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2010 Florida Governor Race Election Results a " Rick Scott Wins | The News of Today

There are 3164 comments on the thenewsoftoday.com story from Nov 3, 2010, titled 2010 Florida Governor Race Election Results a " Rick Scott Wins | The News of Today. In it, thenewsoftoday.com reports that:

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#3611 Jul 2, 2014
This beats all I have ever seen. This child rapist is still showing up on the mugshots website alright, but he don't show up in the Lake Jail search. And there are no court records showing he was ever arrested for Lewd and Lascivious on the little girl.

Does anybody know who this guy is? He must be some important persons kid or something.

Back in 1994 Jeb Bush's son broke in on his girlfriend and they made that go away. Now he's being anointed to some big job in Texas.

http://www.thesmokinggun.com/buster/george-p -...
the protected species

United States

#3612 Jul 4, 2014
Our Sheriff Gary Borders specializes in covering up child sex abuse reports. The actual number of his accomplishments at doing this are astounding! None are more well known of than his 20 plus years of Green Isle Boys Ranch rapes cover ups! Please ask Sheriff Gary Borders why when five boys ages under 12 to 15 years reported by 911 call to his sheriff’s office on Nov 21, 2009 that they had been brutally raped by Tyler Anthony Jackson later found pictured with sheriff Borders in July 2009 – why then didn’t Sheriff Borders immediately arrest their rapist? Was it because Jackson was a friend of Borders? If Sheriff Borders was not protecting his friend Jackson from arrest for the Nov. 21, 2009 report of rapes of the five little boys, why then did Sheriff Borders send two – two person detective teams to talk to Jackson in Citrus County on Feb. 4, 2010 the morning after the news of the rapes was leaked to the public by former Green Isle Boys Ranch disgruntled employee’s! their report (09 191988) says one team interviewed Jackson at his home the other at his school – what was the hurry 75 days after he had been identified as the violent- brutal rapist of five little boys?


NOTE: Charlie Crist's father DR. CRIST has been overhead many times telling people Mel Sembler groomed Charlie along with Sembler's son BRENT. Now RICK SCOTT has been to Sembler's house for his 2014 fundraiser! See why pedophiles are protected!

And for all you people who do not have sense enough to walk and chew gum and think your sheriff is the greatest thing that ever defecated between shoe leather, why don’t you ask around and get the truth from some of those old now mostly retired jail employee’s (around 4-5 total) who when interviewed by two FBI Agents in December-January 2010 – told the agents that back when Gary Borders was the jail administrator he ordered them to deliver certain male jail inmates to his office for sex. Several of these eye witnesses reportedly outlined the gross details of these incidents to the FBI Agents. The results; when Gary Borders, Bob McKee, Carey Baker and Jimmy Conner found out the FBI was about to arrest Gary Borders, they called the political mover and shaker Gary Lester at the Villages powerhouse; insiders say Gary Lester then called Jeb Bush and these FBI Agents were run out of Lake County on a rail.

Too bad old Richard Milhouse Nixon didn’t have friends like these in high places, he could have finished out his term like their brother Bill Clinton did, even after he was impeached!

If these Lake County mobsters really give a “hoot” about the people on the ground of Lake County and if they were truly American patriots they would give up their private time and March the streets of Lake County today to prove to the people they are true patriots of the American dream! Actions speak louder than words. Our local organized crime unit cares nothing about we the people and all about their fellow progressives whose goals are closer and closer to reality everyday we continue to turn our eyes to the truth right before our faces!
How man of you non-believers out there would lat your Sheriff Gary Borders take your little boy home for the weekend? When State Representative Marleen O’Toole of the Villages asked Gary Borders if he would be willing to mentor a boy for her “Take Stock in Children” scheme; he asked her if he could take the boys home? When she replied NO he came back with a “then why would I want to waste my time?”

