Saint Louis, MO

#82 Sep 17, 2012
Radical Islamist Group Tries to Branch Out
page 2

The college will also feature a course on "Strategic Management under Conditions of Repression," recounting the experiences of Musa and his 30 years of struggle against the "Zionist American cabal." It will focus on the group's enemies, such as the FBI, Zionist groups, the Anti-Defamation League, Investigative Project on Terrorism Executive Director Steven Emerson, and others, "who have sought to isolate us from mainstream Muslims and derail and destroy the progress of our schools, places of worship, and businesses."

The IICZAPW extends Sabiqun's long tradition of violent anti-Semitic and anti-American rhetoric, which is part and parcel of the group's educational curriculum, reading materials, and speeches.

Musa also often uses the terms 'Jews' and 'Zionist' interchangeably, highlighting his belief that the Jews and Zionists are the same.

"The world now sees the Jews for what they are: not the victims but the victimizers," Musa said in a 2006 speech called "Basheera," which Sabiqun's website describes as a "message of hope" about Hizballah's "ultimate victory" over Israel. "The Jews are using the dirtiest criminal tactics on a people that you have ever seen in your life, worse than the Nazis… The Jews may have been oppressed by the Nazis, but they adopted 100% the practice[s] of the Nazis. "

"The Yahud [Jews], the criminal Zionist entity known as Israel, which has no right whatsoever in the Middle East. The biggest mistake that the United Nations ever made, in 1947, was allowing the Jews to reestablish a homeland on the land that people already owned," he added, noting that Allah had given permission to the Palestinian to fight for their land. "The rest of the world now sees the Jews for what they are: vulnerable. The Palestinians proved it and now [the same] with the Hizballah."

His Zionist American conspiracies are staples of Sabiqun's philosophy.

"Who's monitoring the Zionist, right? Who's standing up to the people who are killing the Muslims all over the world? Nobody, nowhere – only one masjid [mosque] in the United States. Tell the truth, you don't hear nobody else openin' they [sic] mouth, do you? That mean [sic] we special," Musa told followers in a speech hosted on the group's website.

"The American government and the Israelis are finished. It is our duty to point these issues out for the people; that's our duty and that's our responsibility. Right? That's your duty that's your responsibility," he added. "The United States government is your responsibility. The Hindu-stani government is the Kashmiri's responsibility. The Israelis is the responsibilty of the Palestinians, it's what Allah gave 'em. And it is our duty to help them. But the monster, the global monster that is now in the decline, is our job."

Sabiqun's most violent "anti-Zionist" materials support terrorism. "When they go out and strike at the heart of Zionism, they are not suicide bombers, they are heroes, they are she-roes. Isn't that right? That's a part of our Deen, that's a part of our religion. Let's not become weak-boned and apologetic…" Musa said in a June 2002 speech about Palestinian suicide bombers.

Educational materials from the group reinforce anti-Semitic and anti-American sentiments, particularly the Crescent International magazine, which the group calls "regular reading" for Sabiqun members.

"Given the craven attitude of US politicians that cringe at the thought of offending the American Jewish lobby or standing up to the Zionist bully, more billions will be siphoned off to the Zionist settler entity to oppress, displace and murder Palestinians in their own land rather than force it to agree to some internationally accepted behavior," an article by Zafar Bangash says in the June 2010 issue.


Saint Louis, MO

#83 Sep 17, 2012
Radical Islamist Group Tries to Branch Out
page 3

"Zionism cloaked in Judaism has occupied the religious territories of Europe and America. Nothing much can be expected from an ailing America and an expiring Europe who have for centuries now been in a progressive chock-hold by the Zionist political class," a guest editorial article said in the June 2010 issue. "The issue of Israel hence is a Zionist/"Jewish"-Isl amic issue par excellence; Christianity has been effectively domesticated by evangelical Christians and secular politicians who report to their Zionist spiritual and financial bosses respectively."

The institute plans to continue the hateful and violent rhetoric that has become essential to Sabiqun's ideology, whether reinforced through speeches or educational material. As the flyer for Sunday's event notes, the movement "must consciously subject itself to an evolutionary process… to propel us to emerge out of the gravity of self-imposed stagnation." Building on its young base, Sabiqun plans to implant anti-Zionist and anti-American ideas into another generation, which it hopes will sustain the legacy of Imam Musa.

United States

#84 Sep 17, 2012
Humanity is letting it self be divided by being ignorant and too busy to care about what is actually behind all the violence.

Saint Louis, MO

#85 Jan 31, 2013
2009 Banner Year for Jihadists...page 1

2009 was a banner year for stealth jihadists, planting even more seeds of sharia, and in some cases fully submitting Americans to sharia, and infiltrating and submitting our most critical institutions, not to mention the jihad wasted no time attacking America under the new administration.

Merrill Lynch Submits in $1.55M Islamophobia lawsuit

North Carolina aquatic center says yes to sharia law – makes public pool private for Muslim women

Kansas City Muslims rally to support Hamas terrorists

Atlanta Muslims rally to support Hamas terrorists

Former CAIR Official Becomes President of Tampa Human Rights Council

Hamas posters hung at U.S. synagogues

Broward County Transportation Spokeswoman Fooled by Islamist groups

Islamic jihad hits Anaheim & San Fran

Director of Muslim group suggests Gaza jihad to spill onto American streets

Clinton Foundation accepts money from evidence-shredding partner of terrorist entity

FBI Sponsors Eid Dinner at Virginia mosque

Barack Obama administration ‘prepared to talk to Hamas’

US companies still facilitating Hamas and Hizbollah terrorist web sites

Obama transition chief’s org proposes airlifting 100,000 Iraqi’s to US ASAP

Obama invites Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood linked ISNA to offer prayer at inauguration

Sharia comes to the White House: No dancing at Obama’s Muslim Inauguration Gala

Obama wants new Declaration of Independence, Dems want to end presidential term limits

Future Muslim leaders:“it’s not an Islamic value to have absolute freedom”

Geert Wilders to be prosecuted for Fitna

Ideology alone not enough to bar entry to US, judge says

Banned sheik opens DC media office – claims “jihad of our era”

Muslim, former inmate, sues San Joaquin County over sack lunch

Nintendo game, like Mattel doll, spouts ‘Islam is the light’

NJ Man Pleads Guilty to Providing Material Support to Hizballah

Muslim students to host Ayers, hope for new era of social terrorism

Albright: Americans “woefully ignorant” of Muslim world, should accept Hamas

Saint Louis, MO

#86 Jan 31, 2013
2009 Banner Year for Jihadists...page 2
February 2009
Muslim appointed Deputy Associate Counsel to Obama

California Islamic Shura Council meets regularly with Customs officials – why?

