Curious about a 30 year old murder
A citizen

Celina, OH

#224 Sep 23, 2013
"For example, the police would have told the family that they thought she could have went to a party instead of the train station."

- The theory about the party at the Bladis home was not brought to the attention of the Springfield police until the late 1970's.

"My thoughts are while at the party, like a normal teenager, Jeanette probably consumed alcohol"

- There was no party at the Bladis home that night, and Jeannette did not drink.

"There are two rumors that could possibly fit in with the story. To the boy who supposedly had affection for Jeanette and she did not want to return it, he could have accidentally killed her in anger, possibly even raped her, which would make sense about why he killed himself, which would make even more sense about how no one found the killer."

- The rumor you are referring to is the "Police Chief's Son" rumor which has since been disproved. The chief of police in Springfield at that time was George Parsell. While Parsell did have two sons, they were both nearly a decade older than Jeannette, and neither committed suicide. One is still alive, and the other died in 2002.

"There's also this supposed 'Red' who lived in the woods and was a hitch hiker or whoever. That would explain why she was found in the woods and why they never found the killer, because he traveled and was never really identified."

- Red was a caddy who worked at Baltusrol and sometimes lived in a homeless camp within the woods near the Quarry. Red was identified and even interrogated by the Springfield Police and Union County Prosecutors Office, and was cleared as a suspect by both.

"Myths alluding to a satanic ritual or animals found tied to trees and arrows leading to the body are a whole other level of confusion."

- According to the officers that found Jeannette's body, there were no arrows carved into any trees.

"I think if there was a party, which is likely, Donna and others there should be interviewed on where they last saw Jeanette and if she left with anyone."

- There was no party, and Donna is dead.

Hope this helps.
want to help

Hillsborough, NJ

#225 Sep 23, 2013
Dear Citizen,
Are you a retired Springfield cop or Union County Prosecutor? You provide information that if true, only an investigator or family member should know.
There was in fact was a party that night because people who were at the party have confirmed it.
To everyone else on this site, interstingly enough, the Bladis home was recently knocked down, making this even more curious to me.
The entire investigation smells of a cover up, the cops in that area are known to be on the take and protect the rich and powerful regardless of right and wrong.
If someone knows anything more substantial or was at the party, please come forward. Do the right thing and free yourself from the lies and corruption. You will help to put Jeanette to rest and provide her family with a sense of peace. NOTHING should be more important than that.
Jersey Boy

Marrero, LA

#226 Sep 27, 2013
I'm not trying to deviate from the topic of Jeanette,but can tell you,growing up in a small town in Morris county evoked all kinds of strange activities including the one this link will tell.

About halfway down the blog,you''ll come upon a story entitled HAUNTED BY A LONG AGO MURDER-A RUTAL ACT STILL DEFINES TWO LIVES. I was a classmate of the kid who did this,my hometown was inundated with drug overdoses and suicides,one very bizzare. I'm not an advocate of the paranormal,but do believe strange things happen in certain areas.

About 3 years after this,another even more bizzare incident happened I won't even mention a few miles away.

I hope her killer is found.
Jersey Boy

Marrero, LA

#227 Sep 27, 2013
Being an avid reader of Weird New Jersey,I read The Unsolved Case Of Jeanette DePalma

I wasn't there,but don't see how either author err'd in their investigation as none of their findings were arbitrary,but based on accounts of those they interviewed.

And will admit,the magazine is filled with folklore and Urban Legends that's hard to take serious,but when it comes to the articles such as Woody Guthrie's Greystone Hospital story was dead on

I was 11 when it happened and was born and raised in Pequannock Township about 15 moles from Sprinfield N.J.
A citizen

Celina, OH

#228 Sep 27, 2013
want to help -

My information comes straight from the police officers who found Jeannette's body, the original investigators from the UCPO, the DePalma family, classmates, friends, and the Bladis family.

"There was in fact was a party that night because people who were at the party have confirmed it." <--- There is not a single person who has come forward claiming to have been at a party at the Bladis residence on August 7th, 1972. The "Bladis Party" theory only came about in the late 1970s, and was based purely on rumor and conjecture. It was investigated, and turned up nothing.

Donna was grounded that day and her family was all home that night. There was no party.

"To everyone else on this site, interstingly enough, the Bladis home was recently knocked down, making this even more curious to me." <--- Houses get knocked down. Fact of life. There's no cover-up. The Bladis family had nothing to do with this. Neither did witchcraft or Satanists.

More information will come out soon.

New Martinsville, WV

#229 Oct 6, 2013
Hi guys, i am a little late but lets see if i get any responses, i live in Springfield New Jersey Currently.. I am 18 but very interested in what happened to Jeanette DePalma. The murder that happened in 1972 is less then 2 miles where my house is. I plan on investigating the site just for fun and if i take a interest in it possibly write it as a report for my senior project.

