Can a 200lb woman be sexy?

Can a 200lb woman be sexy?

Created by Big Mama on Mar 26, 2008

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Saint Louis, MO

#279 Sep 4, 2009
this girl wrote:
<quoted text> omg are you crazy all you gotta do to fix being skinny is to eat! woo so hard! your nutts! unless you have a bad habit of eatin and then goin to gag yourself then yeh thats bad and you need help!
not every body can help being skinny and this is coming from a girl who weighs about 170 i have alot of friends that are skinny and wish that they had boobs or an ass like my they alos think there too skinny and try to eat to gain weight they eat all the time and they cant seem to gain it its called high metabolism look it up... its not just the big girls who dont feel confident its the sskinny ones too so dont try saying someones starving thereselves when some cant helpit. and talking about gagging your self i use to be bulimic and trust me its not just the real skinny girls who do it you would be suprised

Saint Louis, MO

#280 Sep 4, 2009
just me again wrote:
I will never make fun of someone for being large because i know how it feel. Also i will never let myself get like that again. If anyone need help with your diet i can give you some tips.
i currently weigh 170 pounds and 20 pounds of it is in my but and boobs i have been working out and trying to diet but i dont want to lose my boobs or but i just want to tighten up my midsection. do u know of any diet that would be good that i could do to focus on this area if so i would love the advice and no i dont think 200 pounds is sexy i weigh 170 and yeah most of it is in my boobs but i would cry if i got up to 200 pounds i would literally starve myself or make myself throw up anything i could do to be little but that is just me. it depends on the person everyone is entitled to there own opinion in very short so no 200 pounds would not look good on me but for somone who is alot taller than me yeah it would be ok for them. it also i think depends on your body structure you put me next to someone who weighs 150 pounds and we would look about the same size in the waiste know this because i am friends with someone like this the onl difference is she has no but or boobs. so it depends on that to me im sorry but a skinny chick with no ass wouldnt exaxtly look right with big boos they would look better smaller i think if u kinda chinky but have an ass and boobs like me then its sexy because its proportioned right. but to me 200 pounds on me would be unsexy but to taller people it would be different its when you hit that 300 pound mark that u should worry about because that is DEFINATLY mot sexy and can be dangeroud to your health
Out of Time

Saudi Arabia

#281 Sep 5, 2009
The best loving I ever had was a gal who weighed between 190 & 200 lbs. She sure knew how to work it.

Corpus Christi, TX

#282 Oct 1, 2009
I'm 5'4" and I currently weigh 216 lbs, although I am losing weight. My opinion is that it probably has to do with height relative to weight, body shape, and confidence.

Now as for the first two, I freely admit that I have been blessed. I think that most girls my height probably don't look as good as I do at this weight, but I have the great fortune to have a small waist and belly at virtually any size I've been.

As far as confidence, that's something that I have gained. In high school, I was about 180, but I had NO confidence whatsoever, I dressed badly, and I can't imagine I carried myself very well. Since then, though, I have gained confidence and started taking more pride in my appearance.

And let me tell you, even though I have gained weight over the past few years, you would not believe how often I get compliments about my body. Not just my "pretty face," which is a common backhanded fat-girl compliment, but people actually admiring my figure.

So, short answer to the original question? Yes, 200lb women can be sexy.

Bradenton, FL

#283 Nov 25, 2009
i think a 200 lb woman can defiately be sexy especially if shes got it in the rear and the top yuuumy
fromshoresofgetc hygoomie


#284 Nov 26, 2009
deaconblue6969 wrote:
i think a 200 lb woman can defiately be sexy especially if shes got it in the rear and the top yuuumy
interesting name you have there with the deaconblue6969.
are you realy a deacon? why not a minister? as in "the man was an ordained minister"?
are you really blue? why not yellow
or green? as in "the boy was just plain yellow" or "she was green with envy"?
are you really 6969? why not "two couples that enjoy sex"?
are you really from tampa? we have residents in town that are from tampa, perhaps they know you. where do you live in tampa? what area? I bet some of our town folks know you and know the area where you live.
are you just another new name for silly rabbit, scanner, governor, republican proud, out of time, ebay shopper, looking in, and hundreds of other names you go by ?
this thread now is of interest to you, huh tampa?
there are almost 20 missing entries on this thread and I will make wager that all those missing belong to you in one of your hundreds of names you use on this site. look at the very first page of this thread for example, you have seven posts that were deleted. we know who scanner really is, keep that in mind as you go thru the dictionary looking for new ids. your attitude and statements give you away in minutes of your big mouth display.
all at once this thread has taken on new interest to many of us regulars. U BET CHA!
just someone

Saint Louis, MO

#285 Nov 28, 2009
depends on how tall she/he is.
a short woman who weighs 200 lbs is kinda gross

Saint Louis, MO

#286 Nov 28, 2009
Im sure she can have pretty facial features, but naked....H E L L N O!!!

