2 Connecticut Men Nabbed In Springfie...

2 Connecticut Men Nabbed In Springfield Prostitution Sting

There are 7 comments on the The Hartford Courant story from Jun 15, 2012, titled 2 Connecticut Men Nabbed In Springfield Prostitution Sting. In it, The Hartford Courant reports that:

Two Connecticut men were charged with sexual conduct for a fee after a sting operation in Springfield on Thursday afternoon, police said.

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Carole Singh

Springfield, MA

#1 Jun 15, 2012
Truth about the prostitution sting in Springfield, lets see which news wire picks up the real story!
There was NO WIFE..........there was no offer of sex for a tattoo...
Corruption of the Springfield Undercover Police Department?
Members of the Springfield Police Department recently busted several men, two of which are from Connecticut, for trying to solicit sex from undercover police officers posing at prostitutes.
The undercover police officers solicited these men, begging them to give money, sex or both. The police reports were bogus, witnesses to the arrests speak to the contrary of the police reports.
The 1st CT man in your photo lineup on your web site was NOT soliciting the prostitute as reported by the undercover police. A witness to the arrest stated that Edward Brown crossed the street to ask the young lady if she was someone he knew. She began to ask him for money, she offered him a blow job and if he didn't want a blow job she would have sex with him. He realized she must be on drugs or something because she did not answer his question about being someone he thought he knew and immediately he turned around to leave her and go back to his car. She followed him 1/2 way across the street still begging him for sex and money, he got into MY vehicle with MY room mate and her 2 month old baby. Police swarmed the vehicle and made him get out and arrested him for solicitation in front of MY room mate. The police left my room mate and her 2 month old baby stranded in the car until I could leave my job and drive her home which was over 1 hour.
In the actual police report officer Mendez stated she approached the vehicle when she saw the car pull over to the side street, engaged the driver Edward Brown in a brief conversation, saw the female in passenger seat, and that Edward (still in the car) then offered to pay her $30 dollars for sex. This is a bold faced lie because she never made it across the street after Edward went back to his car. AND the 2 officers who arrested Edward at the vehicle were very surprised to see the female in the car and even stated one to the other "Why are we arresting him?" THE predetermined signal seemed to be her following him 1/2 way to the car.
After I picked up the female who was his passenger (my room mate) who had witnessed the whole transaction between Edward and the "prostitute" Mendez, she was still across the street when he was taken away in the undercover vehicle. She witnessed the "prostitute" Mendez proceed to another undercover vehicle in front of the vehicle the she was sitting in and talk to the undercover officers sitting in it.
When I arrived to take MY car and my room mate and her 2 month old baby back home I observer officer Mendez at the exact same spot my room mate stated she was when Edward Brown had spoken to her.
I had to come back to the scene of the arrest to pick up the car I used to come home from work to get my car and my roommate. I walked around the corner and there was "prostitute" Mendez actually soliciting another young man to go with her. She flirted with him, touched his hand several times like she was trying to get him to follow her AND I observed her gestures as if to say come on, try to convince him to follow her...and she got him to go with her across the street and up the opposite side of the street.
I watched as all the officers pulled up, jumped out of their cars and swarmed this young man and arrested him also. I crossed the street and stood between the undercover officers and their car. I confronted one and asked him if this was a sting for solicitation, he said yes.
I asked him why did they remove Edward from the car if he was leaving the scene without "prostitute" Mendez. The officer stated a deal had been made. I asked what was the deal, he stated it was money for sex.
Carole Singh

Springfield, MA

#2 Jun 15, 2012
I asked if "prostitute" Mendez was wearing a wire, he stated no, I asked if there had been any money exchanged, he stated no. I asked who said Edward offered her money, the officer said "prostitute" Mendez had said so.

At 10 PM when I went to pick up Edward from the police station another man was being released from the Springfield jail, he was the 3rd man on your photo lineup, Hector Colon. The story he told was almost identical to the witness report and what Edward stated. Hector stated he was passing by "prostitute" Mendez when she approached him and began asking him for money and offering sex for money. She also admired his tattoos and offered him sex if he would do a tattoo on her. He adamantly told her that he had NO money and turned to walk away from her but she followed him 1/2 way up the block begging him for sex and money. She stopped following and immediately he was swarmed by the police and arrested for solicitation.

This does not end the story of corruption here. This morning when the men appeared in court the Magistrate offered all of them a deal. Pay $500 and the criminal case would be treated as a civil case, the charges would disappear and no one would know that they were arrested. Both Edward and Hector refused the deal and refused to plead out because both kept saying they were innocent and that it was "prostitute" Mendez that was soliciting them. Edward met with the district attorney who suggested that these undercover officers were good cops but he would see what he could do about getting the police to drop the case by the time his next court date in July.

These men were falsely lead to believe that no one would know that they had been arrested so many of them may have paid the $500. SO now why are their names, photos and locations in the news papers, on TV and on the internet without being proven guilty? To add insult, now the female (my room mate) that was in the car is falsely being called Edward's wife. She is NO relation to him. Where the heck did that lie come from? How can people make up any story they want to without asking for the truth from the victims?