Thomaston, CT

#230 Oct 24, 2013
hey, i recently heard about this cold case. I live around the area and i hope that this case is re opened and people who are still around today who knew the victim and any police officers who worked during the time are questioned.
I DO believe in the paranormal things and i have heard about many things that have happened around this area and i hope to find out about the cold case soon for fun and interest.
if anyone has any further details about the cold case and about her death please let me know, and reply to this
dark lady

Trenton, NJ

#231 Oct 25, 2013
How did Donna die and when?
What caused the chief's son death, what was his name and where is he buried?
Who was she last seen with?
Who are you Citizen that you are so well informed?

I cannot understand why her friends did not come forward to tell the real story about where and who she was with before she disappeared. Cover up between them so they would not get into trouble for playing around with drugs!!!!!!!!!!

Where does her sister Cindy live now? Don't you think she reserves to know what really happened?

A young girl's life was taken by someone she knew and trusted. They had different thought patterns
and she should have trusted her instincts when it
came to this person.

This had nothing to do with Satanic practices. It was about a young man that could not take no for an answer. Obsession at times can lead a person down a dark path which in this case turned deadly.

I know more than one person knows who this person was. Real friends would have the back bone to step up to the plate and tell the truth so her spirit can rest in peace. What if the shoe was on the other foot or it was someone you loved???? Flip the coin and do some soul searching.
A citizen

Celina, OH

#232 Oct 25, 2013
Donna died 3 years ago of cancer.
The chief's sons were nearly 30 in 1972 and the one that passed away died of cancer in 2002.

Where the chief's son is buried and the address of Cindy DePalma are none of anyone on here's business. Cindy knows about my research, as does the rest of the DePalma family, and they support it. That is all anyone on here needs to know for the time being.
Jeannette was not last seen with anyone. Jeannette was last seen walking alone through Springfield Top.

If you're so certain that what you know, or what you think you know, is true, maybe you should name names. Until you do that, you're just one of dozens of people claiming to know who really murdered Jeannette without saying anything.
want to help

Hillsborough, NJ

#233 Oct 25, 2013
I do know that some of the teenagers in the area broke into the List home after the murders. They used to break into the basement window and have parties there. Someone named Chris Chambers from Mountainside told me that he was with them on several occasions while the bank had the home up for sale. He said they stole toys, specifically a stuffed animal which was one of the List children's toys, and he said such strange things happened that he left the group and found Jesus. He became obsessed with the church and redemption. There was definitly a lot of dark arts being practiced in those days and what I have heard from authorities "off the record" there was someone at the top of Springfield that was heavily into it.
There's a name for you. Chris may have been Jeanette's age or he was a year younger than her.
Cindy, I hope you find out the truth some day soon.
Psyco Mallex

Kensington, Australia

#234 Oct 30, 2013
Tbear wrote:
<quoted text>
This is my cousin. I need to help her. I know there are sceptics that don't believe in the paranormal, but I do and this case needs to be solved, it's been too long, WAY too long. I'm not a nutcase, believe me. I had doubts myself but this is just something I know I need to do for her. The police have apparently dropped the ball on this case something has to wake them up & get them back on it! If you have any idea how I can get in contact with the family, please let me know. As you will see when you keep reading on, she died before I was born & when my parents divorced, my mom sadly kept me away from dad's side.
Again, although we never met (she was killed @6 weeks before I was born), we have become very close these past two weeks. She's been talking to me through my reader. She too was trying to contact Jeanette & justify her case and help her. I first thought since her death & my birth were so close I may be Jeanette, but I am not. Her spirit has been with me since the day I was born & still is. She is not able to move on until her killer is brought to justice and some facts get straightened out!
Here are the facts we were able to get from her... she was both stabbed & strangled as well as raped (althought the police deny that as she had her pants on when she was found ... brilliant police work guys). The story Weird NJ wrote was a warped & twisted.... basically a farce for the most part. Although some facts are true, they added their own to sell their magazine. This is WRONG.. stop buying their magazine people, they are trying to make a profit off my cousins death! This has angered her and she wants everyone to know. She also wants her murderer captured. He is still alive. Anyone who may have information that may help me to let my cousins spirit move on to the path she was destined to travel like friends or boyfriends & such she may have had... PLEASE let me know. 35 years is TOO long, WAY too long. Please help
Thank you
Tina Carrion
Hi Tina. I am currently writing a speech on up solved mysteries for English and when I came across this article I was both amazed and horrified. Amazed that the Police in Springfield were so dumb and horrified that they would just give up. I was hoping you might be able to give me information on this tragic murder. I don't know her, I don't even live in the same country, but I am really intrigued about it and I was hoping that maybe someone has information to help clear the air on what really happened. If you do know anything and would like to tell me just contact me on my email address
[email protected]
Nicholas Piera
A citizen

Celina, OH

#235 Oct 30, 2013
Nicholas - Tina Carrion is not related to the DePalma family, and her post was filled with lies. Cindy DePalma confirmed this in a previous post. Sorry.
Psyco Mallex

Reservoir, Australia

#236 Oct 30, 2013
We'll then does anyone know anything
dark lady

Trenton, NJ

#237 Oct 31, 2013
Citizen- What do you do for a living?

