Our recommendation: Springboro voters should say 'yes' the first time to school levies

Feb 5, 2008 Full story: Dayton Daily News 31,266

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Got Kindness

Piqua, OH

#26806 Aug 24, 2013
leave it in the church wrote:
<quoted text>
What an inbelievable bigot you are. You do realize America's public schools teach students who are not only Christian but also Muslim, Hindu, and Buddhist among numerous others. Obviously you're much too high and mighty to take into consideration the almost twelve percent of America that is either agnostic or has made conscious decisions that God doesn't exist. I dare you to read your bigoted post out loud at next week's board meeting.
ooops! somebody forgot Principal Ron's Principles of the Kindness Project! Not to worry -- you are forgiven!'Love Ya!

Since: Sep 12

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#26807 Aug 25, 2013
is it not unique that the only country in the world that wont get you arrested for talking about relgion is the is the one that whose posts are degradeing people for their relgion .....BAZEEEGA
TV Land

Piqua, OH

#26808 Aug 25, 2013
boroson54 wrote:
is it not unique that the only country in the world that wont get you arrested for talking about relgion is the is the one that whose posts are degradeing people for their relgion .....BAZEEEGA
"It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it."

Can we really be corrupted by hearing something we disagree with?

Yet, that seems to be the policy argued by the educators in the Springboro School Board of Education public meetings.

Springboro families are still talking about the narrow-mindedness of Springboro Education Association officer, Sarah Thornbury, who publicly professed herself as a Christian who believed religion should be kept in the church!
Certified Thank You

Piqua, OH

#26809 Aug 25, 2013
Thank You, Lisa Babb!
According to the Board of Elections website, you are no longer listed as a certified school board candidate.

(After leading our high school students in that March 2012 re-instate Ron Malone nasty campaign against Springboro School Board authority, how could you possibly have thought that you were a credible 2013 school board candidate?)

Happy days are here again as we all head to the November polls to do the right thing for our children's future! Children's first budget works in the best interest of Springboro Education Association school employees, and our Springboro community of taxpaying homeowners!
The Next Day

Amelia, OH

#26810 Aug 25, 2013
Ask Ron Malone wrote:
<quoted text>
Question: Dr. Malone, What do you think of the school board's direction?
Answer: The major concern I have with decisions being made out there is that the major emphasis seems to be on the physical part of education.
Comments from Springboro Parents: With which part of education do you have a major concern, Dr. Malone? Would it be one of these
NOW MET NEEDS that are IN the current budget through 2017:
-$1.1 million for an 11 additonal new buses (bought 10 last year)
-$1.5 million in computers, wifi, backbone, which equals 350 laptops and 1,000 computers
-$3.7 million in capital improvements
-2.4 million in test books and new curriculum and text book adoptions
$8.7 million in total in the forecast through 2017!
What is missing from this list of "accomplishments" is the "rest of the story". I don't have the facts at hand (admonish me for not doing my homework) but my belief is that we now have fewer teachers, a narrower AP offering (which was already narrower than most good high schools), larger class sizes amongst other issues. Yes, some good things have been done. However, I believe we have missed the opportunity to take the district to even a higher level of accomplishment in terms of preparing our kids for college or a trade. My concern is that the BOE is managing to the minimum required by law and not providing the higher level of education expected by the most parents of our community.
Stay Focused

Piqua, OH

#26811 Aug 25, 2013
Stay Alert Voters! The true story of the next day is that David Bowman and For SURE activists are the real ones Playing Dominos with Springboro Schools. The SURE group is teamed with the SEA and Ron Malone to dismantle the Children's First Budget success. Just watching at the park today will reveal the status quo re-run of the re-instate Ron Malone hostile takeover as staged by Lisa Babb and Ron's Kids during March 2012; Many of our Boro Alumni have been running all over town soliciting help with the Vote for Revenge campaign
of Ron Malone and the Springboro Education Association to gain control of the board's budget and put the money back into the SEA treasure chest where insanely popular Ron Malone thinks it should be. Don't be deceived by the politics of personal destruction, distortion, and discredit of our unprecedented success in Springbor Schools. The OEA members/union activists are some of the worst people we will ever have to deal with as to radical social behavior; because to the OEA radicals they are at war with the taxpayers.
They have the destruction of America in their minds and they are terrible people because their ideology makes them corrosive. They openly use children to execute their maniacal plans for social progressive changes at the expense of society, and this defines their essence. Wars are won by taking away from the other side the will to continue fighting. The OEA attacks them directly hoping to rob them of their will to stand opposed to the union’s progressive agenda.
There is NO reasoning with the Springobro Education Association members, the SURE group, nor the Neighbors for Springboro Schools. They are angry, hostile, mean-spirited, bitter, and totally without gratitude and appreciation of the simple joys of home, family, faith, and love; and care only for the collective forced investment of other's labor, which the SEA feels their dollar "VALUE" is greater than all.
As we have seen recently when the contract settlement gave the SEA all they said they wanted from taxpayers; still they greedily protested "give us more; we don't want increased pay; we just want it all and we demand the board to PAY it all to the SEA, because Ron Malone says so..."There needs to be a re-emphasis on the VALUE of the educator."
Doug Wiedeman

