Teacher having affairs

Teacher having affairs

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concerned ktownian

New York, NY

#1 Jun 15, 2007
I heard a terrible story today and I hope it's just a rumor but being that I'm a little out of touch with Kearny news, maybe one of you folks heard about it too. I checked news sites but nothing came up so maybe it isn't true. An English teacher from KHS was having affairs with at least four students since last December 2006 her maiden name was Celeste Pasos 1998 gratuate her married name is Celeste Adamski. Is this true?????????

Troy, MI

#2 Jun 15, 2007
you seem to know plenty. there you told everyone. happy?

Berkley, MI

#3 Jun 15, 2007
How did you hear about that story? is it that big?
anyways... unfortunatly its true. She was one of my teachers and she was madd cool. Sucks
KHS wannabe news reporter

Berkley, MI

#4 Jun 16, 2007
Def not true.... even if it was its no one bussiness so just drop it. People are just mad jealous of her... ITs funny how it is ppl just want to get famous here in KHS.... I bet if there was a rumor about a 50 year old teacher and a student it wouldnt have been such a big deal but because she is young and pretty now everyone thinks they had an affair with her.. just to get in the middle... ppl need to grow up and get a reality check...lets now all be grown up and stop talking shyt and start talking about your own lives....dont you think shes going through ENOUGH SHYT!!!

Lansing, MI

#5 Jun 16, 2007
I know her usband and he is a great person. If she did this she is a piece of crap. She is a teacher and you don't do things like that. I am very disturbed and I will be extremely pissed if this is true and so far from what I heard her story is shady. She definely crossed boudaries with these students and it is totally inappropriate. I wish her husband and son the best.

Roseville, MI

#6 Jun 17, 2007
Hey KHS wannabe, it is everyone's business, because if she's making our town look like a disgrace, it's my business. And when she hits on students that i know personally, it's my business. And when she sleeps with underage children, it's going to be the whole world's businss. She's pathetic. To have someone in our school system that is so disgusting, and obviously still wanting to be young again - is a disgrace to our town. No teacher should act this way towards a student, a teacher is supposed to be someone who you can look up to, not someone who you take your bed room. It's bad enough she is married and has a child. So now she's a cheater, and her kid will probably never want to speak with her - and well, if the parents want to press charges, a rapist. YES, a rapist. So don't be so quick to stand up for someone who is a criminal.

I took her class, she was disgusting as a teacher, it was more than obvious how screwed up she is.

She did this to herself, she deserves everything she gets.

Berkley, MI

#7 Jun 17, 2007
Hey rutherford who are you so speak you are prob some lil immature person who is trying to get famous your self... Dont hate on her because you prob acted liek a jerk in her class. U must be stupid not to pass her class.. She goes out of her way to help ppl and if ppl want to take advantage its there prob.. remember they are all 17 and 18 " supposely had sex" its takes 2 not just 1 haha plus she aint going to no jail you fool... they are over the age..RAPIST can you even define that word.. so your wrong again.. so why dont you keep her out of ur mouth and grow up...she aint no criminal shes a teacher and she should still be well respected until the outcome of this shyt comes.. Whose to say she isnt guilty... KHS ppl lie all the time JUST TO GET FAMOUS they got No lives...

Lansing, MI

#8 Jun 17, 2007
Hey KHS wannabe you are aboslutely ridiculous and must be one of the poor nieve children in that school that do not understand the boundaries that teachers and students must have. As a teacher in another high school you can be a cool teacher and get respect by going out of your way but making sure you are still acting ethical. Also the students all know what teachers do things they shouldn't be and who is cool and does the right things. Don't get me wrong kids do lie but if you know what I know then you know she had sexual relations with at least one of the students. And for your comment that she went out of her way for students.....I agree...she went way beyond the call of duty. Don't trust people even adults if you don't know them they can be sickos too.
lifelong kearny native

