There are 111 comments on the Honolulu Star-Bulletin story from Sep 2, 2008, titled Letters. In it, Honolulu Star-Bulletin reports that:

One thing was missing from Barack Obama's acceptance speech in Denver, the word "Hawaii." Hawaii wasn't even mentioned in his 10-minute biography video.

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Republicans Ride On In

Honolulu, HI

#23 Sep 2, 2008
Kelly O' Brian got it right in pointing out the obvious.

The Hawaii Democrats LOVE BO, but BO don't like the Hawaii Democrats.

Why should he?

Where the Daley Democratic machine of Chicago (of which BO is one heir-apparent due to a grafting into, or sell-out of, the Black movement with the Democratic machine there) is as corrupt as the Hawaii Democratic machine, the difference is that the Chicago Democratic machine is not as blatant in their corruption as the Hawaii Democratic machine with too many fingerprints on the scam to fleece the people.

For you Democrats, you got to think on that one a bit, which will be difficult, because you are usually told what to think and free thought may be a challenge at this point in your cog-in-the-wheel of the Democratic machine meager existence here in Hawaii nei.

For example, Hermine Harman is as clueless as they come, by taking a look around the dismal state of affairs here in Hawaii that is caused by the entrenched Democratic Party of Hawaii officials, and stupidly blames the sad state of affairs in Hawaii on the Republican administration 5,000 miles away in DC.

Yet hope springs eternal with Norie Hataye's letter clearly pointing out the McCain is the agent of change, where as BO is for no change in Hawaii.

The Democrats of Hawaii only "talk" change, but they don't want "change" in Hawaii, because they control Hawaii.

Take a look around folks, you might catch on to what I am talking about here in Hawaii.
Lighten Up Haugen

Honolulu, HI

#24 Sep 2, 2008
Keith Haugen wrote:
If you are not ashamed of your position or what you have to say, I think all Star-Bulletin readers who post messages on these boards should sign their name (REAL name) and tell us where they are from.
In fact, the Star-Bulletin should require it, just as they do for letters to the editor that are published in the print version of the paper.
When I worked at the S-B, we didn't even read letters that were not signed. They properly were tossed into the round file.
I have decided not to read the unsigned letters, and to never respond to the attack letters written by those who don't tell us who they are.
Keith Haugen
Former Star-Bulletin writer/editor
Eh, Keith, lighten up, will you?

This is the free exchange of thoughts and ideas.

Does it matter what an individual's name is or where they are from, really?

You and I both know the vindictive, retaliatory, vicious Democratic party regulars and how they will punish those who disagree with them by terminating their employment and making them suffer the pain of loss of income and livelihood.

You advocate suppression of free expression.

Get down off of your "holier than thou" horse.

It is controlling behavior by you to demand of your former employer, SB, that "names and addresses" be published.

If you don't like what you read, don't read it.

But spare us all your holier than thou b.s. to get names and addresses to provide the Democratic Party of Hawaii information to punish their adversaries, okay?

Since: Mar 08

Aiea, HI

#25 Sep 2, 2008
“Palin's experience isn't necessarily relevant”

The Alaska state government employs some 24,000 employees. The state of Hawaii Department of Education also has about the same number. This also seems to imply that being the executive of a state organization of this size is not necessarily beneficial.

True, but a few trillion dollars in Alaska oil revenue each year does tilt the equation somewhat.

Cincinnati, OH

#26 Sep 2, 2008
I like McCain. I think his choice of a woman for vice president is brilliant. I doubt if he can win Hawaii, Minnesota or Massachusetts but I beleive the rest of the nation will go with his experience rather than letting Obama learn the job OJT. Obama is a class act and may be president one day in the future but for now I hope for McCain.


#27 Sep 2, 2008
Gonzo 808..

That is the biggest can of tripe I have ever heard.
How soon you forget the attack of the GOP and Bush with Moores movie
Farenheit 9/11. You were actually salivating, slamming him and this country. You forget all the money that George Soros spent trying to destroy this country. And you all followed him to the water trough. And he is not even a US citizen.

