Review: Folkerson Property Management

Review: Folkerson Property Management

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Falls Church, VA

#1 Sep 25, 2008
The most ridiculous and awful company I have ever dealt with. They do all their own prep and repairs and charge however much they want to do them (I'd compare the level of ridiculous to being unknowingly charged $57.00 for a Big Mac when you weren't hungry). They don't ask, they just do, then they take the money from your escrow or rental income. If you question it, they get rude. The owner spends most of his days out of the office overseeing his 'repair' racket, so the office is left manned by his wife and another half wit concubine that they employ. And they make it clear that they don't like to be disturbed. Phone calls go unawnsered or unreturned and emails are just ignored. If you do persist enough to reach them, they'll tell you to wait for your monthly statement, as if you really want to wait another 2 weeks or so for them to get around to mailing something that sort of kind of details (they don't bother to do detailed invoices and won't supply one upon request) how they spent $750 of your money without asking. They take on an attitude like they are doing you a favor by providing you a service and that they will do as they please with your property and your money, and that you should just shut up and go with it. We are military (as I imagine a lot of their 'customers' are), and we feel they very much took advantage of the fact that we'd been moved by the Army across the country... so that they could do as they please and it was that much harder for us to address it, so they could be in control. In my opinion, they are no better then the pawn shops and cash advance shops that litter military towns trying to take advantage of service members... they're just better at initially hiding it. I don't buy their whole 'family run, quality business' front. Mr. Folkerson himself will tell you about how they lose 90% of their clients because of repair costs, and that he attributes this to using 'quality' parts and labor that people are just too cheap to appreciate. He'll say "I always replace a $2 part with a $3 part, I see no sense in replacing a part with another one I know isn't quality". Don't buy it. It's not about a $3 part replacing a $2 part... it's not about quality... it's about charging you $750 for ridiculous and unnecassary things done to an only 2 year old home, without asking you, then being rude and indignant about it.

P.S. Beware Mr. Folkerson's doorstop fetish! Especially with what he charges! Check out the 'confessions' section of their website... weird stuff.

P.S.S. When we terminated our contract, they tried to evict our tenant to get back at us.:)
eric woods

San Antonio, TX

#2 Jan 21, 2009
Do NOT do business with Folkerson property management. They will rob you of your every due cent. Read the contract!!!! If you try to sell your house while managed by them..they get a 6% cut!!! beware of Folkerson!

Libby, MT

#3 Mar 11, 2009
We had issues with them also. We met Mr. Folkerson, thought he was nice (so inviting with that "southern hospitality"). At the time, I don't think I nor my husband thought about the check-in thing. Mr. Folkerson does both the in and out when moving in and leaving. We were charged with atrocious, ridiculous costs when we left. We were there only 6 months, and he took over 1/2 of our deposit. I tried to call and dispute, and like "Kiki", we got the run around. No answer, no return call.. I emailed. When I called and someone DID answer, I was informed that if I had a complaint, I had to WRITE an EMAIL. I wasn't allowed to talk to anyone.. how cowardice is that?! I never got the rest of my deposit. Just a word to the wise, take pictures of everything before and after, keep ALL reciepts, and make sure YOU do the check-in and check out or he'll take you for ALL YOU ARE WORTH and it seems especially so with the military.. nice to take advantage, huh?!

Sevierville, TN

#4 Apr 2, 2009
Folkerson is a joke. I have had no issue in my life getting a rental application approved, and low and behold I get DENIED by the Folkersons. I asked to speak with Mr. Folkerson to see if there was a hick-up somewhere I could possibly square away and was told they would pass a message to Mr. Folkerson to give me a call. .....NO CALL EVER RETURNED. As far as I am concerned, these guys are very unprofessional. I felt at the very least I deserved a explaination like any professional service would provide. Especially after paying a $35 application fee. It is strickly my opinion it is best to stay away from these guys due to there lack of profession.

