Skate park in Keyport is a bad idea

Skate park in Keyport is a bad idea

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Massapequa Park, NY

#1 Apr 10, 2010
Point Pleasant just closed their skate park due to kids starting fires, urinating, and generally trashing the place. As a former skateboarder, I can say that most of the kids I used to skate with were pretty destructive. This will definitely cause some problems in town, I guarantee it. Has anyone considered something more people can enjoy, not just a handful of kids? Maybe an ice skating rink?

Kearny, NJ

#2 Apr 11, 2010
I know this project was brought up by several parents in the town that have children very interested in skateboarding. Up until now Keyport hasn't exactly been the role model for enforcing laws or being strong on lewd and bad behavior. But those are other issues! I wouldn't block or disagree with any activity that gets kids outside. Proper monitoring and parent input can keep down the vandalizm and inproper behavior. The only problem is whether Keyport can find the backbone to actually do the right thing. I keep saying 2010 is the year we get rid of "Political Correctness" so now is good a time as any to start enforcing things. I think all Keyport residents need to get back to a more conservative, family orientated status. You know, watching out for each others children, instilling the need to show respect from of our kids and so on.
Bob Bitching

New York, NY

#3 Apr 12, 2010
I personally believe that a skate park is not a bad idea. We have lots of good kids here in Keyport who enjoy skateboarding and would love to have a skate park that would take them out of the side walks and such. But...

I think the location they picked is what's going to come back and bite these people in the butt. It is isolated from the main streets back in an area which is just plain inviting bad behavior. I see that park getting trashed and kids drinking and smoking weed back in an area where not many people will be able to see what they are up to.

I hope I am wrong, but I have a bad feeling that I'm not.

Kearny, NJ

#4 Apr 12, 2010
You'll only be wrong if we as parents and the rest of the community allow bad stuff to prosper. Like I said Keyport has been very weak on dealing with controversial issues that cause town officials to have to take a stand. "political Correctness" runs rampant in Keyport. No one wants to say anything that might insult a group or any specific individuals. If the mayor and council can stop this horrible trend and start "Growing a Set" then the police can do their jobs. The parents can do theirs and we can bring back some sort of control to Keyport. Otherwise, you are right. Drugs, Gangs, continued illegal behavior will flourish in Keyport.

Massapequa Park, NY

#5 Apr 21, 2010
like maybe the park between broad and main st close to maple place. it's out in the open for all to see. and maybe just maybe nothing to bad will go on. and how about updating the swings there too since we are at it.... something really has to change in this town, for the better

Fair Lawn, NJ

#6 Apr 21, 2010
I was under the impression that the park is going to be located in the fenced in area between the High School and the Central School. They initially talked about having it there and then decided not to because it would be disruptive to the kids in classes at the High School. The mayor recently spoke at a board meeting and mentioned that that is again where they are planning to put it. When I questioned him about it being disruptive to kids in classes he said it would be locked while school was in session. I'm not a skateboarder but if I were, as a resident paying taxes I would want to be able to access the skate park for my own use or with a child who is not enrolled in the Keyport School district during the day, especially during times when it might be less crowded with school kids (during school hours).
Also, what happens in a couple of years when the skateboarding fad has come and gone and we are left with an unused skateboard park (which will probably be in ruins by then like many of the other parks around town)
blah blah

Central Islip, NY

#7 Apr 21, 2010
Yeah Active Mom you are right- let's do nothing for the kids that get harrassed every day by the cops because they have no where to go and are the scapegoat to keep the cops looking busy and not bustin real criminals because that is way too much paperwork. While you are at it can you please take your recreational needs to another town since you can't see how beautiful keyport parks have become over the last few years. It is only the negativity that hasnt changed here in Keyport.

Kearny, NJ

#8 Apr 23, 2010
You know I have checked with friends living in other towns, specifically in North Jersey who have gone through the same type of stuff as Keyport. They over came many of the same issues. There is nothing that the town shouldn't do for it's children. If the funding for a skate park becomes available, DO IT! If other funding for other activities becomes available, DO It! The problem is policing the areas. Keeping the kids safe and forcing crime out of the town. Keyport is strangled by "Political Correctness". The Mayor, The council, The police, they don't want to offend anyone!. That's not reality. Simply put, start with the big crimes like drug selling, gangs and items along that line and work your way to other things. Eventually, with time and a little backbone the town can be save.

Central Islip, NY

#9 Apr 24, 2010
Where are you buying all this nonsense about gangs and drug selling? Oh wait is that what the cops are telling you. I am sure it is. Tell whoever is in charge to grow a pair and make a decision that isnt going to please everybody but gives the kids a place they deserve. That is the backbone we need.

