Review: Living Dolls
The smart one

United States

#48 Feb 16, 2013
I worked there and the owner Bianca Digennaro well should I say license borrower lmao, has drug addict girls and thieves there. She use to work in the adult entertainment club and was fired because she would commit credit card fraud and rob customers, she had her daddy former mayor in key west purchase the spot at living dolls for her to continue the only way she could make money because she was also a former department of juvenile justice corrections person and was fired from there as well. She completely cleans out people's bank accounts and leaves many people stranded, her stage name is Jessica. I quit working there when I saw all of the things she does there to try to make money. She takes money the girls make which is why she has them trained like dogs to drain bank accounts because they profit very little. I'd strongly advise against stepping foot into such a filthy environment.
Inked mermaid

United States

#49 Feb 16, 2013
As a former employee of living dolls I would like to inform everyone of the scam going on at this eyesore. The owner Bianca Digennaro trains her employees to commit fraud and steal from honest hardworking men and woman. If you refuse to lie and steal you get fired and lose all money earned. She charges 300$ just to get in the run down storefront and then the price goes up once your in the back. The owners dad is a previous mayor of key west and has been able to pull strings in order for her to stay in business. The place is a joke. Don't waste your time. Consider this a warning

Buffalo, NY

#50 Mar 22, 2013
This place over charge my credit card by $2000 I didn't realize it until I got back home and got the bill later that month so I called Living Dolls to find out what happened, and they told me there is no refunds period. So I called my credit card company to tell them I did not authorize this charge so they told me they would review it and get back to me. A week later I received a call from my credit card company and they said that Living Dolls had all the right paperwork to prove I authorized the charge. I don't know how they did it but I only used my credit card to get in for $300 then I tipped the girl $200 cash and I was very disappointed in her service too but felt it was a lesson learned. Now I really know how much of a lesson I learned... I wish I never went there i'm going to be paying for it for a long time literally..I went to the site and they are helping me get my $$ back

Since: Mar 13

Little Rock, AR

#51 Mar 22, 2013
I came to key west for spring break and left not only spring broke but in debt instead. Two girls one night on Duval street stopped me and my buddy and said they had a private club Living dolls, so we went with them and when we got there they told us to pay three hundred dollars each. So we told them we just wanted a couple massages and that was a little steep, so they cut it down to $150 each for 20 min session. So we agreed and picked are girls everything was great until I got to the room were I sat by myself for 10 minutes then when the girl came back she asked for $1000 and told her I just wanted a massage then she said I need a tip up front so agreed to a $100, I gave her my credit card I signed, then she started rubbing my back it was more like a spreading sunscreen on effect, then about 2 minutes later she said the time was up. I was like wtf. so I went out to the front to complain where another girl told me no refunds. she said if I didn't leave she would have me arrested for trespassing. so I left pissed off then when I cooled, me and my buddy which the same thing happened to went to get some drinks I went to use my credit card that had a $5000 limit and it was declined I know I had already spent alot but it shouldn't have been maxed. So my buddy went to use his as I called the credit card company, and his was declined to so when I called the bank they said I was over my limit I said how they said there was a charge for $3700 I said impossible they said I authorized the charge, and my buddy got hit for $1500 so we went back to complain they said we were both trespassing so we called the police they came 30 minutes later they said there was nothing they could do but they got them to give us a complaint form so we filled them out and was told we would receive a check within 10 days. When I got home, and two weeks later still no check so I called Living Dolls and spoke to someone who said they were the owner, and they told me that I authorized the charge by giving the girl my credit card and I signed for it. I told her I only signed for $100 and I didn't agree to anything more. she told me there is nothing she can do, so I called my credit card company the said the same. I just hope someone reads this before the same thing happens to them..

Hollywood, FL

#52 Mar 22, 2013
Same thing happened to me accept they got my debit card... Those BITCHES cleaned me out for $5750 that I did not authorize. My bank said the same thing there was nothing they could do.. I want to know how they got into my savings and got so much. This is crazy.. Do NOT go to LIVING DOLLS...

Since: Mar 13

Hollywood, FL

#53 Mar 22, 2013
I'm so pissed about what happened at my brothers bachelor party not the fact that I got ripped for $1500 but the fact that the girls looked like junkies and were in the bathroom for about 30 min when we only paid for one hour then one finally comes out to only want more money so we gave her $100 then she did a lap dance fully clothed and she smelt like a dying hobo, we told her she had to go so she started calling us all nasty names then we told her we would call security she then completely fliped out and flipped or coffee table that had all our drinks on it. We called back to Living Dolls and was told we were speaking to the owner and there is no refunds.. The worst experience of my life!!!!

Buffalo, NY

#54 Mar 22, 2013
NOT A GOOD TIME !. I was fooled by all the reviews and decided to check it out when i got there none of the girls were attractive but i already paid so i choose one and hope she would show me a good time..she didn't. she wasn't nice had a horrible attitude and wanted all my money in my wallet and got mad when i didn't give it to her she told me i had to go if i didn't give her atleast $1,000 to start! thank god i got outta there quickly before i was scammed !!! NO GOOD , STAY AWAY!

