sun tan city warning

Stilwell, KS

#104 Feb 25, 2013
I'm was a member at Sun Tan City in Overland Park, Kansas. I'm very upset that the owner of the three locations in the area would make his employees work last Thursday during the horrible snow storm we had. I just think it's selfish of him to put his employees in danger when they had to drive home in the snow storm after opening the store at 7:30 and staying open until 5. Even on the news the governor had said to stay home, but the owner was to selfish and wanted to make money even though they saw no one. If my daughter worked here I would have made her quit because no one should have to risk their life to go to work when everything in Kansas was shut down Thursday. Also, tonight were suppose to have another horrible snow storm and it's suppose to be open until 10 pm tonight and I think that's ridiculous and something needs to be done. Again, he's putting his employees in danger or getting hurt while trying to make it home after 10pm, but by that time the snow and the roads are going to be horrible! I was so pissed I cancelled my membership and I will never be back! Sun Tan City in Olathe, Neiman, and on 119th should be shut down because the owner doesn't know how to treat his employees. He is very selfish and only thinks about himself and he's sleeping with the manager at fountains and she's 20 and the owner is in his late 40's early 50's. I just think it's very unprofessional and disgusting. People wonder why he goes through so many employees at his stores and it's because he treats them like shit and I was told that there are people still working there that have been there for more than 6 months to a year and he still won't give anyone a raise. I would go in there and tan and there were so many bulbs out in each bed for months and they were never replaced. He doesn't seem to be going by the Sun Tan City guidelines what so ever and I will let my other family members and friends to cancel there memberships and never go back. He's going to lose a lot of people and the $20 enrollment fee on top of the new prices that are more expensive are insane. Ill definitely never go back and go somewhere else.
Joe Johnson

Indianapolis, IN

#105 Mar 17, 2013
The people at the Avon,Indiana location are rude unfriendly and complete bitches
sun lover

Johnson City, TN

#106 Apr 1, 2013
so i shouldnt go to suntan city??
Tammy with a silk valley

Morristown, TN

#107 Apr 4, 2013
sun lover wrote:
so i shouldnt go to suntan city??
i love the place!i have a silky decollette and I always go there.they can't help it if you have a prune valley gurl!

Kingsport, TN

#108 Apr 13, 2013
I DO hate the long lines and I DO hate the constant selling of products! That's what makes the lines take so long! They should gave a special line just for those interested in opening an a count or purchasing lotions...and let the rest of us just TAN!!! I will be sure to watch my bank statement since I've heard about that recently

Kingsport, TN

#109 Apr 13, 2013
Why did they make such a HUGE deal about how WONDERFUL the Kardashian line of products are and then all of a sudden stop selling the products!!! That right there tells me there is something fishy about all these so called high priced silicone based lotions! You can get a $10 bottle of silicone tanning we lotion at Sally's Beauty Supply!!! It's as good as the ones the tanning place sells!!!! I WON'T ever buy products from there again!!!
No Tan Lines

Johnson City, TN

#112 Apr 25, 2013
jimbo blows wrote:
<quoted text>
Well Jimbo if you knew your hand from your a$$hole... U would know about 10 years or so back they were in kpt and close down.... As for this one now they have some damages to the building (if u can't tell) and they will be reopened after that! If you could actually afford a plan there you can call the 1800 number and they will give u a refund.. But am sure you are just running your mouth because monster trucks isn't on tonight to watch.
You sound like one pissed off/on owner, worker etc..... Pull the stick out. You don't have a clue what this person can or can't afford.

United States

#113 May 13, 2013
So 15 yr olds going to tanning beds will want fake boobies at 20. By time their 40 their skin will be stretched and shriveled theyll look like their 80 and no man will want them.
ISU student

Mesa, AZ

#114 Jun 3, 2013
I had terrible experience. I canceled my membership after I tanned for a month, but I continued to get billed for 3 months after that date. I noticed it on my bank statement way to late. Normally I'm very conscious about checking it but was caught up studying for finals and work. That's why they ask for your Credit/Debit info to 'prolong your membership', it's basically easier for them to take your money. The employee that 'canceled' my account had me sign documents but didn't actually cancel it in the system. The good news was that they could see that I had signed it. 5 customer service phone calls later, they we're able to help me get my money back. I'm currently waiting on the results of that reimbursement. In the end it worked out but it was a WAY bigger hassel than I would have liked. If you have a problem like mine, be persistant when calling customer service. If you have to call back, do it.
no brainer

Nashville, TN

#115 Jun 3, 2013
simple, liabilities are changing for things like tanning beds. they do cause skin cancers so, your daughter is gonna find resistance if she tries to go alone and anyone who vouches for her will have to prove they are in authority. its to cover their azz.

