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Fredericksburg, VA

#21 Dec 10, 2012
Dr. Choudhary and Dr. Leonardi are FABULOUS. Very good at what they do. Smart, reasonable people. But the office staff is a nightmare. The receptionist has no comprehension of medical issues or how to deal with the public. I would hate to see these stellar doctors lose patients due to their receptionist. Perhaps she's overloaded, I don't know. It is almost at a point where I am tempted to go elsewhere even if that means Northern Virginia. And it would pain me to do so.

Fredericksburg, VA

#22 Dec 11, 2012
Does anyone know how to get Dr. Choudhary's office to respond to pharmacist's request for refills??? If so, please help me. My pharmacist has faxed over two requests in 3 days for a refill and nothing has been done. The same thing happened a week ago and if I had not kept calling regularly I'm convinced it never would have been filled. It took about 4 or 5 days to get that scrip filled.
If the docs at Peak Mental Health don't know what a problem their front desk person is, they really need to. I wouldn't want to expose myself to any potential lawsuits if refill requests aren't being addressed in a timely manner.

Herndon, VA

#23 Dec 18, 2012
Many comments are right in sync with our experiences. My daughter went there for several years. The doctors were ok but the office staff is AWFUL! The receptionist practically put my daughter over the edge with her rudeness and meanness. My daughter left there so upset she couldn't go back. It is a PSYCHIATRIST'S office for God's sake! People go there because they are ALREADY mentally or emotionally fragile. Fire that woman and get someone in there who cares!
Linda C

Buford, GA

#24 Feb 10, 2013
This doctors staff has got to be one of the most unprofessional and frankly the dumbest I've ever run across. I don't say that lightly. I don't like to be unfair or unkind, but this office has proven to be worthy of that description. The doctor essentially has her mind made up before she speaks to you and is really unconcerned with how her staff behaves. And, really, could the receptionist be trained about how you need to deal with psychiatric patients?! This isn't a typical crowd at the general practitioner we're talking about. Of course if you call with a concern you rarely IF EVER get a return call. My dentist will even return my call, or at least a staff member, shouldn't the psychiatrist??
I think just over a year is enough of a fair chance to see if things improve. Clearly they are not, and the doctor has no incentive or intention to change the operation. As soon as possible this will all be history for our family.
Rude and No Compassion

Paducah, KY

#25 Feb 18, 2013
It's sad that in the Fredericksburg area there is a severe lack of resources for medication management. Therefore, I think many of us have "endured" the terribly rude and incompassionate treatment at Peak Mental Health out of fear of finding another mental health professional.

The receptionist has always been rude and just plain nasty. There is not one single bit of professionalism, and when people are already going through depression, anxiety and other mental health issues, the last thing they need is some rude, snotty receptionist who apparently thinks she's doing the patients a favor.

And I would agree that there is absolutely no way that Dr. Choudhary is not aware of the horrific way her receptionist treats her patients.

Wake up call...this office is not providing free services to patients, and NO ONE should expect less than a professional attitude by any member of the staff. Why should anyone pay to be treated this way?

And if you can't pay due to unexpected financial circumstances, you mean even less to this practice. You could be seeing Dr. Choudhary for years and all of the sudden you can't pay, and you are completely left out in the cold.

Patients are treated like nothing more than cash cows. It's deplorable that a mental health professional behaves this way.

Stay away at all costs, or you'll need to be increasing your medication due to the spiteful, nasty, hateful and rude treatment you receive.
Federal Employee

Fredericksburg, VA

#26 Feb 21, 2013
Love Dr. Leonardo as my counselor, very caring. I do not like to give negative opinions of other people, so I wont say another word about this office. Have faith all, we will be guided in the right path as we need it and at the appropriate time.
Disappointed_ in TX

Spotsylvania, VA

#27 Mar 13, 2013
I agree with some that her receptionist - she has no business being a receptionist at a mental health office = incompetent and unprofessional!HIPPA privacy laws are boarder line as well.
I've seen Dr. C for several years and up to this last visit I found her to be pretty good, meeting my needs. However this last visit wasn't even a therapeutic environment. With a dx of major depression she responded to me that I should stop whining, there are some people who have it worse and I should try learning YOGA! She told me to stop whining 6x. I have never seen a more detached "professional", i.e. doctors/nurses, dentist or any other medical personnel or facility, then Dr. C.
Her lack of compassion and professional behavior, did not meet the minimal therapeutic environmental standards. The negative affect on me made me feel worse walking out than walking in. Because of the level she does not meet the criteria of her profession.
I have written a letter of complaint and will send it to the "VA Department of Health Professions"
One more thing Dr/ C, if you happen to read this - please shampoo your carpet in the lobby. The office looks unprofessional as was Dr. C. Or perhaps there is a correlation!