Cleveland, OH

#26812 Aug 25, 2013
The Next Day wrote:
<quoted text>
What is missing from this list of "accomplishments" is the "rest of the story". I don't have the facts at hand (admonish me for not doing my homework) but my belief is that we now have fewer teachers, a narrower AP offering (which was already narrower than most good high schools), larger class sizes amongst other issues. Yes, some good things have been done. However, I believe we have missed the opportunity to take the district to even a higher level of accomplishment in terms of preparing our kids for college or a trade. My concern is that the BOE is managing to the minimum required by law and not providing the higher level of education expected by the most parents of our community.
We now have more teachers, not fewer

They did delete an A/P History class with single digit enrollment

Mr. Malone had 13 years to expand A/P classes, he failed to do so even after being admonished and reminded numerous times an High Schools That Work audits performed by the Warren County Educational Services Center.

Some classes have more interest, some have less. Most of the "fun" and easy electives have large demand, what a shock. Others are ridiculously small and should be cut from the offerings all together with their freed up resources devoted to areas of greater need.

The first thing one must do to ensure continuity is take care of its financial house, repair its long neglected infrastructure, make necessary investments in equipment, textbooks, and technology to carry out our mission, and ensure the safety of our students.

All of this was done without having to confront the community with the prospect of another contentious levy campaign. In fact this renewal levy is for a smaller amount because it was discovered we did not require all that extra money.

The next battle with the new administration firmly entrenched, new leadership throughout the district that is devoted to actual student achievement rather than paying homage to the hollow state minimums that had preceded them, and a school funding mechanism that for once is solid enough to trust.
The First Day

Piqua, OH

#26813 Aug 25, 2013
The Next Day wrote:
<quoted text>
What is missing from this list of "accomplishments" is the "rest of the story". I don't have the facts at hand (admonish me for not doing my homework) but my belief is that we now have fewer teachers, a narrower AP offering (which was already narrower than most good high schools), larger class sizes amongst other issues. Yes, some good things have been done. However, I believe we have missed the opportunity to take the district to even a higher level of accomplishment in terms of preparing our kids for college or a trade. My concern is that the BOE is managing to the minimum required by law and not providing the higher level of education expected by the most parents of our community.
Admonishment of Shame On You for bloviating on this blog without taking the time to do your homework and learn the facts about exciting things happening in our schools and community!

In case you missed the opportunity to read our school Superintendent's warm and wonderful "Welcome Back" to our students and their classroom teachers in the recent issue of Star Press, let's spend a minute or so reviewing some great expectations of our New school year!

"It is an exciting time to be in our schools! We are beginning the 2013-2014 school year with NEW tools in place for teaching and learning. Our efficiency plans are allowing the district to turn around savings as investments back into our classrooms. Some of the many improvements our students will see this year are:

-NEW curriculum that differentiates instruction encourages and aligns with the Common Core Curriculum, including an exciting technology-rich math and language arts curriculum pilot project in grades six through eight.

-INCREASED reading intervention and gifted intervention in our elementary grades.

-More than $1.1 million upgrade to technology including wireless access and replacing more than 1,100 of the district's aging computers.(W-0-W!-- how exciting is that for SURE parents?)

-Our preschool with district staff and resources to encourage early critical thinking skills while building a continuous curriculum from pre-K through 12th grade.

-These investments--as well as needed buses, building maintenance and more--are MET in the current budget. Our central mission is to accelerate student achievement while maintaining a balanced budget.