Waco, TX

#5 Dec 29, 2009
STAY AWAY FROM FOLKERSON PROPERTY MANAGEMENT. It is true they will rob you blind. I just moved out of one of their properties that wasn't even cleaned when I moved in, Mr. Folkerson will mark things on your check-in form acting like he is your advocate, but to bad you can't read the form he fills out to understand what he writes. I made the place look better and was rented in days after I moved out. Now they are charging me for not having it cleaned and for this and that, now they are saying I owe them money, and if I want to appeal they charges I would have to put in writing. They are cowards. When I would call I could not get anyone on the phone. It is true the do not return messages. If I know I was going to have so many problems with them and the property I was renting, I would have just broke my lease.
Pissed Off

Belton, TX

#6 Feb 25, 2010
I agree with so many other reviews Re: Folkerson Property Management. This is the worst company that I have ever deallt with. They charge tenants for repair bills that should be covered by the landlord - and claim that you (the tenant) are being charged due to your negligence. Mr. Folkerson is an asshole!!!! Forget ever getting anyone on the phone. I have been in their office and the phone has rang and the receptionist (who is sitting at the desk doing nothing) doesn't answer it - she just lets voicemail pick it up. We are a military family and I would like to save any other family like ours from the frustration of dealing with Folkerson. If only we had read reviews prior to signing our lease, we would not have given Folkerson the time of day. Do yourself a huge favor and STAY AWAY!!!!

United States

#7 Mar 31, 2010
Wow! I thought I was the only one that thought Mr. Folkerson was an unprofessional JERK. But reading all the other posts I see that others agree. I rented from Mr. Folkerson a few years ago and did not have any serious issues but then to I only really ever talked to Maureen the receptionist. She was pleasant from what I can remember so I decided to rent from them a second time. Still mainly only speaking to Maureen. Well I had an issue with the property and for the first time I was told I had to submit my issue via email in writing. That was not the policy before. And just recently I had an issue with the property and called only to get some answering service that took a message. Mr. Folkerson did in fact return my call but he was a total ass to me. he talked to me as if I was a child. I have never given him any problems so I could not understand why the hell this man whom is being relied on by homeowners to manage their property and deal with their tenants in a respectful, professional manner. Hell he is in business because of them. There is so much more I can tell in this story but out of respect for the homeowner I will with hold that information until I have moved on. But what ever you do PLEASE FIND SOME OTHER COMPANY TO DO YOUR BUSINESS WITH BECAUSE MR. FOLKERSON WILL SCREW YOU OVER BIG TIME.
I totally agree

Port Arthur, TX

#8 May 29, 2010
I really wish I had read these complaints before I rented this crap of a place from Folkerson! I have had so many problems with this shack until it's not funny. Just yesterday my ac went out and I emailed them like I was told and I even called that damn answering service and still not fixed. Like alot of you all my family is military and we are in this sh** of a lease with this garbage company. AT this point I don't really give a damn about the sercurity deposit just want to get out of this sh**hole of a dump. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT RENT FROM THIS FAKE A** PROPERTY MANAGEMENT COMPANY CALLED FOLKERSON!!!!!!

Waco, TX

#9 Jun 29, 2010
These guys are terrible. Do not rent. They stay in business because their homeowners are mostly soldiers who have moved out of killeen and because their customer base renews all the time as soldiers leave Fort Hood. They treat their renters like crap and take their property owners for granted. Do not rent from these guys or let them manage your property. Doug Folkerson is pretty much crazy and doesn't care about his customers. They do not maintain a functioning office and are almost impossible to get a hold of. They do not return calls left with their messaging service. They do not return emails if they do not like their subject. They are bad business. Service requests take a long time for them to respond to. Don't expect to get your security deposit back either. I called several cleaning companies in town who refused to clean my home because they claimed Folkerson always charges an unreasonably high cleaning fee regardless of how clean the house is. If you see positive reviews about these guys elsewhere, it's because they habitually post those reviews themselves.

United States

#10 Aug 27, 2010
We have the same issues as everyone above. We put in our 30 day notice along with our orders, we tried for over a month to set up a check out appointment to no avail. We wound up having to leave without doing a walk through because we had to leave! We called and emailed at least 5 times a week with out any response what so ever from ANYONE until today- a MONTH after we left. They are trying to charge us an additional $600 over our deposit for some seriously whacked out stuff including carpet cleaning- which we left them a receipt for and $100 for electric (which we left on for a week after we turned in the keys!).
Needless to say we are contacting a lawyer.
DO NOT RENT FROM THEM! Check them out on the BBB website if you don't believe all of these reviews!

