The Ten Best Reasons I will Vote For ...

The Ten Best Reasons I will Vote For Randy Acevedo

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Stan getz

United States

#1 Sep 21, 2008
10 He was born in Key West
9 He graduated from Key West High School
8 He has degree in something…hey, he’s got one
7 He will give me a job if I support him
6 He may give me a high paying district administration job
5 He will give me a bonus and call it a supplement
4 He will give my wife a job and give her a bonus; I mean supplement
3 He will hire me as a high paid consultant after I retire
2 He lets me call him Big Bubba
1 I have a useless track of land that he will buy from me with school board tax money (at a highly inflated price)
Frankly Fedup

United States

#2 Sep 27, 2008
The best reason to dump Acevedo now!
Colvard is best suited to manage our schools
Article Tools As interested and supportive observers these past few years, we've learned a thing or two about what it takes to manage a school system successfully. Dr. Fred Colvard looks to us like the whole package.

Six years ago, Gov. Jeb Bush appointed John Padget to fill the unexpired term of Superintendent Mike Lannon. Padget is a successful business executive, an entrepreneur, an innovator. He plunged into the task with earnest commitment and zeal. He advanced some praiseworthy ideas and led a successful effort to pass a referendum to split tax revenues between capital projects and operations, thereby enabling substantial pay increases for teachers.

Nevertheless, Padget's full-throttle management style consistently irked the bureaucracy, as well as a couple of members of the School Board. As a consequence, he was rejected by voters when he sought election to the office.

Padget was succeeded by Randy Acevedo, who is now campaigning for a second term. Acevedo is a hard-working, personable man and, as some would say, a good politician. But he is simply ill equipped for this particular job. His expertise is in information technologies (computer systems), not education.

He has gone over-budget four years in a row, piled on overheads, diminished reserve funds 50 percent, engaged consultants and invested heavily in computer systems. He also blundered into two bad and costly real estate deals. To his credit, he increased teachers' salaries at the entry level and at the bottom rungs of seniority to help offset the punishing costs of living in Monroe County. But in the face of a diminishing student population and slumping tax revenues, he remains unconcerned about yet another year of red ink that will further deplete reserves.

The bottom line is that today, Monroe County's costs per student are the highest in Florida, but student achievement is nowhere near the top.

So, what is it we have learned about what it takes to manage a school system successfully?

To our way of thinking, what it takes is an experienced educator with a track record of success.

Fred Colvard is the man with all the right credentials. Over the course of a 36-year career as an educator, he has been a teacher, principal, athletic director, football coach and superintendent -- the latter position three times in two different states. In short, he has been there, done that. He won't have to learn on the job; , he will bring hands-on expertise to the job on day one.

On the campaign trail, Dr. Colvard has been candid and explicit about his intentions and beliefs. First and foremost, he is an advocate for the teachers. He passionately believes the only pathway to improved learning is in the classroom. That means giving teachers the tools and support to do what they know how to do (e.g., teach). He understands the limits of standardized tests, like Florida's FCAT, as a measure of student achievement and he abhors the practice of "teaching to the tests," which robs teachers as well as students of valuable time that could otherwise be invested in real learning. He has carefully examined the current budget and has identified line items that can be cut in order to put more resources into the classroom.

He makes a lot of sense to us. And we are further encouraged by the fact that as a superintendent his administration never once ran over budget.

-- The Citizen
right out of the blogs

United States

#3 Sep 30, 2008
(The following are excerpts are from a recent E-Mail I received from the Acevedo campaign. I did some research and I found out some interesting things about Mr Acevedo's defense he has chosen to send out to us; the voting public.
I attempted to answer Mr. Acevdo's challenges to his opponent’s criticisms with what I have found.)

RA: My opponent and his supporters have published many untruths that force me to set the record straight....After careful consideration, I have chosen to go point by point; explaining accusations recently published and sent out in campaign literature.

RA: Now, let me set the record straight:

RA: My opponent says I hired my wife and gave her a large supplement/bonus:

Answer: The largest supplement in the school districts history to be accurate!