Obama Replacing ‘Hail to the Chief’ With Arab-themed Sting song

West Virginia farmers turn to sharia

Hamas chases Congressman Ellison out of Minn State Capitol rally

Obama approves $20M Gaza Refugee & Migration Assistance

CAIR Asks Oklahoma Legislators to Back Bill Against Offensive School Mascots

New U.S. Office of Muslim Brotherhood News Unit Interviews Dem Congresswoman

‘Why Islam’ dawah hits Texas

DC Pakistani Pleads Guilty in Terrorism Financing Scheme

ACLU sues Boeing subsidiary that flew Gitmo terrorist overseas, Obama stands by Bush legal brief

Flight 93 memorial officials insist passengers & crew, not terrorists, broke the peace on 9/11

FBI shifts agents from terrorism to fraud cases

Publisher Recalls Encyclopedia for Being ‘Too Anti-Muslim’

Muslim, CEO of Islamist tv, charged with beheading wife in Buffalo, NY

Hamas supporters assault College Republicans

‘Why Islam’ dawah hits Tampa – St. Pete area

Afghan diplomat charged in all-day wife beating in NY

Congressman Ellison spends Presidents Day weekend at College of Sharia in Qatar

Muslim Brotherhood front man runs for office in Virginia

Terror-linked, former CAIR rep, forms group to lobby Florida legislature

Muslim demands prayer space in New Jersey school, for 10 year old son

Congressman Ellison goes to Gaza, meets with Fatah
Indiana Univ promotes Islam

Muslim woman sics CAIR on Oklahoma Dept of Public Safety over license photo

‘Why Islam’ dawah hits San Francisco

Obama to give ANOTHER $900M to Hamas-run ‘Palestine’

Muslims object to credit unions ‘take off your hat’ policy

CAIR asks AG Holder to investigate arrest of brother-in-law of bin Laden

Muslim Congressman Angry Over Senate Viewing Wilders’ Fitna

Convicted Islamic Terrorist, Serves Half Sentence, Released from NY Prison

Saint Louis, MO

#87 Jan 31, 2013
2009 Banner Year for Jihadists...page 3
March 2009
CPAC: Not a single session focused on stealth Jihad, creeping sharia in America

Newsweek Cover: Radical Islam a fact of life. Live with it. Or else?

Minnesota state agency and Chicago bank abet Islamic sharia law in U.S.

FBI, Senators recommend ban on terror-related CAIR

CAIR hires Democratic Senator as Chairman

Ft. Dix terror families write judge to overturn

N.J. Hamas connected cleric seeks to uphold court order barring deportation

ACLU Labels Defending the U.S. Against Terrorists as ‘Discrimination’

Mystery Palestinian terrorist in NYC plot deported to Sudan

Obama to visit Turkey

Muslim Group, disguised as Ethnic Council, Seeks to Kill Oklahoma Head Scarf Bill

TIME follows Newsweek’s jihadist path

IRS allows interest deductions on supposedly interest-free sharia compliant loans

Freddie Mac into sharia finance too

Anti-Terrorism Group, House Majority Leader Contest Florida’s Muslim Day

Clinton Announces Million-Dollar Scholarship Program for Palestinians

Muslim Leader Says America Will Become A Muslim Country

Senator Shaw outlines his objectives with CAIR

Federal courts have just surrendered in the war against radical Islam

Sacramento Mayor, Democrats cozy up to terror-linked CAIR

Obama’s Muslim outreach continues – Indonesia, Saudis get calls

Maine slides down slippery slope of sharia – changes policy for Muslims

CAIR’s Muslim Senator files bill for Islamic food certification in NC

Iranian arrested for trafficking U.S. helicopter engines, aerial cameras

Obama secretly makes planes safer for terrorists

Holder: Some Gitmo prisoners could (read: will) be released in U.S.

Obama embracing and legitimizing the Muslim Brotherhood

U.S. Muslim Coalition Threatens Suspending Relations with FBI

DHS Replaces ‘Terrorism’ With the Term ‘Man-Caused Disaster’; GWOT out too!

Obama admin files motion to dismiss sharia-promoting lawsuit against AIG

ACLU Seeks Reversal of Ban on Muslim Brotherhood heir, Tariq Ramadan

Terror group Hamas’ leader hails Obama’s new approach

Somali Muslim cabbies seek priviledges at Cleveland International Airport

Missouri report on domestic terrorism ignores Islamic threat

Mercedes Benz suspends 2 employees over sharia law email

Muslim American Society leader admits group IS part of Muslim Brotherhood

Jihad has arrived in New Hampshire

Barack Obama linked to Chicago sharia finance fugitives wanted by FBI

Sharia Banking Coming to Northern Colorado

Jihad Chic II: Urban Outfitters still shilling for Islamic jihad

Obama’s 7th Circuit Nominee:“Allah” Yes,“Jesus” No

Muslims attempt to blow up 14th century fresco of Mohammid

Rifts between Muslims – Hindus imported to U.S.

Obama’s top legal pick: Sharia law could appy in U.S. courts

Free Speech Dies at DePaul and other U.S. Universities

U.S. makes $50M available to Taliban-controlled, sharia-ruled Swat in Pakistan

Freed Iraqi detainee has one rule: Target only American troops

Saint Louis, MO

#88 Jan 31, 2013
2009 Banner Year for Jihadists...page 4
April 2009:
CIA launches Muslim recruitment drive

Muslims in Minnesota get paid prayer breaks, win $1.35M settlement

CAIR seeks to censor radio discussion on sharia law (audio)

U.S. judge: Muslim retail group can keep non-Muslims out

FDIC issues Cease & Desist order for Yale grads Islamic bank

Tennessee mosque seeks to impose sharia law on restaurant, city

Reuters ignores jihad, sharia in reporting 2008 deadliest year for aid workers

Harvard’s Muslim chaplain sees wisdom in killing apostates

Nevada Muslim & dhimmi friend submit school district to sharia

Yahoo puts hijab on avatar

Duke Univ opens new Muslim Life center

Mug shot of hijab-less child killer an insult to Islam, husband says

Obama signs waiver allowing PLO office in DC

Obama requests $800M more for Palestine

Obama Importing Jihad Through “Diversity” & “Religious” Visas

Bradenton (FL) Prep Academy to open branch in Dubai

Obama says U.S. economy should be built on five pillars…like Islam?

Hillary Clinton to keynote event for org with strong Muslim Brotherhood ties

Libya recruited brother of U.S. intel chief, media to help Gadhafi’s image in U.S.

Carnegie Corp of NY’s scholarships promote sharia law, Islam

Obama Stacking the Deck with Islamists

PBS using Al Jazeera as news source

CAIR caught selling jihad propaganda at Florida event

Georgia Inst of Tech ushers in sharia with mobile apps

Intel and Microsoft usher in sharia via home automation software in UK

ACLU, Judge Force FBI to Reveal Mosque Surveillance Info

CAIR & ACLU attempt to thwart FBI investigations of Somali Muslims

Obama Appoints Radical Muslim Apologist To Faith-Based Committee

Hillary Clinton to Hamas:“We want to leave the door open”

Captured Somali pirate given Quran, special Islamic diet in NY prison

Obama asks Congress to allow U.S. funds to terrorist Hamas govt

ex-CAIR leader continues CAIR’s deception as Islamic prayer opens Florida House session

Boston Somali’s to FBI: You are starting to do the right thing, by sharing with us

Islamic charter school to get $5M in taxpayer funds has 2/3’s of teachers un-licensed

NY man gets 6 years for broadcasting Hizbollah tv in U.S.

