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London, KY

#1 Nov 9, 2012
why do people have their baby's wang skin chopped off at birth? don't say it is for health or religion. it leaves an ugly scar and seems highly barbaric. i love foreskin! cut weiners are gruesome to behold. moms, don't chop that baby's wang up!

Sligo, Ireland

#2 Nov 15, 2012
i have explained time and time again why its wrong to get circumcised particularily on Topix give me some time and i might find my over 20 reasons to say no to it some tend to overlap the others but generally they all have reasons to say NO

Sligo, Ireland

#3 Nov 15, 2012
this is one of my older versions my newer on consists of 25 i think but it doesn't matter too much.

anyways circumcision should not be acceptable to preform on men in particular baby boys.In fact especially baby boy's has it has been classified as sexual mutilation that is confirmed and not a belief.
there are rumours from here and above abouts it benefits but in reality when you look at it very closely you kind of wonder how it all works. If a doctor told you that cocaine would make you live forever and make you stronger would you believe it? well up until the 1940's or so people did believe it in fact doctors and scientists have been proven to take the drug at the time.

now It makes you wonder how does circumcision enter into this? well its simple we believe in too much of what the local physician tells us and the problem with that is the doctor too could be filled with lies and not even realize it.

i shall begin to state the many claimed benifits towards circumcision and heirby clarrifiy they are not benifits at all. please to note yes it helps people in africa. but it should be noted in a first world country where 0.6% of americans have aids while other countries like germany france italy britain ireland etc have 0.1% of people with aids it should be noted that it is in no way necessary for circumcise babies in america or anywhere else excluding africa for a matter of preventing aids this too goes for penile testicular and prostate cancer in comparison to breast cancer. where males have a 1:100,000 chance of getting any of the above cancers and women have a 1:4 chances of getting cancer. thus cancer doesn't enter into it because the chances are so low for men.

i have around a 20 point issue as to the lies people get told and will show you them all shortly

what to circumcised men immediately say when people argue that the procedure is bad
1: it helps stop aids
2: it looks alot more attractive
3: its a lot more cleaner and hygienic
4: it stops me getting bladder infections
5: it makes sex better!
6: it stops me getting stds!
7: the foreskin looks ugly
8: its not that important
9: its very popular
10: its part of growing up and being a man and showing you can take pain!
11: it helps stop masturbation (which is wrong???)
12: its part of our religion (imput religion here)
13:(here is the biggest bull i was told once) ancient Egyptians did it to keep sand out of their foreskin so we better do it to.(swear to god some one said that)
14: it doesn't hurt the baby and he will never remember
15: women enjoy it more!
16: to make him look like his father!
17: just to get it done and out of the way
18: its what the baby wants and its what mother knows best
19: he is MY son i can whatever i want to him
20: its traditional in america

i will tell you what is wrong with every single one of these arguments and you will realize how wrong you where!

1: aids you say? well as i said before aids in the first world is very unpopular and oddly enough america is the most popular place for circumcision and yet has the highest level of aids in the first world...makes you wonder why? true in africa it dramatically stops aids from by around 20% but in the first world because the numbers are so low you'll be looking at 0.2% not really worth it in my opinion.

2: clearly those who say this never saw a proper penis when your circumcised your penis tip gets coarse and rough dried out and worn down "wear and tear" if you will. my penis tip is pink and i have a foreskin. i bet anyone who is circumcised is reddish or even purple-sh maybe even brownish. yes it definitely looks alot more attractive having a brown tip!(sarcasm duh)

3: this is into the idea the foreskin is riddled with bacteria and dirt this argument is. when a baby poops a mother will tell you it doesn't stay in the rear it goes everywhere. and the foreskin on a baby its locked tight like the fingernail on.. well your finger. to be continued. if possible.

Sligo, Ireland

#4 Nov 15, 2012
3: as i was saying if the poop gets in the little hole on his tip he will infact get a bladder infection and i can guarantee many babies WILL. ask a doctor about any infections after circumcising a baby he'll probably tell you the baby most likely will get infected for a bit and the penis will swell up or become inflamed.

