sun tan city warning

Bluff City, TN

#83 Sep 7, 2012
What a bunch of whiney ass bitches. Some of you people, it's funny. I bet you're the same ones that bitch and moan when you go out to eat because your too cheap to leave a tip. Probably get your food spat in quite a bit. Jeez, and what's with the spray tan, is Jersey Shore holding anaudition in Kingsport?

Knoxville, TN

#84 Sep 28, 2012
I've been to 3 different suntan city places. When i turned 15 my mom bought me a tanning package for my birthday and when we went in to use it they said i was too young, and just told my mom to use it for herself, but that i could not tan or stay in the lobby while she was tanning and i had to go sit in the car. Tennessee law says that you can tan 14+ with your parents signature. We went to another suntan city a couple of weeks later to get a spray tan before my cheerleading competition and they let me, no problem. A week later i went back to get another one with my mom and they wouldn't let me and said i was too young to spray tan. When i turned 16 and started driving my mom bought me a tanning package at the one in Turkey Creek. Sometimes they would let me tan, other times i would be told that i wasn't allowed to, even though i was 16, my parents payed for it, ad my mom signed all of the papers. They told me every time i tanned i had to have a parent or gaurdian over the age of 21 with me. Overall the employees are very rude, and obviously suntan city does not have their own rules but rather let the employees do whatever they please. I will never tan there again. I am much happier at Fusion, the employees are so nice and i've never had one problem with it.

United States

#85 Oct 5, 2012
I have been a member at the Kingsport location for over a year. I have never been charged for anything I didnt agree to. I have also never been treated poorly. The girls are always greeting me when I come in. They knew me by name a few days after joining, which surprised me. They always go out of their way to be friendly, ask how I'm doin, and just make conversation with me. But then again, I'm friendly to them. That's usually the way the world works, if your genuinely nice to someone they return the favor. If they were hateful to you, and I'm not saying you were but, maybe it was your poisonous attitude being reciprocated. Just saying. Or maybe all the negative comments come from their local competition possibly. Are some of their products a little pricey? Maybe. Are the employees unfriendly? Not in my experience.
me in WI

United States

#86 Oct 20, 2012
In the state oodd Wisconsin, it IS law that yoou have to be 16 or older to tan. Parental permission doesn't get you around it and if she did tan before that, it was a violation of the law.

They do have the right to ask for ID or birth certificate as proof.

Nashville, TN

#87 Nov 28, 2012
I do not like this place at alllllll. I have never been there and when i got a free sunless visit and i have never spray tanned before i decided to try it. i went there and at first the girl told me i couldnt use it that it was only supposed to be used for sunday- wed, but it never said anythig about that on the coupon so she let use it but insisted i bought the gel which was $27!! i aske if there was a little packet because i wasnt going to be spray taning alot to use all of it and she said that i had to buy this eithe way if i was gonna tan free with the coupon or just buy the spray tan regardless. i of cours thouht she was lying bnd stupidly i bought it because everyone said this place was awesome. i get there and she shows me how to do it but forgets to mention there are two rounds so i sprayed my front more. i was blotchy everywhere and my face looked terrible. my chest was blotchy and my tan went away after abot 4 days. i keep trying to contact coporate office t inform them on their rude service and ripping me off but i can not find an email or number anywher..i am very angry a bout this.
MyFirstVisitToda y

Knoxville, TN

#88 Nov 28, 2012
I went to Sun Tan City for the first time today and was extremely disappointed. I am a college student so I am tight on money and got a coupon for 2 weeks unlimited tanning for $9.95. YES, I realize some of you feel it is not smart to tan and yes it is bad for your skin but it is the middle of winter and I have a strapless formal dress to wear in two weeks and VERY embarrassing tan lines! I went in to tan and they spent literally 30 minutes trying to talk me into buying an entire month and buying tanning lotion that I have no need for because I clearly explained to them that I do not tan regularly and DO NOT plan to. I got passed off to another person to get me in the system finally and she argued with me about using my coupon for another 20 minutes! I was extremely frustrated and she still ended up making me show her eye protection which I did not have the "correct" goggles so I had to buy $7 goggles of course. I ended up spending double what I went in to pay and left VERY PISSED OFF. After these two weeks I already paid for I will not be going back to Sun Tan City for any more college formals or any other special events for that matter.
Lexi Hartsock