oh and no matter where i live i see the same thing at every suntan city....would someone tell all those fat chicks that tanning does not make the fat go away?? and pimps are bad for you too.

one is gonna burn you and the other is gonna turn you (out)
open your eyes ladies!
recent visitor wrote:
My wife recently took my teenage daughter to this place. My daughter had been given a coupon for some free visits. When they arrived a girl at the front desk told my wife that she would have to show them a birth certificate for my daughter and show her drivers license to prove that she was her mom. My daughter is almost 15 and has been tanning before. They were told that this was the law. We talked to several tanning places in the area and were told that this was not the law. We were also told they would try to get your credit card and start bothering you. We were told that the law states that you just have to sign a form agreeing to let your minor child use the tanning beds,according to all of the other tanning places. This seems very odd that a tanning place would want all of this imformation. I wonder what they are using this imformation for.

Johnson City, TN

#116 Jun 12, 2013
I cant believe what ive read on here!! holy cow!
Bruce Winkler

Madison, WI

#117 Jul 1, 2013
My daughter was sold a bill of goods. Made to sign a contract and lied to about what she was signing. Then they started taking money from her account everymonth. Was impossible to shut it off without confrontation.
Corporate has no integrity or ear for issues or abuse.

Johnson City, TN

#118 Jul 2, 2013
This company is apparently baised out of ky, from what I understand the owner is nice but the people who run his stores are absolutely HORRIBLE! completey rude and if you're thinking of trying to get a job there, well here is a tip, act like a complete mindless drone who can only manage to get by in life on your fake tits and your looks then you will definitely score the job. Besides that, if you show any sort of brain capacity then you are screwed.

Johnson City, TN

#119 Jul 2, 2013
Joe Johnson wrote:
The people at the Avon,Indiana location are rude unfriendly and complete bitches
People from Avon in general are rude, unfriendly, and complete bitches...

Maryville, TN

#120 Jul 6, 2013
I recently signed up with Sun Tan City after I had researched other salons, their pricing, and their products and compared companies. I went with Sun Tan City because they were very close to my house and they had decent prices in comparison to some other salons.
MISTAKE!!! The associate was pushy and really tried to upsell me many products. I ended up getting the "faster" monthly package.
The issue I have with this place is that I already had a tan from tanning with another company previously, and so I am tan. Obviously not tan enough to lay passed 7-9 minutes though, because that is all they ever let me stay in for. I mean, I wouldn't have bought a more expensive package just to not be able to use it!!
Also, they gave me three free instant bed coupons upon signing up. Well, on two occasions I have used them and the results are much less than what I expected. Just the regular 20 minute standard tanning bed would have done much better. Of course the twenty some dollar lotion I bought helped to make me look darker until I showered and it washed off.
Overall I would have rather invested in another salon where I could get what I paid for.
floodric tornadoson

State Road, NC

#121 Jul 6, 2013
well will the tanning bed float! well will it!?

Indianapolis, IN

#122 Jul 19, 2013
tanning lotions at the stc I visit are marked up 300%. Check the brand names on Amazon, etc. and you will find the products at STC priced at about $30-40.00. Those products are priced at $90 and u on STC shelves. The staff member told me that the products sold on Amazon had water added and had been opened prior to sale. Hmmm. Would love to read the training manual for staff, wouldn't you??

Indianapolis, IN

#124 Jul 19, 2013
flood nelson wrote:
Overpriced lotion will be the least of your worries when your body is one big dried up piece of cancerous taint jerky. Weirdos. Keep up the good work suntan city! kill em all and let the dermatologists sort the bodies!
Why are you on this site? You scare me!

Knoxville, TN

#127 Jul 20, 2013
well i went friday to johnson city one and im very disappointed. I understand different ppl get different results but they just have to much negative feedback. I did the versa and it was like 100 degrees outside and when i come OUT of the versa spray tan he tells me " not to sweat for 4-6 hrs" Really!?! Now that ive payed 44.00 u tell me that. I am splotchy, and have lines going down my legs and my fingers are orange. I look like i went to walmart and got that lotion that turns ur hand orange, Thats what i should of done in first place....i would of got same results and cheapier price!!!!!!! I am so mad!!!!!!!!!! I called over there and told them they said if i can come in and show them they will fix my spray tan, I live an hr and 15 mins from there and they knew that up front. Told me to use lemon juice it may bring some off. Really Disappointed!!!!
VA resident

Wise, VA

#128 Jul 22, 2013
Make sure when you go into the Kingsport location you don't leave any valuables behind because you definitely won't get them back..they might tell you that they will put your stuff in the safe...but its for their keeping you can guarantee that..

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