4: well number 3 essentially covers number 4 the same rules apply in number 4 if you don't clean your penis properly circumcised or not you'll get a bladder infections it doesn't matter if you have or haven't a foreskin the same rules apply.

5: terribly inaccurate is number 5. for one thing a survey was done in america and it showed anyone who was circumcised had a smaller penis in comparison to those who did not. as i said before too your penis gets hard and coarse and you'll need to buy lubricants later in life because of the circumcision its be proven circumcision is less pleasurable for both men and women. the foreskin provides a natural mucus (no not nose mucus! more like eyelid mucus!) this helps the penis slide comfortably into the vagina and when it touchings the clitoris it tingles a mans nerves which is what makes sex pleasuring for men just like women

6: whether you call them sti's or std's the point remains that its not about the foreskin its about who you sleep with if you go to the doctor on monday he tells you you are have not any sti's. later that evening you have sex with your girlfriend you come back the next day and you show positive signs for an sti well its not because you had a foreskin it's because the woman you slept with gave it to you.

7: number 7 is indeed an opinion. should a doctor tell you this i would not recommend you come back to him anytime soon. some might finger the foreskin unattractive but just look at a woman's vagina once you remove the lips it looks like a train wreck in there! the inside of the body is not meant to be attractive and quite frankly the foreskin is stuck in the middle between the two. many however find a foreskin to be very sexually arousing as it's not as common in America

8: the foreskin is the most important part of your penis it holds 50% of the skin on your penis and is full to the bring in lovely nerve endings which makes stimulation of the penis enjoyable the natural mucus or lubricant contributes to this and with a foreskin you can preform the traditional "pulling the foreskin up and down the shaft" movement with ease as this is how most men masturbate or get oral sex. it in reality is a man's clitoris

9: it indeed is Not popular having only 1/5 to 1/6 of the world preforming it and having it most of the world has a foreskin and the procedure is declining significantly more americans are deciding to not preform it as they have realized there's not need to circumcise and even jewish people are believing there isn't a need to as "if your father is jew and if your mother is jew you yourself is rightfully jewish too" is the belief they have as does most religions except Christianity where you have to be baptised before your legally christian (like jesus!)

10: this is a bad one to be honest and began around the 1980's the idea of "becoming a man" is ridiculous. this is a baby we are talking about an 8th day year old baby he poops himself and drink's milk he doesn't drink beer and eat steaks! wait until he is legally 21 in America and 18 in other counties before you start calling him an adult! taking pain? he never asked for the pain he never wanted the pain why would you struggle for 9 months with you and your wife paying for baby showers and other such things buying him clothes and what not when in the end the first thing you do is sign the white piece of paper to agree to hurt him. if your a mother you went through 9 months of pain and once its over it looks like your getting revenge by circumcising him! why would you hurt something that you went through all the trouble to create? to be continued

Sligo, Ireland

#5 Nov 15, 2012
11: is an old one catholic obessed moran's started using this one around the 1910 where they thought masturbation was a sin and a gift to the devil (despite the men later getting a bj from their wives later in life) so this idea of immortality came up to encourage circumcision to help stop masturbation as we know today i hope everyone masturbates men need to release their hormones thats why they have wet dreams to release hormones and excess sperm but masturbation is the best way to do both things!

12: religion? you mean Muslim and Jew? their the only religions that do it. Muslims circumcise girls is that ok? no? why? its illegal? so why are boys different? health benefits? you mean what i just told you is not true? well then shut up! this is arguable the most however if such a case occurs i would only accept it if the child is at least sixteen years old is 100% aware of the bad and the good from circumcision and is not brought into peer pressure from friends and family in any way otherwise i say NO NO NO

13: now this is truly the biggest bull i was told by some woman. and she put up a decent argument she made me feel stupid but after a while i realized she was the stupid one. ancient egypt you say? well then its not med evil times any more. and there is no deserts is there where you live? we have showers and soap for a reason back then water was scarce and soap wasn't invented so it was necessary back then. key word "back then" but nowadays we are more advanced and more clean so we don't need to circumcise at all!

