tri cities busted

Columbia, TN

#41 Aug 26, 2010
jerry wrote:
<quoted text> so u are saying the police do not make mistakes when arresting someone? How bright are u exactly
I don't see the point about being bright,, it doesn't matter if you are not guilty or not. you are still going to be listed in the newspaper with no picture so what is the difference? It doesnt go back and say "oh we are sorry the criminal beat us in court." or sorry we made a mistake and charge this innocent with a charge we made up or that he didn't do. Your'e name is still in the paper regardless. So people get over it, if you don't want to look at the magazine then that is your choice don't buy it!!!

Columbia, TN

#42 Aug 26, 2010
Parents BEWARE wrote:
<quoted text> In the FYI section of the newspaper, they do not post a color picture above your name. This posting in this publication is very damageing in some cases.
Oh I see, it is ok for them not to show a pic. afraid someone will really notice them? The newspaper still gives the address so if someone sees it and knows their neighbor address yeah they are gonna no it is them. it is no different. Unless, of course some people can remember better by faces then by name.. it is all very damaging unless you can prove yourself innocent which some are, and some aren't. in this world today it is all about proving yourself innocent.. sorry about your luck.

Columbia, TN

#43 Aug 26, 2010
I love it, of course I might feel different if my pic was in one of them. Keeping my butt out of trouble so I don't show up

Knoxville, TN

#44 Aug 28, 2010
i work durring the night and early morning hours and i have found alot of people that i come into contact with in this paper. so for me and my coworkers it has become a great source to know what kind of people that we are dealing with when it comes to our safty!!!!! the sweet plan jane that you deal with almost every night of the week that you would think wouldn't hurt a soul just may have you fooled and it let's you then be more aware of her when she's around knowing what she is capable of!!!

Knoxville, TN

#45 Aug 28, 2010
I have found it in j.c. at the sunco on milligan highway and also at the shell station out on south roan across from where the dollar store's at.

Sevierville, TN

#46 Aug 28, 2010
People who read this junk should fall down on their knees and beg the Lord to forgive them!!!!!!!!

Knoxville, TN

#47 Aug 29, 2010
Goodday wrote:
People who read this junk should fall down on their knees and beg the Lord to forgive them!!!!!!!!
and so should the 1's in it..... then again everyone should probley being asking for forgiveness!!!! i know i do!

Since: Aug 10

Location hidden

#48 Aug 30, 2010
I bought one of these papers at a gas station on john b. dennis going toward sullivan gardens. I think its really nice to see the bad guys in the community.
Concerned Citizen

Bluff City, TN

#49 Sep 2, 2010
I must say that after the incident at Central High School this past is the public's right to be informed of any incidents in our community. This little magazine could help people to see those people that insist on acting without thinking. To the parent at the Miller Perry School...there were other ways to go about your situation and apparently you are paying the worst for your actions. Investigations should have come before you entered the school after hours or even during hours. The principals across our Sullivan Co. area don't always have their student's best interests at heart, but some do. Your situation should make them all look at each student case individually and handle it with a little more finesse rather than treating families like they do. Personally, I have known a couple persons in this magazine and yes I fully understand innocent until proven guilty...that is America. Thank God for the first amendment rights that we have to speak. But, I also understand that certain persons who are frequently incarcerated for crimes...and especially those with young children, need to be embarrassed to some extent. They need to have some kind of discipline to understand the seriousness of their actions. And...if they truly are not criminals...they should NEVER be in this magazine again. It is ultimately the parents who are setting the examples for their young children. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for YOUR OWN ACTIONS. Thus, why this world is the way it is today...too many people want to blame someone else for their own mistakes. It isn't the family members of these incarcerated individuals' fault or the children of those pictured...therefore, they should not be shamed. It isn't the employers fault for the employee's actions...but would you want someone working for you that cannot make reasonable decisions on a moment's notice? I think not but some employers do not mind...look the other way, and even offer work release to repeat DUI offenders only because they have multiple children to pay child support for. We are American's who have to realize that our community should stand up and if they are those who need help in our community rather than discriminate against. Those criminals should not blame others or be resentful...all of us in the community have the right to go to the Sheriff's Office and request the information we are able to view conveniently in this magazine. Welcome to the world of increasing lack of privacy. If you don't agree, make absolute sure you are not arrested...period. Have a nice day. By the way, I get my magazine from the old Chevron/now the Shell by Carolina Pottery!
Next edition