So was Gary Borders wasting his time at the Green Isle Boys Ranch for over twenty years or was he taking the boys home? Everybody around here knows the answer to that question; the problem is so many of his well connected “political butties” was doing the same thing they can’t afford to tell on each other. But. l;ike Hillary says “what difference does it make?” When they can run the FBI out of town there is no low here to begin with!
the protected species

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#3613 Jul 4, 2014
they blew off the first blog before it stuck, let's try this one on for size.

of course you can't blame these people for protecting each other, we don't have enough jails in the USA to hold all these public criminals.


Pay close attention the Florida stories!

Pittsburgh, PA

#3616 Jul 13, 2014

Spring Hill, FL

#3617 Jul 13, 2014
marvinstevens wrote:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v =KLCfFW2yINIXX
I voted for Marvin
your pathetic frank

United States

#3618 Jul 13, 2014
your wrote:
<quoted text>
you must be rally bored these days. why odn;t you call up some of your old perverted friends and have a circle jerk at Mel Sembler's house? dick Snot did back on April fools day. it was appropriate when all those fools met. after all it your holiday to celebrate.
number 23

Spring Hill, FL

#3619 Jul 13, 2014
your pathetic frank wrote:
<quoted text> you must be rally bored these days. why odn;t you call up some of your old perverted friends and have a circle jerk at Mel Sembler's house? dick Snot did back on April fools day. it was appropriate when all those fools met. after all it your holiday to celebrate.
ball is my game and call to fame
Lon Spector

New York, NY

#3620 Jul 14, 2014
Casey Anthony in Sarasota. Yes or no?
who cares

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#3621 Jul 14, 2014
who gives a schet where casey anthony is. even if she had of killed her daughter it was only one child. mel sembler on the other hand is in clearwater florida still buying politicians. on april 1st rick scott was at his home getting paid off to keep the pedophiles farms and ranches staggering abuse of kids mostly boys covered up for the republicans and democrats alike. mell sembler has destroyed more children in one week that casey anthony could in a life time.

but no body gives a schet what he does as long as he keeps passing out the ben franklins. mel sembler owns, the bushes, crist, rick scott and most of the courts in florida. how do you think he's free as a bird to abuse children and cover up for his goons who do the same thing?


Spring Hill, FL

#3622 Jul 14, 2014
who cares wrote:
Lon Spector

New York, NY

#3623 Jul 15, 2014
The hand of God acquitted Casey. That's why
we have NOT heard the last of her.

Zurich, Switzerland

#3624 Jul 15, 2014
OK, we have new people in power


#3625 Jul 15, 2014
God point Abe......State pension fund is the next target. They {the corporate world} have already wiped out private sector pensions and subbed with phony 401k plans and we all know what came of that.I hope people notice those matching funds have rapidly decreased over the last ten years....Good luck to state employees. Scotty is at the controls now.."grabbing hands grab all they can".."everything counts in large amounts"

Anonymous Proxy

#3626 Jul 15, 2014

United States

#3627 Jul 27, 2014
GOP officials enjoy sugar industry ranch trips
TAMPA — Top Florida Republican officials including the governor have enjoyed hunting trips to South Texas’ historic King Ranch thanks to the Sunshine State’s sugar industry, but they aren’t talking about them.

The Tampa Bay Times reported Saturday that an analysis of records shows the trips were financed all or in part by the Florida sugar industry. The lack of disclosure could enable officials and sugar lobbyists to avoid scrutiny about discussions on a host of important issues such as state agriculture policy, water pollution and Everglades protection.[Rick Scott and Jeb Bush’s Oil Company investments is drilling for oil right now in the Everglades thanks to the “The First Family of Corporate Welfare, the Fanjuls who control a third of Florida sugar production, collecting $60 million a year in federal subsidies. Their Everglades land was drained at public expense, an environmental nightmare that costs taxpayers $63 million a year to maintain. The Fanjuls invest heavily in politicians.

