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#1 Aug 17, 2012
Going down the drain!!! Prejudice, judgmentalists!
Anyone prescribed pain killers or suboxone is crap in their eyes. May they be rewarded with the judgement they have passed on everyone that wslks in that place.The only decent one hasn't been there in weeks. I called and spoke to the owner a couple of weeks ago, who said he was going to have a meeting to fix some of the crap, he obviously just lied, because there have been no changes, except that the good one is gone. As i will be, plus all the ppl I know that have used this pharm. Low prices or not, it's not worth the way you are treated!!!!!!
#2 Aug 17, 2012
I have never been in the store but know it is one of the older pharmacies in Kingsport. It shouldn't be any business of theirs as to what is prescribed but only worry about filling the prescription. If they are abusive there are regulatory boards in the state that will investigate their business practices.

United States

#3 Aug 17, 2012
Ps pharmacy just hates pillbillies I know several local trashies that get their pills there and sell them. Their lot is ruined from the oil leaked out of all the pos pillbillymobiles that go there. On pill days it looks like a rehab center halfway house bail bond title loan center. I'm sure they're sick of all the unemployed subsidized entitled slubs that frequent that place.
Joe Blow

Kingsport, TN

#4 Aug 19, 2012
My wife purchased her meds for a brief period of time from them because her doctor said they were cheaper than CVS or WalGreens.

The problem was they do not fill precriptions like other pharmacies do like CVS or Walgreens. Instead they fill them as people arrive. So we would have to wait and stand along with 20 other people waiting on her presciptions.

The hour long wait was not worth the savings.

I think she even called in her precriptons but they were never filled when we got there.

I never could figure out what was up with their method.

Yes the people waiting around did look questionable. I hate to say it.

Johnson City, TN

#5 Aug 20, 2012
No kidding. I went in Friday to pick up a script I had already calle in, and still had to wait for an hour to get my meds.(Not pain pills or sub). The owner was rude, and the one girl in the back, looked questionble herself. Like she just rolled out of bed.
You are right, plus that one woman that staands on the end of the hateful old man is back. I thinnk she costs more business than the pillbillies. She's just as rude, and then makes everybody wait, even when the girls in the front ak about one. One of the girls in the back will sy it's ready just need her to "check it", or "verify" or whatever, then she stands there 20 more mins before she decides to get to it.
Walgreens here I come!!!!!
Dr_ M

Johnson City, TN

#6 Aug 21, 2012
And this is why my family and I left this pharmacy. When you lose respect for your customers,(who pay your check), and for your employees, (who work to make you that money), They ALL lose respect for you. Lord have mercy.

Cleveland, TN

#7 Aug 21, 2012
Interesting, this almost has me curious enough to go there just to see what I can see....

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#8 Aug 22, 2012
There are definitely some hateful as hell old women working the cash register! They're so rude I had to double check to make sure the store wasn't named PMS!! It would be fitting! There's one in particular who looks about 50 years old and has dark hair. She will flat out ignore you, snap at you, and cut you off in the middle of talking. I guess she has an issue with the particular medication I receive because I am always respectful and have my money in hand to speed the process up.

I try to just ignore it and realize that it must suck being that old and working a low paying job where you're on your feet all day. If she treats ME like that and I'm respectful, have my money ready, and am well kept for the most part...I can only imagine how she would treat someone who uses tenncare or looks a little rough!

When she asks me "do you have any questions about this medication" in her witch voice I've been tempted to say, "no, I'm a nurse, not the street walker you treat me as!" Which is true....and then I'd like to say, "if you hate your job so bad why don't you go back to school and get a better one OR put on your fake smile and pretend to be nice like the rest of us have had to do at our minimum wage jobs!"

If it weren't for the fact that the price was so much cheaper I wouldn't go there. That woman is gonna smart off to the wrong person one day. You'd think since they're so sure its trash they're dealing with that they might consider that before mouthing off to a redneck felon.

And let's not even talk about the hipaa violations...they will just yell out, "john doe! your ten suboxones are gonna be 150 dollars, do you want 'em?!" There are way too many people needing jobs right now who would be glad to have theirs for him to keep those old hateful ass hags around. He IS losing business over it and probably doesn't even realize it.
Simple Truth

Sevierville, TN

#9 Aug 22, 2012
Try your best to free your self from all these unnecessary drugs! Doctors want to keep you sick and in the health care system. Learn to discipline yourself and commit to living a more natural lifestyle, and quit becoming dependent on the falsehoods of modern medicine. You will find inner peace, and it is right there in front of you, if you will take the time to look.

Johnson City, TN

#10 Aug 23, 2012
I want to know what happened to the chick with the tattoo? She was my favorite. I never went in there and seen her staning around. She wad friendly, and always smiling. I want her back. Yeh!!! Bring back the chick with the tats!!!!!!!!!!