LA Times shills for Hizbollah terrorists

Muslim “Pleasure Marriages” Quietly Practiced in America

FEMA yanks coloring book depicting 9/11 terror attack

Saint Louis, MO

#89 Jan 31, 2013
2009 Banner Year for Jihadists...page 5
May 2009:
US-based firm to launch two Shariah funds

FBI submits to Arab American leaders and CAIR in Dearbornistan

Muslims and ACLU force State Supreme Court to edit proposed veil rule

U.S. Army War College been infiltrated by Islamists

Muslim Brotherhood group distributes Islamic dawah DVD in NC

Obama Declined Iranian Offer of al-Qaeda Terrorists

Obama Admin to Release Bin Laden Associate from Gitmo

Talk radio’s Michael Savage banned from UK

U.S. group gives “Muslim Democrat of the Year” award to Maldives FM for denying non-Muslims citizenship

Holder Hiding Info from Americans, Stonewalling on the Uighurs

Hawaii Lawmakers Create ‘Islam Day’

Govt to confiscate land for hijacked Flight 93 memorial to Islamic terrorists

‘Why Islam’ dawah hits DC, Maryland and Virginia

Arizona Hamas supporter guilty, lied to FBI

Sharia rears its head at Purdue Univ

Hawaii ‘Islam Day’ falls on Sept 11 of Julian calendar!

Obama tacitly approving talks with Hamas, Taliban

Colorado Students Asked To Plot Terror Attack

5 Miami Men Convicted, Pledged Allegiance to Al Qaeda

Obama’s Supplemental Bill Passes, Gives Billions to Enemies

NYPD’s Muslim chaplain seeks new policies for Muslim cops

Muslim Villain Scratched from Ron Howard’s ‘Angels & Demons’ Film Adaptation

U.S. releases Boumediene from Gitmo

Obama to free four Iranian “diplomats” in swap for U.S. journalist?

Trustee of Virginia Islamic Group to Become Muslim Brotherhood Chief in Jordan

Islamists plan accredited Islamic college in NJ

4 arrested in plot to bomb NYC targets

First Gitmo detainee, Al Qaeda terrorist, coming to NY for civil trial

U.S. Muslims waging jihad in Somalia

Obama OKs nuclear deal with United Arab Emirates

ICNA-MAS Convention features unindicted co-conspirator & Obama advisor

Erie, PA students take up Arabic, so not to be “ignorant Americans”

Flight 93 Memorial Project commissioners quit over land seizure

Connecticut schools mull Muslim holidays

S&P launches index of Canadian co’s down with sharia law

5 convicted in Texas Hamas funding case

U.S. radio host target of Islamic death threat meant for anti-jihad blogger

Obama’s “global justice”– all terror suspects to end up in U.S. court of law?

Muslim holidays on hold in Connecticut school district

Tennessee hotel shuts down conference on radical Islam

CAIR tries to sabotage yet another police training program

Cool Muslim convert creating an Islamic community in Pittsburgh

Saint Louis, MO

#90 Jan 31, 2013
2009 Banner Year for Jihadists...page 6
June 2009:
12-Year-Old With Incendiary Device Detained At Denver Airport

Obama’s Administration Protects Saudi Funders of 9/11

Muslim kills soldier at Arkansas recruiting center

Judge: Gitmo legal documents must be public

Saudi’s subject White House press to sharia

Obama OK’s attack helicopters to Egypt, blocks to Israel

Obama:“we’d be one of the largest Muslim countries”

S&P excludes companies that don’t comply with Islamic sharia law

Obama insists outlawed Muslim Brotherhood attend Cairo speech

Georgia Tech Muslim had permission from mom to wage jihad

Code Pink working for terrorist Hamas, to deliver letter to Obama

ACLU sues Sheriff Joe’s office over Muslim’s beard

Radical cleric appeals for asylum in U.S. with help of American wing of Muslim Brotherhood (MAS)

ACLU Can Now Accept Money From Terrorists

Islamist crashes memorial for U.S. soldier killed by Muslim jihadi

Obama to ensure pillar of Islam, zakat, easier

Panderer in Chief, DOJ, and State Dept all continue favoring Islam

Maryland AG: Religious garb open to security searches, if sharia compliant

USAID, State Dept find another way to favor, fund Muslims

Somali teen from Minnesota reportedly killed in Somalia

Group to raise money for Hamas on 4th of July in Cali

DOJ files suit against NJ county on behalf of Muslim

First Gitmo detainee arrives in NYC, part of 1998 embassy bombings

Hillary Clinton and State Dept Invites Esam “Jihad Way” Omeish To National Conference Call

Another Jihad Nominee at Dept of Homeland Security

Muslim claims his Arkansas jihad justified for sake of Allah;

NYCLU sues Troy, NY for shutting down Virtual Jihadi video game exhibition

Obama pays Palau $200 million to take Gitmo’s Chinese Uighurs

Obama tells terrorists don’t talk, get a lawyer with Miranda policy

Hamas requests direct talks with Obama

Mama’s jihadist, ex-Georgia Tech student, convicted of terror plot

4 Gitmo Uighurs Moved To Bermuda

Muslim forces NY Harley Davidson dealer to take down sign

U.S. Plans Huge Embassy in Islamabad, Muslims Plan Jihad

U.S. outsourcing jobs to the heart of Islam in Mindanao

Red Cross may axe symbol so not to offend Muslims

CAIR and ex-Director Working for Cal. State Senator (D) Served in RICO Lawsuit

Dhimmi Carter to Obama: Remove Hamas From Terror List

Muslims meet to plot advances in U.S. government

Mich. court gives judges say on Muslim jihab

Tampa mayor declines to honor CAIR

IRS, BBB teach Muslims how to fulfill Islamic charitable funding ‘without drawing attention of the FBI’

Islamic leaders in U.S. teach against law enforcement

Sharia law debate shutdown after attempted hijacking by Islamists

Al Azhar Imams Coming to U.S. Mosques (NJ, NY, TX, DC)

Minn. Congressman’s Islamic Pilgrimage Paid for by Terror-linked Muslim American Society

Man arrested for firebombing Yale power plant blames Allah

ACLU challenges prison unit for suspected terrorists

U.S. taxpayer money used to fund terrorist memorials in ‘Palestine’

American Muslims raise $70K for Terror Suspect

ACLU defends terrorists over limits on Muslim prayers in prison

Clinton hires aide to Muslim world

Islamic group, ISNA, staging coup at the FBI and White House

U.S. fund manager, Russell, launches Sharia indexes; WP Carey considering

Harold “sharia could apply” Koh confirmed by Senate

Maine Fines Christian Group for Supposedly ‘Inflammatory Anti-Muslim Message’

‘Why Islam’ dawah hits DC buses

Light sentence for Hizbollah cable guy in US

CAIR to distribute 100,000 Qurans to state and local leaders

Muslim student group (MSA) honors unindicted WTC bombing co-conspirator

NY City Council Wants Muslim Holidays Added to School Calendar

Saint Louis, MO

#91 Jan 31, 2013
2009 Banner Year for Jihadists...page 7
July 2009:
Chaldean Dearborn Michigan Resident Freedom Stripped

Colorado meat plant adds footbaths & ass-washes for Somali Muslims

Somali American Muslims Accused of Al Qaeda Ties Indicted on Terror Charges

Sharia comes to Dearborn, Michigan

Justices won’t hear appeal of 9/11 families

Hilton hotel to host ‘Fall of Capitalism, Rise of Islam’ event

Congress getting advice from cousin of Al Aqsa Martyrs founder

Video: Somali Muslim kids in Minnesota assault gay guy

Hizbollah enforcing sharia law at Dearborn Islamist festival?

