Should rapists be castrated

Should rapists be castrated

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Altadena, CA

#1 Apr 28, 2012
I want to get an organization started to stop rape in America. Who will join me?
No money needed, just pass the word along that Women have the Right Not to be Raped. What should we call this movement?How about: No More Rape? NMR.
Rapists need to be castrated? RNC
Protect women and children from being raped.? PWCFR
Clear the prisons of rapists? CPOR
Rapists are better off castrated than imprisoned for life? RBOC

Altadena, CA

#2 May 3, 2012
More study is needed to find out why men rape.
Women and children are harmed by their actions.
A prevention of rape should start by understanding why men do this.
Prevention should not depend on women and children taking measures to not be in situations where they are targets of rapists.

Altadena, CA

#3 Aug 19, 2012
War on rapists. WAR
Women and children against rape. WACAR

One of the worst and most prevelent crimes continue to be virtually ignored.

Rape can be prevented by castrating rapists.

The prison population can be reduced by castrating rapists.

Even the lives of rapists can be improved by being castrated.

Whangarei, New Zealand

#4 Jan 19, 2013
Castration as a treatment is ideal for seriel rapists. It was undertaken in Denmark in the 60s and was very successful. Note, treatment and not punishment.

Chemical castration has been used frequently but was not so successful. With the right support surgical castration would solve a lot of problems.

Surely it is more cruel to keep them incarcarated in a very inhospitable environment at tax payers expense? Only to release then back into the community with their problem still there.

Altadena, CA

#5 Jan 25, 2013
Dear Jocelyn,
Thank you for your input. Let's keep the dialog going by speaking out for the wisdom of this movement to eleminalte rape from our society.

Altadena, CA

#6 Jan 27, 2013

A new bill introduced by New Mexico Rep. Cathrynn Brown would make "tampering with evidence" by getting an abortion after rape or incest a crime.

In a statement Thursday to NBC News, Brown said her intention with the bill was not to criminalize rape victims.

"Its intent is solely to deter rape and cases of incest," she said in the statement. "The rapist — not the victim — would be charged with tampering of evidence."

If the intent is really to deter rape, she should write a bill that would require rapists to be sugically castrated.

Phelan, CA

#7 Jan 30, 2013
I also think child molesters should definitely be castrated!

Altadena, CA

#8 Feb 10, 2013
This is one comment from the blog:
South Africans mourn rape victim, say 'enough is enough'
For Men-----the fear of 'castration' may be an added deterrent!!----it is 'worth a try!'

7 votes#12 - Sat Feb 9, 2013 4:04 PM EST
Read more of the comments! Hardly anyone considers castration to prevent rape. Castration would be the most gentle and effective way to make women safe from being raped.

Altadena, CA

#9 Feb 13, 2013
"Cops: Tourist is dragged into alley and raped in midtown Manhattan"

This is one of the headline stories today, Feb.13,2013.

It is probably not the first time the man has raped a woman. If he had been surgically castrated the first time, he would not have been able to do it to another woman.

Altadena, CA

#10 Feb 13, 2013
how awful to be raped. and how awful to be put through hell afterward. folks are out of control, and i think everyone should consider taking self defense courses, and carry pepper spray. even a pocket knife, paring knife, could do some damage if you learn how. going for the eyes, groin, is a sure way to disable the attacker for time to get away, and scream like you're in fire pit, naked...

#68 - Wed Feb 13, 2013 8:38 AM EST"
Entry from that article.---

How awful to not sugically, castrate rapists, and lower their testosterone,so they will not rape more than once. They also would not impregnate a women.

Altadena, CA

#11 Feb 13, 2013
"This is the reason that women want the violence against women bill passed in Congress. People are not taking rapes or any assault against women seriously. A lot of post are saying she asked for it being drunk. A lot of posts are saying she should have had a gun (good or bad). And a lot are focusing on the race of the perpetrator. And one even goes as far as saying it could be the President's son. SHE WAS RAPED for God's sake. Where is the compassion for this woman?

I hope to God that no one on this page ever experiences rape (woman or man). It is a horrid experience that strips your soul out of your body. It is an experience that only years of therapy can help you get over and even then little bits of memories will still haunt you. If you are raped you live that rape out day in and day out - intoxicated when it happens or not. Memory is cruel at times. You recoil when a loved one touches you and risk losing a loved one because of that - and at the time you have no idea that your husband or wife is going to leave you because of something that happend to YOU, not them."

#72 - Wed Feb 13, 2013 8:44 AM EST

Altadena, CA

#12 Feb 15, 2013
I just looked up the "Violence aganinst women act".
and it is too broad to be effective against rape.

We need a separate law to protect women, children, and men from being raped. We need a low that demands rapists to be sugically castrated.

Whangarei, New Zealand

#13 Feb 15, 2013
The question of whether it is ethical to castrate a man is vexing in the extreme. One must strip away the emotional baggage and consider the practical pros and cons of each individual circumstance.

Many men are currently castrated for medical reasons, prostate cancer etc. Admittedly these men are usually past the prime of their sexual prowess and already have families. But they come to terms with the situation and live satisfying lives.

The degree of violation must be a factor, it is unrealistic to claim that all rapes are equally foul. An over enthusiastic suitor who gets carried away with an experienced partner can hardly be equally compared to a vicious serial rapist who leaves his victims mutilated and traumatised for life!

And releasing a vicious rapist into the community merely because he’s ‘served his time’ whilst remaining a threat is tantamount to authorities lack of duty of care to the public i.e. womankind. A victim has rights. This simple operation may suffice to enable him to be eventually released to enjoy a productive life?

On balance I believe it is time to bin emotion and take a hard look at what is a practical solution to sexual predators - the drawing up of statutory guidelines allowing surgical castration. Whether this is by consent in consideration for parole conditions remains debateable. But if these men cannot control themselves then they must be either neutered or put away for such time as they cannot return to the streets as a menace.

It is an ethical dilemma. For surely castration is a more humane solution than indefinite incarceration?

Altadena, CA

#14 Feb 16, 2013
Jocelyn, You express the situation very well.

I think also that young teen age boys should not be taught by their fathers to sow some wild oats before getting married, but to hold out for a virgin to be their bride.
Young men should also be taught that rapists do get castrated for their crimes.

Altadena, CA

#15 Mar 6, 2013
How about a T-Shirt with this printed on it?


Altadena, CA

#16 Mar 17, 2013
Is it ethical to do nothing to stop the raping of women and children when a law to castrate rapist could go a long way to preventing rape?

This is in today's news:March 17, 2013:

"Guilty verdicts in Steubenville rape trial
Two Ohio high school football players have been found guilty of raping a drunken 16-year-old girl in a case that roiled a small city & stirred reaction from activists."

Altadena, CA

#17 Mar 24, 2013

This site gives some interesting pros and cons opinions of surgical and chemical castration of rapists.

Altadena, CA

#18 Mar 24, 2013

This should come up blue and you can click on it.

Altadena, CA

#19 Mar 24, 2013

This is another good source of information.

Altadena, CA

#20 Apr 5, 2013
Catholic priests should be castrated.
Some men are made eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom of heaven.

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