RA: My opponent says we do not have a balanced budget and we are spending down our fund balance:

Answer: It’s true you spent over 8 million dollars of the fund to cover over expenditures in each of your yearly budgets. You over spent!!!!

RA: My opponent says I20have increased debt:

To the tune of 112 million dollars. You over built the new schools!!!

RA: My opponent says we are not #1 and we=2 0have not made academic progress:

Even the newspapers reported that you made the A grade up. Actually the district is number 11 in Florida, a state that is 48 out of 50 in rank nationally. The academic progress is commendable but you act like it was almost an impossible feat. The progress was average across the state and poor according to federal standards!

RA: My opponent says that our students are below state and national averages on college entrance exams:

More made up facts and figures spun out your way. Florida is still ranked 48 out of 50 nationally. You can’t even apply these score at the federal level because the district would be between an F and D school. F for flunking and is D for disappointing; just like your made up “A” grade school ranking system.

RA: My opponent claims that our graduation rate is not among the top in the state:

Okay you may be wrong; you may be right; who knows? It is well documented that Florida’s graduation rates are the most manipulated in the educational world. I will give you this so at least you will have something to say on your soap box. But before you do read this article:
in short it is about forcing states like Florida to stop lying about educational successes.

You are not a responsible Superintendant. You have four years of financial bungling and nonsense. Your huge administration is proof of your empire building with tax payer moneys.$228 million dollars is all tax payer money. No Matter if it comes from the feds, state, or local taxes.

You say your experience is "NOW" alluding to the fact that your opponent is behind the times. Wow that is cheap. How about a responsible learned and honest view of what is really happening. I'm voting for the Opponent. At least he has an honest track record!!!!!!!!!!

West Palm Beach, FL

#4 Sep 30, 2008
so your going to vote for some one who has never stayed in one place more than two years. at least Randy Acevedo has stayed in monroe county for most of his career.

also Colvard big solution is to cut technology budgets. in a world that is becoming more and more connected, technology will play a big role in our live, and your going to take that opportunity away from our kids.

United States

#5 Sep 30, 2008
Just because he's a home town boy does not mean he is qualified to do the job. In fact he has only four years of experience and that has not shown much. Your so worried about the conch home boy thing, you, as he does, miss the whole picture. There is 100 miles up the road of citizens who pay taxes and are trying to survive. Sorry but we need someone who can do the job right without the home boy syndrome taking effect. This county is in trouble and tax and spend is not going to do it any more. Oh by the way these kids can't even read much less put a whole sentence together. So how is the latest hi tech PC or Ipod gonna solve that. Seems to me they should try picking up a book! Amazon is way cheaper. PS You need to learn how to put a sentence together too. Runon. Runon.
Ex Keys resident

Orlando, FL

#6 Oct 2, 2008
Those kids better get into Harvard!
MONROE COUNTY School budget approved
They've been spending the money since July, but the School Board members approved the district's 2008-09 budget Tuesday night during their meeting at Coral Shores High School. It totals about $228 million, the largest part of which goes toward school construction, maintenance and other capital projects.
The board and Schools Superintendent Randy Acevedo, however, received a tongue-lashing from Fred Colvard, former principal of Marathon High School and a candidate for Acevedo's seat on Nov. 4. He blasted them for what he called years of deficit spending.
"Our revenue is $88 million plus and our expenses are around $90 million," Colvard said. "I'm worried; I don't want us to lose what we have in this county. We're operating in the red."
- Key West Citizen
Lets see $228,000,000.00 total tax dollars divided by 8231 students equals $27,000.00 per child. WOW! School Board vote 4 to 1 to approve. The Dissenting vote was from School Board Member John Dick. Superintendent candidate Fred Colvard is right we are in deep shite. If this continues we may need Mario DeGenero's airport casino hotels to finance the school budget. Incumbent Randy Acevedo needs a good spanking and to go the route that his cohorts Dixie and Sonny went '"early retirement". Maybe Randy can get a job managing the Hickory House restaurant!
Ex Keys resident

Orlando, FL

#7 Oct 2, 2008
This is to: Debra Walker and Andy Griffiths,

John Dick is NOT micro managing the school board, he is watching our tax dollars. He has every right to address the take home cars allowed by the school system and you both should support him on eliminating these perks to employees.

