The editorial is sad in itself, as the opinion is based upon what they have read or been told was true. However, it just what the powers that be at the prison want you to believe. What you may not know since the new Warren has arrived the library has been shut down, prisioners are in the hole not days, not months but years. The same practice of punishment first started in the 1800's, since it is not a popular topic for government to address things stay the same. The prisoners in the hole were allowed 1 hour by themselves walking outside in a confined area. The new Warren is now not allowing the prisioners to even be exposed to the outside fresh air. They are allowed 1 hour to walk around a cage in a confined area inside. This of course would drive anyone crazy and frankly most of us treat our dogs better than these prisioners are treated. So many of these prisoners are locked up on drug related charges and since our system doesn't know how to address this sickness they are put amoung the harden criminals to survive. In order for most of them to survive they themselves have to turn to surviving anyway they can. So amusing no,not in the least, sad yes, we as a society need to wake up. As advanced as most of us think we are as a human race, we still have a very long way to go. People in the future will be shaking their heads in disbelief that we were stil so backward in our thinking in still treating drug addicts as criminals and not as an individual with a discease. Shame on all of us for being so closed minded and so wrapped up in our own little safe worlds that we can poke fun at someone else suffering.