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Collinsville, IL

#1 Mar 26, 2013
Is anyone following the mayoral race in Carlyle?? What a joke, not saying either candidate is great but there is one that certainly isn't. Alderman Mike Burton is famous for putting ridiculous comments in the Union Banner. He seems to have calmed down the last few months before the election but his usual council meetings would be pretty entertaining.

This man has said some of the dumbest things ever quoted in the paper! While proving no valid points. He has done a fantastic job of making Carlyle citizens look like idiots to anyone of our tourist that might have bought a banner over the last summer.

This man is known for his sexual harassment accusations. As well as being the mouth for halting all growth in Carlyle.

Idiots like Burton shouldn't be allowed to speak let alone run for Mayor! So please do your homework before voting this April. Look into all facts, not just the rumors started my Burton and his followers.

This town is already in terrible shape; letís not elect Mike Burton to end it for good.

Use your heads when you vote!!

Concerned citizen Tim

Lebanon, IL

#2 Mar 27, 2013
Tim, people should certainly do their homework and not let rumors be their sole source of information. There are plenty of facts to be easily found for anyone who cares to look. Of course, lies and misinformation are even more easily found, unfortunately.
The town, though, is not in terrible shape. I can see how one would think otherwise i.e. stagnant population growth. It is most alarming when Thanksgiving and Christmas comes around. I swear our population doubles during these days! This means that younger generations are choosing not to reside here as their parents did, but still come back to visit. Carlyle has all the ingredients to be an attractive place to live, but the squabbling amongst ourselves over the past decades, I believe, has really stunted our growth. We are on the right track, but it takes time to recover. The foundation is certainly in place for Carlyle to live up to its potential as a great small town.
With population trends worldwide now skewing away from rural areas, there are challenges for Carlyle. Still, it can be a great community if we all work toward it. One thing we can ill afford, besides more squabbling, is poor leadership, as you mentioned.
Indeed, this election will decide whether Carlyle moves forward or backward. While I do not share your assessment that the town is in terrible shape, it could tip that way very easily and quickly. Bad leadership is not attractive to businesses or residents. The bad-mouthing in the newspapers are not helping. Who would want to do business with a community where a group of idiot clowns will do everything they can to smear names and make lives miserable if they happen not to like you or feel under threat of losing "power." Imagine if this group put as much effort into the betterment of the town; it would hardly matter who was in office.
With that, thank you for your post. Everyone, listen to Tim! Use your heads when you vote!

Lebanon, IL

#3 Mar 27, 2013
BTW, I'm not the Mike to whom you were referring. :)

Edwardsville, IL

#4 Apr 12, 2013
Mike I appreciate your comments, sorry it took so long to respond.

I guess the citizens of Carlyle don't care about thier city. They only want to fuel a fire of failure, and have proven that with the recent election results.

Having been born an raised here I am nervous about what is to come. The only thing I can say is good luck Carlyle, you asked for it!

Lebanon, IL

#5 Apr 12, 2013
I am actually not nervous at all; I'm leaving. I know enough about his supposed "plans" that I am not sticking around. The ongoing theme for him will be "Because of the previous mayor, we do not have money for __________" Which is a lie. He will use it as a scapegoat for everything he wants to implement. He also will have the votes on the council to do it. Funny thing is, his plans to bully water districts into paying for a water tower will backfire and cost the town dearly. Decent prospective businesses do not want to deal with him. Why would they want to do business with someone who will, along with his band of idiots, smear someone's name if they don't like them.

He has already begun trying to bully city employees to do some very shady things, things an upstanding person would be loathe to do. After growing up here, moving away, and moving back, it is really sad to know what is in store--and that people actually voted for it! He and the voters will get what's coming to them in time, though they will probably still blame the previous mayor and not themselves. Carlyle could easily be the best small town in southern illinois, but it's residents just will not have that. For me, I'll just move on and sadly wonder what could have been for my hometown. But, that's the way things go. I don't need Carlyle to have an identity, but I sure would have liked to live there my whole life and do my part to strengthen the community. There is just no point in fighting when a landslide number of people do not want it.