It is not just $12 the school board will save, but rather tens of thousands of dollars at the end of each year. That is a lot of money when teachers jobs are being cut and school crossing guards are to be eliminated. Do not chastise or give this man a hard time for doing his job. You both should be ashamed of yourselves.

This is to: John Dick

Way to go John! I am offended that the school board allows these school employees to use school vehicles, pay for their gas and insurance when every other working person finds a way to get to work. Thank you for watching my tax dollars.
Ex Keys resident

Orlando, FL

#8 Oct 2, 2008
To the person who wrote the letter “This is to: Debra Walker and Andy Griffiths,”… Your right! Finally we have two honest politicians who are stewards of our tax dollars and these two idiots keep whining about stupid issues. At this point Mr. Acevedo’s ability to tax and spend resonates through his providing high paying mystery positions to his political machine filled administration. The recent approved budget showed that we have one of the highest county school taxes in Florida (Per capita). His supporters range from evil developers to over paid administrative types who have minimal responsibilities that other techs and clerks would be paid by the hour for. A job as a assistant manger at Burger King has more responsibility than some of these school district administration flunkies have. Debra Walker please resign. Your whine “eeets for the children” is sickening. If it was for the children then taxes would be lowered so the parents could live here in the keys and afford to have a family. Andy wake up!!! John you keep fighten son we need good Americans like you!
Ex Keys resident

Orlando, FL

#9 Oct 2, 2008
wow looking at the coconut telegraph and citizen janes bitch column it seems that things are quite heated in my old stomping grounds. The above are angry fed up people!
On the outside looking in

Lake Worth, FL

#10 Oct 2, 2008
Hey what happens to all the people that were promised district jobs if Big Bubba does not win the election
Happy Conch

Miami, FL

#11 Oct 2, 2008
If he loses bubba's can still get a job at City Electric where we still have control. Forget about the college that new lady has cleaned house and is trying to actually provide a college education. I wish we could turn back the clock to the old days like when we had people like Bum Farto in control. What is a bubba to do to get money nowadays.
Ex Keys resident

Orlando, FL

#12 Oct 2, 2008

Some weeks ago, Schools Superintendent Randy Acevedo announced with pride that Monroe County's public schools now rank No. 1 in the state on student achievement based on FCAT scores…But when we took a look at the Education Department's rankings, published on its Web site, we learned that Monroe County is No. 11, not No. 1. What's going on? Well, it turns out that Mr.Acevedo has his own creative way of calculating FCAT scores that makes his administration look good. Key West Editorial 09/16/08

What Schools Superintendent Randy Acevedo did was assign Monroe's 12 A-rated schools with a 4.0 GPA, and translated that to 48 points. Then he gave the one B-rated school a 3.0, and translated that to 3 points. He added the points to get 51, then divided that by the total number of schools, 13, to come up with a countywide GPA of 3.92. By figuring the 66 other Florida school districts the same way, he put Monroe at the top. Calculated another way, the district is 11th in the state in school grades.?Based on FCAT results,?to me, it's not right ? we should have just said we're 11th and that's what we are," School Board member John Dick said. "What's wrong with being 11th?" Dick said the FCAT-only numbers also do not take into account that Monroe's scores on the SAT and ACT tests are declining.