This is blatant corruption, these officers have lied on the police reports about how the arrests occurred, these men were solicited by "prostitute" Mendez who begged them repeatedly for sex or money and when they did not respond or agree she followed them and got them arrested anyway with the prearranged "signal" This is ENTRAPMENT.

How many other innocent men has she done this to? I am looking for other victims of this corrupt sting operation and money maker for the court in Springfield.$500 dollars per victim per sting. How many men have lost their jobs, wives or girl friends, and their reputations because of the lies "prostitute" Mendez has accused them of.

Who is going to investigate this injustice, interview victims including Edward and Hector, find more victims, find more witnesses to the sting operation, and interview any of the bystanders like myself and my room mate who actually saw what "prostitute" Mendez was doing to solicit these men and get them to go with her.

Wareham, MA

#3 Jun 16, 2012
What was your friend doing out there by himself at that time leaving you guys in the car?
Carole Singh

Springfield, MA

#4 Jun 16, 2012
Lola wrote:
What was your friend doing out there by himself at that time leaving you guys in the car?
He though he new the young lady....but that is not even the point. Here are the discrepancies from the police report....

Discrepancies in the police report. As I am attempting to prove, all reports in newspaper stories are false or the police report is false. Who will you believe now the men, who were victimized or the word of "prostitute" Mendez and the Undercover police that arrested them?

1st discrepancy...“Prostitute” Mendez NEVER approached the car and never saw the female passenger according to the posts and newspaper articles, Edward crossed the street and approached her but in the arrest report she claimed she approached the car.

2nd discrepancy...Only the arresting officers saw the female passenger after the swarmed the car and removed Edward from the car. They never realized that there was anyone that had witnessed the arrest other than the neighborhood stander-by's.

3rd discrepancy...Notice the report says Edward is single, but the newspaper reports are claiming he is married and his wife was in the car he crossed the road to solicit sex, but the police report says he never got out of the car and he offered $30 right in front of his “wife”(who by the way is my room mate and is the witness to the whole arrest) and can dispute “prostitute” Mendez’s story.

4th discrepancy...is in Rights and Booking section on page 2... Edward was fingerprinted and Edward's picture was taken. Why is his photo plastered all over the country through the Associated press, the his was FIRST photo in almost every posting of the mug shots and on the first page of this police report if NO PHOTO was taken and also HE WAS finger printed.

5th discrepancy... arrest was made on corner of Locust and Main Street. Where the heck is Palmer? Officers allowed my room mate (the passanger) to move the car from the crosswalk up several feet on Locust St.

6th discrepancy... License number was available, his drivers license was in his wallet, he was on the way to drop the female passenger at Social Security Office (her actual destination).

Thank You Carole Singh

Easthampton, MA

#5 Jun 16, 2012
Lol, Springfield MA police are the biggest criminals in the city! Their the ones who mule the top drugs and allow the sell points. WTF, is wrong with this city?????????? And the people who support these pigs!!! All the strip clubs are brothels and they do nothing about, so whats wrong with the ones that decide to do it on their own, oh wait, the cops won't get a cut of the cheese. Silly me!!
Carole Singh

Springfield, MA

#6 Jun 17, 2012
springfieldMa wrote:
Lol, Springfield MA police are the biggest criminals in the city! Their the ones who mule the top drugs and allow the sell points. WTF, is wrong with this city?????????? And the people who support these pigs!!! All the strip clubs are brothels and they do nothing about, so whats wrong with the ones that decide to do it on their own, oh wait, the cops won't get a cut of the cheese. Silly me!!
OMG Thank You, finally someone with a brain!!!$500 a piece for every man who wanted to make it go away....did it go away??? AND $40 a piece for just the ROR that night. LETS ADD THAT UP !

Since: Jan 14

Portland, OR

#7 Jan 29, 2014
The Portland police are womanizing with other people's wives and are granting those women permission to poison off husbands and police are using their police powers to cover up victims 911 calls and to deny victims help at emergency hospitals!


My Wife Was Having An Affair With A Cop That Was Impersonating Me And My Wife Poisoned Me For Trying To Warn People About It!

I am a victim of a corrupt sting operation by local police/sheriff's and my wife and her side of the family and her own daughters were sleeping with those officer's!

Under the pretense of conducting a sting operation, those officer's and my wife and her side of the family were setting me up using a body double and photogenic photo's and were framing me for a murder!

I caught them in the act of using that double/officer making child porn and they murdered the child, so they were setting me up as a pedophile and for a murder using a double!

The Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff's have a history of womanizing with other people's wives and granting those woman permission to poison off husbands and they have a history of using body doubles and photogenic photo's to frame innocent people as pedophiles and they have a name for it, they call it pedofying!

Police/sheriff's commonly use doubles and photogenic photo's to frame innocent people for crimes when police do sting operations and news reporters common look the other way and are mums the word on the practice of authority's pedofying/framing innocent people using doubles and photogenic photo's!

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