Cleveland, TN

#89 Nov 29, 2012
The woman that work in the Kingsport, TN suntan city are a bunch of pushy bitches that just want to sale you something and when you don't buy it they get an attitutde with you. I have personally seen and heard the managers talk down to some of the other girls that work there. DO NOT go to this salon. BITCHES-WARNING!
Sun worshiper

York, SC

#90 Dec 4, 2012
The only thing I have to say is to the people so negative about tanning salons and I think one person said to get outside instead of getting cancer from tanning beds and chemicals. Well, the sun supposedly causes cancer too not just tanning beds and the air is polluted with Eastman fumes so you are constantly breathing in harmful chemicals. You could never let the sun (fake or natural) touch your skin your whole life and wear protective gear from the day you were born and still get skin cancer. Any research can be done to get the results u want it's all in the techniques and wording. U get rays from the sun every time you walk outside, sit near a window or in your car so you cant prove its tanning. I have been tanning for 20+ years I do not have leathery skin, I'm told I look at least 10 years younger people are shocked I'm as old as I am. I own my own tanning bed and although I do have freckling (could be tanning bed or sun, could be genetics ) I have never had skin cancer. The workd is brighter with a tan. People look healthier and it provides your body with vitamin D and it makes you feel good. I have used the versa at STC never had a problem they push lotion but fast food joints always ask if u want fries or a pie. They are just doing their job. Give the girls a break.

Cleveland, TN

#91 Dec 17, 2012
The manager at the Suntan City in Kingsport, TN named Tara, is a rude ass, FAKE ass, bitch. ALL of the girls in there try to get you to buy something EVERY SINGLE time you come in and it honestly just gets beyond annoying. If I wanted to buy something, I would ask to buy it!!!! I am very disappointed with the manager..Cannot believe the company would hire a person like this.

Lenoir City, TN

#92 Jan 1, 2013
That one Meagan girl that works there has screwed half of Nicklesville.
Satisfied customer

Charlotte, NC

#93 Jan 6, 2013
NO NAME wrote:
The manager at the Suntan City in Kingsport, TN named Tara, is a rude ass, FAKE ass, bitch. ALL of the girls in there try to get you to buy something EVERY SINGLE time you come in and it honestly just gets beyond annoying. If I wanted to buy something, I would ask to buy it!!!! I am very disappointed with the manager..Cannot believe the company would hire a person like this.
I've tanned at that location since it opened and have never had an issue with Tara. She does her job and is the reason why I still go to that location.

Elizabethton, TN

#94 Jan 12, 2013
Maybe their so strict because you shouldn't take your minor to a cancer bed!!!!
recent visitor wrote:
My wife recently took my teenage daughter to this place. My daughter had been given a coupon for some free visits. When they arrived a girl at the front desk told my wife that she would have to show them a birth certificate for my daughter and show her drivers license to prove that she was her mom. My daughter is almost 15 and has been tanning before. They were told that this was the law. We talked to several tanning places in the area and were told that this was not the law. We were also told they would try to get your credit card and start bothering you. We were told that the law states that you just have to sign a form agreeing to let your minor child use the tanning beds,according to all of the other tanning places. This seems very odd that a tanning place would want all of this imformation. I wonder what they are using this imformation for.

Johnson City, TN

#95 Jan 21, 2013
cindywill wrote:
I don't think this place will go out of business any time soon. Have you seen the lines to get into this place? I have never seen a new business with such long lines. Before buying a membership with them, I checked out their Better Business Bureau rating, it is perfect.
Does anyone find it odd that this post was made from Elizabethtown KY...Where Sun Tan City's corporate offices are located? LOL. They are a joke.. Buyer Beware! Stay Away!