CAIR & ISNA set up investigator, illegally detain, then eject to awaiting police

Another released Gitmo terrorist leading jihad against U.S.

Boston mosque opens with “haunting” daily prayer broadcast to neighborhood

Congressman quoted jihadist at Islam conference

NYC vote may force schools to honor Islam on 9/11, jihad sites hail vote

Kansas City YMCA segregates pool for Muslim women, so does MIT

Independence Day is a Muslim Day, speaker tells Muslims at ISNA conference

CAIR condemns fireworks, does not condemn killing of U.S. soldier by Muslim

U.S. Muslim Groups Want Obama to Make Charitable Giving Easier

CAIR lawyer: If approached by extremist, call us first (Video)

‘Why Islam’ booth at ISNA does not allow questions

Minnesota Somali from Canada conspired to aid al Qaeda

CAIR forces the American Library Association to submit to sharia law

Islamic Shoe Bomb Terrorist In Gen Pop At Supermax

Congressman to be honored with unindicted co-conspirator at another Islamic conference

Capitol Hill to host mass, outdoor Islamic prayer on Sep 11?

Criticizing Islam now a crime in Ireland under sharia-like blasphemy law

Former Clinton FBI-Director Now Lawyer for Saudi Prince

Islamic Supremacist Group to Hold First U.S. Conference

Muslim lawyer at Harvard says hush,“there is so much good in Sharia”

California reviewing teaching of Islamic sharia to seventh graders

Holder makes quiet visit to LA mosque, pandering continues

U.S. court reverses ruling barring grandson of Muslim Brotherhood founder

Relative confirms death of fourth Muslim from Minnesota in Somalia

Rep. Ellison says U.S. trying to ensure safe return of Somali jihadis

Spread Islam or Die Trying says Hizb USA (Video)

Holder planned clandestine resettlement of Gitmo detainees in Virginia

Islamic prayer breaks at Wal-Mart

MAS paid for Congressman’s pilgrimage to Mecca with TiZA exec

Long Island man gave Al Qaeda info about NYC subways, LIRR

Supermax beds being cleared for Gitmo detainees

Terror shield law doesn’t apply to officers

Georgia courts to allow head scarves, hijabs

Terrorist threat to Sacha Baron Cohen over Bruno ridicule

Valedictorian of Virginia Islamic Saudi Academy gets Life in Bush plot

Seven Charged With Terrorism Violations in North Carolina

Christian coach not rehired by Muslim principal in Dearborn, ex-coach sues

DOJ gives Maine police training to learn Muslim culture

Dubai bans filming of Sex and The City 2

Two Gitmo terror suspects to be released in Ireland

Saint Louis, MO

#92 Jan 31, 2013
2009 Banner Year for Jihadists...page 8
August 2009:
NYU Abu Dhabi

Another Terror Trial, Another Homegrown Terrorist (Georgia)

NYC School Holidays for Muslims Proposed by Radical Imam?

Dearborn coach fired after student leaves Islam

Thousands of soldiers at Fort Carson (CO) get Islamic cultural lessons

Did Congressman pull hajj strings to get daughter into Minn. Islamic school?

NBC’s Terrorist Reality Show Irks Liberals

Minn. mosque suspected of jihad recruitment to open private Islamic school

CNN says U.S. taught lesson by Muslims on 9/11

Holder to investigae CIA treatment of Islamic terrorists

State Dept ignores 1st Amendment when it comes to Islam

House Democrats ask Holder to meet with radical Islamist groups

NYPD bows to Muslims for Ramadan

Islamic Kosovo plans embassy in US

Pakistani’s: U.S. our greatest threat, not Taliban

Muslim Converts Confess Terror Plot Against U.S. Sites, Americans In Germany

3rd Minn. man pleads guilty in Somali jihad case

U.S. releases Hamas-funding Yemeni’s to hero’s welcome

Yale Univ Press Bans Images of Muhammad in Book about Images of Muhammad

Mass murdering Pan Am 103 terrorist who killed 270 to be freed

NYC Muslims Encouraged by Bloomberg’s Palestinian Pick

Spokeswoman for NC jihadist has her own radical past

Female Marines don head scarves in Afghanistan

CAIR tries to impede San Diego presentation on radical Islam

Jihadists force U.S. Peace Corps out of Mauritania, where American killed

Airport chapels cater to Muslims

LG adds mobile phone features for Muslims

State senator, and CAIR chairman, misses votes for Islamic faith

Kuwait Islamic Bank Imposes Sharia in U.S. via Property Deal

DEA nabs arms dealer with Hizbollah ties in Honduras

Secret Service raids Kent State professor of “little jihadists”

Obama’s State Department Submits to Islam, some more

Capitol Hill becomes mosque for Friday Islamic prayers (jummah)

U.S. govt teams up with Muslim charity, matches ‘Palestinian’ funding

CO. plant adds segregated prayer rooms for Muslims, readies for Ramadan

Afghan Muslims in Maine exempt from zoning laws, deal cut for Ramadan

Feds rule seizure of terror funding Muslim charity’s assets unconstitutional

Obama sends Gitmo detainee, who threw grenade at US troops, home

National journalism workship for high school students doubles as Islamic dawah

Florida kids sent home from school over “Islam is of the devil” t-shirts

OIC censors video game depicting Muhammad

Six Flags Holding Muslim Family Days Nationwide

Chi-town Muslim arrested for Ramadan lamb slaughter – in garage

EEOC says CO plant must submit to more Islamic sharia law

DHS: Avoid words jihad, mujahideen or reference to Islam or Muslims

Saint Louis, MO

#93 Jan 31, 2013
2009 Banner Year for Jihadists...page 9
September 2009:
Obama to Celebrate Ramadan Tuesday

Terror linked CAIR seeks to silence talk radio, blogs

Memphis schools teaching Arabic language & “culture”

Sick ad shows planes flying at World Trade Centers (video)

North Carolina imam was preaching jihad in the 90’s

Unindicted co-conspirator brags about speaking to Obama & Holder at Ramadan dinner

Former Muslim Student Association president from Alabama identified as al Qaeda-linked Somali terrorist