Johnson City, TN

#11 Aug 23, 2012
Finally, ppl saying something about it! It's about time. I have stood in that store shoulder to shoulder with ppl complaining, and no one ever says anything. I am guilty too, but have had enough. They have no place to judge anyone because of what they are taking, and I know the owner passes judgement on everyone and he don't know their story. I too liked the girl with tatoos. I thought he was finally getting over his judgmental ways but guess not. He needs to try to get her back, if she would even come back. I've heard the way he talked to her. I want to find out where she is, and I am there!!!

Monterey, TN

#12 Aug 23, 2012
Okay. Obviously you all have plenty of time to waste because you're all on here running your mouths about people you don't even know, who work very hard in order to take care of their families. Who cares that you thought some lady that worked there was hateful to you...maybe she was just BUSY,since the other big complaint was about how crowded it always is...and as for the types of people that frequent the pharmacy, in what reality are the workers going to go up to these people and tell them "no sorry, you look too sketchy/trashy/whatever to spend your money here so leave now please." I don't think so.

Summerville, GA

#13 Aug 24, 2012
you sure are in denial! it wasn't one time that i "thought" someone was hateful to me. they are ALWAYS rude. of course they can't tell someone "you look too sketchy to spend your money here so leave now please." INSTEAD they just treat everyone like a POS! seriously...when this many people are on here saying that the workers in that pharmacy are rude, you really think it's just made up out of nowhere? accept the facts and tell your mom or whoever it is you know who works there to stop being a bitch!

Since: Aug 12

Church Hill, VA

#14 Aug 31, 2012
While I waiting a couple of weeks ago, I overheard a man try to pick up some meds that had been called in. When told it wasnt ready, he was, of course, irate. The explanation for his meds not being ready was that when you bring in your script and leave, it goes in a white tray and its done on a "as I get to it basis". The blue trays are for the people waiting there. I never understood why they just didnt stack them all together and fill them. Seems like its making it harder on themselves.
Ive also seen and heard drug deals happen while people are in line... "now how many did you want of these..." CRAZY! If I was the cashiers (I know they heard it too), Id ask them to leave and take script elsewhere.

Summerville, GA

#15 Sep 1, 2012
He needs to just make that place a drive thru OR get rid of all that crap on the shelves and put every bit of it behind the counter. I mean, how many people go in there to purchase a sharps disposal kit or band aids? Anyway, if they do then they can ask the cashier for it along with their prescriptions.

Johnson City, TN

#16 Oct 4, 2012
I know I made my last trip there after watching them count my meds with their hands, and dropping one and picking it back up off the floor and putting it back in the bottle. Isn't that a health violation??? I guess if you like ppl wiping their nose with their hand and counting your meds right after this is for you. Gross!!!!! And YES! They are rude, especially that woman pharmacist who thinks her shit don't stink. If he'd get rid of her, and make them follow health codes he might get some business back. Oh, well. Good riddance!

Chatsworth, GA

#17 Oct 7, 2012
The place I work has to call them sometimes to have information sent over and they have a reputation for being unprofessional. We were just talking about it not long ago. So, it is not just the customers they don't know how to interact with. It's sad because a lot of people say they go there because of the low prices, but a business can't succeed forever on low prices alone. Just ask Walgreen's. They are the most expensive pharmacy known to man, but people are willing to go there. They have professionals working for them.

Columbia, TN

#18 Oct 8, 2012
If you will notice , the parking lot is like a reunion every month. They created all their own problems with the greedy move of underpricing everyone. Pretty much everyone who refills there has a carload waiting on them outside. Sometimes there are 2 carloads there waiting on one scrip to be filled. Hmmm why would that be? Just put an officer across street watching, bet he / she will know half the customers. You get what you pay for - settle for a lower profit margin and shop some of the other pharmacies!

Johnson City, TN

#19 Oct 23, 2012
Piss and Shithole. That's what it should be called. There are none left there that act decent. Plus, he IS raising his prices. The last 3 times I've went my price of meds was different each time. How??? The owner Mr. Lowell, is becoming a greedy asshole. He's been rude, and I've even heard him yell AT Customers. Real professional. But since he has raised prices, I've found that at least 3 other pharmacies are just $1 or $2 more. So, I'm no longer going there and telling ALL to call around, you will now find he is NOT the cheapest anymore. And anyone I know will pay the extra dollar to not have to deal with that crap sown there. There is no doubt it is worse now than it has ever been. And he did make a HUGE mistake when he let the little one with the tats go. She worked her ass off, and was the only friendly one. But she was the one he treated like a dog, and caters to the bitch pharmacist who was fired from wal-mart. Hmmm.. wonder why? Piss and shithole, and dear god quit counting peoples meds with your hands!!!!!!!!!!
pharmacy boards

Johnson City, TN

#20 Nov 13, 2012
To clear up one of the many slanderous comments placed on this site. The female pharmacist that you are referring to has never been fired from a job and has never been involved in any disciplinary action. You may want to check your facts at the TN professional boards website.

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