Kennrth Copeland Gave Keith Moore Jet...


#101 Oct 5, 2011
Gods child wrote:
Hey....! You people need to get a life! Let God deal with his children. He knows who's doing wrong and who's not. Don't you think?:)
Your in the correct place..keep up the good work and take more people to hell with you..


#102 Oct 5, 2011
People need to read there Bible and learn what the word says and not out of the living bible but a King James and don't get sucked in to trhings with preachers like Moore and Copeland......there time will come...

Chicago, IL

#103 Oct 19, 2011
What's this? Who's the voice here for all?

Tampa, FL

#104 Nov 27, 2011
"carring"; "Gods" "fathful" "investagated" "belivers" "dont" [x2]

so sayeth the contributor to the servant.
David Hutchinson

New Orleans, LA

#105 Dec 25, 2011
I thank God for Bro Keith. If I have to explain, you won't understand. I want him to have all the jets he needs.......God is Good, all the time!!!!

Fort Worth, TX

#106 Jan 6, 2012
Jay Steele wrote:
I love reading about these tard evangelicals. They are dirt poor but think that by giving 10% of their pay check to some preacher they will get to heaven. If you give money to these guys passing around jets like they are golf balls, there is a 99% you are under educated, over opinionated and over weight. What has this guy done for you? Made you feel good about yourself? I understand that you never quite fit in in the real world so you surround yourself with drones like yourself and all of the sudden Boom; you have friends and things to do like goto church... and even better your fat a** doesnt have to get off the couch to hear the word of "God." Try going to a church with a pastor making as much as you truly doing the work of god and not asking for your entire pay check. You will still feel just as good and be just as close to your god... though you will have to get your wadling a** of the couch on sundays.
I'm sorry, but you sound like a perfect idiot......
timmy hempstone

United States

#107 Jan 7, 2012
prayingforyou wrote:
<quoted text>I'm sorry, but you sound like a perfect idiot......
I heard he gave him a STD along with the plane!

Broken Arrow, OK

#108 Feb 1, 2012
I love Keith Moore. In the rap world they say "haters getting mad". When a preachers roles in a jet "the haters get mad"! If you don't think jets are legit, then why is a car!? I've been to countries where a car is rolin big! Perspective is the key here! I believe the Gospel need to be preached! Jesus is Lord!

Eldridge, MO

#109 Feb 10, 2012
Vrod21 wrote:
I actually work for one of these ministries, so first off the title itself is incorrect Kenneth Copeland never gave Keith Moore a jet. Secondly why do you care who gave who what. Have you given to the poor lately, cause I know for a fact that these ministries give millions to the poor, missions and jail ministries each year. Who made you the judge? Our society feels that it is their "God given" right to judge others when in fact God condemns us judging each other. When we do judge it's because we are usually doing the very thing we are judging about (IOW being a hypocrite). So let me ask you this, are you being faithful with what God has given to you? If so go ahead a throw your stones.
Amen! Its amazing how others want to make judgments on something they know nothing about. I trully feel sorry for these people that are so lost, but think they have it all figured out.

Eldridge, MO

#110 Feb 10, 2012
Mike wrote:
People need to read there Bible and learn what the word says and not out of the living bible but a King James and don't get sucked in to trhings with preachers like Moore and Copeland......there time will come...
I have a question for you. Do you get this mad about a CEO of a major company having a jet? Is it also not okay for them to have one in your opinion? If so who are they for? Why is it not okay for Brother Keith Moore to have a jet? Just to let you know why he has one is so that he can go out into the world and preach the Word of God like the Bible says to. And to have a tool like that makes it possible to be in more places in a single day that would normally take days not having one. We have a short time left on this earth anyway. All it is, is a tool for the kingdom of God. I would worry more about yourself then to worry about others.

Toronto, Canada

#111 Feb 10, 2012
seventies chick wrote:
<quoted text>Do you watch Jim and Lori on TV now, they have Morningside now in Missouri and Jim is doing Gods work and being blessed by God at Morningside. Ive been there and seen it.
I watch his show and he takes love gifts to help the people of the world. And instead of buying these jets he gives free food buckets back. I can't believe you were there and seen it! Did you use your builders card? I have so many of them and can't wait to go there.