Johnson City, TN

#96 Jan 21, 2013
Cathy wrote:
<quoted text>
Yeah, I remember that too! They were over there on State of Franklin Rd right up from the JC Animal Shelter. Me and my 2 daughters all had packages there and one day, they were just closed down and out of business! I researched on the internet and it seems like they have done this in several other places too! BEWARE of the "200+ salons across the nation". ALL they care about if how many people they can screw over. I encourage everyone to support our local economy and shop/tan/whatever from locally owned businesses!
I remember that too! The 200 Salons is a bunch of BS.. They sell franchises, they are not all "owned" by STC. They are a bunch of crooks. I totally agree and support local businesses and owners.
IgnorantPeopleKi llMe

Johnson City, TN

#97 Jan 21, 2013
Fun wrote:
<quoted text>
Fun Fact: Eyewear has to be sanitzed for a full 24 hours between uses to ensure that they are completely clean.
Look up FDA regualtions and you will then understand that STC is fully aligned with everyhing because they are a huge corporation. mom and pop shops are not closely watched like they are.
So, next time you wear that tan 2000 eyewear, think to youself,"what fun eye creatures will be infecting and growing in my eyes today?"
The solution that is used by TAN 2000 is the best solution made and is approved by the FDA. It takes 30 seconds to fully sanitize their goggles. STC only wants to lie about "State Law" to steal and extra $7-$8 from every customer.

Johnson City, TN

#98 Jan 21, 2013
Rachel wrote:
<quoted text>
I dont know where you are from, but around here, STC is not a "HUGE" company. They are franchise salons, owned by a guy named Jamie that was unsuccessful in another indoor tanning company out of Las Vegas. Dont be fooled by their misleading advertising or lies. The 3 small salons here are not company owned.
That is true, it is a gay guy names Jamie who failed in another franchise tanning operation in Las Vegas.

Johnson City, TN

#99 Jan 21, 2013
Djq wrote:
<quoted text>he's the friendliest person that works there and he's such a sweetheart. I got a spray tan and it started raining so he walked me to my car under an umbrella. He's not going to be mean if you talk to him I bet
Most lil gay boys are nice to other girls.. lol

Johnson City, TN

#100 Jan 21, 2013
Sam wrote:
<quoted text>
Their corporate office really is in Etown. I used to live down the street from there. I don't see how that's a joke.
Pay attention dumbass.. Someone from their Corporate office is on here posting "Great Things" about them.. Pretending to be customers..lmao

Chesapeake, OH

#101 Jan 21, 2013
I have tanned at both Tan 2000 and Sun Tan City. I find it odd that Tan 2000 has copied everything from Sun Tan City. Does Chris have any original ideas?
pissed off customer

Ringgold, GA

#102 Feb 17, 2013
i recently purchased a bottle of the jwoww lotion from the johnson city location and I had a coupon for $25 dollars off and also a credit to my account of $26. The lotion was already on sale for $60. The lady behind the counter said it would be $40 dollars on to of the coupon and the credit. I didnt think anything of it at the time, but as i was leaving I asked her how much the lotion was and she said it was $90. so when I went home I started researching the lotion and it retails for $60 regularly but was on sale for $20 on amazon. So when I went in to a different location I asked the lady at the desk how much is the Jwoww 50x lotion? she rang it up, and it was $60. So she printed me off a receipt and I took it to Johnson City where I purchased it from the N. Roan Street location, and she said that the coupon in my email wasnt a coupon, it was a promo and it was all though out the system for the general public. But the sale was only $20 off and my coupon was $25 off. So i asked her about it and she starts doing some crazy math, and I am not stupid, this is what she was doing to make the numbers say what she wanted them to.$80 then she added in the tax on that, and made it 88. then the tax from a previous return which was $2 and some change and she subtracted thatfrom the $88. then she had the price of the trade in plus tax (that she just subtracted out) which was $26. then subtracted the $25 from the coupon. and I argued it until i was blue in the face. and she insisted that she was right and the discount of $20 on the system had a $5 difference because of tax.

The same day, my friend brought in a VIP free pass and asked if she could use it and she looked her up and said she couldnt because she was already in the system, and talked her into buying a membership when she had good coupons of 5 tans for $5. So then she gives her the student discount which makes the $20 membership $15 and there was a coupon on the website for $10 off that she had to show her (which should have been a promo for the general public as she said earlier). and my friend should have only paid $5, but she charged her $11 and my friend asked what the extra $6 was for and she said it was a NEW MEMBERSHIP FEE. and my friend was not a new member, this is why she couldnt use the VIP pass.

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