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this is the real Shanna

Eugene, OR

#89 Mar 29, 2013
Jennifer wrote:
@ shawna I know that this is random but about 8 years ago were you on a gray hound bus doing to IL?

Phoenix, AZ

#90 Mar 31, 2013
chris tibbets wrote:
<quoted text> well who are you my aunt bj was a bitch
Apparently you can't read well as I said I am Betty's daughter and if she or my uncle Reed were anything other that kind to you it was because of your own actions. I lived with them and enjoyed it. Pretty sure I never met you. I will ask Reed who you are he is having dinner with us today.
chris tibbets

Lynnwood, WA

#91 Mar 31, 2013
Margaret wrote:
<quoted text> Apparently you can't read well as I said I am Betty's daughter and if she or my uncle Reed were anything other that kind to you it was because of your own actions. I lived with them and enjoyed it. Pretty sure I never met you. I will ask Reed who you are he is having dinner with us today.
good go for it

Corvallis, OR

#92 Jun 29, 2013
I always thought it was funny how many times she supposedly got pregnant while she was still at JDH in Klamath! Even claimed my brother got her pregnant! And she really was/is psycho, and never had any remorse!

Klamath Falls, OR

#93 Jul 10, 2013
nola neary wrote:
Does anyone remember the storey of the girl, i think 14 or 15 at the time. Her name was jessica and she killed her mom and brother near chemult or chiloquin. Her mom's name was benny joe but i am unsure of her last name. If anyone know's any detail's i would like to hear them all. I think it was between the year's of 1996-1998 not sure of exact date. you can email me at [email protected] or i will check this place for feedback.. Thank's.
she has been released from prison
She Who Hears

Portland, OR

#94 Nov 13, 2013
To anyone who doesn't know yet, Jessica Tibbets is a free woman today! It sickens me to read all of these comments that allege that Jessica did the killing, when it's clear that she did NOT. It was the man that did it, not the young girl. She lived a traumatic life and it had to have played a part in the tragic and brutal murders of her mother and brother. She is not without fault or remorse, she played a song for me the other day...a song that her and her mother would listen to...a song they sang together the morning of that fateful day. And the tears that came with that song were nothing short of real...and genuine pain. I can't say I know exactly what happened...only Jessica, Edward and Creator know the truth. But I DO know that she is out, she is free, and she now has a chance to live the life that Creator intended her to have without the choas, abuse and torture that she endured as a child. And I am happy to know her, happy to spend time with her and mostly I am happy to love her...maybe if her family members who knew of this abuse would have loved her in this way and protected her, their relatives would still be alive today. Just sayin... By the way, Jessica is a beautiful young woman with her whole life ahead of her and her integration back into society and the community is going well.:)
She Who Hears

Portland, OR

#95 Nov 13, 2013
my name is holly wrote:
OK so i am extreamly close to loretta and my mom is betty and bennie is my aunt I am very surprised to see that everyone has so much interest in this case but if u want the actule truth u need to contact my cuz Loretta brother boby he has the orignal transcripts and pictures of the bodies I have never seen them because it hurts way to much. I am not a pretend blood relitive and I grew up with aunt bennie and loretta is my favorite cuz I love her dearly and have watched her go through hell over this hole thing.
I also lived with my aunt bennie many times and she was not the best mom but she tried her best and yes she was abusive to all of her kids (No sex abuse at all ) that's just sick but as everyone knows if a child is raised abused then that's what they know we my brothers and sisters were all abused by my mom to punched,kicked, pushed, told that we were hated and wished we were never born and yes larry is my brother and one time my y mom found something she got mad about and she started kicking him so hard he fell to the ground now he was about 8 years old and she just, lost it she was killing him so i jumped on him to stop her from killing him so i was gitting kicked but she stopped and my brother was OK. There is alot more I could write a book but I have chosen to forgive my mom and mom if u r reading this I am truly sorry I don't blame u anymore we all make mistakes. But I am going to confess something I am now 40 years old a and I have told my mother what I am about to tell u .Before u judge me or my family u need to walk in my shoes or our shoes when I was 13 I was so tired of getting beat and watching my brothers and sisters all 6 of us at the time getting beat I couldn't stand it anymore and one day she was sleeping on the couch and so peaceful I went into the kitchen and got a butcher nigh and stood over her wile she slept and thought if I just stab her and kill her I will b free and all. Y brothers and sisters will b free also I just didn't want to be hit or called names anymore I just wanted to b normal like the kids r on TV now as u know I never did it that time. Ut I planned her murder about 4 times just to be free and save my siblings of who I was raising and protecting. But I never did it I came extreamly close to though mow am I any different then jessica I don't know. But if I would have had a boyfriend that wanted to protect me or was caused of statuaary rape things could have turned out different me and jessy would problu b cell mates I feel bad for her.Aunt bennie was so protective of her kids that when the docters said that jessica needed to have a sykeractrek evaluation she turned them down in fear of losing Jessie she knew Jess had problems we kinda all did. Maby we r all to blame she staied at my house every summer and I enjoied her company she was a great girl but one time she told me she hated her mom when she was 11 and wishesed she was dead but what did I do I just told her that was normal and we all go through that I never told anyone till I told loretta about 5 years ago now I am sorry but I love jessica still and I hope for the best for my hole family including jessica but we r all suposed to hate the sin not the sinner and we r not suposesto judge least ye b juged rember we all need to have a forgiving heart rember if u don't walk in our shoes u don't know what u would do .......PS my family might be all screwed up but they r mine and I am proud off them all of them good or bad ........
I think it is amazing that Jessica still has at least one family member that loves her and forgives her. As I am sure you know, she is a free woman now and I truly hope that you are in contact with her...I know I am.:)

Toledo, OH

#96 Dec 15, 2014
Kristi wrote:
Benny was loved by a lot of people and by the rest of her kids and family. Jessica deserves to spend the rest of her life in jail and her boyfriend she be put to death what was his deal did my aunt do something to him? did Billy do something to him?
Hey, Billy was my half brother off his dad..i planned to see him when I turned 18 and that was taken from me..i always waited, i just got a few pics of him and that is and a couple memories left of him

Toledo, OH

#97 Dec 15, 2014
Kristi wrote:
just look up Benny Jo Tibbets and you will find her I truley hope Jessica spends her entire 30 years in prision She robbed us of the love and joy benny and billy brought to our lifes she is my aunt. jessica is family but she dont desirve to be free ever for what they did I feel the death sentance was in order.
If there anyway we can communicate, I would love to see if we could see and share pics..i got a couple of billy...He one yr got me a polar bear and one year trolls, I wish I still had them...but i got the memory anyways..

Toledo, OH

#98 Dec 15, 2014
shawna wrote:
i havn't excused anything, really. and i wouldn't do what she did, ever. I have no idea what her brother had to do with this whole thing, really i dont. I heard rumors of him raping her as a child, but i realize how he was and i dont belive it. Yes she was an out of control teenage girl, thats bad parenting. I knew the family, i use to go out picking shrooms with them, i saw a life loving side of benny and reed and as i said befor, she and billy never deserved that, never, i was shocked when i first heard of it. I was only saying i saw alot of how she was treated, and to treat a child like that is unexcusable, and i guess jessica couldn't take
it anymore.
I was told it happened to Billy just because he was there and was witness..that is what i got on my end as a kid

Coos Bay, OR

#99 Jan 6, 2015
Bennie was my grandma i never got to meet her but i have heard many story's about the amazing woman she was

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