"I've been using GPA for several years, when I was campaigning," Acevedo said. "I showed that student achievement was lower than it should have been. Now it's shown that student performance has improved." [email protected]

Key West Citizen Sat, Aug 30, 2008

"Acevedo said he didn't know anything about a possible foreclosure until he was informed by The Reporter last week. Keynoter article By DAVID BALL posted- Saturday, August 30, 2008 08:19 AM EDT

"Schools Superintendent Randy Acevedo's home is listed as facing foreclosure at the Monroe County court clerk's office, but he contends it's a mistake that his wife has corrected." JOHN L. GUERRA Citizen Staff Sat, Aug 30, 2008

"I'm just shocked and amazed you can be put on a foreclosure list without any notification," Acevedo said. Keynoter article By DAVID BALL posted- Saturday, August 30, 2008 08:19 AM EDT



Summons Returned Served <08/01/2008> MONIQUE ACEVEDO

Summons Returned Served <08/01/2008> RANDALL WADE ACEVEDO

Monroe County Clerk Court Docket

Question: HOW DO YOU DEFINE A &#147;LIAR&#148;?
In the know ex KW troll

Orlando, FL

#13 Oct 2, 2008
Mr.Acevedo claims he is worth over a cool mil. He refinanced his castle 3 times and took out a second mortgage. He made close to 390K in cash out; he will certainly survive economically if he loses. He has a degree in computers/business. He will survive. If he wins then he has nothing to worry about. Someone will lend him the money buy out his foreclosure and get his castle back. He could give his wife a raise. He could give himself some suppliments too. Randy will be all right no matter what!
In the know ex KW troll

Orlando, FL

#14 Oct 2, 2008
Hey bubbas are great people who have worked hard and fought hard to make Key West the premier city in the Keys! It was mismanagement of the tax payers money by the gang of three, the school districts excalating budgets and with a little help from the Mosquito board building the taj mahal in Marathon, whew, the manor house, the hickory house, etc etc I can go on and on. I left because I couldnt afford the keys anymore!

United States

#15 Oct 2, 2008
Yea I heard that Acevedo has his house in foreclosure. So this guy wants to continue to run the schools but can't pay his own mortgage? What am I missing here? How much money is he paying himself and his family that he can't pay his mortgage? Something is wrong with this picture. Or is this just the bubba way.
Stop with the Bull shite

Orlando, FL

#16 Oct 3, 2008
KWLIFE Dont blame Key Westers for Acevedos prolems. Randy made his own bed so now he has to sleep in it. Bubba Key West will take care of this problem on the third. I know I lived there my whole life and I miss it bad. Good times are just around the corner.
Happy Conch

Miami, FL

#17 Oct 3, 2008
Things are starting to get better here now. Gang of 3 are done for. Mario's boys Morgan and Randy are going down soon also. We just need to get some honest people in these positions and help the keys move forward.

Miami, FL

#18 Oct 6, 2008
[Randy Acevedo] And finally what we have all been waiting for: the Complaint on Mr Acevedo's foreclosure. It’s available at your local Monroe County clerks office in Key West, Marathon or Plantation Key. A great deal at dollar a page to copy.
#5. The Mortgage note and Mortgage are in default. The required installment payment of April 1, 2008, was not paid, and no subsequent payments have been made. The Mortgage is contractually due for the April 1, 2008 payment. The last payment received was applied to the March 1, 2008 installment, and no subsequent payments have been applied to the loan.
#6. Plaintiff now declares the full amount payable under the Mortgage note and Mortgage to be due now.
#7. Plaintiff must now be paid $435,000.00 in principle...late charges, interest payments, costs of collection and attorneys fees...

This is now seven months past due. Wow, and he says he will pay the $112 million dollar loans on those new schools too. November 4, baby. Be there. Vote!
Wondering Woman

Miami, FL

#19 Oct 7, 2008
How can a guy with his whole family on the payroll have his house in foreclosure. Whats going on here.

Miami, FL

#20 Oct 7, 2008
my family moved from marathon after we lost our jobs at the manor when it was bought by the school and cay clubs. The rumor that went around was that cay clubs had made a deal with the school to buy the property at a cheap price from the owners saying that it would be used to remodel the football field and that the teachers would have a place to live. The owners suposidly told everyone it was to help the schools but soon after cay clubs bought it and i guess lost it. The school got left with nuthing. I miss marathon and all my friends.

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