Former AG Can Be Sued

Ex-NBA, Anthem dissing player now working with radical, jihad preaching imam

Newsweek-CNN’s Zakaria advised Yale not to publish Mohammad cartoons

5th Muslim from Minn. Killed in Somalia, ID’s of 11 Missing Released

CIA panders to Muslims, CAIR complains

NYPD Rewords Terrorism Report To Appease Muslims

Obama denies Hoekstra (R-MI) trip to Gitmo

Sixth Minn. man, Muslim convert, reportedly dies in Somalia

Jihadis recollect, celebrate 9/11

ICE let a terror suspect go

U.S. service member shot for drinking water during Ramadan

Clinton to Host (Another) Dinner for Muslims, in the Ben Franklin Room

NYC Muslim Councilman warns Bloomberg on School Holidays

Clinton’s Special Rep to Muslim World Sworn in on Quran (video)

Ban Ave Maria in California Public Schools but Allow Islamic Prayers

Obama taps Muslim for top job at federal DHS

FBI Partners With Jihad Groups

More Islamic policy influence at DHS

CIA boss Panetta laughs it up with Islamists at Ramadan feast

State Department Website Panders To Radical Islamists

3 men in Queens, NY terror plot charged with making false statements

NYC imam tipped off terror suspect

Obama appoints bleeding heart, Gitmo activist to ‘fight terror’ at DOJ’s Nat’l Security Division

More Islamism: Muslim movies & iftar dinner for State Dept employees

ShariaShares Seeks U.S. ETFs compliant with sharia law

Empire State Building lit green to end Ramadan, again

Carolina mosque attended by terror suspects, requires media sign contract to ask questions

Obama admin dismantles highly-trained counterterrorism rail security team

Jailed 1993 WTC terrorists send letters to AQ urging jihad, printed in Arabic newspapers

Hawaii, Empire State Bldg, Six Flags, Capitol Hill all go Islamic this week (updated to include terror arrests)– Likely one of the worst weeks of 2009, and a harbinger of things to come in the 2010′s.

NY: Muslim Terror Suspect Indicted for Conspiring to Detonate WMD

Seattle: Muslim American suicide bomber kills 21 in Somalia

Illinois: Muslim convert charged with plot to bomb courthouse

Brooklyn: Muslim accused of seeking to kill U.S. troops, join terror group

Dallas: Jordanian Muslim arrested in attempt to bomb skyscraper

North Carolina: Muslim suspects accused of targeting Marine base

Philly: Men Sought After Taking Pictures Along Subway

Terror-linked CAIR meets with Ahmadinejad

‘Islam on Capitol Hill’ update (video)

Obama ok’s $400K to Gadhafi-run Charities,$7.5B more to Pakistan

Manhattan Borough Pres hosted unindicted co-conspirator for Ramadan dinner

Teaching sharia in Caliph-ornia

Muslim group demands release of FBI rules

‘Why Islam’ dawah hits Silicon Valley

Muslim Congressional Staffers Host Iftar Event on Capitol Hill

Saint Louis, MO

#94 Jan 31, 2013
2009 Banner Year for Jihadists...page 10
October 2009:
CAIR lawyer tied to Islamist mosque

NY: Muslim admits sending $152k to aid Afghan jihad

Congressman Ellison lashes out at Muslim over Islam-terrorism link

Sharia kills another book: Novelist fears Muslim backlash

Another pro-jihad imam surfaces in Zazi terror case

Terror-linked CAIR Asks DOJ to Limit FBI Options in Terror Investigations

St. Louis Univ submits to sharia – cancels speech on Islamo-fascism

Yale Muslim Chaplain: Muslims will win final victory in the West

Did Muslim students at UCI raise money for Hamas?

Seattle Dept of Social and Health Services hires Muslim to ensure sharia adherence in Somali child abuse case

Holder: Must come up with Gitmo on U.S. soil

Jihadist newspapers sold at Islam on Capitol Hill event (video)

Despite Plots, DHS Cuts NYC Terror Funds

Obama adviser to Hizb ut Tahrir: Sharia Law is misunderstood (video)

FBI to Dearborn Muslims: Hezbollah websites, rap propaganda OK

Celebrating Hate and Supporting Terror in DC

DHS: Govt can’t track 200K visa holders

American Muslim arrested heading to jihadi-controlled area of Somalia

Muslim Congressman Ellison recommends anti-capitalism film, sees twice

N.C. Congresswoman Calls For DOJ Investigation Into CAIR

Another Minn. Muslim arrested, indicted for lying about Somali jihadi recruitment

Democrats vote to bring Gitmo terrorists to U.S.

Temple Univ Muslim Students Try To Shut Down Geert Wilders Event

Muslims try to shut down Olmert speech at Univ of Chicago

Mufti who calls for sharia in Bosnia, Islamic takeover of Christendom, visits Georgetown then St. Louis

Jesse Jackson, radical Islamists keynote annual CAIR banquet

US diplomats meet with, praise Islamic terrorists in Philippines

‘Islam on Capitol Hill’:“Homosexuals Must Be Killed”(video)

Beyonce delays Malaysia show amid Muslim criticism

Muslim victims focus of Holder’s ADL speech

Meet Texas Dems’ Palestinian Muslim Gov. Candidate

CAIR claims victory in Flying Imams settlement

Senate OKs transfer of Gitmo prisoners to U.S. for trials

New York: Imam who tipped off terror suspect indicted for lying

Mass. Muslim arrested, again, in plot to bomb mall, kill members of U.S. executive branch (video)

California: Anti-terror investigation nets Muslim leaders in tax fraud

Arizona: Iraqi man runs over daughter, woman in attempted honor killing

Ohio: Convicted Muslims get 20 and 12 years in plot to kill U.S. soldiers (updated)

Geert Wilders proves point as Temple Univ. speech cut short

Muslims use halal food to force sharia on California pre-schools

US bands blast use of music at Gitmo

Obama’s Muslim Faith Adviser Defends Sharia Remarks

Obama’s $150 Million Muslim Technology Fund

Bangladeshi man threatened to blow up NW DC Metro (video)

Michigan: 17-year-old charged with threatening terrorism

Great Satan taxpayers fund $64.5M West Bank infrastructure projects

Chicago: Man arrested in terror plot, financed by owner of raided halal meat plant

Muslims Threaten NYC Bar Owner After He Laughs Off Demand to Move Bar

Detroit black separatist mosque leader killed in FBI raid

Indiana Univ. partners with Islamists on Saudi-wahabbi scholarship program

NY Muslim tries to kill pork eating, alcohol drinking husband in name of Allah

Only 8 years prison for convicted al Qaeda plotter thanks to ACLU

Saint Louis, MO

#95 Jan 31, 2013
2009 Banner Year for Jihadists...page 11
November 2009: Part 1
Obama: No change on Bush warrantless wiretaps

The U.S. Circle That Recruits Somali Suicide Bombers?

Perks for Gitmo detainees are plentiful, and halal

Arizona: Girl run over by Iraqi father dies – honor killing official (video)

Clinton giving MILLIONS more U.S. taxpayer dollars to ‘Muslim world’

Delivering Aid to Terrorists a “City Purpose” in New York?

