard night.
You made some very good points.

Church Hill, VA

#64 Jan 30, 2013
Gil wrote:
What's the matter girls? Can't handle a little criticism when you want to dive head first into the middle of a conversation and crap out your opinion for all to see? Don't like it? Then try not having diarrhea of the mouth for a change.
You sound like you need some Midol. That time of month?

Church Hill, VA

#65 Jan 30, 2013
Yo my woman when it that time of month, She just mean.. Yo listen up man. U take da woman like Jil, she can take a whole bottle of dat midol.. man it don't do notin but make em even more mean.

Church Hill, VA

#66 Feb 1, 2013
chuch hill wrote:
I use this site to review businesses and to debate on current news. But there are some threads on here that just try to slander other people.
I've read all the comments here and this is what I came up with
Doug... If you are here defending someone, there is a way to take threads off this website. I think you have to send a request to have it removed. I admire what you are doing and I think there should be more people like you.
Tyke... You seem to be one of the many people on here that give topix a bad name. You think it is harmless but I do know a lot of people that went as far as getting lawyers because of things being talked about on topix. It has even caused divorces. Topix is making a profit off of the very serious issues of bullying, harassment, drug sales, racism, and sexual predators witn no accountability. Their lack of conscience should be taken seriously considering the growing number of people committing suicide over this vicious form of bullying. And both of you are guilty of name calling, no matter how you define your words. But I think it was you that started it.
I agree with you. There are too many people using this site to slander others. I know for a fact what it can do to a person. I just wish everyone else would see how it affects others when they are talked about on here. It happens in just about every town and city.

Church Hill, VA

#67 Feb 1, 2013
stop all the hate on topix. grow a pair and let em kno wat u thnk of them and there ways in person. dont waste time that could be spent on something that truely matters.
1-Get a better hobby
2-grow up and act your age
3-be drama free
4-life is to short
5-live your life and stay out of others

Kingsport, TN

#68 Feb 1, 2013
rob wrote:
stop all the hate on topix. grow a pair and let em kno wat u thnk of them and there ways in person. dont waste time that could be spent on something that truely matters.
1-Get a better hobby
2-grow up and act your age
3-be drama free
4-life is to short
5-live your life and stay out of others
6- Who gives a shit

Ringgold, GA

#69 Feb 1, 2013
7- There should be government involvement on the regulation of this and all websites and personal property for that matter. I check Topix several times a day to see if anybody is talking about me. I get severely depressed if I think something is being said that might be less than a glowing complement.

That's why I voted for Obama - he can make this happen all for me and make my life a wonderful...

Aw, hell I can't troll worth a crap. It's just too funny. Everything on here is frickin hilarious.

Church Hill, VA

#70 Feb 4, 2013
I know man. People take it so seriously. Don't ya think??
walmart employee

Church Hill, VA

#71 Feb 4, 2013
Aw, hell I can't troll worth a crap.

Your debating skills are just as bad.

Church Hill, VA

#72 Feb 12, 2013
Tyke wrote:
Yeah - again Dougay, it's called sarcasm. No one really thought it was you saying, "Ok, I was wrong. Me...and Lance fact love and enjoy Topix." And I know it's hard for you to get. You've already demonstrated how such communicative subtleties go swooshing right over your tiny little head.
See? The joke is still kinda, pretty much, for the most part all on you. You think you're above us all here but you're really just one of us. You're a hypocrite twice over now, a liar, and a name calling moron. Your very presence here shows clearly how much you enjoy Topix. You don't seem to hate it at all. Day after day after day you're here basking in the all the wonderfulness that is Topix.
I don't know what part of your imagination thinks I would really want to be you because of your friends, your life or whatever it is you seem to be smoking. Because obviously I would know nothing about those things. But if in your mind you think I want to be you because of them, go ahead. Again, no one thought my comment as "Doug" was really you to begin with.
And I don't have a little dictionary. It's called the internet. When you use "moron", you have to explain WHY someone is a moron. Are you referring to the way they dress, the lack of knowledge about a situation, what they eat, how they tie their shoes...???
See, hypocrite is self-explanatory. You can't say a moron is someone who practices morony - it really doesn't make sense. You can however say a hypocrite practice hypocrisy and anyone who comes across the word knows it's basically a person who says one thing and does another.
Same thing with liar. Pretty simple - a person who lies. Can you say a moron is someone who morons?(Well I guess you could be then you'd be a moron - HAHAHA! See what I did there?)
So yes using "moron" is name-calling. Using "hypocrite" or "liar" is describing actions even if you don't like the label of being that person who does those things.
Your very presence here says it all. You just can't stand the thought of being accused of being one of us common folk here. You can't stand to have your bubble burst and realize that you aren't so high and mighty after all. And you know I'm right. Nanny nanny poo poo.
Copper Creek Conley - no, I'm not the a-hole that was causing the trouble at Walmart. Which kind of a-hole are you?
what a dork!!!!

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