Ex-trooper among 10 in region charged in mob trash-hauling probe
Former Hendrick Hudson High School Resource Officer Mario Velez was one of 32 people indicted Wednesday on federal charges. He is seen here in a June 3, 2002, Journal News file photo.
Written by
Shawn Cohen and Jonathan Bandler


Gay Black Man Hosting Party In Home Beaten By NYPD:“Cops Turn Surveillance Camera Away”

Miami-Dade, FL 2 female officers suing; they filed complaints months apart, said chief sexually harassed them; http://t.co/CeP58QPO

Garfield, NJ lawsuit claims man was "viciously and unjustifiably shot" and killed by officers http://t.co/WILEfxaL

Los Angeles, CA deputy says she was the victim of sexual misconduct involving three top sheriff's officials. http://t.co/5BXZKUSe

Schaumburg, IL 3 officers robbed drug dealers while using search warrants, then sold the heroin, cocaine, marijuana http://t.co/dkBAHQwA

Beacon, NY officer susp w pay; faces misd charge of lying to authorities; found w/o pants on in informant’s apt http://t.co/iSssYXDO

Philadelphia, PA fed lawsuit says police show pattern of wrongfully arresting people who video officers in public http://t.co/5BWGVGpi

Peekskill, NY veteran trooper indicted after 4-yr organized crime investigation; faces charges including extortion http://t.co/I2mbOqS8

Fraternal Order of Police: Freemasonic to the CORE

Looking at the STAR:

Lower left: all seeing eye
Lower right, Masonic handshake
And on and on

A Upside down pentagram(darkness) is used in the emblem of a police force. A pentagram the right way up is a symbol of light (signifying a person ascending to heaven).

The B'nai B'rith instructs the Mormons/Masons. B'nai B'rith goes by the name The Order; so does Skull & Bones.