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Sevierville, TN

#42 Apr 6, 2013
As I sit and read this bs I can't help but to let it bother me. You people aren't thinking clearly. How many of you actually live within the town? Mike yes he is a great man in which I have tons of respect for. Chad yes he's also a great guy that I respect. Do I agree with everything that either of them do no I don't. I have worked very closly with both and would hate to chose one over the other. This situation is not about who would be better at any job this is about the protection of the town of Walnut Cove. Yes I agree disbaning the police department would probably save money on the towns part. But when you look at the big picture as far as the county goes would it save anything? Deputies do not run radar they do not do trafic stops unless its real serious. This being said the county would loose money from this. When you receive a ticket and have to bay a fine this doesn't go back to the town this money goes to the county. So should the town do away with the police department If so why not take down the speed limit signs and turn Main Street into a drag strip? As of now on a good night you have 5 deputies in duty. If they hire one more that is assigned to Walnut Cove there would be 6. Do you realize how big Stokes county is? Lets say you have a deputy tied up on a demestic situation in Pine Hall shortly after he arrives there the Walnut Cove deputy gets a breaking and entering call at say Tuttle Hardwear he arrives and does have an open door. Now what. He calls for backup as he shouldn't enter that building alone. Where is the backup coming from? Could it be 15-30 min away. Obviously the suspect left out the back door and is free with this crime. Now you will say well that does sound bad but yet that could be the same situation now. Yes it could only difference now is. Chad lives in town as and a few officers aren't that far away. I know several times he himself has quickly responded at night off the clock to assist other officers when needed. Should we move forward or backward? Personally I wouldn't mind paying extra taxes town and county. Myself I would love to see two officers at night within the town and at least three more at night within the county. This would insure coverage and I reduce the crime rate I'm sure. Chad is going a great job as chief and has mostly good officers under him. Mike is doing a great job as sheriff and he to has great officers for the most part. But people please think outside of your box. You may not personally like the man in the uniform you may not like his decisions but some people do. Why should we let a whole town suffer? My vote is to figure out a way to expand our police department.

Charlotte, NC

#43 Apr 6, 2013
Y'all dumbass leave Chad Williams alone. I've got my 5th DWI now & im a habitual DWI status now & I bet my life I don't get hardly No time LOL!! I will Keep chad as my chef of police any day! Im going to keep doing what I want to do because the punishment is always a slap on my wrist! I anit never leaveing this county because I could prob get away with murder ha haa! I like to drink & get high so what. I am grown & imma do what I wanna do! Thank you!

Charlotte, NC

#44 Apr 6, 2013
And what makes me so sure I anit going to get no time is beacause I went to jail for a year after my 3 DWI and my 4 one I got like 7 months jail. So what does this tell ya? Looks like probation for me now! I will keep y'all updated! Don't hate, apprecate!
Common Sense

Lillington, NC

#45 Apr 6, 2013
Seems to me the Mayor and Town Manager of Walnut Cove would have at least met with the Chief of the Police Dept. and let him know what they were discussing and give him time to make cuts into his budget instead of just trying to do away with him and his Department. But no just like the leaders in King they tried to use the Sheriff as their little scapegoat and when it all went down they ran and hid. Now let's sit back and see what happens when the Town of Walnut Cove gets involved and citizens starts throwing the heat in their laps let's see if they to try to put it on the Sheriff which is a bunch of bologna. I feel the smartest thing to do is give Chief Williams a deadline (6 months)to come up with cuts and spending and reduce the cost of the Police Dept. if he can't then proceed with the way you are going. That way he has been giving a fair shake to keep his job as well as the other employees who work for him. JMO!!!!!!!! Common Sense is something people are born with not learned in a College or Book. Be better off if people had a little Common Sense this world would be a better place to live.
Concerned and confused

Greenville, SC

#46 Apr 6, 2013
Common sense that is by far the best comment! Makes perfect sense to me!

