A decade after fatal N.C. crash, emot...

A decade after fatal N.C. crash, emotions remain strong

There are 484 comments on the PilotOnline.com story from Apr 7, 2009, titled A decade after fatal N.C. crash, emotions remain strong. In it, PilotOnline.com reports that:

Loading... 1 of 4 Click for more Gary Britt, of the Kill Devil Hills Police Department, stands at the memorial to the teenage victims of a drunk-driving accident that happened 10 years ago.

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stay on topic

Saratoga, NC

#287 Mar 25, 2012
I don't see how that figures into this discussion. And if you think the south was fighting over the right to own slaves you need a history lesson.
Back Door Mat

Coats, NC

#288 Mar 25, 2012
Keep her locked up for life in a Dark Room

Since: Apr 09

Kitty Hawk, NC

#289 Mar 26, 2012
Chillpill, no need to bore us with a complete repost just because you don't know how to change your location.
Go to Skool

Elizabeth City, NC

#290 Mar 26, 2012
stay on topic wrote:
I don't see how that figures into this discussion. And if you think the south was fighting over the right to own slaves you need a history lesson.
I thought ptsd's post was funny and a bit off topic. BUT, he/she is actually correct as to the core reason the Civil War was fought. Maybe you need to go back to skool and get edjamacated! Lol!
yes sir

Kill Devil Hills, NC

#291 Mar 26, 2012
take it wrote:
she should have gotten the death sentence.
i agree
Back Door Mat

Newton Grove, NC

#292 Apr 17, 2012
Hang Her like back in the Old Days. Then tie her to the Back of a Horse and drag her down the By Pass
good old boy

Brunswick, OH

#293 Apr 17, 2012
If Missy would have hired one of the high profile good old boy Lawyers from N.C. instesd of one from Va. They have no respect for VA, attorney's She would have never got 60 years hell she might have got fail to contol her vehicle. Money talks in dare county
Darnell Maurice Smith

Kill Devil Hills, NC

#294 Apr 18, 2012
Back Door Mat wrote:
Hang Her like back in the Old Days. Then tie her to the Back of a Horse and drag her down the By Pass
Sumbody told me one time dat I was gonna be hung and I say I already is!
Back Door Mat

Newton Grove, NC

#295 Apr 19, 2012

Angela Nicole McGrady
Born September 17, 1981 in Mt. Holly, NJ
Died April 6, 1999 in Kill Devil Hills, NC
Angela was born at 5:58 PM on September 17, 1981 to the proud parents of Michael and Kathleen McGrady. Angela was a beautiful baby. She was very content and happy. Her father nicknamed her Fuzzy because she had very little hair. Angela lived all of her life in Medford, NJ. The first thirteen years Angela and her family lived with her maternal grandparents on a farm in Medford. She loved to play with her brother Brad and her cousins. Angela learned to swim at the age of four in her family pool. We called her our "little fish". Two of her other interests were gymnastics and jazz classes.

Some of the places Angela vacationed with her family were to the Poconos where she learned to ski at the age of 5 years old, and Charleston, SC where her paternal grandparents lived where she enjoyed swimming and making sand castles at the beach. One of Angela's favorite places to visit was Disney World and her favorite characters were Winnie the Pooh and Friends.

Angela developed her love for being in class plays during her elementary years at Allen School from Kindergarten through fifth grade.

As Angela grew into a young teen she continued her interest in acting. She performed in two musicals during her years at Medford Memorial School. Angela's favorite movies were Grease, Coal Miners Daughter, Beaches and Steel Magnolias. She had videos of them all. Angela loved the songs in each movie and would sing them word for word.

When Angela was in seventh grade we moved into our home and she was very excited to have her own bedroom. She would dance around the house in her old tee shirt, green checkered pants and Winnie the Pooh slippers. Angela and Brad would joke and act like crazy teenagers. They shared a special bond of love and friendship. Family meant everything to her, especially on birthdays and holidays. Angela loved picnics. She would bake brownies, Birthday cakes and her favorite baked macaroni.

Angela had the choice of going to Shawnee or Lenape High Schools. She chose Shawnee so that she would remain close to her friends. Angela participated in Spirit Week and the Homecoming Dance. Some of her favorite classes were English, Creative Cooking, Photography and Art.

As a teenager she spent a lot of time with family and friends, especially her best friend Shana and the Lawlers, her second family. Angela's favorite hangout was the Medport Diner drinking coffee with Holly, Mike, Suzy, Bob and many other good friends.