Western Grove, AR

#113 Mar 9, 2012
So it is OK for some silly, drugged out entertainer to have a way to roam around, but if men and women of God have a jet plane, it is a problem. God's men and women who are out preaching the gospel should have the very best. So there is a problem with Keith Moore Uh! Well I am actually disappointed about Keith Moore's Citation airplane, I think he should have a Gulfstream V.
Here is another point - if we as christians want our pastor and teachers to zip around the country in nice jet planes, what business is that of yours. We gave the money for it and the last time I checked this is still a free country and we can give money to anything we want to.

The truth is God has prospered me in both the spiritual and the physical. Money is only a tool, true prosperity is when God moves in you heart and mind. The financial is just a byproduct. So many are looking for excuses for their lack of belief that God is a good God.
Elijah Mayor


#114 May 28, 2012
Why do people judge ministers prosperity?, it is like judging their fruits without knowing when they are sowing,God is not a respecter of anyone so if you have faith in sowing then do it!!!..God reward according to your faith not according to your need!.If you believe God for something then speak it(2cor4vs13)!...when you judge their riches you already judge yourself unworthy of it!..copelands,keith,cref,hagi ns,duplantis,chris,osteen,and other ministers alive and dead are gifts to us(Eph4vs12) and we ought to respect their mantle(office)
Truth hurts

Winnipeg, Canada

#116 Jun 10, 2012
Barnum and Bailey were right: there's a sucker born every minute.

Mansfield, MO

#117 Jun 10, 2012
"And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God." Matthew 19:24

Throughout the bible it speaks of those who labor shall earn their wages. Pastors laboring the word shall be paid.

However, pastors should also be an example for their sheep and in turn their sheep take care of them. I don't believe that this means that these men and women who work for the lord should own jets, rolex watches, 5k suits, etc. Jesus himself teaches to give away your possessions and give to the poor and follow him and you will have treasure in heaven.

Sarasota, FL

#118 Jun 16, 2012
hapy dad wrote:
Wow i wished I had a job that paid me so good that i could give someone a plane. where does he work ?
Get rid of your wish bone and get a back bone. Do something different if you don't like your job. You have the freedom to do what you will, you are where you are by your choice. If you'd like to have what others have, do what they did.
no name

Ozark, MO

#119 Jun 25, 2012
I understand where some of these people have doubts. I used to be one of them. Not any more!aending Faith Life Church in Branson over 2 years ago. Brother Keith does NOT ever ask for a dime. All of his teachings in books, cd's, ect. are absolutely free. Not even your name is asked for. My entire family now attends his ministry, because of his teaching. Please, unless you have actually have been there, how can you possibly judge him. I would have never believed until I saw proof what God has done for our family. Better job opportunies, health, ect. Because of Brother Keith, my adult children are now living the correct path. I cannot say enough about him. I know this, for me, he saved my family. And folks, that is priceless. And it did not cost me anything!!! Just look at this way, people will pay anywhere from 35.00-50.00 a ticket for shows here, but says hurtful things about a minstry. Try Faith Life sometime, it may just help with your inner anger, mistrust, and judgement of people. I'm thinking that's why Jesus was beaten and placed on the cross. Maybe people were simply scared of what he could do. Please before you judge others, look at your own situation first. People who judge, does not matter to me, for it is God who judges me. Be careful what you say about others!!! Have a God blessed day.

Branson, MO

#120 Jun 29, 2012
erica wrote:
i have given several boys herpes.
Sweet can I have some herpes?
Andre Inggs


#121 Jan 18, 2013
If you should be a Christian or not, everyone is bound by the law of 'Live by the sword - die by the sword. In other words: What you sow is what you reap. If these people have jets to give away, imagine what they have lived/sowed in order to have what they giving away? That's not dificult to reason...
love of God

United States

#122 Feb 24, 2013
For those of you that judges, condemns, why not walk with God and see if you too will not be rich. Heavens street are made of gold, God wants the best for His children. If you can believe all things are possible. All things means all things you want INCLUDING MONEY. may God have mercy on us all.

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