Saint Louis, MO

#287 Nov 28, 2009
sure can if she's 6'6"!

Palestine, TX

#288 Dec 2, 2009
my sister is over 200 lbs but she looks just like me at 125. shes the most beautiful person in the whole world. i wish that bigger women and men would have more confidence in tehmselves

United States

#289 Dec 2, 2009
Back in 1975 Missouri opened their first coed prison at Renz farm near Jeff City, there was a girl there named Barbara Davis that stood about 6 foot and probably weighed close to 200 and she was a FOX. Also she could whip about anyone including most men. So I would say yes its possible!
Holy Cow

Stockton, CA

#290 Dec 2, 2009
My best friend never topped 110 pounds at any given time she had beautiful long red hair and an incredible personality. She, however, wa a pig. She ate everything is sight and you damn we ll better believe when she was at a buffet they suffered a loss.
I, on the other hand was a 200 pounder and short and didn't eat as much in 7 days as she did in 2.
To the point....when we were out partying I got just as much attention as she did and never felt left out. My eyes, my hair, the way I dressed and my personality more than made up for those extra pounds. Although heavy I am very proportonial.
I am now past 60 and no one except those who know me personally know or believe it. I look a good 10 or 15 years younger and feel it too.
It is what it is!
Big Women

Saint Louis, MO

#291 Dec 7, 2009
Are Beautiful.

Port Angeles, WA

#292 Mar 21, 2010
I am about 200 pounds and 5'6". I have NEVER had a problem getting men. I have had more than one man tell me that I am sexy, and that I carry myself well! My husband thinks I am sexy, and in fact, when I lose weight, he says I better not lose my butt! lol I would like to lose a little though...but all in all...its all about attitude!

Kennett, MO

#293 Mar 22, 2010
hMM wrote:
i'm a bigger lady..
and i agree..
its all about your presentation .. how you hold you treat others and how your attitude is.
i get compliments all the time of how "pretty" i am. husband agrees.
I myself dont see myself that way..but i do what i can to not look "ewww-ish"
i agree with you. we have children and u know after that and gettin older it doesnt just all go away from sum women. but if you take care of yourself, dress nicely w-out tryin to flop out there......sum r very pretty. 4 awhile i was afraid my husband just told me he likes the way i look just to make me feel better, but no he likes me better now. if u doubt urself, others doubt u. an take a walk, do sum kind of exercise and feel better about urself intead of just giving up and sittin on ur ass. makes a world of difference. besides, sum skinny just doesnt look healthy at all.
loving me

United States

#294 Mar 22, 2010
I am 200 pounds and I dont look down on myself, I love the way I am and the way I look. I have being told a million times or more that Im beautiful, gorgeous, and sometimes hot. I have being to clubs and got more man than some skinny girls do. People have told me that I carry my self very well and that I have alot of confidence on myself and self-esteem. Everywhere I go guys turn to look at me, I think that its not how much you weight, is how you carry yourself.... I have never being stressed or worried about my weight, It doesnt get to me at all even tho sometimes when girls try to fight me or argue they call me things or try to hurt my feelings but it doesnt work! So, I wanna tell all the big girls, that we are as beautiful as the skinny girls but learn to carry your self right and to keep your head up. Also, my man also thinks Im sexy ass hell and no hes not fat or ugly... he gets lot of attention too himself....

Since: Aug 08

Liberal, KS

#295 Apr 23, 2010
sure what ever if u think u look good being fat eat another twixs but when u come down from the cload of bull shit go to gym much love deamon

Santa Fe, NM

#296 Oct 24, 2010
I am a seventeen year old girl. I am 5'5" and I weigh 215 pounds, I got sick almost a year and a half ago and I was forced to go on a high calorie diet. I went from a size ten to a size eighteen I have never felt sexier. I looked like a box before gaining all the weight, zero curves. Now I have a small waist, large ass and bigger tits. My boyfriend loves it. Can a 200 pound woman be sexy? Hell yeah. It is a matter of presentation, no matter what anyone on here says. If you feel ugly you look ugly but if you see yourself as beautiful then other people see that. There will always be men who don't find you sexy for this reason or that reason the trick is to not care.

Columbia, MO

#297 Oct 27, 2010
Pretty is as pretty does. SEXY is in the eyes of the beholder. It takes as kinds to make the world go around. I have seen beautiful plus-size women and I have seen some that would be beautiful if they didn't act trashy.

Elko, NV

#298 Oct 27, 2010
If there are any sexy women in Kennett then the answer is yes.

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