Hundreds of birds die in western Ky.

Jan 5, 2011 Full story: The Cincinnati Enquirer 81,789

MURRAY, Ky. - State wildlife officials say "several hundred" dead birds were found near the Murray State University campus last week.

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Tompkinsville, KY

#86857 Mar 3, 2013
Its methane gas released in the water killing fish and in the air over quake zones(cracks) killing birds. get ready people its coming..

Vine Grove, KY

#86858 Mar 3, 2013
Good evening bird threaders. Hope you all had a great weekend. Looks like we are going to get a little white stuff this week, at least up in my neck of the woods. lol

Hazardous weather outlook issued for Louisville, snow possible by mid week

Two storm systems are expected to move through Louisville starting Monday which could bring as much as two inches of snow by Wednesday, the National Weather Service said.

The weather service issued a hazardous weather outlook Sunday for south-central Indiana and central Kentucky warning that the first storm system will likely hit the area late Monday with a mixture of rain and sleet. The high Monday is forecast to be about 43 degrees.

The second storm system will move through Louisville Tuesday night and will be accompanied by much colder air, the weather service said. Light to moderate snow is forecast with accumulations of between one and two inches by Wednesday morning.

The remainder of the week is expected to be clear with highs moving from the mid 40s Thursday to the low 60s by Saturday.

Those beans and hamhocks sound good. Might just plan on having some navy beans, hamhocks, iron skillet cornbread, and green onions. Maybe a chili day. Glad I don't really have to go anywhere if I don't want to. Usually on those days...I don't want to. lol

Vine Grove, KY

#86859 Mar 3, 2013
Seen the China earthquake in the news:

SW China Quake Destroys 700 Homes, Injures 30
A moderate earthquake struck southwest China on Sunday, causing hundreds of homes to collapse and injuring at least 30 people.

The earthquake bureau in Yunnan province, where the quake occurred, said three of the injured people were in serious condition.

In this photo released by China's Xinhua News... View Full Caption

The official Xinhua News Agency said the quake damaged 2,500 houses and caused 700 others to collapse.

About 55,000 people were affected by the quake, Xinhua said, citing Yunnan's Civil Affairs Department. Supplies were on their way to the quake-hit area, including 6,000 tents.

The magnitude-5.5 quake struck 51 kilometers (32 miles) from the city of Dali at a depth of 33 kilometers (20 miles), according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

About 34 aftershocks were recorded after the quake, Xinhua said.

Magnitude 4.2 - 53km WSW of Ferndale, California 2013-03-03 17:46:48 UTC

So I decided to check the map and there were some small ones in our area:

Magnitude: 2.7

Magnitude: 2.6

South Carolina
Magnitude: 1.5

Magnitude: 4.3

Magnitude: 3.6

Magnitude: 1.5

Magnitude: 1.8

Vine Grove, KY

#86860 Mar 3, 2013
That bad wreck made national news south of Elizabethtown (in betty's neck of the woods) and then the stories keep coming. Sad that family died when hit by the semi. I hope Blue, betty's hubby and any other truckers we know weren't involved or held up by that wreck. Wonder if that is where betty was saying is too curvy and if it is where they have had many wrecks.

Breaking: Country music star Kellie Pickler's drummer involved in serious I-65 accident

Breaking Entertainment News: The411withSherleneShanklin: I have been working on this story all morning long and now I can confirm that the drummer for country music star Kellie Pickler was involved in a serious accident in Kentucky.

The crash happened Saturday morning around 11:30 a.m. on the southbound side of Interstate 65 approximately three miles south of Glendale, KY.

Drummer Gregg Lohman was involved in a four vehicle crash injuring three people. I spoke with University of Louisville Hospital spokesman David McArthur and he confirms that they have a Gregg Lohman in their hospital and he's in serious condition. They could not confirm anything else with me at this time. We have been working with our sister station in Nashville and they have received confirmation from a close friend of Lohman that he was involved in the crash.

Lohman's accident is not the only accident that happened in that area on Saturday. Police say six members from Wisconsin family were killed and two injured when their SUV was rear-ended by a tractor-trailer. According to police, the first accident happened shortly after 11 A.M. Saturday morning in the northbound lanes of I-65 at the 83 mile marker. Police say the Wisconsin family in the SUV was from Marion, Wisconsin. They are identified as 62-year-old James Gollnow and his wife Barbara, 92-year-old Marion Champnise, 18-year-old Sarina Gollnow, 8-year-old Soledad Smith and 10-year-old Gabriel Zumiga. According to police, Soledad and Gabriel were foster children. The two survivors were also foster children. Police identified them as Hope Hoth, 15, and Aidian Ejnik, 12.

SKY11 was overhead both accidents Saturday. Click here for images.

Kentucky State Police Trooper Norman Chaffins says despite snow flurries, weather was not a factor in either crash. The driver of the tractor-trailer was not injured and was cooperating with police, Chaffins said. He was not identified. "He's obviously pretty torn up about everything," he said.

The southbound crash involved a tractor-trailer and three other vehicles and Chaffins said police were investigating whether rubbernecking was the cause.