Jackson, TN

#6 Nov 18, 2013
whoever you are mike burton is not an idiot maybe words should be chosen wisely next time.

Collinsville, IL

#7 Nov 18, 2013
You are correct, Mike Burton is beyond an idot, he proves it more and more everyday!

Earth City, MO

#8 Mar 31, 2014
I have to agree with Tim.
Mr. Burton is well beyond idiot status and sadly he has taken the city's reputation down with him. He is considered a joke around Clinton and other surrounding counties and yes, Carlyle is in a terrible state.
Mayor Burton has surrounded himself with people with egos as big as his own and behaves like a child when one challenges his opinion.
I hope the good citizens of Carlyle tire of his juvenile ways and unite to insure his term is limited to just one.
The town needs a leader, not a bully with friends with deep roots in Carlyle.

Lebanon, IL

#9 Apr 4, 2014
Lynn, while the town would certainly be better off without Mike Burton as a resident, he is only a symptom--though a very troublesome symptom-- of a larger problem. I mean, he got elected, didn't he? And barely anyone comes to council meetings or writes to the paper to take him to task. There is a whole group in town that wants their way (which is the wrong way, as population stats over the last few decades prove) and will lie, attack, and otherwise make any opposing force's life miserable to get their way. And the residents and business owners just look the other way. And hell, they voted him and the Smoke Shop allies in!! It's because half of the town is in cahoots. Things were starting to turn around, but the town as a whole simply does not want to get better. The ones who want it to be better have moved away already for the most part. There are no more decent leaders in town who care enough to deal with the idiot politics.

Earth City, MO

#10 Apr 23, 2014
From what I understand the folks who do take the Mayor to task are threatened, bullied and end up with "targets on his/her backs." I understand why small business owners and some of the residents in the town do choose to look the other way as they fear their businesses will be boycotted in retaliation, etc. The city council meetings have turned into a joke as well with residents in opposition to the work of the Mayor having been told to "leave their cheerleaders at home" when they appear to address the Mayor and council.
Alderman Jeff Taylor voiced his opinion of the Mayor and the Mayor's fallout in a recent letter to the editor in the Carlyle Union Banner. His letter was honest and on point and hopefully will move residents enough to move to do what is right for the Carlyle. If they do not do something soon, the city will fall to further ruin as the Mayor appoints his friends, relatives and other "yes men" to city positions.
This situation will get worse before it gets better.

Bloomington, IL

#11 Apr 30, 2015
So how is Carlyle going now. So much opportunity with the Carlyle Lake, all roads lead to Carlyle, and nothing but divisiveness. Been going on for a long, long time..
Do not give up Carlyle

Kansas City, MO

#12 Mar 22, 2016
Someone run against him. I have heard time after time anyone would win. "The mayor is arrogant and an asshole" seems to be the only description we have heard with the exception of "No one likes him". Makes me wonder why no one has the courage to step up and replace him so that Carlyle can be the beautiful small town community to raise your family safely in. Please please someone Step Up and Dethrone the man who thinks he is a king. You will be amazed how many people vote for you and support you.

Bloomington, IL

#13 Mar 27, 2016
Do not give up Carlyle wrote:
Someone run against him. I have heard time after time anyone would win. "The mayor is arrogant and an asshole" seems to be the only description we have heard with the exception of "No one likes him". Makes me wonder why no one has the courage to step up and replace him so that Carlyle can be the beautiful small town community to raise your family safely in. Please please someone Step Up and Dethrone the man who thinks he is a king. You will be amazed how many people vote for you and support you.
Yes, it is high time Carlyle gets a dynamic son or daughter to run for the Mayoral job. Carlyle has so many opportunities to again be a great county seat in Illinois and show the state how it can become a tourist stop, a great place to fish, enjoy the lake with sail boats. Even work towards a yearly four day fabulous fair on the lake. But it takes leadership with a vision. A vision to not only support this wonderful southern Illinois city, but the great people who reside in and around it. The right candidate will get a majority of the votes.

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