Düsseldorf, Germany

#11 Aug 30, 2010

Military Spouse

Copperas Cove, TX

#12 Sep 4, 2010
We rented through Folkerson's and during that time my husband deployed. We had several things go wrong including the hot water heater, and major black mold issues in the bathroom. Doug Folkerson, when I finally got to speak with him personally, threatened me and was extremely verbally abusive. The repair work was minimal and the bathroom was never fixed. By the time we moved it was entirely black on the inside of every cabinet dispite repeated attempts by me to get rid of the mold. He would do nothing except insult me and speak to me as though I was an idiot. They gave us the option of using an outside firm or them to clean the carpets before the out inspection, which never occurred. They were "not availble" for the entire 30 days. We were instructed to provide the receipts and proff the carpets were professinally cleaned which we did. They still charged us $200. to clean the carpets, although not only were they spotless, they were much better than when we moved in. We are back in Harker Heights now and every week I see Doug Folkerson and his wife stand in church holding hands and acting so pious. It makes me sick. My husband wants to confront him but I think he has no remorse. He knowlingly takes advantage of military families. He should be placed on the Off Limits list but his family has political ties in the area so it won't happen.

United States

#13 Oct 2, 2010
Dear Readers,

I would like to share my unfortunate experience with Folkerson Property Management. A little over a year ago I rented a house in Killen from Folkerson. During the walk through I meet Mr. Folkerson. He presented himself as an honest and very polite individual. He talked a great game; he loves the military and will go to any length to support them, he has a good rapport with Fort Hood, he almost always returns all of the security deposit, and so on. During the inspection I indentified non-washable paint on the walls, food stuck on the side of the range, dirty window panes, and painting supplies stored in the garage. All of these were “no problem” and “not to worry” about.

When I cleared the house a year later the story was quite different. In addition to being in Iraq, I had a family emergency and was not able to conduct the walkthrough with Folkerson. I was refunded $100 dollars of my refund. The report said that the house was left in disarray and hazardous materials were in the garage (the paint that was there when I moved in). My wife and I own a cleaning business and clear houses on base. We know how to clean and have always gotten all of our security deposit back for every house that we have ever rented.
Folkerson knew that I was returning to Iraq and I had to leave before they could inspect. They are full of sh*t and the most unprofessional company that I have ever dealt with. They don’t answer their phones; a messaging company does that. They are slow to reply to emails and when they do it is only to say that the information that you asked about has or will be mailed.

I can’t stand Folkerson Property Management! They rip off Soldiers daily. They will find ways to scr*w people out of their money.


United States

#14 Jan 26, 2011
Im in the process of moving out of a home that is managed by the Folkersons. Reading all these post is a bit scary. He was very nice when I moved in, I havent had much problems with the home. However reading all these post is giving me little hope of getting my deposit . Im cleaning the home as we speak and I misplaced the move out check list I have sent 3 emails regarding getting a copy and placed a couple of calls. I have yet to get a response. My walk through is in 2 days. Ill be sure to post what happen.
horrible experience

United States

#15 May 29, 2011
Renters and homeowners, Beware! During your move out, you will receive a short list of things wrong and then the list triples when it is time to get your security deposit back. Writing ia the only way to dispute it and forget about getting a response back. No phone calls, messages, or emails are EVER responded to. All attempts to contact Folkerson will go ignored and the renter ends up paying in the end. Watch your credit because the company will sabotage that as well. Rent from somewhere else. FT. Hood housing already has several complaints against the company so hiring an outside attorney will be better.

Houston, TX

#16 Jun 4, 2011
This company should be blackballed from the Property Management arena. Doug is very unprofessional, rude and a few other choice words. What "good"property management company can only be reached via email? I wouldnt recommend this company to my worse enemy, which I plan to personally speak to someone to have this sorry company blacklisted/barred from Soldiers. I sure would love to see how access you have when all the Soldiers deploy or move from the Ft Hood area!!!!!!
About time

Satellite Provider

#17 Jun 5, 2011
Every single one of you need to report this business to Fort Hood housing and get them put off limits. If that dosent work then write to your congress person and complain that the military is ignoring your request to have something done with folkerson. This will get the militaries attention and maybe get something done.

United States

#18 Jun 12, 2011
Folkerson Property Management was very professional & helpful when we rented from them. We dealt with them for 2 years and had absolutely no problems with them!!

Grovetown, GA

#19 Aug 10, 2011
We are a military family and found a Folkerson listing on AHRN. We have already sent a security deposit upon promise that the lease would be pending. We haven't signed a lease yet. Is there a way to get the deposit back if we don't sign the lease? HELP!!!!
About time

Satellite Provider

#20 Aug 11, 2011
WORRIED, you were just robbed. Sorry.

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