Vine Grove, KY

#86861 Mar 3, 2013
and a BIRD story, haha, an Angry Bird story:

Territorial geese protect turf

CNN|Added on March 2, 2013

Angry geese stake claim at a California park
Ancient Wolf

Flemingsburg, KY

#86862 Mar 3, 2013
so true wrote:
<quoted text>you can also , put a little pepsi or coke in them to help with the gas
Gas or not , always my favorite , with a little bit of salad dressing in them , pickled beets, and a green onion , oh and the cornbread... yall have a good one , got to go cook...
I like sweet pickle relish and chopped onions in mine. I also like to put some cream style corn in the baked cornbread.
so true

Morgantown, KY

#86863 Mar 3, 2013
me too , I make mine homemade ever year. We always called it homemade ketchup. Grew up that way. We can so many things, and I still do.. Good night to you all , may your dreams , float you to a point in your life when no harm or hurt came your way, when you were at you happiest... Night all..
Ancient Wolf

Flemingsburg, KY

#86864 Mar 3, 2013
Oglala wrote:
<quoted text>
Heck, you can call me if you want. LOL I do get a little bit stranger as the night wears on. Occasionally, I will get a call from one of my insomniac friends who knows my schedule. I never sleep through a night, haven't for the last several years. I just doze/sleep lightly, wake up and do something, then go back to bed for another night nap. When I was young, I could sleep like the dead, but as I get a little older (mind you, I didn't say old), sleep eludes me. Perhaps in my waning years, I try try to get in as much waking time as possible, because I know my years are growing short. Who knows. Sometimes, I believe that I do my best thinking in the deepest part of the night, just before the roosters crow to announce impending dawn.
I sleep really good for 4 hours, then wake up and drink coffee and do things for a couple hours then sleep a couple more hours and it does not matter whether it is night or day. Good thing I am retired and have no schedules to keep.

Since: Mar 11

Location hidden

#86865 Mar 3, 2013
Abeliever wrote:
and a BIRD story, haha, an Angry Bird story:
Territorial geese protect turf
CNN|Added on March 2, 2013
Angry geese stake claim at a California park
Those geese can be very mean, more so than the domestic variety. There was almost always a flock of Canadian Geese on the track when we raced our horses at Foxboro. They would sometimes interfere with the race, sometimes causing horses to go off-pace or they would get in the way when horses were coming down the stretch. I was always worried that they would cause an accident, but the geese always managed to move in the nick of time. Who knows, maybe they wanted to be official race timers.

Since: Mar 11

Location hidden

#86866 Mar 3, 2013
My computer is running as slow as molasses, and I need to call back my friend who is in personal crisis.(please continue to say a pray for her; she is a really kind-hearted soul). Hope my computer does better tomorrow. It's been two days since the slow-down began, taking forever to load. I'm very frustrated with it. I wish I had AW's patience, but after having lightning-fast downloading, I am really aggravated with this thing. If anyone has ideas how I could fix this, please comment. And, no, I don't use PC . That's the biggest ripoff I've ever seen. So , goodnight, folks, pleasant dreams. Lord willing, I will talk to everyone tomorrow.

Vine Grove, KY

#86867 Mar 3, 2013
Hello Ancient Wolf, lala, and so true. I hope you have a restful/peaceful night. I read this story and thought about our Native American stories we had going early on in the thread when the birds were no longer dropping dead. I loved those legends. I seen a Cardinal today in my front yard so I feel priviledged as I am every time I see them. Beautiful Kentucky State Bird. The only Cardinals that I like. lol

Great Spirit sent me to this beautiful story first thing this morning, it has a powerful message for everyone! Enjoy!


Many moons ago there was a mighty Indian tribe. The tribe was led by a wise chief who made sure the members of the tribe were well fed, kind, generous, and respectful of nature. The chief had a young son and daughter who were wise and kind, like their father.

The tribe had a special award that it gave to young braves. It was called simply the “Red Feather”. The Red Feather represented spirit and character. It was given to those braves who lived by a moral code and set a good example for others by being courteous, respectful, considerate, and friendly.

One day the chief’s son was awarded the Red Feather for a special act of kindness to the tribe. The chief’s daughter asked when she might receive a Red Feather too. The chief laughed. The Red Feather, he explained, was only for braves of the tribe. No princess had ever received the Red Feather. The princess felt this was very unfair.

One winter, there was a terrible sickness that spread through the tribe. Everyone was very, very ill except the chief’s daughter who, for some reason, had not become sick. While she was tending to her father, he explained to her that none of the braves were well enough to search for a special plant that contained medicine that could make the tribe well. It was up to her to find the plant and bring it back to the tribe. She was their only hope.

The princess set off into the cold, dark woods to find the plant. She walked miles and miles, through deep snow and freezing wind. She saw spooky eyes in the trees and heard the howling of coyotes all around her. She was often scared and hungry, but she knew she must go on. She must find the special plant to help her tribe.