CAIR, hijabi, shakedown another U.S. business

Turk jailed for flying stolen Canadian plane into U.S. airspace

Washington: Afghani beats brother to death, tells cops it was ‘honor killing’

Treasury removes al Qaeda finance arm from OFAC list

“2012? Filmmaker Scrapped Mecca Destruction Scene, Destroyed Brazil’s “Christ the Redeemer” Instead

NYC: Muslim cabbie kicks gay couple to the curb

Italy convicts 23 CIA in absentia in Muslim terror-cleric kidnapping

Seattle U Muslim students, faculty disrupt Nonie Darwish talk on sharia

Democrats defeat amendment to keep Gitmo terrorists out of Fed courts

Ft. Hood: Muslim shoots 40+, kills 13; shooter not dead – identified as Malik Nadal Hasan

Hasan attended radical Virginia mosque same time as 9/11 terrorists

DHS covers for jihad, warns Americans against anti-Muslim backlash

Somali Muslims Changing Small Tennessee Town

Michigan city council now half Muslim

Ground broken for Flight 93 Islamic crescent terrorist memorial (videos)

Muslim newspaper asked,‘Should You Stock Up on Guns and Ammo?’ days before Ft. Hood attack

Sharia in Kansas City: man arrested in Islamic marriage to 14-year old

DC snipers exposed as Muslim terrorists

Muslim behind first accredited Islamic college in U.S. says OK for Muslims to attack Ft Bragg

NYC mayor meets with jihad preaching, 1993 WTC bombing co-conspirator to discuss Ft. Hood jihad (audio)

Feds move to seize 4 Shiite mosques, skyscraper in U.S.

Obama bringing Gitmo 9/11 suspects to NY for trial

Large group of supporters for Boston jihad suspect who likes beheadings (video)

Clinton names Science Envoys to ‘Muslim world’

Obama hires Khamenei chatting, Iranian regime lobbyist for key State Dept position (video)

85% of media stories on Ft. Hood didn’t mention “terror”

State Dept continues meeting, Clinton urges peace, with Islamic terrorists in Philippines

Radical Harlem Mosque’s Boy Scouts Look Outward – Recruiting for Islam?

Brother of Minn. terror suspect arrested in Netherlands

Known terrorist training camps in the U.S.(map)

‘93 WTC bombing terrorist’s lawyer Lynne Stewart ordered to jail immediately

KFC goes halal in Brooklyn, coming soon to Manhattan

Washington town elects Muslim mayor

Unindicted co-conspirator ISNA, raising money for Ft. Hood

Hours after Ft. Hood jihad, Fed’s backlash-unit reached out to Muslim terror supporter

Holder pulls race card while pandering to Detroit Muslims

Another Minn. Muslim indicted in missing Somalis case

Fox suspends NBA broadcast team over Iranian remark

Ohio mosque torched by rival al-Qaeda linked Somali mosque?

Atlanta: mosque expansion denied, women threatened by Middle Easterners after vote

Ringleader In Sears Tower Jihad Plot Sentenced To 13 Years

BestBuy wishes Muslims Happy Eid al-Adha in Thanksgiving week ad (updated)

Somali’s Causing Tension in Rochester, Minn. Schools

Terror Charges Unsealed in Minnesota Against 8 Somali Muslims

Obama tries to block $2.65B from Iranian assets to families of ‘83 USMC bombing in Lebanon

Anti-Muslim crimes drop again in 2008, anti-Jew/Christian crimes increased

Philly: FBI nabs alleged Hizbollah arms dealer, 12 others

Four More Indicted for Conspiring to Support Hizbollah with M4 machine guns, fake passports & Iranian-made counterfeit money


Saint Louis, MO

#96 Jan 31, 2013
2009 Banner Year for Jihadists...page 12
November 2009: Part 2

On Thanksgiving eve, Obama issues special message to world’s Muslims on hajj

Belgian pleads guilty, Iranian charged in fighter jet engine export to Iran

Qatar To Buy US Embassy In UK

CAIR threatens Maine school district over Islamic prayer

Ft. Benning note: call off all charges or will be re-enactment of Ft. Hood

U.S. Muslim newspaper calls conscientious objector ‘real patriot’

3rd ranking DOJ official recused self from 39 terror-related detainee cases

More Muslim recruiting at CIA (video)

US companies sponsoring World Islamic Banking Conference

Kansas City Muslims support martyrdom, hijabis target practice near Ft. Riley (videos)

Saint Louis, MO

#97 Jan 31, 2013
2009 Banner Year for Jihadists...page 13
December 2009
Al-Qaeda ‘terrorists’ win right to hear secret evidence

US transfers Gitmo terror suspects to Italy, France, Hungary, Albania

Muslims, incl families of convicted Ft. Dix jihadis, attend rally to support cop killing co-religionist

Another spying scandal at Gitmo

Qur’an trumps National Anthem as top Maryland pols cozy up to Muslims

Muslim Brotherhood group holds nuclear disarmament forum on Capitol Hill

Ft. Hood accepts blood money, training from terror-linked ISNA

NYC: CAIR-linked legal advocacy tells Muslim food vendors never speak to law enforcement w/o lawyer

Muslim Grad Student Stabs Binghamton (NY) Middle Eastern Studies Professor to Death

Texas, Florida, and California revise textbook standards regarding Islam

Kansas City Muslim charged with raping, impregnating step-daughter, witness-wife found dead

Dem Congressman urges Holder to review group over Hamas fund raising on US campuses

Chicago Muslim, Ret. Pakistani Major charged in Mumbai terror bombing

Sharia law and segregation enforced on Capitol Hill lawn (video)

A Georgia middle school’s lesson on Islam

12 Bin Laden kin have FAA pilot’s licenses

5 DC Muslims arrested in Pakistani terror raid

Islamic center, mosque planned two blocks from Ground Zero

Muslim who killed NY professor gets Saudi-paid NYC lawyer

Gitmo: Kuwaiti freed, charges against Afghan withdrawn

CAIR Attorney Demands Ban, Seizure of Christmas Cards sent to Rifqa Bary

Florida allows Hamas-linked CAIR to Adopt a Street

Minnesota town faces lawsuit after Muslim charged with zoning violation

Oregon con: Imam fools officials to build sharia compliant non-mosque mosque

Obama orders 100 Gitmo terrorists to Illinois

Illinois: Pro-sharia Hizb ut Tahrir to meet again on 12/20

Fox panders to sharia, will air Disney free in Middle East

Gitmo terrorists to be tried in Brooklyn

Indiana: 2nd graders sing about Allah in public school show

CBS:‘Anti-Muslim Propaganda’ To Blame for Homegrown Muslim Terrorists

Georgia: Judge sentences 2 jihadis, blames Internet not ideology

‘Soldier of Islam’ found guilty in ‘06 Seattle Jewish center jihad

Imam paid $4.85M for Ground Zero mosque – in CASH!