14: 14 is the more newer ones but in reality this is the biggest lie of the lot. the baby when circumcised goes into the same brain pattern and under the same stress as say well a women being raped. IT IS the EXACT SAME feeling for baby boys being circumcised he is pinned to a table against his will and he is stabbed in his penis with a knife how is the different from being pinned to the ground and raped? there isn't a lot worse I'd rather a cock in my ass than a knife to my dick in all honesty. the baby will also have trouble with mother/child bonding as been proving he won't feed properly after the cosmetic surgery and he may even have resentment towards his parents in general worst case. this circumcision for a baby is proved to be more painful to babys then men as the foreskin is attached to the penis tip and has to be forcibly removed like removing some one's nail only much more painful before it can be entirely cut off. if it is not properly cut it is possible the surgical wound will re-open after several years afterwords and in worst case scenario the baby will die. i believe approximately 2 babies die a week due to circumcision in America. that's a lot of baby funerals.(however i am not sure if this is accurate to be honest but the rates of death are around that mark) should a mother or father see the operation it can be traumatic for them too and very stressful. the parents may subconsciously block out the trauma and as we all know that is very bad for the human brain. the same goes for the baby too as the baby can possibly suffer from stress disorder's as well. if a nurse tells you he cried a lot or a little don't listen to her or him in reality a baby Will go into shock from the pain and if he doesn't cry its most likely because his body is in shock from the severe pain. in some cases the baby will fall unconscious. in reality a female circumcision is a LOT LESS painful as only a little bit is removed where as a male circumcision half the skin is removed. giving the baby pain killers like morphine is not good either as giving him pain killers at such a young age can be a shock to the system so the dosage is lowered to a point where it barely numbs the pain at all so it hasn't a lot of an effect. so all in all circumcision hurts like crap both physcially and mentally.
to be continued.

Sligo, Ireland

#6 Nov 15, 2012
15: woman enjoy it more? see this is like sex is better i shall not dwell on it much but it is essentially the same as "sex is better" a circumcised man has a smaller penis its coarse and rough etc etc.

16: to make him look like his father? that's a poor reason what if his father was "two face" from batman? would you burn half his body off length ways?
i hardly think so which makes me wonder why would you want to look like your father? i want to be unique and i most certainly do not want to be a complete clone of my father that's a terrible reason to circumcise!

17: this is just laziness getting it done and out of the way. lets remove a babies appendix because you don't need it "just to get it done and out of the way" lets remove a girls breast's when she is a baby in case she gets breast cancer "just to get it down and out of the way" to "spare him the pain of getting it done as an adult well as i said in 14 it hurts him even more to get it done as a baby!

18: you can't ask a baby if it's what he wants so do not assume it is that is a terrible reason to circumcise to simply assume. what if mother is a bad mother (dare i say) and you know she can't handle a baby is it still ok if she wants one of testicles removed because he only needs one? are you still going to listen to her when she says that? does mother know best now? i don't think so. so mother doesn't know best

19: your son is NOT a SLAVE you have no right to treat him like one he is not YOURS the body is his in no way are you physically connected to him after birth so that doesn't make you the direct owner of the baby similar to a government owned home you might live in it but you can't alter it without the governments permission

20: its traditional? the procedure has only existed in america for approximately 100 years compared to jewish people has existed for 4000 years its not really big tradition at all and shouldn't be considered one.

almost forgot circumcision is a direct violation of human rights under "every human has the right to privacy of his/her body and no one has the right to assault it" thus circumcision is direct sexual assault on the individual who has it preformed on him without his consent.

women may have only gotten equal rights recently but men appear to not have equal right's when it comes to their bodies. fellas you really need to start respecting your body more and not take it for granted. i guess we say women carry around a lot of crap in their purses but they certainly are naturally more cleaner than men are and do a good job at keep clean and respecting their body from head to toe we really should do the same and not overlook circumcision because of what people have been telling you.

all in all say No to circumcision!

This took me a good 20 minutes per post and theres four of them you do the math i really hope you appreciate my reasons as it took me a long long time to write them all up. please copy and past them if you want to friends or others because i hope this will spread to others to wake them up and make them realize circumcision just isn't that great.

Somerset, KY

#7 Nov 15, 2012
As a female, I had much rather a man I am dating be circumcised. Its just better in my opinion. I don't think I would circumcise my child, But I would probably leave that decision to the father!

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