-The way it was is not who we are today or who we should be tomorrow. We are MORE than failed levies! We are MORE than hyperbolical headlines! We are NOT defined by yesterday!
Doug Wiedeman

Cleveland, OH

#26814 Aug 25, 2013
Mr David Bowman wrote on his recent blog
"Watching history be retold and revised in real time is interesting, frightening, and angering. I watch as the Springboro School Board takes great pain to pat itself on the back in news releases and blog posts and simultaneously bemoans the fact that the people of Springboro are not elated with the fact that they have accomplished some of the most basic functions of their job by making sure our kids can get to school and that when they get there they will have basic educational materials. Wow! That puts them on par with basically every other functional district in the state. Nice but not exactly noteworthy. Congratulations for doing the minimum requirements of your job, which if the story stopped there would be actually be great. No, the story they tell is entirely half baked, filled with half truths, and all politics as usual."

If the basic functions of their job are so simple why did not the previous boards of education not do any of them.

Instead of an infrastructure that works we received from George Long and associates a $500,000 investment that did not cover anything that would be required of it in the future. Scratch $500,000 for no tangible benefit to anyone but some friendly vendors.

Textbooks that teachers have been complaining about were finally funded. One Spanish teacher that left complained loudly that she had needed new text books for some time. Her principal, Mr. Malone seemed unable to come up with a solution. The board found the need and funded it. Again if the problem was so fundamental, why did this funding not occur under other boards.

The school system has woefully neglected buses that are now bumping up against major safety issues. This board managed to do what previous boards had not with the same amount of monies to work with each year. If it was so fundamental why did the previous boards neglect the safety of our children.

Mr. Bowman uses many words, but in the end this board did what previous boards did not and with no new tax dollars.

Perhaps Mr. Bowman should peruse the DDN and note how many of the local school districts are struggling financially because they failed to live within their means.

Our board, like them or hate them, did the job the public hired them to do.

Our board stood up provided a balanced budget, met previously unmet and neglected needs, and did it all without requiring extra monies.

Compare that with all the other struggling school districts within earshot and see whose shoes you would rather be in today.
The First Day

Piqua, OH

#26815 Aug 25, 2013

Our school superintendent continues in the
Springboro Star Press:

In Springboro, we are defining tomorrow's education today. Our commitment to students is demonstrated in ALL aspects of district operations. The 2013-2014 district goals are the following:

ACADEMICS: Attain Excellent with Distinction rating in all K-12 buildings and as a district during the 2013-2014 school year.

Our students are encouraged to be active learners who think critically, solve problems and communicate well. We are building a curriculum focused on the success of each student well beyond
high school graduation. As we implement the Common Core Curriculum, we are striving to support our teachers and staff with the technology, curriculum, materials and professional development they need for innovative instruction.---

Investing in our schools must begin with human capital -- THE PEOPLE WHO TEACH AND CARE FOR OUR STUDENTS EVERY DAY!

Springboro Schools are financially sound TODAY because of our TEACHERS and STAFF for making the NEW contracts possible as we continue to work together toward encouraging student achievement!
Who Do You Trust

Piqua, OH

#26816 Aug 25, 2013
It is very important that common sense voters fully understand the “Three Fold Purpose” of those who oppose the leadership of our reform minded BOE majority representatives.

FIRST – Their hope is that if they fill you with enough negative sound bites, vastly untrue, you will think of this board as ineffective and will not vote to maintain the kids first philosophy.(Now we all know that WE are smarter than that).

SECOND – Maintain the appearance of the necessity to membership. They must prove their worth to membership.(I certainly would no longer pay for a membership if I did not see the value.)

THIRD – An unprofessional need to discredit comes from a lack of facts to back their positions. A need to portray a VICTIM so that citizens can feel empowered to be “Hero” and vote against their common sense convictions. Keep the pressure on so your opponents give up. All play on emotion rather than providing proof or data on positions. A good distraction to be sure, but hopefully, ineffective in Springboro.

PLEASE read the real truth and not some paid blogger bad mouthing this board because, clearly, they think of the kids first. Our adults have representation with their unions. This board IS making sure there are no victims here as there were in the past, OUR KIDS!

In the past, if districts ran short of money a cookbook of pressure techniques were used to get the levy passed. This board has proven that these tactics hurt the kids and they were unnecessary. That can’t stand if the agenda is control and money driven. Do you understand?