White House Peddles Misinformation on Gitmo

WSJ gives Hamas, Hizbollah sympathizer op-ed space to defend Islam

Tennessee Muslim “joked” of jihad with FBI informant, FBI did nothing

Chicago: Terror-linked CAIR looks to submit Citibank

Former PLO spokesman headlines taxypayer funded ‘Palestinian’ conference

Atlanta: Mosque plan fails zoning, Muslims file fed lawsuit

Maine: Muslims beat, rob, and steal from infidels – for the thrill of it

Islamic dawah hits Minneapolis billboards, soon nationwide

FBI linguist, who was on terrorist defense team, pleads guilty to leaking classified info

Obama sends Gitmo detainees to Afghanistan, Yemen, and Somalia

Saudi’s pay Harvard generously to preserve Islamic texts

Plotting Islam in America on Christmas: MAS-ICNA convention to feat Islamists, terror-linked individuals, and Uighur leader

Ft. Hood killer claims rights being violated

Somali Muslim gangs videotape attacks on infidels in Minnesota (video)

Failed explosive detonation on Northwest plane descending in Detroit, al Qaeda link claimed

Man who recommended Obama to Harvard on behalf of Islamists dies (video)

2 “Middle Eastern” passengers detained after flight to Phoenix

Memphis: Muslim Released on $100 Bond after Threatening to Bomb 7 Businesses and Start “Holy War”

Somali Muslims “out for blood” at Minnesota high school

Website documenting Islamic hate faces death threats

FBI meets with Minneapolis Somali community…to ease tensions

“Halal Mafia” Heating up NYC Street Cart Wars (video)

Minnesota: Somali Muslims who quit over prayer breaks denied unemployment

Rocket launcher, jihadi writings found in Texas apartment

Saint Louis, MO

#98 Jan 31, 2013
Creeping Sharia 2010 page 1
This list is not exhaustive either and does not include terror attacks, plots and arrests of Muslims waging jihad against Americans:

January 2010
US exchanges another terrorist, responsible for killing 5 US soldiers, for Brit hostage

National Counterterrorism Center’s de-radicalization expert on terror watch list!

Islamic New Year replaces Pearl Harbor Remembrance on some 2010 calendars

Metropolitan Museum of Art pulls images of Mohammed

Islamist groups set up camp in Haiti (video)

Two jurors released from NYC terror trial after shooting gesture by man in headdress

February 2010:
CA: Radio host fired for not saying nice things about Muslims?

Hartford Seminary partners with Muslim Brotherhood front group to teach imams

State Dept pimps Islamic charities linked to terrorism

Arizona: Muslim who intentionally killed daughter is exempt from death penalty – because he’s Muslim

Police enforcing sharia gender segregation at DC mosque

US tax dollars funding terrorist glorification in ‘Palestine’

Obama’s OIC Envoy Admits Defending Terror Suspect

Clinton Speaks At Saudi College Founded By U.S. Designated Terrorist

Obama cuts US space program, orders NASA to work with Muslim countries

March 2010:
Legal jihad hits NYPD, and NJ city of Hackensack

Terror-linked CAIR, MSA target Louisiana ROTC training

Federal funding for Halal Meals on Wheels

Vermont: Burlington schools to close for Muslim holiday

Muslim who aided death of 6 Americans, 168 others, gets Holder-approved plea deal

Radical Arab group gets Muslim inside the TSA

City of Minneapolis complies with Islamic sharia law to loan Muslims money

Terror-linked CAIR seeks to submit Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS)

Raising money for Hamas in Massachusetts

TX: Muslims want ‘Our Lord’ removed from diplomas

Muslim who sent ‘call to Islam’ letters to Kansas legislators detained, deportation pending

April 2010
San Fran police chief apologizes for “terrorism” comments

Hamas meeting with WH advisors, says message “reaching its destination”

U.S. cuts aid to Cambodia over deportation of Muslims

U.S. admiral and general partake in Islamic sheep slaughter to beg Afghan forgiveness

Anti-Islam church told to repay mortgage in 60 days by pro-Islam bank

Obama hosting 500 Muslims for intensive entrepreneurship seminars

Pacino movie crew submits to Astoria (NY) Muslims, removes sign refering to Koran

Delaware: DMV apologizes profusely over headscarf photo

TSA tells terrorists where body scanners are, and exempts them

Pentagon disinvites evangelist who scorned Islam

Viacom’s Comedy Central enforcing sharia: Can’t say Muhammad on South Park or view episode online

Anti-Graham group now wants Army to change symbol to appease Muslims

Muslims videotaped themselves shooting at San Fran gays get just 6 months jail

Nashville Public Schools to help Muslims retain Islamic identity & pray in school

Stop Islamization Group’s Trademark Application Stopped by Sharia Enforcers

Three New State Dept Programs for Muslim World – None for Americans

Terror-linked CAIR shakes down American Wrestling Federation

May 2010:
Workplace Religious Freedom Act to Usher in More Sharia Law

Obama pledges $50M to expand nuke tech in Mid East

Taxation for Islamization in Detroit Public Schools

Census Bureau leases space from “America’s most radical mosque”

Islamic Sharia Law Helps Illegal Muslim Couple Stay In U.S.

State Dept site features 9/11 mosque (video)

Muslim woman with Hizbollah links wins Miss America title

Muslim Brotherhood linked group leads Islamic prayer on Capitol Hill

US State Dept backs sharia law on Muhammid images

Obama admin to work with terrorist-designated Hezbollah

NYC yanks Ground Zero mosque protest permit

Saint Louis, MO

#99 Jan 31, 2013
Creeping Sharia 2010 page 2
As you will notice, much of the very dangerous policy of appeasing Muslims and sharia is directed from the top through appointments by Obama, actions by the Department of Justice, and misuse of taxpayer funds

June 2010:
Peaceful Georgia neighborhood requires around the clock police patrols after mosque expansion denied

Michigan: Police submit to sharia, change policy to give Muslim detainees choice on removing head covering

San Diego: CAIR shakes down another DMV

LA: Muslims mob lone Jewish high school student (video)

Tennessee: Kroger, KFC and others submit to sharia, yank newspaper that discusses Islam

Sharia compliant mortgages and banking in New Jersey

Apple removes iSlam Muhammad app

Obama pledges another $400 million for Hamas-run Gaza

Police enforce sharia in Dearborn, non-Muslims arrested at Arab fest

ISNA conference, July 4th, to teach Muslims to reconcile sharia with U.S. laws

Sharia-compliant Finance specialist selected as White House Fellow

July 2010:
Maryland: Car Dealership Now $2.75M, 37,000 sq ft mosque

South Jersey: School, community center to become Islamic compound

Tennessee: Major Hamas Fundraiser Welcomed in Memphis

Miami:“Muslim Congress” to Meet over July 4 weekend

Garden City, Kansas: Where women in burqas stroll down Normal Rockwell Main Street

Bronx Mosque Forcing Call to Prayer on Neighborhood (video)

Muslim Group in America Aims for Islamic Domination

CBS bans ad opposing Ground Zero mosque (video)

NBC joins CBS in refusing to air ad opposing Ground Zero mosque

Maryland: No student tests on, no sports the night before Muslim holidays

U.S. military removes foosball faces for Gitmo terrorists, too Western

Minnesota: Electrolux submits to sharia law to accommodate Muslim workers

U.S. State Dept Sends CAIR Official To Mali

Virginia: Judge tells jail to make considerations for Somali Muslim pirates during Ramadan

August 2010:
‘Big Mexican Women’ Help Afghans Go AWOL From Texas Air Base

ACLU sues Feds on behalf of radical Muslim terror cleric al-Awlaki

Kerry introduces law to bring Muslim workers to U.S.

