Happy Copper

Little Ferry, NJ

#1 Nov 5, 2011
Knock Knock ? Who's there ? Keyport Republicans running for office. Sorry no such thing, Keyport Republicans don't go door to door. Keyport Republican also don't debate. Why is that ? They want the position but don't have a platform. Keyport Republicans can't even update their Facebook page. Are the good residents, and I mean legal residents, going to pull the leaver on a candidate that has yet to say what they stand for ? The one and only piece of literature I received at my home was saying how they put the Republican Party Presidents brother in charge of the Property Maintenance duties. Really ?!?!? Is that all you have ? Do you really think bad mouthing the past Mayor is going make voters stand up and take notice ? You all look great in your matching red shirts so maybe that's what's going to make people come out. All I know is there are 3 real candidates that met with everyday citizens and listened to their concerns. At the end of the day a voter wants to know their vote wasn't wasted.

Ridgefield Park, NJ

#2 Nov 6, 2011
I'm actually curious to find out why very few candidates have come door to door. In a small town like Keyport that has suffered through many years of scandal and wasted funds I personally want to know where the candidates stand. Those billboards tell me nothing. Both sides are saying who's better and who's done what for who. So what's the truth? We have really one more day to hear from people. Let's see who speaks out!
Happy Copper

Little Ferry, NJ

#3 Nov 6, 2011
Dave, When you say "very few candidates have come door to door" you must mean the Republicans right ? There are 3 and not a single one as stepped up. As for the Democratic candidates, that would be the other 3 in the race have covered almost the entire town going door to door. You will not hear a peep from the GOP.

Ridgefield Park, NJ

#4 Nov 7, 2011
Ken and Joy were the only two who came out and spoke with me and my wife. They were in my home for almost 2 hours hours going over every issue I had. I have the notes. I have their promises. Now all of this stuff means nothing if promises aren't kept but I do believe if you speak with candidates in this way they understand how difficult it would be to circumvent their promises if elected. Like the last few years in this town I am not voting just along party line which makes it even more important that candidates make the time time to speak to residents. It makes no sense not to. For me promises made on billboards mean nothing. I think whomever is advising the candidates this year made a tactical error not having them knocking on door.
Happy Copper

Little Ferry, NJ

#5 Nov 7, 2011
A tactical error is a nice way to say they are ill prepared for the job. Seriously, the 3 Republican candidates have done absolutely nothing in regard to getting a message out. That speaks volumes. Lets say the GOP gets in, I can see the deer in the headlight stare from the dais already.

Ridgefield Park, NJ

#6 Nov 7, 2011
I won't make any personal comments about the candidates. I simply don't know them. What I do know is that anyone who wants to run for office in a small town needs to let themselves be known. If you allow partisan name calling to run your campaign for you then you cannot complain if someone makes up the wrong idea about you. I am pretty disappointed with the field in this election. Some one or even more than one of these candidates could have done themselves a great service by coming out and making a strong stand on many issues. for what ever reason they chose not to.

Ridgefield Park, NJ

#7 Nov 9, 2011
I'm not really a "told you so" sort of person but I have to say I saw this coming from a mile away. Every person I spoke with wanted to have discussion with the town candidates and many were frustrated by the lack of accessability to them. As I said only two that I know of went door to door and they both won. More than a week ago this was mentioned. I hope in 2012 and beyond candidates understand that billboards show faces but don't bring substance to a candidate. The way our country, state and town deal with issues is going to be highly scrutinized. Candidates need to state specific stances on issues that we're concerned with. If they don't they cannot expect to be elected. Blindly following any political party is nonsense.
Happy Copper

Little Ferry, NJ

#8 Nov 10, 2011
I can't say I am surprised in the least at the actions of the Republican party. Warren stood head and chest among his party and running mates when he, on his own, went to the Democratic headquarters to congratulate the winners. Turns out now the GOP wants a recount for Chamberlain vs McPeek. It shouldn't matter what party has control, let the best person for the job succeed. The people of Keyport sent a message and the GOP needs to open their eyes and accept the outcome. In true GOP form what the people want isn't what the residents want. The times they are a changing and the voters of Keyport want a cohesive government body, regardless Republican or Democrat.

Kearny, NJ

#9 Nov 11, 2011
Remember - Bolte wanted her recount and now she's asking Warren NOT to want his.
The law is that the provisional will be reviewed and if warranted, counted Monday - 3 of them.
There is a 2 vote difference between Warren & McPeek - forget what's in the paper - the review by the election clerk on Thursday brought to a 2 vote difference.
If you were the candidate - you would want the recount. If it goes against McPeek and he is losing by 1 vote - do you think for one second he & Bolte will not ask for a recount?

Ridgefield Park, NJ

#10 Nov 11, 2011
As long as the matter is handled with class and honor there is nothing wrong with verifying the votes. If it's done in a shady fashion then that would be another matter.

Milford, CT

#11 Nov 11, 2011
Bolte wanted a recount because her opponent didn't and still doesn't live in town. It's an outrage that he was even allowed to run.
Happy Copper

Little Ferry, NJ

#12 Nov 11, 2011
That's right Lumpy, how easy it is to talk trash. Also, Warren didn't want to win. Think the guy wants to continue to be a puppet for the GOP ? If you don't think Warren didn't get an ear full about what he did your sadly mistaken.You would rather support and person lying and lives out of town then someone who plays by the rules.

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