Shawnee, OK

#28 Jun 7, 2013
I agree with many who have written reviews that Dr. Choudhary's office staff is not the most helpful. She has had many different staff members since I began seeing her, but none have been organized or helpful. Though the office staff is certainly lacking, it is worth putting up with to meet Dr. Choudhary. She is a kind woman, and is clearly very intelligent. She has managed my medication well and has truly listened to my opinions and what I have to say. A psychiatrist is not intended to be a therapist, but she does listen to any problems you may be having and is compassionate.

Herndon, VA

#29 Oct 8, 2013
While I did get told three separate weeks to call back they didn't have out if any new patient appointments were available, the 3rd week I said bs and got one about 2 weeks later. She had seen my step daughter who was having several major psych issues that CSB had just been taking the copay and throwing meds at her without trying to figure out what was going on and why. She saw through her BS and figured out her condition quick.

Once I was seen I was started on a common medication for depression and mood stabilization. She actually took the time to listen and figure out what was going on, how long it had been going on (for at least 15+ yrs without treatment), & how it was affecting me. So far so good with treatment and office visits. I can't picture where I would be at now without seeking help and I don't know why I didn't just go sooner.

The areas where they could improve is letting the patients know up front if their insurance is going to cover in full, partial, or not at all prior to coming into the office. Mine had no copay but, I got a bill from them for what the insurance didn't cover. The front office staff can be a bit moody but nothing that bad.
Patient for 2 years

West Point, VA

#30 Nov 17, 2013
I honestly do not know why I have stuck with Peak Mental Health for 2 years. Dr. Chaudhary is very good at finding the right medications for you, but that is about it. When I actually have an appointment I know that I will be getting the right script, but ALWAYS bring them to the pharmacy yourself. They will not call it in on time or will call it in to the wrong pharmacy. If you need a refill, just give up. They somehow write the wrong dose, wrong quantity, or even the WRONG MED. The worst part is when you call to tell them and they tell you that they are right and you are wrong. It usually takes me gathering all of my past scripts and getting letters and copies from my pharmacy for them to believe me that they are wrong. Seriously just a terrible place. Finding somewhere else ASAP.
Patients hat are here

Warrenton, VA

#31 Dec 16, 2013
How much stack can we take in reviews written by didturbed and unbalanced folks?
S Dungan

Irvington, VA

#32 Dec 18, 2013
I had a very good experience on my first visit. We live an hour away and I got a call 15 minutes before my second appointment. We were almost there. I asked why and the receptionist told me that she was not seeing anyone. Since this dr was recommended me a friend, I immediately called my friend to let her know. She called and still has her appt. Each time I've called this office, I am told by the receptionist that there was a letter on the way to me to explain why. She said the doctor would not be seeing me again. She was horribly rude and arrogant. I have nothing bad to say about the doctor. She was very kind but I have been left with no medication.
S Dungan

Irvington, VA

#33 Dec 18, 2013
I keep posting and it continues to be erased.... I won't give up... The receptionist definitely has a control issue...
S Dungan

Irvington, VA

#34 Dec 18, 2013
My first appt went fine. Scheduled a follow up in a month. We live an hour away. My husband took off time from work to go with me. About 15 minutes before we arrived at her office, the secretary.. Beverly called to tell me that Dr C had an emergency and could not see me. I called back a few days later to reschedule, and Beverly told me she could not see me and didn't know when she would be available again. I then, called a friend who had recommended her to me and told her she should check on her appt. Beverly told her her appt was still secure. Dr C left me with no refills on scrips that are not supposed to be discontinued abruptly. Then, I get a voice mail from Beverly that says she is sending me an explanation in a letter that had already been mailed. She also said she couldn't release my records til I signed a form. I didn't ask for my records!!! My GP had just sent them to her. This is very unprofessional...