Jacksonville, FL

#55 Mar 22, 2013
I was walking down Duval st. when two girls approached me and literally forced me back to this dingy store front when i got in the wanted $300 then I told them I didn't have that much so they said they would give me a discount because it was slow so I paid $100 then I got to the room where the girl demanded a $200 tip which I was gonna tip here anyway but her attitude about was to forceful. So i gave her my debit card to run for $200 not $2000,$200 yes only Two Hundred Dollars!!! Then when she came back she said I had to leave, I said WTF then she said i'm getting security you better leave or you'll be sorry so I left mad then I checked my bank on my phone guess what a $2000 charge.. I called my bank put it in dispute one week later they said there is nothing they can do.I went to the site and they are helping me right now

Trumbull, CT

#56 Mar 22, 2013
I went to this place called Living Dolls where they told me it was $300 to enter so I paid went in to only be hounded for more money I got to the point where I was getting so annoyed I walked out to get my money back to only be told there are no refunds so I left and went to a bar there I told the bartender what happened and he told me I went to the wrong place so I asked what other places can I go so he gave me a card and said I would get a discount with it I was skeptical at first but after a few drinks I decided to go and check it out. When I got there the girls were really nice they all had great smiles and it was a nice place. I told them the story and they decided to give me a discount so I picked a girl we went to the back and from there it was a much much better experience than the other place, I wasn't hounded or annoyed it was a very relaxing experience I was so relaxed and satisfied when I left I tipped the girl $300.. CHEERS to the Adult Entertainment Club!!!!

Since: Mar 13

Trumbull, CT

#57 Mar 22, 2013
NO GOOD !. I was very dissapointed !! the girls there demand large amounts of money up front then they leave u alone in a dark room for 20 mins or more then eventually come in and say they need more money to get naked! idk what this place is trying to do but they will lose customers like this and i had a horrible time and the girls were definitely NOT LIVING DOLLS !!!!!!


#61 Apr 2, 2013
gore_j wrote:
Same thing happened to me accept they got my debit card... Those BITCHES cleaned me out for $5750 that I did not authorize. My bank said the same thing there was nothing they could do.. I want to know how they got into my savings and got so much. This is crazy.. Do NOT go to LIVING DOLLS...
I had the Same exact thing happen to me instead of getting mad I got Even I went to the Website and they got ALL of my Money Back for me ! Thank You Living Dolls Sucks!

Since: Apr 13

Miami, FL

#62 Apr 2, 2013
Wish I never went in this place Living Dolls, I am so fed up with this place, all I get is the run around everyday I call. I filed a police report, the police said I authorized the charges now im back home and the only way to try and get my $2700 is to fly back to Key West and go to court month after month. Such Bullshit!!!! oh and my lawyer said i'll probaly lose..

Providence, UT

#63 Apr 2, 2013
verdugotony wrote:
Wish I never went in this place Living Dolls, I am so fed up with this place, all I get is the run around everyday I call. I filed a police report, the police said I authorized the charges now im back home and the only way to try and get my $2700 is to fly back to Key West and go to court month after month. Such Bullshit!!!! oh and my lawyer said i'll probaly lose..
Just go to the site they can help get your money back!
Girls Girls Girls

Miami, FL

#64 Apr 3, 2013
Why would anyone give their credit card or debit card to some drugged out skank in a glorified whorehouse? Pay in cash or if you can't afford to pay in cash then stay home with Rosie Palm until you can.

“Hong Kong Phooey”

Since: Nov 12

So Far Out of this World

#65 Apr 4, 2013
I was thinking that exact thing!!

Miami, FL

#66 Apr 20, 2013
I can't believe I was scammed. I was at Living This place is defiantly not what I had expected. The girls were not very good looking but since my buddies went in, I did as well. Biggest mistake so far. I agreed to tip the girl $100 with my credit card after paying $300 to get in. The girl Tonya was on drugs and I was completely turned off so I left, only to realize my card was charged $1000 not $100. Dont waste your time or money, this place is a scam.

Encinitas, CA

#67 Apr 20, 2013
I heard bad things about this club but I spoke with the owner Bianca and she assured me our bachelor party would be fun with Tonya and Kristen. She said if we weren't happy we would get our money back. We spent $750 for the girls to come to our beautiful condo and hang out at the pool. They arrived an hour late. One girl was pregnant and already drunk. They wouldn't get into the pool until they got tipped asking for more money in which we gave then $500 each. They asked to go change and we never saw them again. I tried to call Bianca in which I got her voice mail several times. My friend was pretty upset at that point so we went there. She was unavailable and we got a complaint form in which we still haven't received a refund. This place is a scam and is infested with ugly drug addict women.

Tampa, FL

#68 Apr 20, 2013
Living Dolls is a complete scam. I had a horrible day so I figured I stop in and check it out. It only made my day worse. I was charged three different charges totaling more than $2500. I had agreed to $1000. The girl didnt look pregnant at first but after she undressed she was clearly about to bust. And she smelled horrible. She kept asking for more money so I left. I realized the next day she had overcharged me. I am still battling the chargeback on my credit card. This place is a total rip off and everyone should know.

San Jose, CA

#72 Jun 15, 2013
Living dolls is a bunch hoes stealing money because they have no skill or trade in reality besides selling there cudda kats ... good luck to all not all stds are treatable. AND PLEASE STOP HIRING PREGNANT GIRLS THATS JUST NASTY...

Atlanta, GA

#73 Jul 16, 2013
I came to living dolls on my way home from Duval Street partying and I ended up getting ripped off $3600 by a fat Spanish lady named bella. I didnt know how much was charged to my credit card until I got home in Ohio ! I only authorised $100 to be charged to my account and they hit it for $3600 . What a fucking ripooff! Ive already contacted the local authorities .

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