HUD? Working people are the losers.
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The Other End

Long Island, WA

#22 Jan 12, 2013
I think that we need to change the voting process to give the working people a break. You vote if you can prove that you are employed or are retired and not receiving government aid, if you are on welfare or other government aid other then a disability for more then a year then you donít get to vote.

Klamath Falls, OR

#23 Jan 19, 2013
why work to support little mexico ? those cockroaches having one baby after another take a look around people thats where your hard earned money is going anchor babies free dental free medical free housing free food plus the men work under the table while the women are grubbing up everything they possibly can, and dont forget their side drug business, the filthy basterds are raping children. shooting people , you can go into a store with out 500 of the lops in your way, following your little girls around, screw working to support these maggots!
klamtucky two step

La Grande, OR

#25 Feb 25, 2013
I really appreciate supporting the masses of white trash sh*tbags in the Klamtucky area. I have never seen such a group as these. It's not that the Basin has high unemployment; it's that most of these bums have NEVER worked! What they are good at is having babies and walking their pit bulls through grocery stores.

Klamath Falls, OR

#26 Mar 1, 2013
it sure beats the hell out of paying for mexicans and there 50 anchor babies who in the hell wants to work for this shit !
You have options

United States

#27 Mar 2, 2013
You can call HUD and give them the address of the person you are complaining about. They can and do contact the landlord/property manager. My husband and I signed up 5 years ago for emergency housing. We just got into our place with the help of Section 8. My husband works, I am disabled and work part time. We pay a portion of our incomes to our rent and Section 8 pays the rest. We also pay our utilities. We don't take for granted that we won't be homeless and we don't smoke or use drugs.

Sebastopol, CA

#28 Mar 26, 2013
Citizen401K wrote:
I'm writing to express my disdain about HUD/Section 8 recipients in Klamath Falls. I'm buying a house in the south suburbs. I have worked for most of my life to be able to move into a decent neighborhood,and purchase a home. I can honestly say that if I knew that the quaint complex directly across the street was allowing people 'who do not have regular jobs' to live there I would have thought twice about rearranging my life and the life of my family to move here. I can tell there are people are on public assistance living there; They do not leave the house all day,they chain smoke cigarettes,you can hear their kids crying and screaming, they invite rift raft over at all hours of the night. It is irritating to see all the traffic that these people have. The neighborhood has a very good school; There are good established neighbors here. I have to ask this, why do 'HUD'ers' move to the south suburbs? It seems the working class move here for the safety and serenity. If people on 'Section H8' want to live in a nice neighborhood then why do they bring the rif-raf here to mess it up? I find it disturbing to see a woman living here,living it up between the 1st and 6th of the month and honestly not working for that right,whose only handicap is what? That she did not use birthcontrol? I say give the working class a break on rents! Give a grant to parents who work to support their children a break! I'm all for that! At least working people who should really be the recipients would keep decent hours and be too tired at 3am to be sitting out front chainsmoking, selling pot,arguing with pimps and screaming at their kids!
I totally agree, I'm so tired of paying for all the losers, they live better than I do.. They disturb me in my home. I pay 10 times the rent for the same apartment, plus I pay 400$ a week to support them. My son and I could really use a break but that is never going to happen. Fk Obama and all his losers with their Obama phones and free benefits. Boot out all the Mexicans that stare down our 10 year old girls and rape and steal. I can't even type right because it brings me so much stress to think of it... Instead of giving them money, give them a job and let them pay like I do.

Minneapolis, MN

#29 May 9, 2013
I've been working since I was 16 years old, never once was I on government assistance, nor was anyone in my family. To the people who are whining like little bitches, seriously shut the f up.
There are people out there who abuse the system yes, but there are also those who actually need the help. Most of them yes, are single mothers. You can't just group everyone into one category over some ignorant people.
Because that's just plain out wrong.
I have a few friends on HUD who need it. They don't get child support, have a job, and go to school to support their children.
So before you become an ignorant f and point fingers, look at your fing self.
Your more of a low life then the people your talking shit about.
best buy

East Greenwich, RI

#30 May 18, 2013
The reason they want to give them amnesty is so the democrats will be in power forever. No one is going to vote against the party that gives them free stuff.
Then they will vote to bring in even more people and we will be a minority.
They already named a school in California after one of their gangsters.
GG t

Klamath Falls, OR

#31 Jul 9, 2013
best buy wrote:
The reason they want to give them amnesty is so the democrats will be in power forever. No one is going to vote against the party that gives them free stuff.
Then they will vote to bring in even more people and we will be a minority.
They already named a school in California after one of their gangsters.
Those people don't vote. What are you thinking. The Jews have a tolerance agenda (liberal) they push on Hollywood and Washington DC that keep these sort of programs running.

I wouldn't have a problem with the illegals if they didn't bring their teenage sons with them, who worship gang culture and stare at 10 year old girls, and beat up 10 year old boys.

I wouldn't have a problem with the white trash system, I mean the welfare system, if the welfare dads would stop acting/talking/dressing like gang members, and the welfare women would stop acting like they are on Jerry Springer.

All these things are the actions of people who are being afforded spare time to cultivate this "act", and never go hungry because they won't drop same said act in order to get a job or be around decent people to make business contacts.

Thanks a lot Eazy E and Ice Cube.

Anyway, the one poster was totally correct, report these pieces of crap.

Skamokawa, WA

#32 Jul 10, 2013
The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else.
What one person receives without working for, another must work for without receiving.

Klamath Falls, OR

#33 Aug 16, 2013
You are entitled to nothing....

We weren't born with guarantees

Society owes you 0

Its very simple,You make it or you don't

There's a great book that says.... "if ya don't

work, ya don't eat"

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