Waterloo, Canada

#50 Sep 4, 2010
The next edition is. Tri Cities Bitches
Cracks me up

Paducah, KY

#51 Sep 4, 2010
<quoted text>I have been getting mine at the BOONE store on Highway 75, right at the entrance to BOONE DAM.
Best dollar you will EVER spend.
You need a life!!!!

Lebanon, TN

#52 Sep 4, 2010
snoop wrote:
<quoted text>
I don't think it's unfair at all. You have to be doing something to be arrested in the first place and the charges are listed in the newspaper. The only difference is that this paper shows their picture.
I agree with you!

United States

#53 Sep 6, 2010
Yes, "Concerned Citizen" you are USUALLY responsible for your own actions.. except when you have vendictive family members who are pissed at you and decide they want to go make false statements against you because (as they put it) they "Want you to suffer." I am so amazed at how oblivious the world really is to how we have no control over what happens to us. As I said before, it is not Innocent until proven Guilty in America. It is Guilty until proven Innocent.

Mount Juliet, TN

#54 Sep 8, 2010
I think this paper is an awesome idea! Keep these pieces of crap of the streets! They need to get a freakin job and support thier families and they would not have time to be in trouble! Dang you see 5th and 6th offense!! WOW people!!!! And we are paying them to be stupid!!!

Winchester, TN

#55 Sep 9, 2010
For those of us who work in alcohol and drug treatment centers helping those who have addictions in our communities, This paper helps us to see what some of the clients do after they leave our facilities. We pray for the previous clients that we see in the paper and ask the Lord to lead them in the right direction. Maybe their arrest is the way God is keeping them from dying or from being intoxicated and inadvertently killing others. Maybe, just maybe, this time they will beat their addiction and learn to love themselves. (just another way to look at it)
Question Authority

Bristol, TN

#57 Sep 16, 2010
crazy8 wrote:
<quoted text>
Just a little reminder, It wasn't due to the incident being published causing you to lose job. It would have been in the FYI section of the newspaper anyway.
It was due to the fact that my picture was posted. If these people want to do something why don't they publish the end result and wait till the person goes to court and is convicted of the crime.
Question Authority

Bristol, TN

#58 Sep 16, 2010
Debbie wrote:
I think this paper is an awesome idea! Keep these pieces of crap of the streets! They need to get a freakin job and support thier families and they would not have time to be in trouble! Dang you see 5th and 6th offense!! WOW people!!!! And we are paying them to be stupid!!!
And you have no idea what you talking about. People like you are the problem. Does "innocent untill proven guilty" mean anything. How are we paying people to be stupid?????????? if that was the case you would be a millionare...
just a person

Manchester, TN

#59 Sep 21, 2010
auxillary wrote:
<quoted text>
good idea..i will share your suggestion...we will fill the jail with these law breakers!!!
why dont the law look for real crimnials like rapest killers parents of kids selling drugs right in front of the law how bout that

Since: Sep 10

Kingsport, TN

#60 Sep 21, 2010
I just love the areas new newspaper, I think if they do the time they should do the time and be EXPOSED for their guilty pleas. If they are proud enough to do it and gain profit from selling drugs or beating their wives they should have their picture on the paper. I wish everyone of them could be on the front page. JUST BUSTED is the shiznack
Randy Peenpoon

Minneapolis, MN

#61 Sep 21, 2010
The recent edition has a headline on the classic arrests page that is supposed to read "Tupac shot in Las Vegas" but due to a typo, it reads, "Tupac shit in Las Vegas.

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