But, they still have a way of repaying the favors for all this FREE MONEY Rick Scott and Jeb Bush and the mob pump into them. Under a 2006 ban, lawmakers can’t accept free meals, drinks or trips from donors, but a legal loophole allows parties and political committees to do so. They can then pass on these gifts without detailing who gives or receives them — as long as the donations are considered to have a “campaign purpose.”

The Times analysis shows that in the last three years, U.S. Sugar paid nearly $100,000 to the Republican Party of Florida for at least 20 weekend trips. The destinations were not made public, but they all occurred within days of more than a dozen Florida politicians registering for Texas hunting licenses.

Republican Party Spokeswoman Susan Hepworth says the party follows the letter of the law but declined to discuss the trips.

The tension over just what gifts lawmakers can receive goes back decades in Florida. Leon County state attorney Willie Meggs prosecuted a 1992 case against two dozen Florida lawmakers accused of accepting free trips from corporate lobbyists. He said the King Ranch trips may not be illegal, but they raise questions about the lack of transparency.[NOW HE WILL NOT EVER PROSECUTE A VIOLENT FSU RAPIST!]

The trips to King Ranch appear to have begun back in 2011, when U.S. Sugar began leasing 30,000 acres and built a hunting lodge there. King Ranch is also the largest member of the Sugar Cane Growers Cooperative of Florida. Both Governor Rick Scott and Agriculture Secretary Adam Putnam are among those who visited the retreat, but the trips don’t show up on their official schedules. Asked about his travels there, Scott on Friday released a statement saying he visited the retreat in February of 2013 “in support of his political fundraising efforts.” A campaign aide said the governor paid for his own hunting license and flight and that “costs were covered by appropriate political entities and properly reported as required by law.”

United States

#3628 Jul 27, 2014
Even before he was in office, Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) proposed privatizing much of Florida’s prison system, and state House and Senate negotiators agreed to do just that Monday as legislators hammer out a budget. The agreement will move thousands of inmates to prisons run by for-profit companies in an 18-county region in Southern Florida.

As the Miami Herald reported last month, Scott’s plan “could open a lucrative door to politically connected vendors who stand to profit.” GEO Group (formerly Wackenhut) appears to be the company with the most to gain. The nation’s second largest private corrections company, GEO — based in Boca Raton, FL — already manages two of the state’s seven private prisons and four of its seven mental-health facilities.

A “prime financier of the Republican Party,” GEO Group gave more than $400,000 to GOP in the 2010 election cycle alone and gave the maximum $25,000 to Scott’s inaugural fund.

The company has also deployed a small army of lobbyists in Tallahassee, including Florida “uber-lobbyist” Brian Ballard. Ballard and Scott have an unusually close relationship. Scott appointed Ballard to the finance committee for his inaugural fund and Ballard helped raise $3 million for the festivities. The month after Scott was sworn in, Ballard hosted a fundraiser Super bowl party at his Tallahassee home — Scott was the guest of honor.

Ballard is also a lobbyist for the Corrections Corporation of America (CCA)— the nation’s largest corrections company with close ties to GOP statehouses across the country — which also stands to gain from the privatization scheme. The company has spent $373,000 in political contributions in Florida since 2003, over 60 percent of which have gone to Republicans.

Meanwhile, a third company, The Boca Raton company, is a “a reliable contributor to the Republican party” and gave Scott’s inaugural fund the maximum $25,000. It also employs a stable of 16 lobbyists in Tallahassee.

“It’s really just a gift to the private-prison industry,” said David Murrell of the Police Benevolent Association, the union which represents correctional officers.“It’s very political. The private corporations have been very helpful to the governor and his people.” Ironically, Scott “campaigned against the influence of special interests,” the St. Petersburg Times’ Marc Caputo notes.“But that was so 2010.”