United States

#35 Dec 29, 2013
Patients hat are here wrote:
How much stack can we take in reviews written by didturbed and unbalanced folks?
You, sir or madam, are a jackass. Just because people are depressed or overwhelmed with things in their lives, does not mean that they cannot give an accurate view of their doctor. Not to mention, several of these reviews were written by parents of children who needed treatment... not the actual patients. You are clearly insensitive and a prejudice person when it comes to mental illnesses.
Terrible experience

Culpeper, VA

#36 Feb 19, 2014
Just experienced the worst Doctors visit in my life and I'm 59 years old so I've been to quite a few offices in my time. The billing representative became very sarcastic because I questioned her as a why our supplemental insurance was not on my daughters records after having requested this on 2 prior occasions. All the billing rep could say was, do I have to hear this so early in the morning?
This office needs help!!!!
Please don't go here unless you are desperate.
Disppointed Patient

Denver, CO

#37 Apr 17, 2014
The receptionist was okay, didnít sound pleasant or rude when I called, but the worst person in regards to rudeness is billing/accounts payable. She were rude as soon as she answered the phone, like you calling her was a hassle and not only was she rude she hung up on me while I was trying to figure out a billing discrepancy. Apparently you canít ask her more than one question. That is not a way to treat anyone ever. I would be surprised if people continue to use this Dr. (who can be good and helpful at times) with such a horrible staff. There is no way the Dr. does not see how rude the administrative support staff is to patients. The support staff is the first thing patients see and hear when they walk in or call, so they should be the best and friendly 100% of the time.
So Distressed

Alexandria, VA

#38 Sep 22, 2014
We waited 4 months for an appointment for my daughter. We both heard the date and time that the receptionist made the appointment for when we made it. When we arrived we were told that we had missed the appointment and the doctor would not see my daughter ... ever. The date they said the appointment was for was a day that she would have been in school and we never could have made it for that day. My daughter was battling severe depression and I was beyond livid at the treatment we received and the fact that she refused to give my daughter any care. I called the doctor that referred me to her and she said she would not refer anyone else to this practice because so many people had problems. There was NO EXCUSE for the unprofessional behavior and I wouldn't trust this doctor if she was the last one on the planet!!!

Fredericksburg, VA

#39 Jan 15, 2015
I came to Choudhary with hopes to find help for my psychotic symptoms a few months ago, with as much information and honesty as I could possibly give. I had previously had a Psych Eval done, which stated that I warranted the diagnosis of Schizophreniform among other mental health issues. From day one, C was not attentive and did not seem to remember any of the things I told her about my symptoms or history. The following months I would mention pieces of information, and she would act as though it was the first time I mentioned it. Jan 13, 2015 was my last appt with her, and the final straw. Overall she was condescending, and acted as though I was completely ignorant.
My problem was not with her attitude entirely - but what she actually said to me. I have suffered multiple sexual abuses, and she stated that they were "my fault" and that "I shouldn't blame others for my mistakes". She also disconcertingly asked me to describe my abuses, which from what I understand is not something a psychologist/psychiatrist or even therapist does blatantly due to the risk of endangering the patient. Then, she proceeded to tell me that I was not experiencing psychotic symptoms; and in her opinion, my hallucinations, delusions, and paranoia were "in my head, just figments of my imagination".
There were other things she said, but these were the main points. I don't care about the receptionist, she was nice to me and helpful, however when my mother went to talk to them after I told her what happened, neither C or the receptionist would talk to her. The overall experience this Tuesday was traumatizing, and I will find a way to report her and have her license removed.
Among the things she did was cut me completely off of my antipsychotic medication, which sent me into mild withdrawals over Christmas, and also I am now currently dealing with extreme psychotic symptoms until I can talk with a new psychiatrist.

Fredericksburg, VA

#40 Mar 17, 2015
No qualms on what she comments to people who respect her profession and opinions. This 'DOCTOR' does not have regards for the feelings of patients. She does not have the correct personality to deal with people needing her help. She is lazy and unhelpful, trying to do her job in the least amount of time and effort. Her comments on American behavior as opposed to her life in England leave the impression that she does not have a high opinion of Americans. She would be much better off practicing in her own country but, of course, she could not make as much money as here. She gets by with the minimum of work that she can get away with.

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