And Mr. O. was screaming, leave the wife and family out of it and here we go again, slamming the daughter of a VP nominee.

Me thinks the Demo party is a little worried now.

Frankly, I think she is a breath of fresh air.


#28 Sep 2, 2008
So now it is former editor-writer Haugen and not former veteran Haugen.

Geez, let up for a bit will ya. You are burning us out with all your wanting names and white horse syndrome. Someone tie that horse up will ya.
Sounds like someone wants to bully us into giving out our names, so he can harrass us.
If you don't like the set up of this forum. Stop coming here.
You always have an option, just like watching a bad TV program. Off or On.
Hadley Baxendale


#29 Sep 2, 2008
Democrats......are the 21st cemtury Socialist/Communist of the 20th century, all that has changed is the name of their party. Take from the rich and give to the masses (by the way rich is any household income over 45,000) is their call.

American Democrats failed to comdemn Joseph Stalin in the 30's for killing 25 million people and puting millions into gulags. American Democrats have been brain washed by their leadership.

Nothing...Nothing that you hear from Democrats on TV has come from the individual...instead it comes from Party Central as talking points and repeated over and over again by the robots in the press.

Obama is ashamed of Hawaii and his disgraceful drug taking past in Hawaii. He will lose this election because of his choices of mentors, Ayers and the communist terroist of the 60's.

I am ashamed of the Democrats in Hawaii too

Mililani, HI

#30 Sep 2, 2008
Connie wrote:
Dargent77 - huh? Sorry, it's difficult to follow your 'visionary, thoughtful, intelligent' post. Obama is all smoke and mirrors with regard to those traits. That expensive, exclusive private school did at least teach him to read and orate well, except when he's off teleprommpter and reveals his own lack of depth.
Every family has its achievements and disappointments. A family shows its love and adhesiveness when mistakes occur and all pull together to find a solution. Sarah Palin's daughter made a mistake. While the best, safest choice might be to give up the child for adoption, they are also choosing admirably to bear the difficulties of keeping a child at such a young age. More power to them. Isn't it all about choice? Or should she have been forced, as in communist China, to undergo an abortion?
i haven't seen a single conservative who is turned off by Sarah Palin now that the Democrats are salivating over her family's choices. Comments like yours, however, are definitely causing them to rally around her to protect her from the mud slinging people like you are attempting.
Palin runs much better along party lines than McCain so I'm not surprised by her party line acceptance.

But we're electing a VP and President, not mom of the year.
poi dog

Honolulu, HI

#31 Sep 2, 2008
you guys watch to much TV , get some play time .

Waipahu, HI

#32 Sep 2, 2008
Every time one of you kool aid drinkng dems write in about Obamas experience it keeps growing. Fact... He has exactly 140 days working in the senate as a senator. The rest of the time he has been out campaigning!!! He is chairman of a sub committee "THAT HAS NEVER MET"!!!!!

I agree the state super of schools in Hawaii has more executive experience!!!!

Phoenix, AZ

#33 Sep 2, 2008
rope1 wrote:
Every time one of you kool aid drinkng dems write in about Obamas experience it keeps growing. Fact... He has exactly 140 days working in the senate as a senator. The rest of the time he has been out campaigning!!! He is chairman of a sub committee "THAT HAS NEVER MET"!!!!!
I agree the state super of schools in Hawaii has more executive experience!!!!
John McCains years in the Senate as a middling-to-reasonably-effecti ve US Senator have made him one thing: just another insider pandering to the idiot fringe of the radical right wing for votes. His military experience means even less. Yes he was a POW. Yes he served bravely. But the House, Senate, and yes, the Presidency have been filled in the past with mediocrities who served valiantly in war. However, if youre looking for an excuse to elect a mediocre Senator who has parlayed a career safe seat into name recognition and wealth to the Presidency, I guess experience is as good an excuse as any.
Bye bye Keith

Wailuku, HI

#34 Sep 2, 2008
Bye Keith. Don't let the door hit your okole on the way out.
Adios Amigo
Hasta La Vista Keith.
Patriot - Honolulu

Honolulu, HI

#35 Sep 2, 2008
Great post Hermine Harman. My thoughts exactly. Republicans refuse to acknowledge what a dismal, pathetic failure Bush has been and the damage they have enabled him to do to our country. The Sheeople in the GOP still believe Bush is not a Fascist.(look it up conservatives). The country will not survive another stolen election. Smash those voting machines!

