Whats the best thing about Kingsport?...

Portage, MI

#290 Nov 19, 2012
israeloverofg wrote:
<quoted text>You are too ignorant to talk to imposter of israelloverofg....I have a traker and and email address that is available. It's easy to see that you are an imposter. Keep on though we like it.
a traker? blahaha and e mail? not mine cheif..um not registerd on this site!

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Johnson City, TN

#291 Nov 19, 2012
israeloverofg wrote:
<quoted text>a traker? blahaha and e mail? not mine cheif..um not registerd on this site!
My dear imposter....That was my point . You know what they say...imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. Glad you liked my username .

Since: Oct 12

Johnson City, TN

#292 Nov 20, 2012
israeloverofg wrote:
<quoted text>Do you have a problem with the people in kingport...coming to meetings and giving their opinion. If they are as u say crazy. j. phillips ....u shouldn't be so judgemental of your people that you and your 8 - 80 crazy bmoa represent. Only 50 people voted for Dennis Phillips he ran unopposed hahahahahahahaha.
You know we could have wcyb there again. Would your BOMA like that?

Manchester, TN

#293 Mar 31, 2013
Best thing: Not Kingsport.
Worst thing: Kingsport.
happy tri citys

United States

#294 Mar 31, 2013
Kingsport is the greates city in the world!
ya alls krazy

Columbia, TN

#295 Apr 1, 2013
Omg ppl for real....this poor woman that wanted ta know what our towns like in case her family moved here....well I guess, if she read that far, she sees what kind of town we live in, yall turned this post into a downrite embarresment! Hwell run lady run! Now we see why nobody wants to visit heee and nothing nnice can ever be here...misery seeks company...this is why I stay home, enjoy my family and what I have, its a crazy world we live in now....but lady...all in all kingsport is a good place to live, just overlook tha dumbshit.....
kpt lifer

Johnson City, TN

#296 Apr 18, 2014
this is one of the best towns in the region. marginal crime rates. wonderful municipal services. super friendly people. a great place to live.

Kingsport, TN

#297 Apr 18, 2014
It was great here in Kingsport up until 1995ish. It slowly went downhill from there. After Katrina, the sorry blacks started rolling in. Then we have those atheist northerners for some reason that wants to live amongst us hillbillys that they make so much fun of. Basically, a bunch of sorry ass people that trashed their own communities move to other nice little towns and destroy them too.

Johnson City, TN

#298 Apr 21, 2014
Best: low crime. Worst: The true criminals are the ones running the City.

Kingsport, TN

#299 May 3, 2014
Kingsport citizen wrote:
The crime in the Tri-Cities in significantly high.
Really? I never thought of Kingsport as being a high crime area. I've been to cities up in Pennsylvania and was scared to death.

I never see anybody selling drugs on street corners or street walkers. Of course if you go into some "neighborhoods" you would probably see it. I'm not going to say what kind of neighborhoods I am talking about but use your imagnition...

Never hear of anybody being car jacked around here either. Although I will admit meth and presciption drug abuse maybe higher here than in other smaller cities.

Kingsport, TN

#300 May 3, 2014
I've lived here all my life and personally think Kingsport is a fairly safe place to live than some of the bigger cities. I mean there is only 50K people that live in the city limits.

Just like anywhere, stay out of the "bad" neighborhoods and people's business and nobody will bother you. What I mean by that is, the rural areas can be worse than the urban areas because people out in the stick use junk cars as incubators for growing pot and make meth so be careful pulling into someones driveway if your out in the boondocks.

Taxes seem to be lower as far as property tax and registering cars. Housing prices is not too bad. Sales tax is higher than average, like 10% but there is no state income tax. Any big purchases you can drive across the state line to Virginia and pay 4%.

Not a lot of traffic jams. You don't have to spend one hour stuck in traffic on your way to work. I live just 10 miles from my job and can be there in about 15 minutes. Although Sunday commutes take the longest due to old farts driving LTDs and Buicks 10 miles below the speed limit.

Climate is not too bad. It can get hot and humid in the summer (95 to 100 degrees) and not a lot of wind (except in the spring). Tornados do happen but not was bad as in the flatlands of central and the western part of the state.

The winters are nowhere near as bad as up north like this past winter. Maybe a couple of 6' snowstorms then the roads are clear by the next day. Typically it doesn't get below 27 degrees at night in the middle of January. But it mostly rains and is cloudy throughout the winter which can cause the wintertime blues. For me anyway.

Kingsport is somewhat of a boreing place to live. Not a lot of stuff to do. A lot of lakes and golf courses so if fishing and golfing is your thing then I guess it could be interesting.

Not a lot of good ethnic resturants around here. Mostly burger joints, steakhouses, Mexican and Chineese resturants.

Typical run of the mill places to shop.

Not a lot of high paying blue collar jobs.

As far as the smell is concerned. Well like I said I've lived here all my life and have grown numb to it.
Phil Mynutts

Blountville, TN

#301 May 5, 2014
The best thing about Kingsport-I don't live there. The worst thing-all the welfare trash downtown.

Kingsport, TN

#302 May 5, 2014
Get onto 11W after 3pm through about 6pm, then you can talk about traffic jams.
kim kardashian

Columbia, TN

#303 May 6, 2014
So glad im taking this great dump rite now, I was so stuffed and bloated , great to be empty , now I have to head to the office, wow great now a good pee after the dump , im all set now poop now a shower , big glass of water. Life is good!

Jonesborough, TN

#304 May 13, 2014
Best : concerts and fun fest
Worst: no trash centers to take your garbage to without paying to dump it. Hope venable changes this waste mgmt has a monopoly
Mr Helpfull

Maggie Valley, NC

#305 May 18, 2014
Jezzie wrote:
Get onto 11W after 3pm through about 6pm, then you can talk about traffic jams.
That's only a "rush hour," you don't see real traffic jams around here very often. When commuting Stone Drive, just go at a resonable speed, don't bump into each other and you'll be fine.You won't get through faster, without being a d!ck-head, and you knew what to expect, when you chose Stone Drive. Often, you can just "go the other route" and avoid it altogether.
Once in a while, a major collision may cause a jam for a while. Many folks around here want the whole road, and they'll head-on, if you don't watch out. Or at least sideswipe you while passing you if you're moving too slowly for them.
you have

Dillsboro, NC

#306 May 18, 2014
two felons and you can bet they are being overpaid

kpt lifer

Indian Trail, NC

#307 May 25, 2014
The best thing is the trash. Ya know. The trash that post on topix non flippin stop. Just a buncha damn idiots.

Johnson City, TN

#308 May 26, 2014
I love white trash. It keeps me believing that I don't have it so bad

Blountville, TN

#309 May 27, 2014
The negative comments about DB High School are common from those in the surrounding areas. It's age-old jealousy at work. Dobyns-Bennett has always been the best high school in upper East Tennessee. In fact, the entire Kingsport City School System has consistently been ranked as one of the best in the State for decades. When I lived in Knoxville, I had to send my kids to private school to get a decent education and, it wasn't even on par with DB.

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