With the help of the Great Spirit and her willingness to sacrifice for others, she found the plant hidden deep in the woods and brought it back to her father the chief. Thanks to her bravery and sacrifice, the tribe was able to make the needed medicine and everyone was cured. When she awoke the next morning she found a large red feather painted on her tee pee and was given a special Red Feather to wear in her hair. She was the first princess to ever receive such an honor.

Her father gathered all of the tribe around her and said,“We have been foolish to only award the Red Feather to braves. My princess has taught us all that character, spirit and sacrifice are qualities found in all of us, not just braves.

From this day forward the Red Feather will be given to any brave or princess who demonstrates these qualities.”

And that is the Legend of the Red Feather. Ya-Ta-Hay!

May Great Spirit bring Red Feathers to all of you today as you walk your path as kind, generous, and respectful of nature and others! Aho!

Love this story.

Have a good night everyone!

Since: Jun 12

Location hidden

#86868 Mar 3, 2013
Ancient Wolf wrote:
<quoted text>I sleep really good for 4 hours, then wake up and drink coffee and do things for a couple hours then sleep a couple more hours and it does not matter whether it is night or day. Good thing I am retired and have no schedules to keep.
That's been my sleep pattern for most of my life. You just learn to work with it and make it work for you. I like my middle of the night awake times now.

“Is who I am”

Since: Aug 08


#86869 Mar 3, 2013
Another beautiful day in the neighborhood

Owensboro, KY

#86870 Mar 3, 2013
Who cares they are birds and fish, and by the way . It's the weather we been haveing. Here and other places too

“It is what it is, folks!!”

Since: Feb 10

The land of harmony and peace

#86871 Mar 3, 2013
Hi wonderful bird peeps!!

I decided to shut the computer down for a few days for some quite thinking and real life peace. I did miss talking to you all though! There are times that I have to get away from the nastiness of the other threads on Topix for a while. You can't help but see them as you scour the titles and sometimes they make me extremely angry at the human race.. Some people are surely twisted to get on here and talk about someone else the way they do, and doing it behind the keyboard like a coward.. And the vulgarity in some of it? Just oh my God..

Rapid, I'm going to change my eyeball for you darlin'. It's apparent that I should have NEVER placed this florescent green thing on here, ROFLMBO!! I'm sorry. As soon as I click "post" on here, I'll run through my eyeballs icons and find a more serene one for ya, okay?

Lala, I'll keep your friend in my prayers. I promise!

AB, I so adore those links you place every day. Keep'em coming please!!

AW, I can't believe your phone and internet are STILL messed up!! This is a good time to call them and, um, "negotiate" your plan, hehe.
(Been there, done that).
You'd be surprised how agreeable they can be when you imply that you're going to switch providers.

Blue, glad to see you too!! I trust your dear dad is still doing well? How much longer does he have to stay in rehab? I pray that he heals quickly and can get back to life, hopefully with your siblings closer now!!

Hemp, don't know where you are, but I was watching "Pawn Stars" last night and a man brought in what he thought was a genuine Katana, and of course he was wanting MAJOR bucks. Sadly, he had a fake.. Of course I thought of you and your new one, knowing that YOU have the real deal..

"Belie", don't know where you are, but hope things are well.

Didn't see "Imposter" while I was catching up. I hope the new part time job is going good and his change jar fills up quickly, hehe.

And hello to the 'newbies'!!!! Welcome to the bird thread!!

“It is what it is, folks!!”

Since: Feb 10

The land of harmony and peace

#86872 Mar 3, 2013
Sorry, that first paragraph should have read QUIET thinking. Please forgive.

“It is what it is, folks!!”

Since: Feb 10

The land of harmony and peace

#86873 Mar 3, 2013
OH ROAMING!! I forgot to say hi to you too! Hope you're well??

“It is what it is, folks!!”

Since: Feb 10

The land of harmony and peace

#86874 Mar 3, 2013
Miss E Font wrote:
<quoted text>
That's been my sleep pattern for most of my life. You just learn to work with it and make it work for you. I like my middle of the night awake times now.
Hi, Miss E. You're right. With bouts of insomnia, you really DO get used to your middle of the night wake up times. It gets to the point that you adjust quite well!! It doesn't aggravate me near as much as it used to!!

Kermit, WV

#86875 Mar 3, 2013

Miss you guys. I will start posting more again tomorrow. I have missed so much the past few months that it may take awhile to catch up.

Looks like we have made it to the last pope.=) Our anagram would like that Cardinal Tarcisio Pietro Evasio Bertone's first name is an anagram for Iscariot. Another interesting fact is that the last pope is "Petrus Romanus" and Pietro is Italian for Peter and Bertone was born in Romano Canavese, Italy. I wonder if he will be the one chosen to fulfill St. Malachy's prophecy?

I am a little tired. Came home late and need to get up early, but I will catch up a bit and post tomorrow. <yawn>

Peace-Salaam-Shalom!(Kind of a signature for those that know me. lol Those that don't would not understand). Yeah, it is me.=)~

“It is what it is, folks!!”

Since: Feb 10

The land of harmony and peace

#86876 Mar 3, 2013
Welcome back, OJG! Glad you're settle in enough to start posting again!! Talk to you tomorrow hopefully then!!

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