Kearny, NJ

#10 Apr 25, 2010
Gang enrollment in Monmouth county has increased every year and is now a real problem. That's a fact. Crime and drug selling and abuse are also on a high rise in Monmouth County. If you believe otherwise then you're wrong. Regardless of that if the town council and police work together and formulate a plan to identify and remove unwanted elements from Keyport the town can flourish. Other towns of done similar things. In Bergen County the Town of Leonia cracked down on drugs, illegals and even traffic problems. They virtually forced most of the criminals to "Do Business" in other towns. Bad for the other towns but good for Leonia. Same thing can happen here. If you make the atmosphere in town very strict criminals will move to towns with less resistance. At least it would be a good start.
Zack Morris

Cresskill, NJ

#11 May 16, 2010
other towns successfully open and close the parks to certain hours and i know from personal experience that people generally get along and stay out of trouble at skateparks. its not the kids that use the skatepark that trash it. its the non-users, that most likely also disrespect the rest of the town. Don't tease the kids with this idea then take it away from them, its very much needed and can only bring good for the kids, give them a place to have fun and be proud of.

Jersey City, NJ

#12 May 17, 2010
Bottom line in Keyport is that people have to grow a set. If you want a skate park for the kids then build one. Set open and closed times and post restrictions. Then you have to do something that Keyport is not known for. ENFORCING THE LAW. Thats not a knock on the police since I have the utmost respect for them. I'm talking about the town leaders that spend all of their time whining and arguing with each other. It's time we take hold of our town and do the right things for our children. Those who wish to do us harm or cause problems need to stood up to and removed from the town. That includes gangs, illegals and drug dealers. If someone damages the park they must be held accountable without the "political Correctness" we always see and the head turning. Stand up Keyport and start doing the right things.

United States

#13 Feb 19, 2011
Skateboarding is an activity that simply defines riding a skateboard and doing tricks. You don't hav to drink or smoke to be a skater. I'm 18, and I've been skateboarding for about 5 years. Now you can read this and thnk "he's just a kid his opinion doesn't mattr" but people like me are exactly wat skateboarding is about, a dedication to the sport. But its more than that, its not just a sport or hobby, its a lifestyle. Skating is not wat makes kids drink or vandalize property, and if you are sayng that a skatepark will cause this, then you should be ashamed to call yourselves parents. Don't blame skateboarding (a healthy activity) for your lack of control over wat your kids do or who they hang out with. A skatepark gives kids AND adults a place to enjoy a sport so widely popular today, instead of being forced to skate in the streets. The city of Sayreville has a concrete skatepark inside Kennedy Park, regularly patrolled by police, and closed after dusk. Parents bring young children ther to learn how to skateboard, bike, rollerblade, or scooter, and I've helpd lots of kids with questions about tricks that they hav had. Without actually being a skateboarder, you don't understand how we think. You can find white, black, asian, and hispanic skaters. You can find skaters in every country, speaking every launguage. You cannot stereotype such a wide range of people as alcoholic, pothead punks. A skatepark in Keyport is going to get kids off the streets; it will introduce them to a new productive activity. Skateboarding has taught me determination, more than any school or mainstream sport ever could, and I would like nothing more than to hav other people feel th same way, so I support building this skatepark.
Jordan riggleman

Upper Marlboro, MD

#14 Mar 9, 2011
is the skate park bad at all to skate
Jordan riggleman

Upper Marlboro, MD

#15 Mar 9, 2011
i love skateing i do it everry day i well love to have a new skate park we have kids that skate an they love it and i want pro.

Paterson, NJ

#16 Mar 21, 2011
Gangs in New Jersey have increased 5 times their numbers in the last 10 years. Thats a fact. Also with all of the talk about cutting police numbers gangs and criminals naturally migrate to those towns that are less of a threat to them. Again, a fact. The simple laws and quality of life issues for residents in this town have been ignored for years. Its a sanctuary town for illegals. There are "Drug" houses on several streets that everyone knows about.(Bottom of Osborn) for example but no one is doing anything about it for fear of being called racists or using racial profiling. Either way if you want skate parks or any kind of play areas for children you need to follow it up with police presence and accountability.

Trenton, NJ

#17 Mar 22, 2011
Bottom of Osborn ? If you know the house is for sure a drug house and you didn't report it to the police then shame on you. If you did and recieved no satisfaction, call the county drug enforcement unit.

Paterson, NJ

#18 Mar 23, 2011
I was informed by friends of mine who live on Osborn that police were notified and "acknowledged" the existance of the drug house. Nothing has been done because its a predominantly Spanish area and no one is going to get into a situation where "Racial Profiling" or other racists comments can be used. These same friends have reported license plate numbers of cars that stopped at this house at all hours of the day and night. Keyport is simply a "Sanctuary" town for illegal Hispanics. Evidence of this is the daily groups of Illegal Daylaborers near the 7-11. The former mayor made it clear that nothing was going to be done for fear of law suits so the situations increase daily.

United States

#19 Nov 12, 2011
This is why I moved out of keyport!
Skater in keyport

Ridgefield Park, NJ

#20 Apr 7, 2013
I think they should because their are no skate parks very close.People are stupid because its not fare. my friend made a mini skatepark in their drive way so I think it would be only fare if they made a skate park. I skate in keyport and people scream at me for skating so it pisses me off.

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