Mother Of Soldier Killed By Killeen P...

Mother Of Soldier Killed By Killeen Police Officer Files Federal Lawsuit

There are 14 comments on the KWTX story from Oct 2, 2009, titled Mother Of Soldier Killed By Killeen Police Officer Files Federal Lawsuit. In it, KWTX reports that:

Catherne Marie Galloway, the mother of a 20-year-old Fort Hood soldier who was shot to death in March by a Killeen police officer who police officials said was dragged by an SUV while trying to arrest a fleeing suspect has filed a federal lawsuit, alleging that witness accounts contradict the official version of what happened.

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Waco, TX

#1 Oct 2, 2009
Wow. Who wrote this lawsuit? Words out of context, meanings mis-used. Terrible! Perfect! Sounds like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are suing because a black dude was killed. Why does EVERYTHING go back to race?? I'm getting really tired of this crap. Someone wants money and it turns racial! Ridiculous! I really hope that the courts see through this garbage. Support your Police. They stand between you and the ones that want to hurt you and your loved ones. Sorry that a guy is dead but maybe he should have NOT dragged a cop. It happens. Tough break. Get over it.
showin mine

Waco, TX

#2 Oct 2, 2009
Exactly what church are the "Reverends" Sharpton and Jackson pastors of, or from, or for? They sure are good at self promotion though.

I am sorry this lady lost her son, but motor vehicles can be deadly weapons. But let some money grubbing legal vulture try and strong arm some money from our law enforcement officers and city because they want to play the race card and its all well and good. Lovely.

But who would be crying over the loss of another peace officer? Not the mother of the thug who ran the cop over, she just worries about folks "hatin' on her baby".

So when it came down to cop vs thug and thug loses, all of a sudden its racial. If you don't think its all about race just read the actual suit that was filed.

What crap.

Belton, TX

#3 Oct 3, 2009
Mom is looking for a pay check! Pure and simple. Just like Al and Jesse do every chance they get.

Bryan, TX

#4 Oct 3, 2009
So momma wants money from the City of Killeen. This has been a long time coming though. That Officer and City should have been expecting this. I know we were down here...there are several of us that have been waiting. There are a couple of Officers, black officers, on their own force that have had a part in the filing of this suit. I'm sure the City knows that too though.

Race based suits are serious business and run amuck in our Country. It's tearing the fiber of this country apart. It's just a shame. We remember following the initial shooting and it was terrible for the family of Jarvis. But now some scum bag lawyer, probably affiliated with the NAACP, is helping the family of the guy that drug a cop with his vehicle try and ruin another guys life, as well as the life of his family, and make an entire department out to be racist. I can't believe that this type of trash is even permitted in our modern day court system.

I understand due process and our rights as citizens but there is such a thing as abuse of those rights and scum bag lawyers proliferate that abuse on a daily basis. This is another shining example of just that.

As for those Officers that assisted in the lawsuit on the family's behalf; they should be fired. If they can't be trusted to show loyalty to their own...who/what can they be trusted with? Certainly not our rights!

God bless (most of) the Officers of the Killeen Police Department and Jarvis' family. I'm sure that the outrageous allegations made in that haphazardly filed lawsuit will come out to be just that - outrageous. I hope that the family of the deceased finds peace, as well as the Officer and his family.
My 2 cents

Waco, TX

#5 Oct 3, 2009
Here's a thought. If the cop was racist and just looking to recklessly kill a black guy then why didn't he just shoot the guy that was pinning his arm to the vehicle? That would have been an easier shot and well...that guy was black too right? Hmmmm...maybe he's not a racist though. Maybe he turned his attention to the person that was actually, at that moment, threatening his life and in the act of trying to take it.

But hey...I could be wrong. Maybe he's just a loose cannon and doesn't follow rules and does this sort of thing all the time. Ya know...his job and all. What is that cop thinking? Doesn't he know that there are Mickeys and 7-11s with donuts and coffee? Why isn't he just hanging out there? I just don't get it.

The suit also mentioned something to the affect of the Officer using excessive force on minorities before. Well....imagine that. Another criminal that was not white (wonder what the numbers are excatly - black vs white vs hispanic criminals) I wonder which color would have the higher number when taking a statistical look. I say that because it clearly matters to the people filing the lawsuit. Color doesn't make you a criminal...the almighty brain does that...and really bad parenting. That's another story though. But...given the numbers based on black criminals in that area would it be absurd to think that this Officer or any other would come across one color more than another when contacting criminals? I's not like the Police are talking to soccer moms and dads at night - or ever really. So...this particular Officer (and all of his counterparts I'm sure) have had to use force on black folks or "minorities" before. Really?! Wow! Because criminals like to run, fight and generally taunt the Police rather regularly. Does anyone watch cops? Read the local Police blotter? Watch the local news? It happens people...every day. But...apparently the fault lies with the Officers and not the criminals. Because they catch the bad guys, make the arrest and put themselves in danger as matter of rule - it's their job for christ sake.