DHS ignores Congresswoman’s Hizbollah border inquiry

New Jersey Judge Rules Islamic Sharia Law Trumps U.S. Law

Obama uses $23M U.S. taxpayer dollars to usher in sharia courts in Kenya

State Dept sending Ground Zero imam to Mid East

U.S. funding mosques around the world

New Jersey schools to close for two Muslim holidays

Why is the Ground Zero mosque removing web pages, and changing its name?

DoD’s final report classifies Fort Hood jihad as “workplace violence”

US sends Muslim country singer on “very expensive” Middle East tour

State Dept imports devout Muslim to teach Montana kids Arabic, Islam

Obama to spend $6M to restore global Islamic sites

Counter-terror advisor Brennan bolts when asked about jihad (video)

Fort McNair hosts iftar for Muslims

NY State Regents exam shills for Islam, slams Christianity

Obama admin halts prosecution of USS Cole bomber

State Dept sending Daisy Khan to Mideast


Saint Louis, MO

#100 Jan 31, 2013
Creeping Sharia 2010 page 3

September 2010:
Rising Syrian presence on Capitol Hill

ACLU seeks group prayer for jailed American Taliban and al Qaeda financier

U.S. taxpayers fund absurd ‘Palestinian’ ad campaign

State Dept uses taxpayer funds to buy and distribute Ground Zero imam book

Hizbollah flags fly at D.C. al Quds Day rally (video)

Dept of Agriculture stonewalls on meeting with Muslim Brotherhood

Whole Foods goes halal

Hospitals in U.S. becoming more sharia compliant

Muslims protest Hindu’s in New Jersey

Pastor arrested for sharing gospel with Muslims…in Kansas

NYT, Fox & AP won’t dare show burning Korans

Mass: 6th graders pray to Allah during field trip to radical mosque (video)

‘Draw Muhammad’ cartoonist changes name, goes into hiding from Muslims

Reaching out to Arab and Muslim-Americans a priority for DOJ

NJ Transit submits, fires Koran burner

Obama State Dept coaching future politicians in Muslim enclaves of Paris

NJ: Jewish Children’s Camp Website Attacked by Islamists

Disney designs costume specifically for Muslims

FBI Escorts Known Hamas Operative Through Top-Secret National Counterterrorism Center

October 2010:
Penn State Censors anti-Terrorism Art Exhibit (video)

Campbell’s goes halal with unindicted co-conspirator ISNA

Kellogg’s submits to sharia too

Saudi-led American Islamic College,“a sleeping giant” to reopen in Chicago

US Army’s new Threat Awareness & Reporting Program omits the obvious

Mass: School system to get Muslim holiday

DOJ drops charges against bin Laden brother-in-law as requested by CAIR

Ex-congressman guilty, took cash to help get Islamic charity removed from terror list

Adweek and ad agencies shill for Islam, Ground Zero mosque

Soldier Ordered to Delete Fort Hood Video Evidence

Colbert Report finds Creeping Sharia (video)

Unindicted co-conspirator ISNA Meets with Clinton and National Security Adviser

NPR sides with terror-linked CAIR, fires analyst for opinion on Muslims

CAIR shakes down Penn. retailer for Muslim worker

State Dept funds tech mentoring for women in Hamas-run Gaza, Muslim countries

Napolitano Swears in Islamist to Homeland Security Advisory Council

DOJ files legal brief in support of Tenn. mosque

PBS Senior Editor attends conference, trains terror-linked CAIR

Islamists recruit screenwriters to spread Islam in Hollywood

NJ: More school districts recognize Muslim holidays

Attorney General meets with unindicted co-conspirator ISNA

George Washington Univ adds female-only swim hours for Muslims

Saint Louis, MO

#101 Jan 31, 2013
Creeping Sharia 2010 page 4

November 2010:
Texas: 200 imams taught how to run sharia courts

Ohio Dem Hanging with Islamic Extremists

US to help Yemen upgrade judicial system, ie, sharia

“Experts” tell Natl Security Council not to worry about Muslim Brotherhood

Muslim Brotherhood creeps into Ft. Leavenworth

U.S. offers Sudan easy way off terror list

Judge blocks Oklahoma amendment barring Islamic sharia law

CAIR:“Sharia law is something for the judge to consider…”

Clinton gives another $150M to ‘Palestine’

Texas: Woman fired for not being Muslim, says lawsuit

Georgia: Zoning law changed to allow Muslim cemetery in residential area

Univ of Michigan Health System’s call to accommodate sharia

DOJ submits NJ county to sharia and dawah

LA sheriff gives Muslim men helicopter tours of patrol stations

Virginia prison submits to Islam

Univ of Maryland Law School Holds Forum on Sharia Law

NJ: Muslim girl gets non-Muslim boy suspended for saying ‘Taliban’

Texas: Lebanese-owned firm sent expired food to U.S. combat troops

Connecticut roller rink submits to sharia

December 2010:
Maryland man gets year in jail for “eradicate Islam” email

US Ambassador visits extremist UK mosque, invites Muslim youth to U.S.

Bloomberg appointee scrubbed terror-linked CAIR from resume

TSA head oversaw outreach to U.S. Muslim Brotherhood while at FBI

Congressional Muslim Staffers website disappears after outed hosting terrorists on Capitol Hill

Muslim Brotherhood front group trains airport screeners to be sharia compliant

Oregon college cancels Islam class after terror-linked CAIR complains

Attorney General Holder to keynote Islamists annual dinner tonight

Holder reassures Muslims, DOJ focus is protecting Muslims and Arabs

Buffalo: More proof Islamic sharia is incompatible with U.S. law

DOJ sues school district for rejecting Muslim teacher’s hajj request

Minn: Santa banned from Head Start classes to avoid offending Muslims

Jihad-linked Muslim wants to meet with NC tea party favorite

Obama’s special envoy at another Islamist convention

NASA hires Muslim as chief scientist

Texas teachers, Obama envoy, examine and praise Turkish education system

Call to prayer in the streets of Brooklyn (video)

NYPD’s Muslim chaplain keynotes fundraiser for terror-linked mosque

Muslim Congressman Ellison doesn’t want investigation into Muslim radicals

White House admits national intelligence chief clueless on UK terror arrests

NYC Mayor Bloomberg secretly aided Ground Zero victory mosque

Penn State: Student posts jihadi tribute to suicide bomber

Tenn:‘All Americans Must Die’ Written in Meat Plant with Somali Muslim Strife

Hamas pal Galloway helps terrorist-supporting U.S. Muslim group raise money

Terror-linked CAIR goes to Virgin Islands to shake down DMV for Muslims

Obama gives terror suspects access to frozen assets

Obama appoints ambassador to state sponsor of terror – Syria

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