Stone County, MO will remove tornado ...

Stone County, MO will remove tornado sirens to save money

There are 13 comments on the KYTV Springfield story from May 19, 2010, titled Stone County, MO will remove tornado sirens to save money. In it, KYTV Springfield reports that:

As with every spring, Mother Nature is making her mark this in the Ozarks. But it now looks like this storm season will be last time thousands of Stone County residents hear sirens in advance of an approaching twister.

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Port Neches, TX

#1 May 20, 2010
i dont understand you knew they were old and would have to be replaced down the road.why didnt anyone plan ahead on a budget to replace them over time.they are the only warning that everyone will hear and know imediately what it is for and what to due to the stupidity of a county leader we appointed now not everyone will get the warning and someone might die from not making it to shelter in time.

Laurel, MD

#2 May 20, 2010
For however many of you there are in Stone County who depend on sirens, there are many times more out in the country that can't hear the sirens....we actually listen to the radio and pay attention to the news and we get along just fine. I believe Tom Martin said it best on the news when he said, "take some responsibility". If you are worried about tornadoes, buy a weather alert radio.

Port Neches, TX

#3 May 20, 2010
in large parts of towns where lots of business is going on and poeple are working.not everyone is going to have a radio equipped.yes i know you are in the country and not a whole lot around you so yes you would listen to the radio cause hardly no other distrations seems like the county wants everyone to now be reponsible for there own alertness and well being with no help from the county incase a twister is now most likey now everyone will be focused on a radio the whole day waiting to see if one will appear instead of focusing on there jobs at work that might i add brings revanue to the county.that will cause the funding for the county not be as might be different with just one siren in town.

the county officials should see what the people want and let them deciede whats best for them.the poeple have the right to be warned of a potential danger....think about it.why do you think trains have realy loud horns.

so i ask you now the only way they are warned of a twister now is they are forced to listen to a radio by the county.if someone get killed or hurt in one.i guess the person was just not RESPOSIBLE enough to take care of himself or his now the county cause of (shortage of funds)is now not responsible for anything now that all responsiblity rest on the people.doesnt sound right does it?

Laurel, MD

#4 May 20, 2010 only focus on the radio or media when a storm is approaching. If you can't detect a storm approaching without the government's help...then maybe you shouldn't leave the house. Try a little research before you alert radios go off all by themselves when the National Weather Service triggers the same alarms that set off the tornado sirens. Weather alert radios aren't televisions that you have to stare at all day.

Trains have really loud horns because people are too stupid to look both ways before crossing the tracks. Trucks aren't required to blow their airhorns when driving through an intersection...but by your reasoning the government isn't taking care of us by making them do so.

How do you explain the millions of people who live throughout the midwest who don't have sirens and don't spend their entire day focused on the radio and yet live their entire lives without dying in tornadoes that pass through yearly? How do you explain the millions who have lived throughout the midwest prior to sirens being invented, who had the common sense to pay attention?

Once again....let's make the government take care of us instead of actually paying attention to our surroundings.

Why should my tax dollars be spent on a warning system that does not benefit my family? Let me use my money and my common sense to take care of myself.
Crossroads Warrior

Laurel, MD

#5 May 20, 2010
Watch out Bulldog, you can't use common sense in this day and age. Obama is here to transform our government to take care of every aspect of our lives. You are still using the "old American" mentality of taking care of yourself!

Port Neches, TX

#6 May 20, 2010
whoa cowboy,i was just stating that we cant always expect the government to bail us out all the time.i know if there was a major disaster then yes i am sure they would come to aid...but not to replace and bunch of sirens or radios.also there are always people moving from other places and may not know when a twister is coming.i am just saying there should be extra steps taken to ensure everyone can be warned as much as possible more than a i said ...not everyone will have a radio

Foristell, MO

#7 May 20, 2010
That is fine, but where is the money to come from? DO the people want to raise taxes? Raise the water/sewer bill? Because like it or not,there is no money. When Mayor Templeton came into office last October, the city was broke. Things are being done to try to bring in revenue, and grants are being looked into, but it doesn't happen overnight. Does anyone want to make a big donation to the city for the siren? I doubt it, so if you don't want to be part of the solution, stop whining and being part of the problem! Teagar

Port Neches, TX

#8 May 20, 2010
OMG!..are you seriuos....people look outside the box.someone in that town needs to step up to the plate and make things realy urks me nobody does nothing but complain and point fingers.thats why the town is the way it is cause noone wants to get there hands dirty.noone has no pride in that town.i can think of many ways to start bringing in revenue.a good place to start is the people in that town need to work together and take pride in there town and clean the place up.galena is suppose to be a landmark of history but instead people from out of town look at it as a filthy town.when you google galena and take a tour of pics and it shows part of the flood but the main thing that pops out in the basket ball goal with no rim.the park shameful and people wonder why are kids are causeing trouble.there is nothing in that town for the kids to do so yeah with nothing to do they will get board and find amusment in destoying other peoples things.i could go on and on but i dont think anyone realy cares about fixing the town up and makeing a better i am already realy fired up cause noone either wont or doesnt know what to do.but yet i guess you just had to have a super huge new library when there was already a library.the town population is close to e on poeple did we realy need it.dont you think it would have been better if you made a youth rec center instead that will help keep the kids safe and have fun and maybe be it will keep them from getting in trouble and stay of the drugs.ahh...i said people figure it out for yourselves

Port Neches, TX

#9 May 20, 2010
BTW...if i am not mistaken the old library is just an old vacant building now.that realy makes alot of sence!!
Bull Dogs

Laurel, MD

#10 May 24, 2010
The only one complaining is "derby0187". Everyone else is attempting to point out that we are fine with taking responsiblity for ourselves.
Not everyone will have a radio? Why not? The radios are inexpensive, effective, and readily available. The only excuse for not having one, is being to lazy to go get one.

Port Neches, TX

#11 May 24, 2010
i am sorry if you feel that i am just complaining to much.all i am doing is speaking my mind and pointing things out more issues than just a radio.but if thats how you fell i promise that you will never hear another word out of me.good luck to you all on resolving your issues in the future
storm setter 4

Burlington, IA

#12 Mar 23, 2011
It is stupid that they did this, but at least they extended the time for 6 more months. Bulldogs do you think that every one at walmart will carry weather radios around an listen to them, or are we going to depend on Walmart employees. What about tourist and people on the lake or outside? Another thing is that Reeds Spring jumped the gun and took down the tornado siren that was by my school That provided a warning for outside school activities duing and after school. Now that is irresponsible.
travlin man

United States

#13 Mar 27, 2011
I live in the country, I have a weather radio.

I drive a truck, I have a weather radio.

I fish from a boat, I have a scanner/marine radio

I look up at the sky, it in it self serves as a warning, pay attention and look arround, pick up a pone call some one, look outside, quit complaning and get your self protected, take your life in your own hands. I love my goverment, I just do not trust them to take care of me.

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