Some of Angela's favorite CD's were by Erica Badu and Aretha Franklin's classic "Respect", however, she enjoyed many different types of music.

Angela was a devoted Catholic and was a member of St. Mary of the Lakes Parish. She volunteered with her uncle to count the offerings after Sunday Mass.

Angela's jobs were working at the JCC Camp in Medford, baby-sitting for her three cousins and her last job as a CSA at Shop Rite.

Angela's dream was to own her own farm with horses, dogs, and cats. She loved animals, especially her two dogs Buddy and Dylan.

Angela was an excellent listener. We often joked that she was Dear Abby. She had this undeniable ability to always comfort people and make them feel good about themselves. She always had a bright beautiful smile on her face that would light up any room. Angela enjoyed life and making people happy.
Back Door Mat

Newton Grove, NC

#296 Apr 19, 2012

Amanda Marie Geiger
Born October 14th, 1981 in Mt. Holly, NJ
Died April 6, 1999 in Kill Devil Hills, NC

With her bright blue eyes, you'd swear Amanda could see everything and everywhere; if she couldn't, it wasn't because she didn't try! This was a girl who wanted to learn everything she could about places, things, experiences, but most of all, about people.

Amanda tried everything she could. She started out playing soccer, and softball, and running track with MYAA. She branched into music when she sang with the junior choir at the Protestant Community Church, and then went on to take music lessons on 6 different instruments. She took art classes, and photography classes, joined the ecology club, and student government. After going parasailing, she tried flying lessons. For her, the horizon was a challenge, not a limit.

After being chosen as a People-to-People representative to South Africa in 1996, the summer she was 14, the world held a new interest for Amanda. After that summer, she said the most important thing she learned was that the kids there were just like the kids here! Her interest in travel and meeting people grew, and she went on to visit Germany, Austria, and Italy with the American College of International Studies in '97 and '98.

She involved herself with others. After school, she spent time doing crafts and playing games with an autistic boy. She did yard work, took meals, and spent time with an elderly woman in her neighborhood. With friends, she collected needed items and helped at soup kitchens for the homeless in Camden, NJ.

Amanda sought part time jobs that let her interact with others as much as possible. She worked in a pizza parlor/ice cream shop on the boardwalk in Sea Isle City, a bakery, a pharmacy, and a restaurant in Medford, and at Jiffy Lube as a "Courtesy Girl" in Cherry Hill, NJ.

She took her camera with her wherever she went, looking for scenes that portrayed different aspects of life, and began to read books on philosophy and different religions. She was planning a trip to Tibet for the summer following her graduation from high school.

The world beckoned, and she couldn't wait to meet it. She finished high school in two and a half years, and was in the process of applying to colleges in Philadelphia, New York, and Los Angeles, where she intended to major in business. She had hoped to spend time with the Peace Corps following college, before starting her own business.

Most important to Amanda, however, were her friends. This trip to North Carolina was a chance for her to spend time with good friends she felt she didn't see often enough. Her excitement at making the trip is something we will never forget, knowing her last days were as happy as they could possibly be.

She will be forever missed by her parents, her brother Michael and sister Kelly, as well as her grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends.

- Mike and Marilyn Geiger
Back Door Mat

Newton Grove, NC

#297 Apr 19, 2012

Shana Marisa Lawler
Born 11/11/81
Heaven Bound 4/12/99
My grandfather Julius would call Erin and Jessica, Shana's sisters, shayna madelahs'. That means "Beautiful Child" in Yiddish. We thought that would be an appropriate name for our third child born November 11, 1981 at Elizabeth General Hospital in Elizabeth, NJ. Shana was born at dinner time, thus justifying her love for food.......... Shana truly grew into her name. Erin and Jess used to remark , after looking at family photos, that Shana never had an awkward stage - she was always beautiful.

Shana lived the first 4 years of her life in Maplewood, NJ. Our family moved to Medford in 1985 beginning Shana's life of Stepping Stones, onto Allen School with endless MYAA practices of T-Ball, softball, basketball, and finally cheerleading. She was also able to fit some gymnastics and a few years of ballet into her schedule. Cheerleading became Shana's passion, she loved it. Onto Memorial School where lasting friendships began, and the heartbreak and disappointments of those teenage years.

As Shana entered Shawnee High School we shared the crushing blow of not making the cheerleading squad. There were more tears shed, but I know that this incident helped to form Shana into a more compassionate person. During her formative years Shana was involved with our church, Lakes Community Chapel. Learning her bible verses in Sunday School, years of Awana's, and the many people in the church who influenced Shana's life. Shane loved baby-sitting the children in the church and she prided herself on taking them for walks, playing and reading to them and not just "sitting".