Hilo, HI

#36 Sep 2, 2008
I don't think it's the fact that Barack Obama is "ashamed of Hawaii" as it is the fact that the 48 continental states have never taken Hawaii seriously or even think of us as part of the 50 states.

It becomes quite evident in the banter of ESPN sportscasters during a UH game or during national news broadcasts that we are either insignificant or "second class citizens" out here in the Pacific Ocean. Hawaii is an anomaly greatly underappreciated and misunderstood by our fellow Americans 2500 miles away.

I came here in 1960 right after statehood with my family and the perception of us has improved from the "they live on the beach in grass shacks" [thank you Hollywood], but the real truth is we are considered a novelty and on par with an exotic vacation destination. It is insulting to think that we haven't gained much respect out here in almost 50 years as part of the United States of America.

Next year will be the 50th anniversary of our statehood as the 50th state. How do we improve our image so those Haoles across the sea will take us seriously as part of their nation too, as well as appreciate the uniqueness of the culture of our indigenous people?

So don't blame Obama or his handlers, blame almost 50 years of prejudiced mindset by people on the mainland that cast us is a negative light. This attitude is also the reason why the struggle of the Hawaiians to receive recognition has been an uphill battle.

Waipahu, HI

#37 Sep 2, 2008
If being a harvard educated lawyer is what makes a candidate qualified for president, then heavan help us. Can any of us plain folk ever hope to run against those harvard educatedgods???? give me a break. I hope none of the Harvard educated folks ever run!!!!
Never forget...in a lawsuit one lawyer is always a loser.
Coqui Frog

Springfield, MA

#39 Sep 2, 2008
Hi there Keith Haugen
Former Star-Bulletin writer/editor

I'm Felicia Frog
Your Back Yard
Former Puerto Rican Resident

See ya tonight.

Plymouth, MI

#40 Sep 2, 2008
rope1 wrote:
If being a harvard educated lawyer is what makes a candidate qualified for president, then heavan help us. Can any of us plain folk ever hope to run against those harvard educatedgods???? give me a break. I hope none of the Harvard educated folks ever run!!!!
Never forget...in a lawsuit one lawyer is always a loser.
Half the graduates from Harvard did so in the bottom half of their class.

Bush has a Masters...guess college education is not all that meaningful.

Honolulu, HI

#41 Sep 2, 2008
Haugen's a good example of an older person who is over exposed to modern media.

Mom: look kids, grandpa got a new computer
Kids: mommy, why's grandpa always locked in his room with his new computer?
Mommy: don't ask, children. Don't ask.

Perhaps he should take a long walk around a park on these lovely Hawaiian mornings instead of being the gun slinger on this message board.

You'll never know 'cause I don't
want freak-a-deak people like Haugen
and his cronies putting my safety in
jeopardy 'cause they don't like my
glenn paul

Johnson City, NY

#42 Sep 2, 2008
Connie wrote:
Keith - I live in Waipahu. It shows as "United States" only because we are currently on the mainland celebrating our daughter's wedding. I don't post my last name as I don't trust unnamed bloggers with whom I disagree to not seek greater retribution than just a nasty response.
Amen Connie., Our computer has been attacked countless times over the last month and I even let the Star Bulletin know about it.

Holualoa, HI

#43 Sep 2, 2008
I hope Mr. O'brien didn't strain himself stretching for that new excuse to bash Obama.

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