Abducted Child in Toulon
hooked on phonics

Kansas City, MO

#22 Sep 27, 2012
that dumb b**** put the baby in a ditch

Kewanee, IL

#23 Sep 27, 2012
caring person wrote:
mother has been arrested according to a local news team....more later on the news....
. That's So Sad!
Pos mother

United States

#24 Sep 27, 2012
you all sound like f***** retards... "No she didn't do it to her baby blah blah blah" yeah she did she's horrible f****** person way to stick up for her obviously you don't know her that good!!!! poor baby hope kendra gets killed in prison!!!

United States

#26 Sep 27, 2012
Thank god they found the baby alive I've almost wrecked my own vehicle driving around today lookin at every gold or tan car I saw . And for the asshole that immediately started the bashing of this woman put yourself in her place . I'm quite sure you are NOT all that high and mighty your self
Citizen Jane

United States

#27 Sep 27, 2012
wth wrote:
Thank god they found the baby alive I've almost wrecked my own vehicle driving around today lookin at every gold or tan car I saw . And for the asshole that immediately started the bashing of this woman put yourself in her place . I'm quite sure you are NOT all that high and mighty your self
Kinda hard to put one's self in this woman's place. I know I would never dump my baby and then turn it in as a kidnapping, frightening everyone in the process, wasting valuable search and rescue resources, etc. That is twisted. I am surprised coyotes didn't get the baby. Thank god she was found. Hopefully someone will be able to have her that truly wants and values a child.

Kewanee, IL

#28 Sep 27, 2012
So glad the baby was found! So sad this happened! Wishing the baby a speedy healthy recovery and the person that did this.... may he/she rot in hell! Do not waste more money sending them to prison just do away with them now! Save the state the money and the trouble!

Geneseo, IL

#29 Sep 27, 2012
Jeez...all these ppl were soooo fast to stick up for the mother...so i will do the same...How do u expect that poor 19yr old mother of 2 to continue to party and act like a slut when she has a 3 wk old to care for...think about that poor scumbags feelings for a minute would you plz...how can she hang at allendale AND take care of 2 kids at the same time

hopefully the poor baby goes to a good family so she has a chance in life....and I dont have to support that welfare pig mother for the rest of her life
Foot in mouth

La Salle, IL

#30 Sep 27, 2012
I have to agree with WHITE! You [email protected] IDIOTS from Stark Co. are nothing but a bunch of [email protected] corn dorks! Don't get on here and bash the mother! She only put her new born in a ditch, hoping the poor thing would die before anyone could find her and claimed it was a kidnapping! She didn't want that baby so she just got rid of it! And tried to blame it on someone else! I personally hope she rotts in HELL! You Stark Co. people need to get your heads out of your goat's @SS and realize not everyone that lives in that Co. is PERFECT! You said it's a tight nit community and everyone knows everyone. Well WAKE UP! You didn't know the mother as well as YOU thought YOU did! I just want to know how long it's going to take to get your foot out of your MOUTH?
truth hurts

United States

#31 Sep 28, 2012
this sick brch did it..I said it from the very beginning..meakers r always out 2 seek attention but really 2 get rid of ur baby girl the way u did I hope she rots in prison n gets her fata$$ whooped everyday by someone...her despcription of the person she claimed took her baby was a description of her freakin mother..really kendra ur a joke ur 19 years old if u didn't want that baby there r millions of people who r dyin 2 have kids n can't u coulda dropped her off at a hospital if u wanted 2 get rid of her that bad!I. Live in stark county n said somethin didn't add up from the get go..why would anyone leave both their kids in the car n come back out 2 just the 3 week old being gone if they were 2 kidnap a baby a smart person would take both kids but instead this bitch probably has postpartum depression bad n couldn't take the baby n another lil girl so she figured eff it ill say she got kidnapped...SICK B*TCH!!

Galva, IL

#32 Sep 28, 2012
She didnt even notice the baby gone tell she got home! REALLY! Some people make me sick!
worried mother

Port Byron, IL

#33 Sep 28, 2012
kendra meaker 19 of toulon will see the judge today to find out what she will be charged with. she admitted to stark co. sheriff jimmie dison that she was the one that placed 3 week old baby mia on the dirt road. as of right now the baby is doing well. god help that mother!! what kind of mother does that to their newborn child? all i have to say is that we found her and she is alive!! for the mother kendra, you need help child!!

Kewanee, IL

#34 Sep 28, 2012
So did the mother try to pull a Casey Anthony? I think maybe. The whole thing stinks to high heaven.
justice for all

Wonder Lake, IL

#35 Sep 28, 2012
what REALLY turns my stomach is the fact that a baby..something so vunerable and precious is put on the side of the road and a human being can go throughout the day doing nothing knowing this child is just laying out there for hours and hours and does nothing...doesn't even shoot self...how can you do that. How can you go through a day knowing a child lays in a ditch all alone and utterly helples and do nothing. I just can't wrap my mind around it. She should be punished to the full extent of the law as there is no compassion in this person. Even if she was post partom wouldn't a lick of something enter somewhere in the mind, the heart during all those long hours?

United States

#36 Sep 28, 2012
rebels wrote:
. we do live in a community where everyone knows everyone and we feel safe and we would never think that this would happen to us in our own community.
If this statement is true.
You have learned nothing from the past.
I will say just two names.

Curt thompson..........ADAM STRICTKER

the end.....
worried mother

Port Byron, IL

#37 Sep 28, 2012
i so agree with you!! that poor baby being out there and it was cold out as well. im glad they found her before dark. that poor innocent little baby! i had a gut feeling that something was fishy from the start. then the stories changed and i had a feeling tht this was gonna be another casey anthony incident. i hope tht baby finds a great home with loving parents. mia doesnt belong to be with the meaker family what so ever! if she was having PROBLEMS why didnt she say something or have someone take the child but instead she did the unthinkable and dumped her poor baby like they do with animals. if you didnt want your child take it to the authorities or a hospital that way the baby could have been taken care of. there are lots of families out there that cant have children and some happy family would have taken that child. now look where shes at!! i hope she gets what she deserves and that baby gets justice!!

United States

#38 Sep 28, 2012
never judge anyone till you have walked a mile in their shoes.

that includes the mother.

and no i'm not defending what she did.

everyone has demons, that will cause you to do strange things

Cicero, IL

#39 Sep 28, 2012
Ughhh this whole story just makes me ill!!! Thank God that couple found that precious little angel in time!!!

Geneseo, IL

#42 Sep 28, 2012
holy cow.... thats all she is charged with...she dumped the little baby so she would die...the filthy animal wont even go to jail. WOW. I bet that fatty is sitting home stuffin her fat face while her family is rubbing her back cuz she is havin a tuff time. What the hell is the world coming to...she should have both those babies taken away from her and her filthy family...but no bother i guess...she will drop her pants and have more anyway...TRASH BREEDING TRASH....please make it stop

Dublin, Ireland

#46 Sep 28, 2012
Can anyone tell me what she has been charged with please I cant access the link above TIA
justice for all

Wonder Lake, IL

#47 Sep 28, 2012
I would call it attempted murder at the least after all what did she think would happen when she threw the baby away in a ditch where I think it would be almost impossable to find her. This was one very lucky baby that the ones who found her stepped out of the car and heard her crying. T don't care what demons invade the mother. If a man had done this dead I bet there would be no one making such statements and the courts would throw away the keys. Lets just pray the powers that be change their mind. I heard on channel six that the offenses she has been charged with carry a 1-3yr prison sentence....REALLY!!!

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