How did the colonists defeat a major military power and gain independence from Great Britain?
They had guns.

Why don't we pick fights with police officers?
They have guns.

Why do we stay out of bad neighborhoods?
They have guns.

What did the emperor of Japan say when asked about invading the US with ground troops?
No, way they have guns?

Why was Hitler so successful in taking over Germany?
He knew they didn't have guns. Well, actually, he knew they had guns, convinced them they didn't need guns, collected the guns, and then used the guns to take over.

Why do I feel secure in my house and in my car?
I have guns and people know that.

People have the right to own guns as a means of protection regardless of the type they choose.

The framers of the Constitution knew this. That is why they included the 2nd. The type of firearm that existed at that time is inconsequential. The spirit of the 2nd is to give people the ability to protect themselves, essentially by the best available means. Sure, at the time muskets were the prevalent firearm, but these guys who wrote the Constitution were not country bumpkins. They were men of great wisdom. Many of them were inventors in their own rite. They had enough forethought to know that advancements would be made on firearms in the years to come. Just as we know that in the next 10 years iPhones will be way better than they are this year. They wanted every law- abiding citizen to feel safe from tyranny and petty crimes alike. This was a freedom that was not afforded to them under British rule and part of the reason the revolted in the first place. Bad people do bad things. Good people need to protect themselves from bad people.