Clemmons, NC

#47 Apr 6, 2013
Little to late to worry about that now! He should have been wisely budgeting when he was hiring all these newcomers and part timers. Instead, Chief came in and immediately started spending money hand over fist. Hasn't he been there quite a while. He should have known where this would lead. You're right, he does live there in town however it's sometimes hard to respond or help your fellow law enforcement brethren when you yourself are to intoxicated to respond. I'm sure Sheriff Marshall would compensate with more than just one Deputy to cover the little Town of Walnut Cove. After all, to my knowledge there's only one town cop on duty at night anyways and you always see the presence of the Sheriffs department at night when you can't even locate a town cop. With my own eyes, I witnessed a Walnut Cove Cop asleep at South Eastern Middle School a few months back. So what gives ?? Do you want to be in bed asleep one night when your home is invaded and your protector is sitting somewhere in a parked car ASLEEP and your local Chief can't come out because he's a sop himself! How safe do you feel now?

Clemmons, NC

#48 Apr 6, 2013
Hey Christina Morton maybe next time you will get a slap on the ass.

Sevierville, TN

#49 Apr 6, 2013
And did you report this sleeping to the Chief or town manager?

Burlington, NC

#50 Apr 6, 2013
Well no they didn't report it because its not true. Don't you think if you witnessed something like that then you would report it.

Sevierville, TN

#51 Apr 6, 2013
I think I would myself if I didn't I wouldn't have felt like I did my part. But also a good question is why was this person at southeastern after hours?
Wouldntyouloveto know

Clemmons, NC

#52 Apr 7, 2013
I have heard alot of this reporting myself. For your information, it was reported to the town manager and NOTHING ever came of it. Ive heard from several citizens that they had witnessed the same. Guess its ok to sleep on the job as long as you are a Cove Cop!!!

Hickory, NC

#53 Apr 7, 2013
HEY WINSTON!! I've already got a slap on my ass LOL at u dummy. I get away with alot. Im not scard of nothing. Its really been more than 5 dwi but I anit gonna go ther with u winston. You can gogle me though lol Guess they like the way my ass feels as much as I like the slap WINSTON!

Hickory, NC

#54 Apr 7, 2013
WINSTON just wants to slap my ass to LOL!

Columbia, SC

#55 Apr 7, 2013
who="Winston"]Hey Christina Morton maybe next time you will get a slap on the ass. Aww stfu Winston you just want to slap my ass don't ya? Well you anit got a big enuff wallat. Its a price for anything and everthing. The court knows and so does the police. I got them on my side so fuck u

Washington, DC

#56 Apr 7, 2013
Christina I hope you don't have any kids. If so you don't need them are maybe you already lost your kids. I would be ashamed to show how much of a dumb ass you are.

Washington, DC

#57 Apr 7, 2013
Hey Christina are you the one that got your ass kicked in Walnut Cove if so maybe thats why are talking like a dumb ass

Washington, DC

#58 Apr 7, 2013
It sounds like you are a hooker and by the way I wouldnt slap your ass with your momma hand. You made it clear that you are a piece of trash the landfill is open tomorrow go dump yourself.
Lordhavethemerci es

Clemmons, NC

#59 Apr 7, 2013
This ain't about Christina and how many DWI's she may or may not have had or has gotten but simply about the Sheriffs Dept taking over the Police Dept. I mean really, y'all go from one extreme to another. I don't know much about the police down there but I do know a few that have worked there and some that still work there part time. As far as the sleeping in the cars while on duty, I too have seen that before. However I know it doesn't pertain to what's about to happen or going to happen. I just know that when Sheriff Marshall steps in and takes over, y'all won't have to worry about the town or the county being ran the way it should be. This man Marshall knows how it's done at a conservative level. If you got lemons, make lemonade and if you got bullshit, do away with it! I look forward to seeing the Brown in the Town! Peace!!

Charlotte, NC

#60 Apr 8, 2013
Its not about how many tickets someone has had or whose trash we all need to be more concerned about whats going on in this town it will effect someone in some way if they choose to shut down the police department. Lets support the Wcpd and stop bashing names.
asking the wrong person

United States

#62 Apr 8, 2013
Well wrote:
I think I would myself if I didn't I wouldn't have felt like I did my part. But also a good question is why was this person at southeastern after hours?
WHY don't you ask Chad Williams why??? Why was it someone at SES school after hours CHAD??!!! HUH? Probably about to break in & there yalls ass is sleep on the job as usual! What is the point of having a police dept & Chad for a chief!!!!!!!???

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