Royal Oak, MI

#9 Jun 17, 2007
There's definitely something to all of this, whether it's just inappropriate or criminal is yet to be determined. If these allegiations prove true, she's screwed. Unfortunately, along with her, she is screwing her husband and son who didn't deserve any of this. Her husband is a nice upstanding and very hardworking guy...if she indeed did all this, she had absolutely no respect for him, his family and hers, and herself for that matter. This is selfish behavior at it's worse. In my 3 interactions with this woman, it seemed clear she is mentally ill, rather, riddled with severe personality defects. To simplify this kind of behavior as of someone who is mentally ill is to demean the mentally ill...I work with the mentally ill and I've yet to come across one of them that would act this inappropriately. I understood, if this is not a rumor, she tried to provide herself with some wiggle room by using the "I'm suffering from post-partum depression" defense. Come now, being stupid and having lousy, lousy judgment are absolutely NOT symptoms of this illness.
If someone is starving for attention, there are much healthier and LEGAL ways to go about getting more.
Interestingly enough, she has deleted the screenname "Big Fish" from her myspace page, she also deleted the "Friends" she had listed up until this afternoon: 3 females (all KHS students presently or graduated) one of which was 17, from her her page, and another which no longer appears to have a page set up and had under her "heroes" listing in big font letters "Big Fish", and I also noticed she changed her birth sign to "Capricorn" from "Gemini". Yet when you search under her name, it still takes you directly to the page. Maybe this means nothing, or maybe it's the work of someone who knows she is incriminating herself more and more...aside from the other rumored inappropriate behaviors (ie: having students paint her house, going to the diner with them at 2 and 3 am, flirting openly in class, being seen at the shore with a group of them sans husband or child as if she were a character in "The OC" or "Laguna Beach".
All in all this disgusts me and again if she did do this, she deserves EVERYTHING she gets. Her air of superiority (noted from the minute I met her) is reaking of stank at this point and it's quite fitting as far as i'm concerned. KHS needs teachers who are committed to doing their job, set strong boundaries and limits with the students, and not ones who try to be "cool" and smoke outside with them. Your job is not to be "cool" it's to teach, end of story. The kids don't even have to like you, it's not a popularity contest, and she graduated close to 10 yrs. ago...if she wasn't popular enough then, it certainly isn't a priority now to "make up for lost time."
lifelong kearny native

Royal Oak, MI

#10 Jun 17, 2007
Sweetie, need to go back to that English class and learn how to SPELL. Seems your ol' teach didn't work hard enough in helping you then. Everyone, this KHS Wannabee is a perfect example of what happens when teachers DON'T do their jobs properly.

Berkley, MI

#11 Jun 17, 2007
wow some people here have no LIVES!!!! but to sit behind a computer and research a bunch a crap... u should go to jail for STALKING!!!!!!!!!! u know her whole life story which i find very interesting.,...;) keep it up u might make the news or be the News Reporter ;) GOOD LUCK WITH UR CAREER wish you the best of luck...
PPL ARE SUCH HATERS... u were prob one of those who she failed and DESERVED TO FAIL...and now seeking revenge.... REVENGE OF THE NERDS AT KHS AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! either that or u had no friends ;)

Adrian, MI

#12 Jun 17, 2007
First, off i believe it's no one's business to talk about the teacher especially when nothing is proved yet. Secondly, teenagers are a bunch of crap and as for the students who "supposedly slept with her" they are a bunch of losers that are going to get nowhere in life. Who said she didn't teach the students anything? In my eyes, she was a great teacher and taught us many things. Yes, she was close to our class and did everything for us but that doesn't mean that she would pass the line. If she did, I still believe it's none of the whole school's business because one it wasn't rape, two if it's anyone's business it's the school administration not the student body, her husband, the people involved (if involved) which most of them EXAGGERATE. Therefore, everyone should stop running their mouths.
Smartest guy here

Orange, NJ

#13 Jun 17, 2007
It is hilarious how ethically and morally corrupt you people are. It is even more hilarious how idealistic your accusations of her marriage are. Did you ever consider she smokes because she likes to smoke and not to be cool? For one second did you consider she acts like herself in class and doesn't try to act cool? And saying she is a bad teacher.... Have you seen her material. I must say by far she is the smartest and most intelligent person I have ever met. You people should stop breathing when her name is mentioned. And her marriage, do you truly know her husband or do you know just what he shows you? Do you know her past? You people are making comments stereotypical american, ethically and morally incorrect, Paris Hilton status comments on the subject. And who cares if she had sex with some kid. At least she doesn't try to uphold some Victorian reputation 90% of the population of this planet tries to uphold. She does what it takes to enjoy her life based on her opinion of what living is. Which is more than i could say for you people. Living a life based on opinion of what happiness is and not living life the way you see fit because of someones opinion conflicting against yours. If you people weren't so brainwashed by society you would see how stupid and blown out of proportion this situation is.

