I have tremendous respect for the Ball family’s creation, Philadelphia Gear.

The gearing, designs, and gear drives created under the Ball families’ orchestration were the some of the best in the world. The gear drives have permitted the company to mutate and survive.

The Russell Balls of the world are long forgotten as well as the recipe for genuine success.

European men from that era created some of the greatest companies the world has ever seen or ever will see. Ironically Henry Ford, Kohler, and Ball were able to create jobs and history without nonsense like NAFTA or a globalist agenda. With all due respect, none of these men were basketball players either. These men were passionate about their country, company and employees, a trait uncommon in the Enron cookie cutter companies of today. Please read Joe Stacks’ Pilots manifesto.

There are hundreds people who contributed to the success of the “final forty management team” of Philadelphia Gear not in attendance or compensated as well.