Now...the piece I've read here and elsewhere about Officers at KPD assisting in the law suit on the family's behalf. Wow! I hope that's not true but would not surprise me.

God bless this particular Officer and all Police that put their lives on the line for the every day citizen and their families. God bless the Police for making it safe for my children to walk to school without being kidnapped, molested or otherwise danger stricken by the criminal element that lurks around every corner. They (the criminal) has something to fear people. It's our Police. Because of them (Police) we have some order to our otherwise out of control and dangerous society. Thank them.

Officer Plank. Rest easy Sir. The court system should not fail you. This really doesn't seem to be that hard of a thing to decide on. I've re-read the initial news reports and then this law suit.

The mother of Jarvis should be ashamed of herself! Why isn't she suing the person that initially ran from the cop? After all...he was the catalyst to this whole thing. Wasn't he? Why didn't Jarvis' mother sue him? I have several opinions on that but it boils down to the fact that she's looking for a pay day. Her son dies at the hands of his own poor decisions and she furthers the atrocity by filing a lame duck, poorly written, completely racist lawsuit.

White does NOT equal racist. I think that needs to be said more. It's clearly not understood. It can be though.
Catherne Galloway

Killeen, TX

#6 Feb 17, 2013
Its funny how people are quit to judge without knowing the full story. The Officer was not drag and he was not after my son. He chase a young man from another parking lot across to the one my son had just place his car in drive, when the young man jump through his window. Then the Officer grab hold of the guy and my son hand was up in the air when the officer shot him. Yes he was in the wrong, my son had nothing to do with the incident that lead the officer to chase the young man. The vehicle did not move into action until my son was shot. Regardless of what you feel, he was wrong and he knows it. He will have to live with the fact he killed a innocent young man for nothing. I believe life has a way of making you pay even if the law dont make you. Wrong is Wrong and right is right. If my son was wrong it would be understandable but justify because he is an officer is wrong.
Catherne Galloway

Killeen, TX

#7 Feb 17, 2013
No get your fact straight, Mother wants justice, until you know the entire story not just the Police version do not judge, it could have been your love one, meaning racing is not the true issue. The issue is how quick you can justify without knowing the full story.
Catherne Galloway

Killeen, TX

#8 Feb 17, 2013
I am not sure how "Reverends" Sharpton and Jackson have to do with this case. When you know the full story, comment but dont judge. If the table was turn and it was your love one and you know they are innocent, would you want the truth, would it bother you that someone wrong was justified without all the facts.
Catherne Galloway

Killeen, TX

#9 Feb 17, 2013
You so smart, now common sense would tell you if the car is moving and he is holding on to a guy hanging half way out of the window, how was he able to pull out his gun and shot someone that you were not after. Funny you didnt wound the one you was after to release his hold from the vehicle. Picture the SUV, is it possible to be drag holding on to someone else that holding on to the inside of the car, the pressure and weight of his body would have cause the young man to fall out the window with him. What is the true story because that one dont add up.
Catherne Galloway

Killeen, TX

#10 Feb 17, 2013
First of all you get over it and second the officer was not dragged. Why dont you buy the pieces of the puzzle and put it together and share with me what you discover.

Killeen, TX

#11 Apr 19, 2013
Give it up. You're son died because he endangered someone else's life. Sorry to hear that your lawsuit has gone no where and you won't be getting that check you wanted.

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#12 Apr 21, 2013
Whatever wrote:
Give it up. You're son died because he endangered someone else's life. Sorry to hear that your lawsuit has gone no where and you won't be getting that check you wanted.
Collusion / terrorism - abuse of power / obstruction of justice (death fix it / deficit) used to avoid liabilities. Texas Grassy knoll tactics.

YHVH solution for American Holocaust Perpettraitors is Mongoose Protocol,


YHVH suspends mercy in response to god (government of deceivers) suspension of inalienable rights (life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness) in the American Holocaust (moral corruption - fraud - terminal injustice - economic oppression - murderbyproxy - population control - death fix it>deficit<). National goal accomplished reduce government (we the people) reduce government spending (no justice, no liabilities).
spare me

Killeen, TX

#13 May 19, 2013
If your kids hands were up, how did the bullet travel through one side of his upper arm, out the other side, and into his chest??? Put your own puzzle together. No $$ for you. Better luck next time.
Smokin Joe

Bronx, NY

#14 May 20, 2013
You're Eight Times More Likely to be Killed by a Police Officer than a Terrorist.

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