Secaucus, NJ

#14 Jun 17, 2007
To speak on things you "know" absolutely nothing about in a negative manner is obsurd! This lady in which you speak is the best woman I've ever met in my entire life. Whether she did what is rumored or not she's no less a person. Fuck ethics!!! If you can't live life the way you want it's not worth living. Everyone's quick to judge. Ever heard of M.Y.O.B.? Try it! It's a wonderfull thing!

Philadelphia, PA

#15 Jun 17, 2007
As a mother of 2 students enrolled at KHS I think that this is another example of the disrespect and lack of boundaries not just at this high school but throughout the country. With all the stories over recent years of other female teachers getting involved with their students what could possibly possess her to get so personal with her students. Was she that naive to think the boys wouldn't talk. Even if the stories aren't true, she put herself in the position she is in by having a relationship with them outside of school. It's one thing to help your students do well academically, it's another to hang out with them. I feel sorry for her family. This is not going to be easy to get through whether the allegations are true or not.
KHS wack town

Berkley, MI

#16 Jun 17, 2007
WHY DO PPL CARE SO MUCH ABOUT HER LIFE!!!!! drop it already let her and her family be... lets start talking about ur family or your lives. PPL mess up all the time we arent perfect...just let her be... u act like something BIGGER is going to happen this is as big as its going to get... believe it or not...not much else to talk about...maybe students shouldnt behave the way they do either in school.. or maybe parents should start acting like parents and stop abusing there kids. Is this all going to be a therapy session... if u dont know the right story then shut up and drop it....

United States

#17 Jun 18, 2007
i honestly dont know what to think about this situation. I have heard many different stories about the matter. i have Mr adamski's class, and have come in contact with his wife a number of times as a freshman all way untill now. It just sucks all of this had to come out, especially during exams. Does any one know how hard it is to concentrate when its a thousand and one degrees outside, and now with the news thats floating around the school. I have seen mrs. adamski a number of times out side of school, but doing nothing unusual. She's a really nice teacher, and a very intelligent one at that, but you have to know what the fine lines between an educator and a girlfriend. Teachers are supposed to set the path, nd help us with our future. Maybe she is going through something, but sleeping with students doesnt make it right. I really like Mrs. Adamski, She sweet, but until this thing clears up, and the truth is out, then I have to say I believe she is wrong and I feel terribly sorry for her husband and beautiful son.

United States

#18 Jun 18, 2007
KHS wannabe news reporter wrote:
Def not true.... even if it was its no one bussiness so just drop it. People are just mad jealous of her... ITs funny how it is ppl just want to get famous here in KHS.... I bet if there was a rumor about a 50 year old teacher and a student it wouldnt have been such a big deal but because she is young and pretty now everyone thinks they had an affair with her.. just to get in the middle... ppl need to grow up and get a reality check...lets now all be grown up and stop talking shyt and start talking about your own lives....dont you think shes going through ENOUGH SHYT!!!
i speak the truth

United States

#19 Jun 18, 2007
How does everyone here know whether or not this is true??? I think that people should wait to find out the whole truth before they make such hasty comments at one another...

Columbia, NJ

#20 Jun 18, 2007
Honestly, I know this teacher and I saw it coming. Maybe she didn't have sex with these kids but she definitely hung herself from her own noose. About a month ago she was bragging to me about flirting and texting with students. This is a behavior that goes back years. I never thought she would seriously do anything though. And mind you, this isn't a good friend of mine but an acquaintance. If she was bragging to me, what was she saying to other people? I also have family in that school who is friends with the students involved. This family member said he knew about this since January and it is 100% true. Regardless, if this were a man having had sex with a teenage girl, we'd all be crying statutory rape. Since it's a young pretty girl, we're supposed to excuse it? No way. You reap what you sow, sweetheart. She has consistently proven to think she is above the curve and this just proves how reckless ego can cause you to be.

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