Who Do You Trust

Piqua, OH

#26817 Aug 25, 2013
In the direction of restoring confidence con·fi·dence noun: 1. full trust; belief in powers, trustworthiness, or reliability of a person or thing.... Synonyms 1. faith, reliance, dependence. See trust.... Antonyms 1. mistrust. The opposite of confidence is mistrust. The central goal of the concerned citizens in Educate Springboro is to rebuild eroding trust in our community […]

Copy and paste this URL into your browser:
New Beginnings

Piqua, OH

#26818 Aug 25, 2013
Experience vs cost wrote:
<quoted text>
I guess we will have to wait and see what "teaching histories" will be hired into Springboro. My guess, there will be no one hired with much experience because experience costs. Just take a look at the District office - how much experience do we have there?
Superintendent - 0 yrs exp. as Super. before Springboro (and I would argue your point that there was a healthy waiting list for this job since Mr. Petrey was pretty much the only one and he was able to negotiate his own salary - and might I add he got what he wanted - kind of hypocritical if you ask me since he doesn't seem to want the teachers to negotiate any increases)
new HS Principal - 0 yrs exp. as Principal before Springboro
new SI Principal - 0 yrs exp. as Principal
new JR Principal - 0 yrs exp. as Principal
Curriculum lead - 0 yrs exp. as curriculum advisor (although I'll give her some credit that she was a principal)
Business Director - although he is leaving, he had 0 yrs exp. as a business director prior to being put into that position
HR director - 0 yrs exp. prior to her being put into this position
Springboro Families and Taxpaying Homeowners join with our Springboro Schools Superintendent extending a Warm and Wonderful
"Welcome to Our Schools" to All Our New Teachers and Staff!
We expect to hear good things communicated into our Homes from our Springboro school district leaders throughout the new school year!

"We see the brightness of a NEW page where everything yet can happen." -Rainer Maria Rilke-
Ask Ron Malone

Piqua, OH

#26819 Aug 25, 2013
"If a man does not know what port he is steering for, no wind is favorable to him."

Seeking goals
QUESTION: Mr. Malone, What does the future hold for you?

ANSWER: I'm in my 41st year of education and 35th as a building principal... I don't know what the next couple of years look like right now for me, but I'm interested in continuing to work in education. We'll see what happens.

It's been a time of tremendous change and tremendous growth. I've always felt that the key to a person's effectiveness is how they fit within an organizational philosophy. This changes over time, I'm not sure the fit is as good now as when I came to Springboro in 2000. My strengths and the board's expectations of my position do not match as well as I would like.

Ron Malone is now teamed with David Stuckey and Charles Anderson as part of a push by a local group of SURE community members to change "the direction of the school board" .... back to the way things used to be in the good old days. Isn't it surprising how easy it can be to just let life send us careenig this way and that, as if our boat has lost its rudder, amid one's insanely popularity when name recognition is the only credential that Ron Malone has to offer our schools and community as a certified BOE candidate?
Remember November 2009

Piqua, OH

#26820 Aug 25, 2013
Oh What A Victory....In The Begining! We've come a l-o-n-g way, Springboro, And We Owe a Debt of Gratitude and Thanks to Kelly!

Elections come and go; but the influence of good leadership just stays and grows!

Fiscally conservative Ohio school board turns a deficit into a surplus while cutting taxes and giving raises
Posted by Jimmy Kilpatrick on August 6, 2013 in Daily, Insights on Education, Teachers | 0 Comment
By Ben Velderman -
SPRINGBORO, Ohio – It’s tempting to describe the financial turnaround that’s taking place in the Springboro school district as something of a miracle.
How else to describe the district’s dramatic reversal in fortune?
In the span of just four years, Springboro schools have gone from projecting a massive deficit of $28.7 million to planning for a surplus of nearly $7.2 million by 2017.
That’s a swing of nearly $36 million to the district’s benefit.
That’s unheard of during these tough economic times in which many U.S. school districts are cutting student programs, laying off teachers and raising taxes.
Here’s something else that’s unheard of: Instead of just stockpiling the extra money in the district’s bank account, Springboro school board members are preparing to give a portion of it back to taxpayers.
Last month, Springboro board members voted to place a five-year levy renewal on the November ballot that will actually cut taxes by 15 percent, which equals about $1.3 million a year. The levy would shrink the projected surplus by several million dollars, but the once-needy district would still be left with a tidy sum in reserve.
In a press release, Springboro school board President Kelly Kohls told taxpayers that if they pass the levy, the district “will be able to move forward without any type of levy for some time to come.”
It’ll be up to voters whether or not to accept the deal, though it’s difficult to imagine them turning it down.
Remember November 2009