Shana's first "real job" was working as a lifeguard at Camp Hallawasa. Shana's walk with God became closer in that summer of 1998. Friendships continued even when we moved to North Carolina in August of 98". Shana loved the ocean, and was really beginning to make friends on the Outer Banks. But her only regret for the move, besides the lack of shopping, was missing her Medford Friends. Especially Angela, who she considered her "other sister."

Junior Year on the Outer Banks attending Manteo High School. A whole new culture. Shana decided she would never get the Ya'll thing going. Friendships were difficult to make as the new kid in town, but slowly Shana found some wonderful friends. She worked as a lifeguard for the YMCA eventually working and obtaining her instructors certification. While life guarding she decided joining the track team would be a move in the right direction. Good way to make friends and get into shape. It worked; she found many friends and felt good about herself.

Shana's life was full of love and smiles. As a family we are very close. The last 8 months on the Outer Banks drew Shana even closer to her sisters. A trip to Europe was planned for the summer of '99. Five weeks touring with her sisters. She was so excited.......... Shana was anticipating a summer of bonding between the three sisters and having some of the best memories of their lives. It was all she talked about.

Shana's favorite things: Sister Hugs, good smelling shampoo, Angela, fun underwear, Megan, Claussen Pickles, Tori Amos, French Connection Clothes, Amanda, swing dancing, Mike, taking pictures, Holly, eating yummy food, attempting to learn how to surf with her sisters, everything Pooh Bear, late night bonding with Erin and Jess at the Medport Diner drinking coffee and eating corn muffins, singing.......... singing.......... singing..........

The dreams of Shana Marisa Lawler were changed forever on April 6th 1999. A drunken driver took the life of our Shana.

- The Lawlers
At the May 22nd candlelight vigil in North Carolina, Shana's family shared their memories of Shana.
For a transcript, click here:
So sorry

Sanford, NC

#298 Apr 24, 2012
I am so sorry to hear about the loss of these young lives due to a drunk driver. It's just terrible what these families have to go through. The drunk driver, Luis Alberto Rodriguez, that killed Mr. Storie back in October was bailed out and he has disappeared now. Looks like there will be no justice for Mr. Storie or his family. The judge who reduced his bond should be ashamed because most Americans understand that those from south of the border will run back across that border to avoid punishment and prison time. Way to go, Dare County. You let a murderer get away with 3 felonies: felony death by vehicle and 2 felony serious injuries while driving drunk on our roads. Good luck to the Storie family. I hope that guy will be found and severely punished for his crimes. Thumbs down to the D.A. who did not stand up for the family and ask the judge NOT to reduce his bond. They just let him slip away and he was a no-show in court, surprise, surprise.
The Sage

Nipomo, CA

#299 Aug 20, 2012
The four homicide sentences Missy was given (14-18 years each) were fair. The fact that the judge ordered them to be served consecutively was not.
Sir Joe

Virginia Beach, VA

#300 Sep 24, 2012
free missy marvin
12 guage

Hickory, NC

#301 Sep 24, 2012
I hope the drunkin slut rots in prison

Clayton, NC

#302 Sep 25, 2012
Very sad!

Since: Apr 11

Location hidden

#303 Sep 25, 2012
The Sage wrote:
The four homicide sentences Missy was given (14-18 years each) were fair. The fact that the judge ordered them to be served consecutively was not.
I am inclined to agree with you.

Kill Devil Hills, NC

#304 Sep 29, 2012
John Rentz wrote:
<quoted text>
I am inclined to agree with you.
why is that NOT Fair? Dos she not kill them all. Im not trying to be combative, just dont understand.

Since: Apr 11

Location hidden

#305 Oct 7, 2012
dude wrote:
<quoted text>why is that NOT Fair? Dos she not kill them all. Im not trying to be combative, just dont understand.

What happened was a tragic crime. It was a tragic crime that called for the severe punishment of the offender. However, I am not aware of any drunk driving death in America that has been punished as severely as Ms. Marvin has been punished She has been imprisoned since 1999, and will not be eligible for release until more decades have passed. I think she should be released now with time served.
lady biker

Fountain, NC

#306 Oct 9, 2012
Sir Joe wrote:
free missy marvin
free missy marvin???? are you out of your f**king mind? SHE got drunk, SHE got behind the wheel of the car and SHE killed 4 innocent girls and ruined the life of a 17 year old boy and their families.

free missy marvin, you must be drunk.

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