A pilot project in Kaufman ISD by Transportation Director Patrick Cardoza, shows how small school district officials work so hard to institute new ideas and to make the lives of kids in their school district better. Patrick is working with a technology company on several initiatives to make the lives of kids on his school buses, safer and more comfortable. two solar powered fans installed on the buses are helping to reduce the inside temperature by about 11 degrees. The fans begin to run as soon as day breaks and by the time the bus is ready to pickup kids, the temperature is lower than what it would have been without the ventilation fans.
Kids with breathing disorders and Asthma especially have problems breathing in a hot bus. About 80% of school buses in the USA are not equipped with AC, because AC costs about $10,000 per bus and also reduces the gas mileage and engine life of the bus. In contrast, a solar fan costs about $250 and is much easier to install and maintain and does not affect the gas mileage of the bus.