Piqua, OH

#26821 Aug 25, 2013
It’s not just taxpayers who are reaping the benefits from Springboro schools’ improved financial condition. The district just agreed to a new contract with the local teachers union that gives many educators a 12 percent pay raise – through step increases and a base pay increase – over the next two years.
And even though the new contract also increases teachers’ health insurance contributions – from 15 to 20 percent – most teachers will still see their take home pay increase by about 10 percent over the next two school years, according to Kohls.
Springboro families are also getting in on the fun. Over the past couple of years, the district has cut various student fees by 50 percent and its “pay to play” fees for after-school sports by $200.
The district has also purchased new textbooks, added technology to the schools and made improvements to district buildings and grounds.
What kind of budgeting magic is allowing district leaders to do all this?
None, actually.
Springboro’s financial renaissance is the direct result of careful financial planning, coupled with tough votes that pitted reform-minded school board members against the local teachers union, school administrators and their fellow board members.
Critics of the current school board will say the turnaround is due to the additional tax revenue that’s being generated by a new natural gas pipeline – about $3.5 million a year, since 2012 – and the revenue that will come from the second pipeline that’s being installed.
While the first pipeline has certainly helped the bottom line, it’s not the driver of the district’s improved financial picture. And potential revenue generated by the second pipeline was not figured into Springboro’s most recent budget forecast.
Remember November 2009

Piqua, OH

#26822 Aug 25, 2013
‘Children First’ philosophy yields big results
The district’s turnaround started when Kohls joined the Springboro school board in early 2010 and began implementing a “children first” philosophy to K-12 spending.
At first, Kohls was the board’s lone fiscal conservative and her spending reform ideas were met with stiff resistance. But over the last three-and-a-half years, Kohls has won the trust of the community and is currently serving as the board president.
That promotion was made possible after voters sent two more fiscal conservatives – David Petroni and Jim Rigano – to the board in early 2012, giving reformers majority control.
That allowed the reformers’“children first” philosophy to be implemented in full force. And it’s yielding impressive results.
For example, the district no longer pays administrators’ portion of their retirement fund costs – a savings of $180,000.
The district also started requiring employees to help shoulder more of their health insurance costs. It also joined a health care consortium, which resulted in about $6 million in savings for taxpayers.
One of the biggest changes was the board’s decision to switch to a zero-based budgeting system. Instead of automatically increasing school budgets every year, Springboro leaders only provide schools with additional money if the principal or teachers can identify a specific need.
Union unhappy with smaller levy
Conventional wisdom suggests that Springboro students’ academic performance must be suffering as a result of all these cuts. But the exact opposite is true.
According to Kohls, Springboro’s state test scores and ACT scores have both increased, while the percentage of students who need remedial help has decreased. Springboro schools continue to be honored by the state as “a district of distinction.”
These should be happy days for everyone involved with Springboro Community City Schools – but not everyone is celebrating.
Kohls tells EAGnews some members of the local teachers union and their community supporters aren’t happy with the board’s decision to ask for a reduced levy.
“They think it’s giving back money, and you never do that,” Kohls says, adding that she speaks only for herself, not the board.
She says labor leaders want the district to tax residents at the maximum amount so its bank account is flush with cash when the next teachers’ contract is being negotiated. That way, district leaders won’t have any reason for denying the union its financial requests.
“They always want more,” Kohls says.--
Who Do You Trust

Piqua, OH

#26823 Aug 25, 2013
"Wouldn't it be better for the human spirit and for the soul of this nation to encourage people to accept more responsibility to care for each other rather than leaving those tasks to paid bureaucrats." -Ronald Reagan
And your point is

Maineville, OH

#26824 Aug 25, 2013
Who Do You Trust wrote:
"Wouldn't it be better for the human spirit and for the soul of this nation to encourage people to accept more responsibility to care for each other rather than leaving those tasks to paid bureaucrats." -Ronald Reagan
"Facts are stupid things." - Ronald Reagan

"We are trying to get unemployment to go up, and I think we're going to succeed." - Ronald Reagan

"What does an actor know about politics?" - Ronald Reagan

And your point is...?
Mr Beck

Maineville, OH

#26825 Aug 25, 2013
bombs away wrote:
<quoted text>
what are the coordinates....latitude and longitude
Now that's that spirt you Sara Pailin wannabe.. If you can't beat'em blow them up!
- GB

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