No,I do not have any names. I work with different police agencies finding missing/murdered victims free of charge. I have a gift so I try to use it to help find justice for the dead. My friend got the information from his friend at weird NJ and asked me to look into it. I have to visit the location to be more accurate. I would like to speak to Cindy and I did not expect you to put her address on this site. You can not trust anyone these days. I know how many freaks are out there. I have to make arrangements to visit, but I can not and will not come up alone. Do you think the police would be willing to help? I do not know the area. Let me know if you can point me in the right direction. Thanks!!
dark lady

Trenton, NJ

#238 Oct 31, 2013
My the way. Jeanette knew the person responsible for her death. That is a positive. Do you know the names of her friends and or young men who were interested in her? You do not have to post them. Someone or something made her very unhappy. What you really need is to find is someone that remembers things she spoke about during weeks leading up to her murder.
Psyco Mallex

Kensington, Australia

#239 Nov 6, 2013
If someone is able to email me what you know about the murder it would be much appreciated. I am intrigued to find out what happened that day. Please contact me at [email protected] thank you.
A citizen

Celina, OH

#240 Nov 6, 2013
dark lady, I'm going to assume you are a psychic. The DePalma family is not looking for help from psychics.

Cindy does not wish to be bothered by strangers from the internet. Please respect her wishes.

The area where Jeannette was found is private property, and I would only recommend venturing there at your own risk.

Any information that your "friend who has a friend at Weird NJ" may have received is already in my possession, and has been looked into.

dark lady

Trenton, NJ

#241 Nov 8, 2013
It is a shame this crime only has a 5% chance of being solved. The problem is there has been no team work from day one. There are people out there who know exactly what happened. But the sad thing is the right people do not care if it ever gets solved. Some of the cast of characters are deceased and the others are hiding behind lies that people believe are truths. What a shame. I do not know what your angle is, but I hope you can find the anwers you seek, but do not count on it.

As for the internet, yes I am a stranger and I hate the internet. It brings out the worst in people. In most cases, the people who commit the crimes monitor the investigation and sit back and laugh.

In regards to Cindy, she should speak for herself. My heart goes out to the family for no one should lose a family member to murder. There are no words to fill the void for such a loss.
A citizen

Celina, OH

#242 Nov 8, 2013
dark lady:
Your opinions regarding a "5% chance of solving" and Jeannette having multiple attackers, no offense, is based on reading two articles in Weird NJ, the posts of impostors on this board, and (I assume) psychic "visions". Your detractors might refer to them as hunches.

My posts, as I have said time and time again, based on facts which were gathered over the course of several years worth of research. I have been working with the DePalma family for nearly two years, and (one again) no offense, they have been harassed by supposed psychics, impostor "family members", fake filmmakers and authors, and numerous other crack-jobs from the internet for the last ten years, and understandably, they're tired of it. All it has caused is trouble.

Cindy no longer posts on forums such as these for that reason, along with other reasons that I will not go into, simply because they are none of anyone's business.

Also, Cindy is only one of several siblings that Jeannette had. She is not, by any means, the only member of the DePalma family that I have spoken to, or have been working with.

This will be my last post on this forum. I have tried to help steer people in the right direction by correcting false information that has been posted on here, but it seems that everyone on here would rather listen to "psychics", impostor family members, and nutjobs that only heard about this case thanks to Weird NJ.

Anyone on here that actually has anything of value to offer knows who I am and how to reach me.

I sincerely hope all of you will respect the privacy of the DePalma family, and keep an open mind will reading the posts on here.

More facts will be available in the future.

a citizen.
Want to help

Morristown, NJ

#243 Nov 8, 2013
Dear citizen, I suppose your heart is in the right place but you are behaving in a closed manner. I grew up in Mntnsde. My siblings went to school with Jeanette. Someone told my brother in law that he was present at the murder. My husband was a local cop and saw the pictures in the 90's. I am not a crack pot or a psychic but you shoot down everything I say. It is obvious that you are too blinded to be of any use to the DePalma family and I certainly do not trust you. You don't need to be nasty to folks who are just trying to help. Cindy would find out more if you were not involved, just saying... Good luck

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