As if Key West hotels being expensive was not enough, there is another way for them to suck your budget absolutely dry; 3 night minimums, sometimes more. This is especially common during high-popularity events such as Fantasy Fest. Basically, they make you stay for 3 nights minimum or they charge you for 3 nights minimum during events such as Fantasy Fest. Many people can not afford to stay 3 nights due to the high prices per one night that occur during Fantasy Fest. Literally, it is like they want to make sure that only super rich people with all the money in the world have a chance to see Fantasy Fest, and that all nudity photos and videos continue to fly like a dodo.

Additionally, the 3 night minimums are charged for every single individual night. It is not 3 nights for a 1-night price. For example, take a hotel that charges, say,$200 per night. That $200 is for one night only. Now let's say that Fantasy Fest comes along and that same hotel has a 3 night minimum for Fantasy Fest. That hotel is NOT, I repeat, NOT going to charge you $200 for all 3 nights. It will still charge you $200 per individual night, which means the 3 night minimum will cost you $600. Add to that the 12.5% tax that Key West hotels charge, and your costs would be $675 total. To find the total cost of hotels including tax, you multiply the price of your hotel room by 1.125. Few regular Joes can afford that kind of ripoff.