March 2014 - Soon Rick Scott is slated to attend a $25,000-a-head fundraiser with former GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney “at the South Florida mansion of health-care executive Mike Fernandez of Coral Gables”(who has given $1.25 million to Scott’s re-election).

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#3629 Jul 27, 2014
The Governor’s Gusher:

The Sources of George W. Bush's $41 Million Texas War Chest
The Bush Profiteers:
100 Donors Who Enjoy Hands-off, Handout Government
In identifying the economic and ideological interests of Bush’s donors, researchers kept coming across large contributors who became known as the Bush Profiteers. Many of these Bush Profiteers are:
• Corporate welfare kings who derived a portion of their personal wealth from the taxpayers; or
• Donors who appear to have an interest in taking the regulatory cops off the beat.
In fact, many large Bush donors straddle both camps, seeming to want the government off their backs except when it is giving them taxpayers money. The ranks of the Bush Profiteers include corporate welfare kings, snake oil salesmen, money launderers, tax evaders, tort dodgers, tobacco hacks and toxic waste dumpers.
The following Bush Profiteer profiles cite the total amount of money that the Profiteers contributed to Bush’s two gubernatorial campaigns (some totals include the contributions of nuclear family members).

3.*Tom & R. Steven Hicks (Dallas):$146,000
Tom Hicks is a corporate raider at Hicks Muse Tate & Furst (other name partners gave GWB $58,000). He made GWB’s fortune when he bought the Texas Rangers for $250 million in 99. After GWB’s election, UT Regents set up the University of Texas Investment Management Co. and made Hicks chair; lucrative UT investment contracts then flowed to firms tied to Hicks and his brother, who headed Capstar Broadcasting.

10. Richard E. Rainwater (Ft. Worth):$100,000
Rainwater was a key investor in the Texas Rangers and Columbia/HCA Healthcare, which the government is investigating on Medicare fraud charges (see Richard Scott, No. 65). GWB received $37,500 from executives of Rainwater’s Crescent Real Estate (see Gerald Haddock, No. 33), which bought two buildings from the state in 1996 at bargain-basement prices. GWB’s personal blind trust invested in Crescent during his first term.

63. José Fanjul (Palm Beach, FL):$10,000
The First Family of Corporate Welfare, the Fanjuls control a third of Florida sugar production, collecting $60 million a year in federal subsidies. Their Everglades land was drained at public expense, an environmental nightmare that costs taxpayers $63 million a year to maintain. The Fanjuls invest heavily in politicians.

65. Richard L. Scott (Ft. Worth):$10,000 aka [Now Florida Gov. Rick Scott] Picked up the pieces of the IMC Jeb Bush Miguel Recarey Medicare Fraud RICO in progress in 1987 and with start up capital from Richard Rainwater (No. 10), Scott started Columbia/HCA Healthcare chain. The HMO’s 10-year, hospital-buying binge ended in 1997 with federal investigators raiding Columbia facilities for evidence of Medicare fraud.

80. George/Richard Wackenhut (FL):$6,000
The largest U.S. prison company, Wackenhut Corrections has tens of millions of dollars in contracts with Texas. The state had to take over a Wackenhut-run facility in Austin in 1999 following criminal charges that Wackenhut understaffed the jail, falsified its records and employed guards that beat and had sex with inmates.

But, Charlie Crist is no better since Mel Sembler owned them all

Spring Hill, FL

#3630 Jul 27, 2014
bcdergghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz|||| ||||
hey judge

United States

#3631 Jul 27, 2014
bcdergghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz|||| ||||
There once was a quare baseball pitcher. he would wind up and pitch and drop it, then wind up a pitch and drop it, wind up a pitch and drop it again until some body in the stands would holler

He said that's what he liked. that recognition!!!!!!

That's the way you are you old reprobate.......... you love that recognition.......

Spring Hill, FL

#3632 Jul 27, 2014
hey judge wrote:
old reprobate.......... you love that recognition.......
Confused on who?

mr.........UAW welder

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